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There is some fiction in all religions?


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There is some fiction in all religions

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Reasons To Disagree

I'm only disagreeing with the use of the word "some" which implies there is some truth to them. I believe all religions are pure fiction.

23 November 2007

All but one.

24 January 2008

All but ours

29 February 2008

I aplaud the guy that said "I'm only disagreeing with the use of the word "some" which implies there is some truth to them. I believe all religions are pure fiction." Nicely said

31 March 2008

Fiction and allegory can be confused in this statement. When something is meant as an allegory, true it is fiction, but it's MEANING is truth.

6 April 2008

Unless you believe God is a jerk that won't help us know right from wrong in every situation (which I've heard on this very dipshit site that it is the belief that all people are given the ability to know right from wrong, whether from God or not is moot), then why can't one religion be true. There can only be one since all contradict other in some way. Figure it out morons.

15 May 2008

i disergree theres alot of fiction

6 June 2008

Truth is what you believe in strongest Our teachings show that that is truth

11 July 2008

Jediism is the only religion that is 100% true.

14 October 2008

I disagree because ALL religion is all fiction. Its an attempt to use fear and terror to gain power and money and contol of simple people. see the catholic church, evangelical churches, all of islam and judaism.

7 March 2009

nope all true its what we believe so it is true u cannot say otherwise.

13 September 2009

Religion is dogma, based on power and contol of the many by the few. Jedi faith is about a personal spititual relationship with the universe through the Force it eminates and binds us all with. Spirituality is often explained in parables.If you can see the story as metaphor as opposed to fiction, there should be no need to lie.

2 January 2010

we as jedi can do anthing wewant we were taught that we cant do that becuse. but if u belive u can work wonders.

25 January 2010

ours is the one compliatly true religeon

13 March 2010

All religions but Jediism

18 March 2010

All but the jedi religion.

2 May 2010

Jedi have one faction, the force

28 November 2010

All religions are fiction.

3 February 2012

All religions are pure fiction... EXCEPT for the Jedi Church.

6 February 2014


Reasons To Agree

jesus was a con man buda was a pie eating champion why cant we follow some bloke off the telly richord whitley you are my god

5 November 2006

Religion no matter what the sect, has been written by man, need I say more.

14 November 2006

All but my religion now bow!

25 November 2006

Quite the understatement.

26 November 2006

Of course there is. Even in the Jedi religion there may be some fiction.

16 December 2006

the bible

20 January 2007

Just read the bible.

23 January 2007

Even the bible has paraboles

19 May 2007

look the Egipts, Greeks and Rome...

9 July 2007

Fiction exists when we describe a state which we know to be other than as we describe it. Many religions have origin fables such as the Gilgamesh Epic. The great strength of the Jedi religion is that it accepts natural law as we observe and refine it as the statement of the mechanics and dynamics of the universe; that it accepts refinements of such law as they are made; and that it does not see the laws of nature as opposed to the Godhead or our faith therein. It recognizes that The Force has more logically brought the universe to its present degree of order and beauty through application of its Natural Law than through any sort of "magic," though what subordinate forces exist within the Great Force would have been described as "magic" by any who would not seek to explain them.

17 August 2007

stories to inspire

31 August 2007

there has to be in order to attract the masses

19 November 2007

There si fiction in all religion, its all fiction

23 November 2007

of couse, the humanity uses the fiction to explains some imcomprensibles things

6 December 2007


7 January 2008

very firmly agree!

10 January 2008

Fiction is how the underlining true's and moral's of a story are conveyed to the masses.

13 January 2008

One cannot know everything there is to know. Certainly humans live with a certain amount of fiction covering our eyes. Fiction fades as one discovers facts.

27 January 2008

can never know how much though.

29 January 2008

The Jedi way is based upon a fiction based upon many influences including tibetan buddshism and taoism, our way is no less true because of it. for it is not the way of telling it that matters but the lessons we take from it

30 January 2008

Yes, some parts of religion is distorted but so are all stories because it is hard for people to keep exactly to things.

31 January 2008

Oh yes! Let's look at Christianity ... the Bible was put together by white Europeans centuries later! They didn't even bother to ask the folks over at Jerusalem when do they celebrate Jesus' birthday. Yes there is some fiction, and there is also great truth - such as the lessons of Lord Jesus ... one of the greatest examples of a true Jedi on record. Religions have always been used to cover up great truths ... like Jesus standing against the Empire of Rome. Now we Jedi must walk in his footsteps and continue to stand up against Empires.

1 February 2008

Fiction in religion! Star wars is 100 percente real, try nd argue i will chop yer head of with my lightsaber

5 February 2008

I'd say that most religions are entirely fictitious. Those religions that are based on philosophical ideologies as opposed to faith in mythic deities or heaven/hell scenarios largely escape this trap, but by and large, all religions have at least some element of fiction to them, be it large or small.

12 February 2008

Someone famous who once wrote decent sci-fi but does not do so anymore once mentioned (apocryphally) that the best/fastest way to get rich would be to invent one's own religion... Just sayin'

19 February 2008

there is some fiction in all religion and our fiction is director of pulp fiction quiton tareteno (he is a jedi) bet you dint know that

21 February 2008

Fictional stories are used as guides, to teach us morals and lessons. The Jedi like other religions have elaborate stories to assist in teaching the path of right.

3 March 2008

Fiction in religion is usually an expression of a desire that cannot be contained by reason alone.

4 March 2008

Not everything in any given religion can be taken as literally true, despite what some people claim. ("Whenever science contradicts the Bible/the Koran, science is wrong." Sound familiar?) Science never claims to have all of the answers--that's why it's not a religion!

7 March 2008

well considering the New Testament took a millenia to write and a council decided on the content........

14 March 2008

Yes, All but one.

21 March 2008

There is fiction in all religions - this doesn't mean there's not truth either, of course, but the poll specifically argues "some," not "total."

22 March 2008

yeah i guess they have to be on a base of fiction

1 April 2008

It was started to control the people and give power to man.

5 April 2008

just read the bible how can a virgin have given birth to the son of god yea, right!

8 April 2008

Its allways fiction in religion, becuase books(example bible) songs and preaches is made by man and writn by man.The fundamental belivers allways claims its "from god".

26 April 2008

Chinese whispers always has the same result, be it the word of god or not.

29 April 2008

There's some fiction in everything we can talk about because of the limits of language.

15 May 2008

because if you take the fiction out, the stroy becomes real life and that my friends is boring

16 May 2008

Jesus is pure fiction, therefore islam is based on fiction, the torah is pure fiction and don't even start me on the little blue boy or the elephant headed god.

21 May 2008

Its nice to have myths, but when people start swearing that they're true is when i lose interest.

22 May 2008

More than some fiction. The Bible, the Koran...these are all just made up stories.

26 May 2008

the religons are guidelines on howto live. if people understoodthat there would be less war

26 May 2008

Many facts from religions are borrowed from other religions, and those facts probably made up. If there is a true religion, I would say all but that are fiction.

25 June 2008

There IS fiction in ALL religions

7 July 2008

May be

8 July 2008

Of course, humans naturally add their own thoughts to religion.

19 July 2008

yeh i kno mor and mor religions are wroth and rong

11 August 2008

of course fiction is for more reflexion

6 September 2008

normaly, all is fiction

30 October 2008

Yes, there has got to be.

9 December 2008

Everything is bull

3 January 2009

Keeps it interesting for those that loose interest fast. :)

10 January 2009

'Myth' has come to mean "fictitious" in modern English. But myth served to preserve the views and lessons from many cultures. Myth is an enduring vehicle, useful for the approach of imparting lessons. That some entities and events never existed doesn't matter to the parent faith.

18 January 2009

all storys from a long time ago

27 January 2009

Some measure of fiction always comes through, it is human nature to make errors. Some fiction might have to be created, if only to teach a lesson clearly.

29 January 2009

Definitely yes.

20 March 2009

Yes, as I have said-Proof is truth although this doesn't concern the Jedi way as it is a state of mind and The Force/ chii what ever you want to call it is something that has been proved. The Jedi way is not really a religion.

21 March 2009

I'm sure there is

31 March 2009

Fiction = An imaginary thing or event, postulated for the purposes of argument or explanation. Without perfect complete knowledge of all things, fiction fills in the gaps. As our understanding grows, those fictional elements are replaced with truth.

18 April 2009

I agree, even if it is just in the creation of a fable to emphasise a point, all religion has fiction in it.

20 April 2009

The bible is full of lies. This is the right religion to join as it seeks piece, unlike Islam.

26 April 2009

Legends, stories told to illustrate an ethic, teach a lesson.-

2 May 2009

Hell..... there is even Fiction in modern day news stories. There is no way that a book over 1000 years old was able to accurately report on what happened back then, if today's modern day reporters and writers can't even get it right. It's all in how YOU interpret the text.

13 May 2009

I serve only the force, and the well-being of man.

25 May 2009

Yes indeed there is :D

30 May 2009

I think religion IS fiction. It's bad enough that the bible was plagarized from the much older sumerian epic, but its even worse when people think they will be saved through the ritual enaction of blood drinking and cannibalism via what is commonly termed "communion".

9 July 2009

This is true.

24 August 2009

As religion is a construct of imperfect beings, the religion by its very nature is imperfect. To that end, there exists fiction in all religions wether based on a misguided understanding or a more nefarious goal. While belief in a religion or creator is not a greator construct of a culture but more a choice by an individual one should not confuse belief with religion as one can stand alone while the other is dependant on the other.

19 September 2009

So what, there is a Lot of fiction, 98% in most religions. And what is this abt G'd , the better spelling, i do Not believe in a creator, there may be a G'd but he/it/she doesnt do much, maybe listens.

29 September 2009

All stories have their basis in fact

7 October 2009

Fiction is just another way of believing.

8 October 2009

Stories from older stories from older stories...

16 October 2009

If every religious story were true, there would be too many contradictions.

23 October 2009

Without it relgions would be boring. They need a little fiction to keep faith and hope within it.

25 October 2009

do you really believe in an all powerful elephant god? i rest my case

8 November 2009

Yes, especially yours.

11 November 2009

Humans are imperfect beings, and one cannot create a religion without some human falsehood entering into the mix.

11 January 2010


21 January 2010

very true

29 January 2010

There will always be fiction in tales that get passed down from generation to generation as parts get left out and other parts get added. The original massage/story may be completely different in some religions 100 years from now.

5 February 2010

At the begining of religion, times were very different and most things had crypic meanings.. they were like puzzles and were not meant to be taken literally. 'God' is a projection of human need.. if you choose to have a religion, under any name, u all worship the same entity x

18 February 2010

not in the jedi

5 March 2010

Look at the flood story after all.

9 March 2010

The Jedi way is based upon a fiction based upon many influences including Tibetan Buddhism and taoism, our way is no less true because of it. for it is not the way of telling it that matters but the lessons we take from it

17 March 2010

fbales are a good tool for imparting ideals, as with the force and star wars

22 March 2010

No one is perfect until we return to the force.

5 April 2010

As there is some truth in all religions there is also some fiction

10 April 2010

All religion contains fiction, because it has be interpreted by humans, humans who are not without faults.

16 April 2010

Just read the bible.

1 May 2010

Every one is based on scriptures that were written by MEN!!! (I would like to see one that reads: written by GOD)

4 May 2010

As all religions (stories) have a grain of truth they also must have fiction to balence and highlight the truth.

5 May 2010

most stories told are so old that they are fabricated beyond belief.\just think if someone like chris angel lived 2000 years ago, he would have been a GOD .. so the are illutions to all religion, just have to chose what to believe and follow

3 July 2010

except jedi

20 July 2010

naturally since they are passed down from our forefathers

20 August 2010

All but the Church of Jedi

7 September 2010

There is some fiction is ALL religion. No religion is sound 100%. Many are revised, many are reclaimed through reconstruction. Regardless whether they admit it or not. And EVERY ideology is based off of an idea, not fact. So YES all religions have fiction. (Though most refer to it as mysteries.)

14 September 2010

Of course. Most religions are old enough to have their details muddled. All churches must be founded by one person or group. All religions rely on interpretation. All these leave a margin of error, all these mean some fiction is inevitable. Look at the Jedi -- our beliefs we openly admit have been codified by fiction. All this is true. But fiction and truth are not mutually exclusive.

4 November 2010's what attracts many to them.

26 November 2010

There is some fiction in everything in life, even our History books. Religions are merely a collections of myths, legends, and tales that explain what was happening. While there is always a BASIS in fact, the mere fact that it happened so long ago throws the occurences into a shroud of doubt that cannot be thrown off very easily. Nor can you PROVE your religion exists. Just like you can't prove the Force exists, and yes, I do believe in the Force.

2 December 2010

Would say more than some. Religion is based on faith, not fact, therefore all religion is based on fiction. Take the Bible for example - best selling novel ever written - certainly isn't factual is it now!

8 December 2010

yes, but it doesn't matter, religions are there to allow people to better themselves, even if the Bible or the Koran have elements of fiction in them the stories still have value and teach valuable lessons of kindness and personal sacrifice for the greater good

10 January 2011

Over time stories change

13 January 2011

Undeniable fact.

28 February 2011

See my Star Explorers: The Discovery and Psye ens: The Hidden Knowledge.

5 March 2011


15 May 2011

Sure, because ideas come from life and people, but it still comes from the Force. I'm not saying the Force has fiction or is fiction, but lets fiction happen to maintain balance.

11 June 2011

Of course. Even if they started with the Jedi ideals, they have been changed over time. The Force has been given an identity and deified.

21 February 2012

Many religious texts were designed with social control in mind

22 February 2012

all religion have a good appealing story

2 April 2012

Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as facts, then you are in trouble. (Joseph Campbell)

3 July 2012

i believe so yes but also its what that fiction teaches that really matters

28 September 2012

There is some fiction, some fact in ALL religions.

8 November 2012

We all have our own ideals

28 November 2012

almost all pagan religions were based on ets including christianity and islam the core principles of this one should be the ff to make peace with all ets to eradicate all evil in oneself in earth and the universe if evil cant be eradicated then it can be balanced and to promote science technology health disclosure spirituality space exploration and unity

13 December 2012

stories grow greater with each retelling

22 August 2013

Anytime humans are involved in the equation, there will be some error. It is easy for stories of fact to become embellished with fiction as they are passed on.

21 September 2014

couldn't agree more

21 November 2014

Religion is the manufactured interpretation of the Will of the Force. Beings are imperfect and make mistakes.

6 December 2014

all have been infuanced by the greed of man

1 January 2015

Not all religions but most. Jediism is completely correct.

13 February 2015

Example: Zombie Jesus

14 April 2015

Of course there is

27 June 2015

Religion serves as an allegory to understanding the Force of the universe. In order to properly understand that which is beyond our comprehension we may devise infinite fiction. This does no harm as long as it does not lead to the dark side.

1 January 2016

Jesus' beard is the only thing real to me

19 April 2016

There will always be some falsification of fact, but the question really is, how much falsification?

12 May 2016

There is a great deal of fiction in every religion. It is faith that makes a religion a religion. Mythology begins with MYTH.

2 August 2016

A lot of it is not true.

12 October 2016

Religion is a joke played on us by us

11 November 2017

History is written by the winners.

3 January 2018

Not all

1 May 2018

Just like there is doubt in ourselves, nothing is perfect, Except tacos.

11 June 2018

From front of book to back in all

10 March 2020

All stories contain some fiction and all religions are based on stories, so therefore all religions must contain some fiction.

15 December 2020

People have to fill in the gaps

26 January 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

This question is unanswerable, there is no way to prove either side.

16 September 2007

Parables are fiction Morality lessions. Doesn't mean a Relgion is not true.

6 December 2007

all storys change over time

9 December 2007

Parables are fiction Morality lessions. Doesn't mean a Relgion is not true.

23 January 2008

yes its true some religious statements can be far fetched and hard to grasp the irony is that this is where you separate your self from materialistic digest and enter your own personal power and from there walk into the supernatural .. the hard part is to try and believe what it was you saw in ALL your favorite sci-fi movies and fantasy books.. easier said that done but thats where the fun part about learning what your mind body and spirit can achieve through sheer will alone! lol sorry but im gonna have to quote Master Yoda on this.. but "there is no try... do.. or do not".. oh oh.. and may the force be effen with you all! namisday

20 February 2008

No one can prove that.

26 February 2008

No one should say

12 March 2008

To hold ones Faith in question is always hard and to go farther and say it is fiction can be even in the Force to lead in your religious beliefs for i believe you can never find the truth unless and end to opinions is put.

12 April 2008

Know what you use Use what you know Ground your self in morality eliminate weakness in yourselves Master your selves and become a master

29 April 2008

it does not matter ... what matters are the teachings.

3 June 2008

unknown. mystic is what makes the religion. without mystic there would be nothing to belive

5 June 2008

Living by Jedi code has nothing to do with science fiction. When people get clear about them selves authentically and complete the past, they may very well find they have amazing ability.

25 August 2008

how can we prove that other people relgions arnt really. how can people prove that the force isnt really.. look at the spirtial energy chii. thats basicaly the force. if you can minipulate that you can do some call tricks.

31 August 2008

Define "fiction". There are some mistakes of fact and some deliberate inventions in all religions that I know about.

9 September 2008

Fiction allows us to visualize what we cannot fathom ie death. Th bible uses stories to get their moral standards across to the mass, Jedi use moving images to get theirs across.

11 December 2008

I think some religions really follow sincer truth, maybe not in their legends and the like, but if something they do proves true through you. Who knows though.

2 April 2009

Yes and No. Yes, every religion started from a persons mind, and they don't know everything.No because maybe that one person is right. Maybe the entity we believe in made this person to spreadit around. We just don't know. Its a belief, not a fact, not a lie, a belief. so fiction or no, does it really matter? theonly thing wrong with religion is those who use it for evil

9 May 2009

It's called 'myths', 'stories', 'parables'. All religions have them.

23 August 2009

There is fiction or fable in all religions, otherwise the dogma would be nothing but a manuscript with no moral reason.

23 December 2009

There is fiction in everything in life.

28 December 2009

I'm not going to touch this subject with a ninety five foot penis.

21 January 2010

WHO are we to decide?

28 February 2010

What do you consider truth? There is fiction in most everything. Think about it. What you hold true is usually dictated by the visceral senses. Sight, smell, touch, hearing.....if you were stripped of these, what dictates truth? The computer screen in front of you. You can say its there because you can smell it, touch it see it...if you were struck blind, deaf, and sans all other senses...what would make it true to you that that screen is in front of you?

20 March 2010

Fiction or not it is important to believe and keep faith.

25 March 2010

There is only The Force. All religions are interpretations of such.

28 May 2010

there is no way to tell

10 June 2010

Fiction or not. Its not important. Force doesn't have fiction or opposite. Everting is possible and more!

25 July 2010

It is faith that makes us believe. Belief is a matter of opinion towards one's own religion, and that makes it fact to that one person, whereas it may be fiction to another.

17 September 2010

not fiction, but unexplained miracles

3 January 2011

deceit is not a Jedi trait.

16 January 2011

people have there own to believe look inside yourself and you will find the truth

10 August 2011

"Fiction" is a matter of interpretaion and belief in the underlying message.

11 February 2012

Fiction is only something that cant be proved to be real

25 July 2012

Yes there is and Jediism is no exception.

4 July 2013

Again, I do believe this but I wouldn't force someone to believe this view.

15 October 2013

saying there is fiction in other religions is the same in questioning your own.

3 January 2014

Why do we even need this question?

9 September 2016

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