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Not all religions can be true?


On average, everyone agrees with significant nonconsensus between 943 voters.


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Not all religions can be true

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Reasons To Disagree

what you belive is true

5 November 2006

As Matrin Luther said "each individual can be areligion unto themselves." (or something along those lines).

10 November 2006

Religion is what you make it. Faith in "something" is a human downfall. People will and have believed in many things. As long as these beliefs do not harm others than more power to them.

14 November 2006

Anything can be true, if you believe in it.

18 November 2006

You can believe in anything that you want to believe in, whether it is the Jedi religion, or Christianity, or even Scientology. If it's truely what you believe then you can believe in it.

16 December 2006

All religions can be of one origin based in truth and later obscured for the benefit of the ruling.

25 December 2006

all religions are true to the believer Many Believers are assholes many religions are just a bunch of asshole unfortunately many religious assholes have guns and bombs and are willing to be human bombs

26 January 2007

Even the different opposing string theories were proved to be different points of view of the same theory; maybe the same can happen in the future with religions

19 May 2007

As long as there is faith

28 July 2007

If you believe it to be true it is true.

31 August 2007

religion is a personal preference of belief it cant be wrong

20 September 2007

All teachings have there truth.

5 October 2007

The core tenets of all religions are true

19 November 2007

Religion's a load of bullshit anyway

23 November 2007

the true is relative, ewht we do is a real thing

6 December 2007

All religions require faith. That is what makes them a religion. Each holds truths for certain individuals. To deny them the choice to believe is to deny that truth exists.

16 December 2007

All religions can have kernels of truth, many of them have many kernels of truth, and perhaps a few come close to a very accurate description of the dynamics of the universe. The Religion of the Great Force, the Jedi, answers better than any other that I have found the spiritual demands my soul makes on its locus in the cosmos.

18 December 2007

Who are we to judge what another group of people belive as we have are own belives and we must respect that and let others have theirs

30 December 2007

To beable to answer this you must read all religion's, many interweave with other's. And many talk of a single overall "Power".

13 January 2008

Everyone believes what they believe. End of story.

23 January 2008

Jedi is the only true religion

23 January 2008

What may be true for one, may not be true for another. Jedi should discover facts and leave the truth to the individual.

27 January 2008

Not in fact, but in truth.

9 February 2008

what is good and what is bad is non-nagotable

9 February 2008

people can choose what they think but I am not one to pass judgement.

26 February 2008

All religions have some kernel of truth at their core, they all strive to know the force

29 February 2008

Each person seeks truth as best they can whether they realize they seek it or not.

4 March 2008

all religions started from the force

8 March 2008

We must allow ppl to believe what they want to believe. After all are we not allowed free will?

26 March 2008

All religion can be true in itself, truth is a matter of perspective.

6 April 2008

All religions are true, they exist and have believers. The question is whether a person's beliefs are valid or not in a wider universe. Even then, does not the act of believing in a thing give it some level of reality?

23 April 2008

All carry the same message of love and peace to gain harmony with the force/God

25 April 2008

The Jedi Faith is True. I can prove the existence of the Force within five minutes. No other Religion can prove the existence of their spiritual power.

21 May 2008

its for you to decide

5 June 2008

if you have plenty of followers any thing can become true

18 June 2008

it is our perception of all things that differs not the truth. truth is always the same and in that lies the possibility for all religions to be true...with only our perception that differs. Perception is everything, to a worm digging in the dirt is more fun than going fishing.

19 June 2008

Bullshit, every religions must be tolerated, maybe one that is not appealing to us will bring salvation to somebody else.

9 July 2008

Truth is reality and reality is belief without it we are nothing

11 July 2008

They all lead to the same thing...

26 July 2008

whats to say other peoples religions arnt true. i follow the jedi faith all the way. but as longs as people dont question my religious choice then i wont question theres :)

31 August 2008

God is the wall; Truth is the light shining the way to the wall; Religion is the lamp.

16 October 2008

Why the hell not? There could be loads of Gods up there havin one big rave.

4 December 2008

Every religion is true to someone.

23 December 2008

what you believe to be true in your heart is's all about faith in what you believe in. It's personal for every person.

9 January 2009

It's called FAITH

10 January 2009

Why not?

24 March 2009

I strongly disagree! I feel that all religions are basically the same morally, some gets lost in translation. many cultures have different names for the sun and moon but we all look up at the same thing.

31 March 2009

religion is based on the beliefs of oneself, anyone can believe anything, shouldnt we respect that

21 April 2009

Not for us to validate any others beleif. If you really beleive in the Force then they are all manifestations of the same all pervading energy or whatever it is. How an individual wishes to translate that faith is dependent on their own circumstances. Some religions have strayed from the core values, been manipulated by greed and power hungry people. The 'Sith' are among us if you wish to use that movie analogy.

2 May 2009

Religion is just an interpretation of the force. A human definition of God.

13 May 2009

Yes it can or people would of never picked it and join that religion now would they once again i stand ready to take on the replys people are ready to send me on how i am wrong :D

30 May 2009

Who are we to disprove or prove anothers beleifs, we are above doing such things.

17 June 2009

all religions are true and no1 can prove me wrong.

13 September 2009

All religions are true to those who believe in them.

16 October 2009

we all follow one path, in the end we all pay for crimes commited and reap the benefits of good done. all we can do is push our cause and try to enlighten others.

20 October 2009

A religion in defines as what a person believes in. If we say that a religion is not true then we are saying that their belief is not true. Essential saying they are wrong about everything they live for.

25 October 2009

Faith is subject to the needs and wishes of the people at a certain time. Religion is ever changing, faith is ever changing. The only thing that remain the same are the natural laws and force of nature.

16 December 2009

There is no ignorance only knowledge

1 January 2010

Myths which are believed in tend to become true. Orwell

1 January 2010

The truth of a religion is based on the individual case. Religion is a way for humans to maintain moral, good lives.

11 January 2010

The force penetrates all. People will always follow what they wish but you cannot interfere with free will

9 March 2010

what u belive is true is true

13 March 2010

What is true or not is objective. The only true "Truth" is the Force, which is, so far, inherent in all philosophy.

20 March 2010

A religion is what YOU believe in. If you believe it to be true, then it is to you.

29 March 2010

It is not our place to tell others the way they see the force is wrong, they will choose thier own path. as long as what they do does not fall unto the darkside. it is true to them.

5 April 2010

All religions have some truth in them its jsut picking out that truth that proves difficult

10 April 2010

all religions have some good

6 May 2010

all religions can be true. who is one to tell another what to believe in?

3 July 2010

The Jedi Codex teaches tolerance no religion has the right to invalidate another.

20 August 2010

All religions can be true. Each are path ways we follow to the same destination. Albeit, the path may be questionable to others viewing it from an outsiders stance.

14 September 2010

You just need to use a certain point of view.

4 November 2010

All religions are true to those who practice them. To me, all religions have basis in the same original mythos. Therefore, all religions are merely pieces of a whole. The "Shattered Rock" in Christianity is merely an allusion to all the different religions across the world. If you look closely at all the religions of the world, you'll begin to see similarities.

2 December 2010

Spirituality is a personal journey. Religion is a man-made construct meant to keep people in line. That said, I believe all "religions" are false... but I believe that all philosophies can be true to each of us.

22 January 2011

All religions have a certain degree of truth to them. See my Star Explorers: The Discovery and Psye ens: The Hidden Knowledge.

5 March 2011

Truth is in the eye of the beholder

28 March 2011

all life have the right to beleave what they will so for them there faith might be the right one we can not pick and chosee good from bad for if we do we are judeing them and that not the way of the force we accept all life as precious.

3 April 2011

The force has put all these ideas for people to believe in and have faith. Let people think what they wish. It is the will of the Force. Therefore, they are true because all ideas come from life and life comes from and is balanced by the Force.

11 June 2011

people have there own choice for that it choose it self it must

10 August 2011

Your beliefs create your realities.

27 October 2011

All religions can be true if they benefit the believer and promote tolerance and understanding.

11 February 2012

If you believe in your faith its true

25 July 2012

The truth is what you believe.

8 November 2012

It's all relative to the individual's point-of-view. Any religion can be true, and any religion can be false

12 January 2013

again reality is perception who are we to say what is or is not we simply assume.

28 January 2013

if you believe in it, and the righteousness of it, who's to say

22 August 2013

Depends upon their teachings, judge the tree by it's fruit.

21 September 2014

Even a lie has to be based on some truth.

24 February 2015

All religions contain some truth and some fiction

2 August 2016


Reasons To Agree

there is but one religion and I am the God of it now bow before me and ladies get into your steel bikinis

25 November 2006

they can all very well be wrong

23 August 2007

There are no true religions, they are all myths fabricated by the human mind. Still I like myths and so I decide to believe in the Jedi Religion.

4 September 2007

No religion is true, this only a thing to keep people in ingnorance.

15 November 2007

Religions are all true in that the people who follow them believe. Personally, I think anybody dumb enough to follow what is basically a fairytale deserve the shit that happens. The deeply religious that still die praying to an imaginary friend ? Priceless idiots.

23 November 2007

Only ours is true! xD

24 November 2007

most religions are mutually exclusive, which means that only one (or very few related ones) can be true.

23 January 2008

there are some bullshit ones like mormonism

23 January 2008

If that is what they believe then fine.

31 January 2008

don't follow did religion, follow church of the holy donut or pastafarionism

5 February 2008

There is no denying this. A large number of religions require belief in the "truth" of their statements. However, not all religions fall into this category. There are a number of religions, and Jedi is one of them, that are merely philosophical belief structures. These religions have no built in requirement about being "true".

12 February 2008

Are any of them true? Religion is just something someone wishes to beleive to gain a better understanding of the universe and to give them direction in life. Jedi FTW!

19 February 2008

i totally agree in fact we have based our entire civilization on religion and empire thesis. and its only caused war, plague, famine, pestilence, and the icecapades?! still we should base religion on faith and faith alone.. so its not what you have faith on .. its only that you have the faith.. now if only i can get this mind levitation thing going

20 February 2008

yes jedi is the only true religion (im sitting hear in a room with 8 other jedis (and 1 sith)

21 February 2008

How can every religion be true when most of them claim that all competing religions are "demonic"? The greatest evil is that which is done in the name of "good".

7 March 2008

I don't believe there is a correct religion. The Jedi are the way to live to become divine.

5 April 2008

Can't trust a religion that imposes its ways with blood and death

19 April 2008

Sure. None are.

26 April 2008

all religions have common shared truths and spend too much time arguing over their differences. Those common truths are innate moral truths that even athiests believe also.

29 April 2008

Truth is truth is truth. Regardless of what I believe truth remains truth. If I knew that I believed an idiotic set of beliefs that told me I need to wear a retarded robe and own a lightsaber that doesn't make it true.

15 May 2008

its a game of chineese whispers. 1000 years ago god could have made the world with the help of the buddha. but in 1000 years time it could be the scientology idea of how the universe was formed

26 May 2008

jedi is the one true calling

7 June 2008

Do yous beleave in someone that does'nt exist, someone you can't see.

10 June 2008

If all religions were true, then the universe was created by many different Gods and governed by many different forces. This would not work.

25 June 2008

Not all religions can be completely true, but all religions can hold some truth.

7 July 2008

Too many religions rely on the supernatural to make their points. Since the supernatural has never been proven, these religions are based on lies.

17 July 2008

No religion is TRUE, it's all about one persons FAITH.

19 July 2008

There are too many differences between many of them for them to ALL be true.

2 September 2008

Jediism is the only true religion.

14 October 2008

it depends on one's faith - if one has faith, then the religion is quite possibly the right one... for him/her.

25 October 2008

Only those encompassing the force can be truly believed. Perhaps they may not refer to it as 'the force' but all those preaching something alike, are true, and all those not, are not.

3 January 2009

Because if they contradict one another, one must be wrong. Christianity says that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of God. Islam says he is not. One is wrong.

10 January 2009

most are full of shit

27 January 2009

Truth is subjective. What is truth to one is blasphemy to others. The attempt by many to put a face and name on the Living Force, like god, allah, jesus, ganesha, is a naieve attempt to make the Force more human. We as Jedi should only be focused on becoming truely one with the Force. To put a human face on the Force is a childish and in-effective way of living your life.

7 March 2009

NO religion is truth.

13 March 2009

Cults are technically religious beliefs. When someone accepts somethng which is simply not true, then it is a untrue religion. Also the internal being wishes and is programmed to unite with the force, anything which would oppose the balance, or denies the validity of the force is false.

2 April 2009

Religion = A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. Without perfect knowledge how can any religion be complete and entirely true? Some religions are no doubt truer than others.

18 April 2009

Religion is a lie, there is only the force.

25 May 2009

On a personal level, I believe all religions are evil and come from the dark side.

9 July 2009

Quantum theory and string theory say the force is true, and sense were all Jedi, science backs up our religion unlike other faith that go against science.

26 September 2009

Religion is for one-self, and it's different for each individual. HOWEVER: a lot of religions contradict one another, and therefore not all can be true; if any at all.

8 October 2009

No religion is provably true, if it were, it would not be a religion by definition. religion requires faith, not truth.

23 October 2009

religion is a lie...

8 November 2009


8 December 2009

I have to agree that to each thier own with religon.

28 December 2009

"Religion is a prison to the seekers of wisdom." Confused not the words religion and faith. Dogmatic restriction is far from the spiritual liberation which the Jedi represents. I have witnessed every manner of atrocity in the name of religion. True faith lies in righteous action, defence of the helpless, and acting with the Force as your guide. When we lost our awe in the force, we created religion. When we lost our consience, we created morality.

2 January 2010

i dont really understand this but i know one idea must be true, we'll just find out when we die, but for now JEDI ALL THE WAY

21 January 2010

No religion has shown that it is 100% true

27 January 2010

nor are they all wrong. Who truly knows the will of the force

17 March 2010

Jediism is the only true religion, Darth Vader is the anti jedi!!!

18 March 2010

the religions are false the only taht exist is Yahave and the force, that its a creation of Yahave

20 March 2010

It is possible for a religion to be false.

22 March 2010

yes, not ALL religion can be true, for there can only be One that is true. All others are imitations.

16 April 2010

There are no provably true religions, they are all fabricated by the human mind to expain the world/universe around us and are based on faith. Having analysed the others, I decided to believe in the Jedi Religion

1 May 2010

All have some truth, but not all are valid.

15 May 2010

all religions believe in a higher bewing or force but have different things that happen and different teachings

10 June 2010

We have all seen the conflicts of the world, we know that people for the most part to get their idea across will speak of a greater being telling them to do as they hear. I would see that people understand the philosophies that these other religions teach and add them to our core values of trusting in the force. For everyone sees the force differently

21 June 2010

Jedi is the only one kill the infidels or the non jedi s lol !!!

20 July 2010

Obviously. The only true religion left out there is the Church of Jedi

7 September 2010

Nothing is true, everything is permitted

13 October 2010

Couldn't have said it better.

26 November 2010

All religions posses partial truths, but none possess the whole truth, including the Jedi.

29 November 2010

Could not agree more with this statement

8 December 2010

Theirs is only one truth.

13 January 2011

Proof is true, Religion doesn't always have truth-although this doesn't really concern the Jedi way as it is a state of mind so therfore it can't be proven false. For anything to be justifiable there must be reasoning and evidence behind it.

16 September 2011

No religion is true. They are stories fabricated by our minds to fill the blanks in a primitive world, millenia ago when we did not have the science we do today. That is why I am a Jedi - we believe in a single force unifying us. This has been proven! No other religion has been proven.

21 February 2012

some are just made up without the founders even believing in what the teach but most pretty much are different ways of saying the same thing

28 September 2012

People look to religion for securety, not because they're true

28 November 2012

Much religions are wrong

27 November 2013

Reality does not speak in absolutes.

10 March 2014

like our lel.

23 April 2014

So many differing ideals... It is not possible for all to be true. Belief does not equal truth.

4 May 2014

non are. lets get one thing straight!! a religion has gods... does the Jedi church?......NO

21 November 2014

Contradiction is illogical. A Jedi is not an agent of illogic which is chaos. There is no Chaos, there is Peace.

6 December 2014

Many religions are completely wrong. Jediism is the only religion that is correct. There are a few religions that are on the right track but should be fixed.

13 February 2015

Science has proven most religions to be false, the bible said people Were made by god. But evolution was proven to be true

27 June 2015

I cannot acknowledge a religion that is based on a book which justifies mass murder and torture of unbelievers. Whether or not one will believe in some sort of an entity or a higher power is his own business and should not be forced.

16 December 2015


27 January 2016

How can all religions be true if some have multiple or different gods and various ways of worship. Jediism is the only true religion.

7 May 2016

None are true.

12 October 2016

Yes, I mean look at Greek mythology. Is there any evidence for that? No. SO not all religions can b true.

7 November 2017

They all die sooner or later,the force is forever

11 November 2017

No not all of them can be, obviously if you are worshipping a bar of soap you got problems, some are way more believable than others, some are backed with facts others are just... Well, made up...

11 June 2018

Man's greatest scam

10 March 2020

Everything could be wrong we need more information

26 January 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

True, thus the need to question everything. There are no definite answers.

26 November 2006

There is no way to know.

23 January 2007

nobody knows the true power of religion

18 February 2007

There is no proof of any religion and therefore no religion can be a "true" religion. What you believe is true for you and that is all that should matter.

16 September 2007

What you believe is True.

6 December 2007

a religion is what a person believes in

9 December 2007

wat u r brought up wit is true !!!

7 January 2008

it's all chinese whispers and as a freedom of speach i vote jedi

21 January 2008

Why not? they are all as valid a the next.

29 January 2008

There is Sith influence everywhere. The question should be "Can some religions be without corruption". T or F?

1 February 2008

Its not out place to say what people should believe. Some believe in the dark side, others the light

12 March 2008

My main question of any religion isn't whether or not it's true but whether or not it helps people live better lives. Does it give strength, does it bring peace, does it point towards the light?

20 March 2008

This depends on what "Truth" really is - unfortunately, some religions are complete bunk, crafted by chronic liars to have it their way or to invest in money-making scams - or by complete crackpots who believe they are speaking to higher powers when they are, in fact, not. Even so, to those who follow those religions, it is completely true - and who's not to say that the human mind cannot affect reality? And given that our religion stems from a space fantasy flick, we shouldn't consider ourselves the judges.

22 March 2008

dont know

24 March 2008

religion is usualy true to the followers

1 April 2008

From what i have seen is not all "religions" basically the have the Jews Christians and Islamic people who if you read all believe in the same god for they all believe they came from Adam....and almost every other religion believes in one all powerful Force or God that binds and controls in my opinion there must have been one true religion that it all just branched out from.

12 April 2008

If "FAITH" exist is that "false" and "true" don't exist, because is impossible estabilish a clare diference.

21 April 2008

I am the Universe Jedi Train and prepare yourselves restore balance

29 April 2008

If enough people believe it, then it is a real religion

16 May 2008

They all have truths and non truths

22 May 2008

If one religion is true then they all have to be true. If one religion is false then they all have to be false.

25 May 2008

religions are true to those that believe them.

3 June 2008

Religion is what you put in to them, what you believe to be true, so if you believe for them to be then they are.

7 August 2008

Religion has nothing to do with truth or not, it is a set way of practice and instruction to archive a means.

25 August 2008

We are protectors; Guardians of light; keepers of the balance. Matters like this are unintelligable discussions and of little importance to us.

3 September 2008

Quantum mechanics teaches us to take the law of the excluded middle with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, it would be fair to say that any religion claiming to be the one true religion is a false religion.

9 September 2008

Faith is the key. If someone holds true faith in something, then, at least to then, it is true.

22 September 2008

Truth cannot be known in human terms. All we can do is live our lives the best we can. All religions hold keys to truth, but no one religion is any more correct than any other. Even religions of the Darkside have truth to them, though it is truth of Darkness and should be avoided.

6 October 2008

it all depends on faith :)

11 October 2008


30 October 2008

You can believe anything you want, even science fiction writers can create a religion that millions believe ie L.Ron Hubband (Scientology) It is better to have an idea, beliefs cause all of the wars in the world. It is easier to change an idea than a belief. Quoted from some movie or some book.

11 December 2008

What each individual believes is their TRUTH, however, scientifically speaking,no.

5 January 2009

religion is personal and by point of view

16 February 2009

Take the essence out of all religions you know, mix it and look at it. If you find something that is in all religions, you may look at a piece of truth.

20 March 2009

True religion is within you , you know what's RIGHT and what's WRONG .

18 April 2009

It is not the Jedi's place to judge.

20 April 2009

its not about what u beleive in just as long as u beleive

22 May 2009

All religions have their myths and their facts; it's up to the believer to decide which is which, and even learn from the myths.

23 August 2009

It depends if you are a follower of that Religion.

24 August 2009

All legitimate religions have the same tennants at thier foundation. Respect for life, the belief or understanding that something greater than themselves brought about the universe they are a part of, and ultimately they will return to that creator. A religion is not a matter of truth but of belief and a journey of understanding. In that respect all religions have truths in them but are not necessarily true as a whole.

19 September 2009

It is what in your heart that matters - too many atrocities are committed in the name of religion.

21 September 2009

ALL RELIGIONS ARE FALSE IF THEY MAKE A HISTORICAL CLAIM. Relgions are about BELIEF, not abt truth. Is Jediism true, that may depend upon your defn of The force.

29 September 2009

Religion is faith, not truth.

13 October 2009

All religions are both true and untrue. The Truth of the Force is greater than we can comprehend.

13 November 2009

I feel I have no right to take a side on such a question. Therefore, to remain neutral is the right thing for me to do.

28 November 2009

As someone wise before me: Religion is faith, not truth.

15 December 2009

Religion is neither truth nor false, The individual who believes is the only one to decide one way or the other.

23 December 2009

OUr for fathers founded this great country of the USA to give us freedom of religion and diplomacy. All nations should have freedom in their beliefs.

21 January 2010

there is no way to know

25 January 2010

There is no hard evidence to prove religions right or wrong.

5 February 2010

Life will lead you to your sacred place.

28 February 2010

Parts of all religions are true, if we find all that is the same in every religion, the truth will be set free.

20 March 2010

It is not a case of Fiction and Non-Fiction...Only The Force, and how people interpret it.

28 May 2010

There is truth and lie in all religions.

25 July 2010

there is more than one religion as different people have different views as is the hman race and the right

10 October 2010

Its freedom jedi dont care

4 November 2010

All religions believe in The Force, but some have a good level of abstraction on it and some need to materialize it in others formats... being good is the essecial

3 January 2011

It is a hard pill to swallow but what you have been taught and learned since childhood is what you believe to be true. So, to say not all religions can be true cannot be such. It is hard to know all religions and not just have the knowledge of them but also the feelings the followers have that they had since the beginning. With this, I say that with science and various other things we still cannot disprove or even prove various things of every single religion. Thus, it is hard to agree and/or disagree with this!

7 January 2011

I am a Jedi, i also believe in God, but he left this world a long time ago, the modern day religions are all interconnected one way or another, the differences between them are the product of personal interpretations down the long family tree's behind them. i could write pages about this nut i'll sum it up with, 'nothing is true, everything is permitted'.

10 January 2011

The living force is all around us engulfing us, embedding in the fabric of our existence, to deny what you believe is to deny your ability to balance.

16 January 2011

It is beyond me to be able to know this, at a guess i would say each carrys part of the force.

28 February 2011

Faith, we can't measure it

22 February 2012

religion is for humans to believe in something give them hope for something i choose jedi church

2 April 2012

I think all religions has it's one variation of the same story but to tell the story they have put in people and wars and that sort of stuff. We have the story of Anakin Skywalker and christianity have the story of Jesus Christ. We have the force and christianity have god.

2 April 2012

All religions have a basis in truth, but so do they all have falsehoods.

23 December 2012

What gives us the right to say which religion is right or wrong? How can we say that a man that died on a cross is any more believable than a flying pizza monster? If we tell someone that theeir religion is wrong, then we are no better than everyone else. I say, we just remain nuetral when it comes to others religional preferences.

25 December 2012

Each person can believe in what they want to

4 July 2013

Okay, I believe that but I am not going to force people into believing that their religion is false.

15 October 2013

Truth cannot be confirmed in religion as it is a matter of belief.

2 December 2013

all religions have aspects of the truth and all of them have been led astray

1 January 2015

A Jedi is only concerned with the knowledge of the force. Whether another religion is true is none of our concern. The path of the Jedi is his to explore.

1 January 2016

I say that any religion could be true. Religion is the beliefs and faith of what that religion is. If one believes in Jesus or in Mohammed or in the force it's only based on where a person's faith lies.

14 April 2016

I'm pregnant

19 April 2016

Define true.

2 August 2016

Coming from a logical standpoint most religions could be considered to not be true. Like, Christianity coming from a logical standpoint, the creation myth, and the flood couldn't have possibly happend, Science and history has proven that, but from a believer's point of view, The existence of God can be found in other ways maybe an experience they had, or maybe it's just a little voice in their head saying. Yes, This is real. I guess what I'm trying to say is any religion could be proven to be true or false, It's the belief or point of view of the person your asking

13 July 2018

If it is good than it is true. The force shows us this

22 June 2019

and yet all religions can have an inherent truth and common thread.

15 December 2020

Truth, faith, there is none only what one believes to be true

29 August 2021

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