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Open letter to the NZ census beureau

I note in the last census that some answers to the religion question were not counted as certain religions were not included in the official religions list.

We feel it is extremely important that answers which are "recognised but not counted" should be more acurately accounted for, representing the truth and conviction with which each person answered the question. Statistically significant answers need to be included for the validity of the result. A democratic government should not censor the participation of a NZer in any religion.

The Jedi Church has more constructively organised and established itself since the last census, and we feel it is important that during this census, that anybody who answers Jedi to the religion question should be counted so that we can obtain and use these statistics like any other church.

We believe the Jedi Church has equal right to these statistics, just as any Scientologist, Budhist or Wican church or religious group would. Not all religions can claim truth. Not all religions require history. Not all religions have a deity.

For every person who answers Jedi in the NZ Census, they are answering with the same truth and conviction as anyone who answers as any other minority religion. They are neither Athiest nor Agnostic, nor are they Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jew. They are a Jedi, as answered in the document.

I hope you will recognise the importance of this request that the Jedi Church be counted just like any other "other religion" in the forth coming census and that those who answer this way be treated with every respect.

I look forward to hearing back from you, and hope that you will also provide me with a copy of your current official religions document

Kind Regards
Reuben Jackson
of the Jedi Church
021 70 9996

Posted: Thu 19 Jan 2006



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