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This Jedi Church has the right to exist as a religious entity ?


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This Jedi Church has the right to exist as a religious entity

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Reasons To Disagree

it dont if you dont all mark your self's as jedi's for the next censust but for now count this as a yes :D

21 February 2008

The Jedi forsake all rights and adhere only to duty. Wether this religion exists or not does not weigh the existance of Jedi.

3 September 2008

we are not a church we are jedi

6 September 2008

A church is a political entity, not a religious one. This Jedi Church has the right to TRY to exist, as does any political entity. A right to exist implies that if the church were failing, society must come to its aid.

9 September 2008

Labelling as a religion/church is superficial and unnecessary. We know in our hearts that Jedi is the one truth, and we don't need official recognition of this to validate our certainty

3 January 2009

if you exclude the darkness,how can you walk in the light,you lack ballance,it is the dark that ties all things together,to persecute the adepts that study the shaddows is a blasphemy to your own kind,there will always be the strong,the powerful,the menders of ways,the dark

1 March 2009

Not necessarily

18 April 2009

Jediism is a lifeway, a philosophy

5 November 2009

No, as you are based of a fictional, Sci-Fi Movie that nerds love to follow. Such as myself and everyone stupid enough to belive that this is a real religion.

11 November 2009

We are not a religion we are a force we are Jedi. The Jedi are not a religion we are a way of life.

23 January 2010

Peace is a lie. There is only passion.

6 May 2010

Through Passion we gain strength

22 January 2011

I do not think that the Jedi Way is a religion. It does not have a clear deity nor a clear set of rituals. We follow a Code. We have a state of mind, and even that will vary between members. Therefore I tend to consider this a philosophy.

16 September 2011

Jedi-ism is a way of life and a philosophy not a godly religion. Deities are not a part of the way of the Jedi

21 November 2014


Reasons To Agree

why the hell not the packies think an eight armed ellefent is their god

5 November 2006

Yes, we are a philosophical group. As are all other religions.

10 November 2006

But only if they submit to my rule as grand God of the force

25 November 2006

If we can have crucades and jihads, I think we can allow a more peaceful group of people for once.

26 November 2006

Philosphey and practice of a peaceful means should never be discouraged. And if Mormon is a religon, so is Jedi.

14 December 2006

Of course. If there are enough followers, then anything can be a religion really. Even if you believe that rats are holy beings.

16 December 2006

We are free, not bound by human control

20 January 2007

It has as much as a right to as any other religion.

23 January 2007

why not?

18 February 2007

It would be truly great if Jedi could become a religion for all those who see fault in the other religions, who think all other religions were just made up a long time ago , and who want to counter the attrosities that are carried out by fundementallists of the established religions. if the Jedi could formulate its own global or even galactic constitution, bill of rights, and laws or commandments, it would be great to see a gradual rise in the power of free thinking, moral , fair minded people who are released from religious mass control and can start to heal the wounds of the world. we have the technology and the knowledge, now lets display the wisdom to end poverty , agression and ignorance on our planet.

4 March 2007

it is not doing any harm to society

6 April 2007

Strongly agree, if there is right in it then do it. The worst that could happen is that we take responsibilty for our own actions...and an occasional light saber fight.

13 April 2007

Even nerds have the right to faith. Even if they still live in their mother's basement.

16 April 2007

Hell no! Useless jedi, couldn't even fight of a few clonetroopers. The Sith on the other hand should have the key to no.10

17 May 2007

If people truly want to follow the path of a Jedi then it should have

19 May 2007

The Jedi Church has not only a right but a Natural Right to exist as a religious entity. If it had no such Legal right in human society, the Great Force would simply take no notice of such a disability but would continue to exist and to describe reality in euphoric disregard of all who would deny it its existence.

17 August 2007

Again, it is equally irrational as all other religions, therefore it has the same right.

4 September 2007

All religions are man-made constructs of either faith or philosophy. None is more valid or invalid than the next due to this singular, universal truth. Therefore, all religions should share the same rights and privileges - or parody and ridicule - regardless of popularity, or the lack thereof.

10 September 2007

The Jedi religion gives the Jedi Church the right to exist as a religious entity, therefore it gives itself its own rights.

16 September 2007

with out a shadow of a doubt

20 September 2007

Everyone has the right to religion

23 November 2007

of course yes

6 December 2007

if we are believes then we have a right to worship our beliefs in a place of our choosing

9 December 2007

evey religon has a rite to exsist

7 January 2008

right to religious freedom!

10 January 2008

Not sure that Church is the right name though. Temple is better.

13 January 2008

love the first agreement

21 January 2008

If scientology is a religion...

23 January 2008

Once it was thought of, it existed. The rest is just time and paperwork.

27 January 2008

We have enough followers so yes.

31 January 2008

Everyone should be free to choose and follow any faith of their choosing

8 February 2008

of course it can in britain jedi surpasses judaism sihkism and buddism

11 February 2008

The Jedi religion has just as much right as any other religion, and has the added bonus of being far less destructive and hateful than most.

12 February 2008

yes and may the force be with you all!

20 February 2008

If scientology has the right...then we sure as hell do!

22 February 2008

It exists without needing the right to exist.

4 March 2008

As the bumper sticker says, "Freedom of religion means ANY religion!"

7 March 2008

If we belive they we have a right

12 March 2008

any method of living followed by a person or group of persons that has a main aim of progressing mankind as a society in all aspects is epic win

21 March 2008

If those others can be counted as real religions, certainly the Jedi Faith can be admitted for legitimacy.

22 March 2008

yes there should be alot more

24 March 2008

well yeah, we have as much right as chrisianity i mean come on the follow a beardd guy who walks on water =o

1 April 2008

The Mormons are.

5 April 2008

All systems of belief have the right to exist as a religion.

6 April 2008

Whos to say it's not a real religion, is it really any different then any other one in the world. We believe in one unified Force much like God, or Allah, we simpley don't give it a name or image, it is an energy force, a one unifying energy that exists.

15 April 2008

it's a natural right

19 April 2008

it should have called Jedi Temple instead of Jedi Church.

20 April 2008

if scientologists can, then why can't we?

29 April 2008

Just because it is totally ridiculous doesn't mean you don't the right to be ridiculous and be labeled by the rest of society as a moron and not be given respect. You should have that right.

15 May 2008

As long as one is serious about being a jedi then there is always a place for the jedi church

16 May 2008

But not the state of israel, just the Jedi Church

21 May 2008

The Jedi Church has not only a right but a Natural Right to exist as a religious entity. If it had no such Legal right in human society, the Great Force would simply take no notice of such a disability but would continue to exist and to describe reality in euphoric disregard of all who would deny it its existence

26 May 2008

all religions have the right to exist. no matter how small or large.

3 June 2008

of course

5 June 2008

They can't just make us all disappear can they?

25 June 2008

As long as people believe in freedom of religion, then yes, it will thrive.

19 July 2008

it should be fully classed as a religion.. we also should get jedi academy

31 August 2008

of course

30 October 2008

i think that it would be good to becoume a religion but it matters not as we all are as we shuld be.

22 November 2008

It is in our constitution of the United States to have "freedom of religion" so why can't we believe what we want and have the right to exist as a religious entity.

9 January 2009

Our voice deserves to be heard too

10 January 2009

Jediism is not only philosophy, but it recognizes spiritual approaches to the Force. As such, it can certainly be called 'religious'.

18 January 2009

Why not. The Force is only another word or aspect for god.

20 March 2009

As any other religion or way of life.

24 March 2009

Yes it does. It will have as many branches the force has facets.

2 April 2009

The very definition of religion seems to describe Jedi beliefs. So of course the Jedi Church as the right to exist as a religious entity.

18 April 2009

The freedoms of all people are important if the Jedi wish to be recognised then nobody has the right to deny them

20 April 2009

If people believe in a flying spaghetti monster, we can believe in the force.

25 May 2009

sure why not ? :D

30 May 2009

I agree that if someone has a belief, then no one should make fun of it, and accept it!

9 June 2009

The "Church" has no right to exist until we at least have a code

13 July 2009

Since the Jedi is about the only religion that is not trapped in the past, people caught up in other religion may question its right to exist. If Jedi is 'a threat' to other religions then this proves the 'threatened' religion to be of the dark side.

22 July 2009

The Jedi have as much right to a belief as any other religious calling. They do no harm, and only wish to enhance their own a bility within the universal force. The Cosmos is a huge place and there's more than room enough for the Jedi. I'd be a Jedi if I weren't too old

3 August 2009

Religion and way of life go hand and hand.

23 August 2009

Of course we have the right, the same as anyother religion.

24 August 2009

any form or thought has the right to exist as a religious entity saying some1's dousnt is just hypicritical.

13 September 2009

The Jedi order is a group of people that believe in the extance of the Force and seek understaing both alone and together as a group. Where a group comes together with a common belief for the purpose of exploring that belief by its very definition is a religion. Where religion is a right the question is moot, where religion is not a right then all people should see that it becomes so. As a Jedi we respect other cultures and will not exist as an overt religion within those cultures. Where a culture does not recognize religion under penalty of death or imprisionment as Jedi we have both a moral and innate duty to affect a culture inorder to preserve life.

19 September 2009

Yes we DO need official recognition, otherwise we will get marginalized. We need a CHIRCH ! NOTE my new spelling! Not only do we have a right to exist but exist as a group. Where two or three are gathered in the Jedi, there is the Force also. I prefer Harmony to Force.

29 September 2009

if we believe then we have the right to exist as a religious entity

1 October 2009

What else would we be here for?

8 October 2009

it is more religioon than evolution, so yea of course

20 October 2009

Totally agree. If we believe in it then it should be allowed. If not then all other religions should not exist either.

25 October 2009

if Christians and Muslims and Sikhs can make up theirs then we sure as hell can too

8 November 2009


14 November 2009

it is our willing

8 December 2009

As all others do aswell.

15 December 2009

this has as much right as any top be a relgion the same right as cathlic jew and scientologists

21 December 2009

My thought on this are yes, yet the way of the force is more of a philosophy than a church or "religion" and i always thought it should be called the order not reigion of the jedi.

23 December 2009

we should, so we can have an official holiday, like may 29th, when ROTJ came out, and vader died...

2 January 2010

Only when there is a consistant code and direction.Buddhism or (aoism are philosophies, not "religions". I also believe that Jedi faith, as I understand it, is closer to true religion than any self righteous warring faction I see on this plannet.

2 January 2010

sure, why else am i hear

21 January 2010

yes,but rember that religon is man made and the force is fath

25 January 2010

If a book by L. Ron Hubberd can be the basis of a religious entity than of course Jedi can

27 January 2010

It has the right yes but will it really be recognized? I doubt it. But who cares? I choose to believe what i want to believe and i'm happy. If some asswipe decides to take this whole Jedi thing L.Ron Hubbard though i'll be seriously pissed.

28 January 2010

If scientology can exists then so can the Jedi faith.

5 February 2010

We have the right to choose what to believe, because the belief has only the power we gave them.

8 February 2010

Without the Jedi, the Galaxy will be vulnerable to the Sith - Padawan Kiz

5 March 2010

The Jedi religion has just as much right as any other religion, and has the added bonus of being far less destructive and hateful than most.

17 March 2010

remember scientology! Jediism is much more realistic

18 March 2010

The right, yes. The pros and cons of becoming an official religion are annother matter

22 March 2010

Everyone believes in different things, and a religion is a group of people, that have gathered who believe in the same thing. So why can Jedi not have the right to exist?

29 March 2010

No one has the right to tell others they are wrong unless it harms another.

5 April 2010

Religion has lost all its meaning, so yes

16 April 2010

Without a doubt.

4 May 2010

and why not

20 May 2010

Everyone has a right to stand up for what they believe in, and should be allowed to do so. Anything less than this is an atrocity to The Force, and mankind itself.

28 May 2010

a religion is what a group of people believe in so yes

10 June 2010

forsure, who has the right to tell me or anyone else what to believe in. i dont bother anyone in their views. this is harmless, and follows valured beliefs ..

3 July 2010

hell yeah

20 July 2010

In the force, enyone has right to do enything.

25 July 2010

if we say that we exist and we are a group of people with a title no matter the common cause then we exist. period.

28 July 2010

Of course but not as rigid as other religions Pride is the way to the Darkside

20 August 2010

The Jedi Church is THE religious entity!

7 September 2010

That would depend on what the Jedi philosophy would include. Is is a religious practice? Or a morally guided idealism? The churches of today are basically both. The classification of a church status primarily has to do with the financial support from government. As well as an individuals right to practice as a religious member. Living according to morals requires no church, and no protection of rights. So the question really relies on the doctrine of the "church".

14 September 2010

FUCK yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 September 2010

Fosho the Jedi is a religious group, lets show them dudeist we exsist

15 October 2010

Of course. Everyone has the right to anything that doesn't harm others.

4 November 2010

Yes, but I wish you had called it something other than a should be more of a religious order or assembly. Church connotates a Christian assemblage.

26 November 2010

I'm actually doing a paper on the Star Wars religion for my World Religions class in college. 5 Pages due this friday. Except for what my teacher calls the Sacramental Rites, we've got all of the requirements to BE a religion. We are a dualistic monotheistic religion with all the rites and rituals of a well established and ancient culture. I'd type more, but I've gotta go to class.

2 December 2010

Errrr YES!

8 December 2010

of course it has - we are all Force believers as like any other God form

3 January 2011

Yes but you should be more educated in other religions before commenting on as clearly some of you do not understand

10 January 2011

All that which lives today was created from the force. If you chose not to believe such a statement, then that is mearly a choice. May the force be with you, always.

12 January 2011

We have a philosophy that can be interpreted as a religion.

13 January 2011

If and only if we are serious about our faith and are willing to prove that we are not just a million worldwide hoaxers.

9 February 2011

Until us sith destroy you from the inside. We are watching you ;) We can exsist so we shall have the right to.

28 February 2011

Yes. Enough said.

11 June 2011

yes we have the right

10 August 2011

It is as valid as any other religion or cult.

3 February 2012

We are a philosophical group, as are all religions.

9 February 2012

We are a religious entity, regardless of what a tyrannical government says.

11 February 2012

We are all Jedi whether it is a considered a true religion by others or not, but having it count would sure help.

12 March 2012

We should belive what we want.

2 April 2012

It has a structured belief system, leaders, a doctrine, etc.

17 April 2012

Everyone has right to their own religion, even those that aren't written in books.

28 November 2012

Yes it does but it has be done in a realistic manner.

4 July 2013

it has great ideas

22 August 2013

It has a lot of great ideas. People should listen but we cannot force them to believe.

16 October 2013

As much as any other religious entity does

10 March 2014

Registration is a legal formality the Jedi Church is entitled too.

4 May 2014

The Jedi Church, by definition is a religious establishment and thus shall be regardless of anyone's interpretation of rights.

6 December 2014

the true jedi way has aspects of all religions so should have a right to exist like any other religion

1 January 2015

Freedom of Religion applies to all, including the Jedi Church

8 January 2015

The Force exists with or without proof. Therefore, it should be the right of every sentient being to identify as a seeker of the path of the Jedi.

1 January 2016

Any church that has followers and does not violate the law has the right to exist.

2 August 2016

If Buddhism can exist, I don't know why this religion can't

3 January 2018

If scientoligy and violent religions/ cults can then Jediism can

1 May 2018

As long as we don't follow suit.... touching kids or marrying kids....

10 March 2020

I think that Jedi are one and that all humans are one witch means we can all become Jedi if we so wish but still give the option to join or to not join we must

22 March 2020

Why not, there are other religions that make far less sense and do far less good in the world than the teachings and beliefs of Jeddism and the Force.

15 December 2020

We Re the only true religion impp

25 May 2022

It is a religion

26 January 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

as much as any other religion.

29 January 2008

Only if the Jedi Church accepts and respects its secluded Jedi members who wish to live in solitude in the outer rim or in a mountain or live an underground life in over populated cities - just like clergy Taoists who revere hermit Taoists.

1 February 2008

No es nuestra razon de ser el saber que tenemos o no la verdad, sino el de servir al bien y la verdad.

18 February 2008

If other religions exist why can't this one.

26 February 2008

Only if the Jedi church face the fact that there is no things like "light-sabers" (yet I'm working on that one) and base the church on the code and not the movies....Only then Will people accept us and out way

12 April 2008

what exists and what does not exist is all in the mind do you need others to validate your existence? Train master yourselves and you will be JEDI!

29 April 2008

Freedom of religion

23 June 2008

Yes and that said, Jedi has nothing to do with the Church. It like all religions is a common means.

25 August 2008

Whether we are legally a religion or not shouldn't matter. What is in our hearts and souls is something different, something that no political entity can take from us.

6 October 2008

Whether we are recognized is of no consequence. We are here, and that is all that matters.

29 January 2009

First and foremost, I am a Jedai. Note the difference in spelling (ancient egyptian) - it is not religion, it is far more than that, it is a way of life, not dogma that chains down a life and spirit. Religion = dogma. If you ever truly want to see the heart of what it is to be a Jedi, I recommend "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth" as important reading.

9 July 2009

It is far greater than what one would call religion.

4 August 2009

that is grossly up for interpretation, but i believe so

28 September 2009

It has the right, but that doesn't mean that it will be recognized as one!

16 October 2009

we are jedi but we also belive

29 January 2010

It can do whatever it sees fit in vibration to its truth.

20 March 2010

you become a jedi once you have trained to attain the use of the force id say we have a long way to go but there will have to be a beginning i think we should be a church of the force not church of the jedi, jedi serve the belief in the force not a church

23 March 2010

The order may be interpreted as a religious group or simply as a gathering of like minded individuals

10 April 2010

The force is a powerful Allie. Without it we are all lost.

16 January 2011

Belief in the force, not the church. But a place to gather where this belief is common should be available. But not the main place to congregate or celebrate

27 January 2014

maybe an organisation, not a religion. But I don't really know what is a religion

23 April 2014

I mean the Jedi Code is really a philosophy to live by. not really a religion. To be honest how many of you actually believe in one all powerful Force that actually exists?

7 November 2017

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