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Once again the Census refuses to accept out religion

The census seems happy to compile that our society has approximately 1000 satanists, 2000 witches, 192 druids, and has decided that Jedi, should be "outside scope".

We are not the only church of the Jedi. There are several Jedi religious orders throughout the world.

Our church alone has been running for several years.

We have calls from our ordained members to become marriage cellebrants.

We like all other churches in NZ need to provision for the future. Do we need to build more or less churces for our congregations? Should Jedi principles be tought in our schools along side other religious teachings?

Churches like all other institutions need access to these statistics in a seemless, non censored manor.

There should not be an "response outside of scope" category. If the answer is understood, then the result must be categorised. Otherwise, we have to ask the question, why is our government interested in collecting these statistics? Is it for the benefit of churches in the community like ours? Or do they have alterior motives? Faiths all over the world have been persecuted regarding their religions by their own governments many times in recent history.  

The definition of "response outside of scope" provided by the census is "This category is used for responses that are positively identified (that is, the meaning and intent are clear) but which clearly fall outside the scope of the classification/topic as defined in the standard."

If 20000 odd people indicate that their religion is "jedi" and that a Jedi church exists, then how could this answer fall outside the scope of the topic? Who defines the standard?

The census data for religions as below, see how many strange and odd religions are counted by the census beaureu, yet Jedis are lumped in with the "response outside of scope" answer, even though it has been hinted that 20000 people answered Jedi.

No Religion 1,297,104     
Buddhist nfd 52,158     
Zen Buddhist 78     
Buddhist nec 156     
Christian nfd 186,234     
Adventist nfd 288     
Christadelphian 1,785     
Seventh Day Adventist 13,815     
Worldwide Church of God 255     
Adventist nec 51     
Anglican 554,925     
Chinese Christian 135     
Korean Christian 60     
Baptist nfd 56,175     
Bible Baptist 129     
Independent Baptist 291     
Reformed Baptist 255     
Baptist nec 69     
Brethren nfd 6,666     
Exclusive Brethren 2,316     
Open Brethren 10,134     
Plymouth Brethren 324     
Brethren nec 189     
Catholic nfd 507,771     
Roman Catholic 858     
Catholic nec 183     
Church of Christ nfd 2,154     
Associated Churches of Christ 624     
Other Church of Christ and Churches of Christ nec 213     
Evangelical 4,197     
Born Again 8,217     
Fundamentalist 306     
Independent Evangelical Churches 1,158     
Jehovah's Witnesses 17,910     
Latter-day Saints 43,536     
Lutheran 4,476     
Methodist nfd 116,622     
Tongan Methodist 4,272     
Methodist nec 1,182     
Orthodox nfd 8,121     
Assyrian Orthodox 258     
Coptic Orthodox 381     
Greek Orthodox 2,586     
Russian Orthodox 1,110     
Serbian Orthodox 228     
Orthodox nec 573     
Pentecostal nfd 36,372     
Apostolic Church of New Zealand 8,328     
Assemblies of God 15,300     
Christian Fellowship - 
Christian Outreach 123     
Christian Revival Crusade 99     
Elim 2,214     
Full Gospel 1,092     
Independent Pentecostal 237     
New Life Centres 7,941     
Revival Centres 243     
United Pentecostal 369     
Vineyard Christian Fellowship 1,605     
Pentecostal nec 5,694     
Presbyterian 385,350     
Congregational 6,192     
Cook Island Congregational 1,443     
Samoan Congregational 3,777     
Reformed 4,686     
Protestant nfd 3,954     
Salvation Army 11,490     
Uniting/Union Church 1,308     
Ecumenical 111     
Christian and Missionary Alliance 300     
Christian Science 234     
Church of God 384     
Commonwealth Covenant Church 18     
Liberal Catholic 111     
Metropolitan 54     
Nazarene 501     
Religious Society of Friends (Quaker) 1,146     
Unitarian 396     
Christian nec 648     
Hindu nfd 63,540     
Hare Krishna 372     
Yoga 297     
Hindu nec 351     
Islam/Muslim nfd 35,856     
Sufi 177     
Islam/Muslim nec 120     
Judaism/Jewish 6,858     
Mäori Christian nfd 219     
Ratana 50,565     
Ringatü 16,419     
Mäori Christian nec 360     
New Age nfd 666     
Church of Scientology 357     
Nature and Earth Based Religions nfd 774     
Animist 207     
Druid 192     
Pantheist 366     
Wiccan 2,082     
Nature and Earth Based Religions nec 3,756     
Satanism 1,167     
Spiritualist 7,743     
Rastafarianism 1,383     
Other New Age Religions nec 1,491     
Other Religion nfd 4,830     
Baha'i 2,772     
Chinese Religions nfd 99     
Confucianism 48     
Taoism 756     
Chinese Religions nec 12     
Jainism 111     
Japanese Religion nfd 30     
Mahikari 135     
Shinto 195     
Tenrikyo 12     
Japanese Religion nec 12     
Mäori Religion nfd 1,689     
Hauhau 609     
Mäori Religion nec 129     
Sikh 9,507     
Theism 2,202     
Zoroastrian 1,071     
Unification Church (Moonist) 105     
Other Religions nec 153     
Don't Know 1,743     
Object to answering 242,610     
Religion Unidentifiable 10,653     
Response Outside Scope 30,945     
Not Stated 249,711



Posted: Tue 23 Jan 2007



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