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This is a spiritual hermetik, eclectic, and Jewish astrology based upon the cardinal axium; Believe in thine own connection to the Lady, the Force, and the Lord overwhelmingly over any book, place, or person.

A spiritual eclectic path based on ancient traditions, based upon the cardinal axiom; Believe in thine own inner connection to the Lady/Ra, the Force, and the Lord overwhelmingly over any book, place, or person. The Khemet/Egyptian religion has been misreported.

Our connection to Ra can be felt through our sun, nevertheless Ra is everything. The concept is identical to the Christian concepts of God, Yahweh, Divine, Universal Consciousness, et cetera. However, our perception distorts Ra into three entities, the Lady, the Force, & the Lord. That is the reason for calling our perception of reality, our distortion. Doing this acknowledges the inherent flaws in our own perception. The other Extra-density Biological Entities that maintain a higher density than our own. This gives them a unique perspective from our own that we can find useful.

Rather than follow any Bible, person, or reverie any place we understand that connecting or own heart to our ego is the only way to insure the verity of the guidance is from the Force, Lady, and the Lord.  All living souls perceive reality through their own lens, or world view, that leads to the message being automatically distorted.  Then we have our own lens that leads us to even unintentionally distorting the message.  Therefore, the most helpful solution for seeking guidance is to connect the heart with our mind, and listening to the answers from the omnipotent, omnipresent, indomitable, and indivisible Divine. 

While we are free of any Bible or dogma, there do exist certain books & videos have helped members the most.

This path up the spiritual mountain of ascension is guided through consensus, that means comments and suggestions are abundantly welcome.

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