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All religious stories are interpreted by people and prone to error in the translation?


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All religious stories are interpreted by people and prone to error in the translation

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Reasons To Disagree

They can be prone to error in translation, but that would make them a new thought, which is just as valid as the original, or even moreso.

9 February 2008

not all of them just most of them (espeshaly the afgans and iraq's (i dont the the karan or what ever they read said any thing about suiside bombing any one that dose not beleave the same as you) but 911 the american only have g.w.bush to blame he funded biladin's training and sent him to try and kill sadam and and there there count deposits made into g.w bushes (senior) bank acount from the binladins since 911 hmm coinsident they dint catch him

21 February 2008

If you gain some knowledge from the allegory, then there was truth in it for you, therefore there is no error.

6 April 2008

"All", that sure seems final and extreme. That's like saying that "all" of the members of this church are mindless children that will (or do) live with their parents at the age of 40. I know that a bunch of you do. "All", that seems extreme and final to me.

15 May 2008

There are truths in all things, and allowing the force to guide your understanding, then you get sincere truth and vision. Also I think what you get from something depends on where you are in your personal awakening to the force.

2 April 2009

It would be true that religious stories interpreted by people are prone to error and there may be errors in the translation. But who are we to say that other life forms don't interpret and have their own religious stories? The "All" is an unwarranted assumption that should be removed from this question.

18 April 2009

Religious stories are there to be interpreted by the reader. There is always a deeper meaning, which will more often then not vary depending on the person reading it.

29 March 2010

only jedi religios stories are true

10 June 2010

except jedi

20 July 2010

It is about beleif not errors and fact.

28 February 2011

Religious stories are like children's fairytales. Each person tells 'Cinderella' differently, but it is still the same story.

21 February 2012


Reasons To Agree

walk on water i saw some bloke walk on custared braniak science abuse kickes ass

5 November 2006

We are all human and can miss the intended meaning of anything quite easily.

10 November 2006

We are only human and as they say "to er is human"

18 November 2006

All but my religion now bow!

25 November 2006

Heisnburgs law

20 January 2007

Why else would there be so many different religions, all led by the same books

19 May 2007

There are fourty two missing books out of the old testment.How can anyone tell how much that might change the old testment god

28 June 2007

its not the same the bible of the christians for the bible of mormons

9 July 2007

Crusades are a prime example

28 July 2007

the truth is writed by the survivors, and not always the good ones

6 December 2007

There is certainty that one could interpret a translation correctly.

13 January 2008

leonardo da vinci do i need to say anymore

21 January 2008

We are merely human. Jedi or not we make mistakes.

31 January 2008

The Christian Bible was put together by uneducated white Europeans under Emperor Constantine. They left out many books that "Indigenous Christians" had considered holy during the birth of Christianity. It is not hard to believe that these sheltered white males would make serious mistakes. They are already being addressed on television actually.

1 February 2008

i think there are 13 subtotal versions of the Bible minus the new testament? thats saying a lot about religious interpretation with those "versions" alone.

20 February 2008

With the exception of Jedi

29 February 2008

Religious stories are depictions of choices which each person will face at some time in their lives. All religious stories are interpreted in the context of the culture in which they are read.

4 March 2008

Ever hear of the Albigensians? No? That's because they were exterminated by the Catholics during the 4th Crusade for being "heretics". Their crime? Disagreeing with the "party line" of the Church of Rome. Quod erat demonstrandum.

7 March 2008

yes but the religion means different things to different people

1 April 2008

The people who write them gain the power to change or not the story at hand. People will change storys because they want you to belive in what they do. Almost no man could pass that up.

15 April 2008

too true that

29 April 2008

Have u seen how the chineese translate to english, Starbucks meet starbutts

16 May 2008

Half of what Christians believe in the Bible aren't meant to be taken the way that they do.

25 June 2008

Of course. Humans make mistakes.

19 July 2008

everyone makes mistakes.. nobodys perfect

31 August 2008

the christist bible, need i say more?

7 March 2009

Al religions come from one ancient religion, but they got washed out in times went bye.

20 March 2009

People lie for their own benefit. Greed can be powerful.

21 March 2009

Nobody is perfect to believe yourself so is to invite the dark side into your life.

20 April 2009

take jesus christ for example, maybe he wasnt the all powerful son of god, maybe just a really ahead of his time street magician

21 April 2009

Obviously, look to the core within.

2 May 2009

Read the bible in it's many translations, and you will see that EVERYBODY has a different interpretation.... Reading it in different languages is VERY enlightening. In each language, sometimes it is EXTREMELY diffrent...

13 May 2009

The holy bible is the cause of death, war, and hunger.

25 May 2009

Yeah to a point there is such as famous battles and middle eastern religion stories can be turned along with asian and european but we all have error we must beat the error to fix are mistakes and this will never be done so yeah there are errors in translation just play the game tele phone with about 20 people and see what happens :D

30 May 2009

This is essentialy the same question as already been asked. A Jedi must stay focused and not cloud an issue by continuing to ask the same question a different way other than to promote the understaing that the two questions are infact the same question and should have infact have the same responce. A Jedi should always be aware of deception in its many forms.

19 September 2009

This goes without saying.

16 October 2009

Common life mistake. Changes will happen but so long as their are enough people that believe the changed versions then it should carry on. Relgions that stay EXACTLY the same will likely fail.

25 October 2009

it is the same as the chinese whisper you may spread the word of something but when it comes back to you, it may be completely different...such is everything in life

8 November 2009

Mankinds foolishness and need for understanding seek us to religion. Trying to explain what we cannot in ways understandable for a human. The force cannot be explained, it's inevetable.

15 December 2009

All stories are morals meant to be understood, yet there are very few who would ever understand the same story the same way.

23 December 2009

those storie's along with everything else is open to translation to that person.

28 December 2009

Errors or intentional corruption. Pearls cast before swine are worthless. People will only see as much as their own evolution will allow them. Fundamentalist tension as a result of literal dogmatism and self-serving adgendas. It's so petty and far from true faith. They see the holes in the fabric, not the fabric itself. Each hold a shard of a mirror, and screams that their own is the only one that reflects.

2 January 2010

not all

21 January 2010


25 January 2010

Most subjects in life can be misheard or misunderstood.

5 February 2010

Religion was 'invented' as a guideline for humanity. So we all have the same idea's and values, and therefore live 'in theory' in peace. The bible, is a STORY, aimed at inspiring people to be good x

18 February 2010

Even though they may be done thusly, it allow for people to actively read their religious text

9 March 2010

we are men what can we do?

17 March 2010

there is too much error in other religions, thats why I feel my way using the force

18 March 2010

it is an unfortunate fact that people are wrong sometimes may the force be with you in interpereting messages

22 March 2010

we are guided by the force, however we do not always listen.

5 April 2010

This is true but ones interpretation of the teaching of a religion are very important

10 April 2010

Over eons and millenniums, the word of man has been handed down from generations to generations, there is no doubt that the generation before will teach the generation after of all the teachings they know. its like photocopying of an original, and then photocopying the copy. After about 10 times, its still looks similar to the original but is somewhat distorted.

16 April 2010

Just think of someone with a sick mind. You say fishsticks. They here something else. Just like the game of telephone, everything is relative.

16 April 2010

The only perfect aspect of this Universe is the Force, and the only circumstances where people make error is when we allow our attachments to cloud our judgement of the Force. That does not mean to say that attachments should be forbidden however, for attachments such as love and marriage should be encouraged to allow our knowledge and experience in all aspects of the Force to grow and flourish.

28 May 2010

All religious stories are interpreted by people and THEREFORE prone to error in translation. This would seem axiomatic to me. Even if the original story was 100% true and correct, people are people, and therefore capable of misinterpreting virtually anything.

25 June 2010

100% again, the chris angel theory ...

3 July 2010

There is no Room for interpretation in the Jedi Codex interpretations leave room for people who try to manipulate others in doing their bidding

20 August 2010

Not everything translates correctly, so I agree to that.

7 September 2010

Absolutely, the interpretations are what allows a religion to evolve, and grow to maintain value with current society. I do not know if I would call them all errors.

14 September 2010

Of course they are. Stories are always prone to error. But

17 September 2010

Yes. Such is life. Implication and misunderstanding is inevitable in communication.

4 November 2010

Yep...depending on the motivation and will and desires of the translator.

26 November 2010

I agree with this one completely. Religions themselves are neither good nor evil. It's the people who are interpreting the religion for their own use, that are evil.

2 December 2010

Chinese whispers - the Jedi should not permit this.

8 December 2010

I agree with this and therefore the Jedi Church needs to have a way to best prevent this from happening. When it does, it should have a way to intervene and correct the people's translation error's!

7 January 2011

No ones a perfect story teller.

13 January 2011

See my Star Explorers: The Discovery and Psye ens: The Hidden Knowledge.

5 March 2011

Of course there is error because there must be balance in the Force.

11 June 2011

Interpretation is to be expected and is a matter of one's own beliefs. Manipulation however is the dark side. It is one thing to say that Muhammed wanted everyone to know the truth he found in Allah and another thing entirely to say if you don't believe in Allah then you should die. We must know the difference and fight against evil.

11 February 2012

Everyone has their own interpretation of what they hear. Stories change over time.

28 November 2012

some scribes are under order of high officials to distort truth

13 December 2012

History is decided by those who write it

12 January 2013

Including Jediism

10 March 2014

The translators inevitably brought their own perspective to their translation.

4 May 2014

but this is not a gods.....

21 November 2014

Through time, any story can be altered to inaccuracy.

6 December 2014

There are many interpretations to every story but some are flat out wrong.

13 February 2015

The human mind cannot comprehend the infinite mysterues of the Force. Therefore, we must make due with our own understanding.

1 January 2016

Not merely prone to error. They are written centuries after the base event happened and those writing them down CHOOSE how to tell the story and what to leave out. There are many books that were excluded from the Christian bible, including the one that tells of the Christ boy pushing another boy off a roof and killing him, and only resurrecting him because the grown ups were all furious about it. Wouldn't that put a different spin on the "perfect" savior.

2 August 2016

just like faerie tales

11 November 2017

Ever play the telephone game in school

11 June 2018

Prone to say what they want to achieve their personal objectives generally power and wealth

10 March 2020

All memories/stories from the past are an interpretation and representation of what actually happened, but not a 100% accurate snapshot of what happened.

15 December 2020

Religion is up to interpretation of the council

26 January 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

What you believe is true for yourself so what you believe is not in error. Therefore if you believe bits of the stories those are the bits that are not in error, similarly if you believe the entire story there are no errors in it.

16 September 2007

Not if the truth is from within

28 October 2007

storys cahnge from person to person

9 December 2007

some are

7 January 2008

your religion is wat you believe

10 January 2008

religion should not be about beleif but about trust love and hope for each other

23 January 2008

EVERYONE is prone to error...

29 January 2008

This presupposes that religious stories are true and that there is only 1 correct way of interpreting them. Since religious tales are highly, if not entirely fictionalized accounts, it is impossible to make that claim.

12 February 2008

This question presupposes that there IS a correct interpretation to the whole ball of nonsense. IF there were a "true" text, written by the hand of an all-powerful, all-knowing god or gods, then there would not be ANY error or translation. The will of the almighty would instantly be known to all. Period.

19 February 2008

everyone makes errors.

26 February 2008

Some religious stories are downright easy to interpret. Others, unfortunately, are not.

22 March 2008

Be careful with this one...for if you put errors in other religious stories then you might have to start question yourselves

12 April 2008

train learn live master your self leave fantasy and myth and live you are real

29 April 2008

stories as long as the person who translates understands the message then they will be able to pass that message on.

3 June 2008

Religion is made up by human beings. The force is what made human beings. As it says in the Matrix. Return to the source

23 June 2008

Life is but a dream and in truth so are we, our beliefs and our stories

11 July 2008

Jedi stories are allowed to act as a metaphor.

25 August 2008

of course but we need lot of reflexion more than ont point of view and be discussed

6 September 2008

All STORIES are interpreted by people who are prone to error. Translation from what to what?

9 September 2008

The force is the only that a jedi interpret

10 December 2008

Error is a part of life. But taking away a different lesson from something does not always mean the interpretation is wrong, so long as it is founded with some measure of logic.

29 January 2009

It may happen!

24 March 2009

What one believes is true, like others said: people error when translating.

23 August 2009

who cares its what people believe that matters

13 September 2009

People can change things throughout time, but faith should play a big role in our beliefs.

21 January 2010


29 January 2010

Who can say?

28 February 2010

They are, however Jediism is not.

5 March 2010

What makes it "error"? Everything in this reality is interpreted. What makes your interpretations more valid?

20 March 2010

It's not important. You just have to feel through the force meaningful to you and what is not. And cause the Force is changing you change also.

25 July 2010

To err is human to forgive is divine

4 November 2010

mistakes in translation may happen, but the goodness is unchangeble by words

3 January 2011

Even Yoda questioned the interpretation of the prophecy of the one who would bring balance to the force. It is not perfect, to interpret translation is what the collective council is for.

16 January 2011

everyone has a story it is ones choice to believe in that story

10 August 2011

anything written should be taken with a pince of salt because i is guaranteed that someone will have another view.

4 July 2013

anything written should be taken with a pince of salt because i is guaranteed that someone will have another view.

16 October 2013

Maybe yes, maybe not. Maybe that's stories to teach us respect, love, tolerance #Jesus or to tell us we never kid with god etc... But i'll let my opinion in my scrutum, better place for that.

23 April 2014

We should embrace errors and interpretations. That is how we grew. Just don't be uptight about one particular notion, keep learning, keep growing.

9 September 2016

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