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This Jedi Church should be able to sell certificates of ordainment?


On average, everyone agrees with significant nonconsensus between 925 voters.


Please read the comments from other voters below, then scroll down make your decision. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

This Jedi Church should be able to sell certificates of ordainment

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Reasons To Disagree

We should not have to pay in monetary values in order to follow the teachings of those who were not about having such attachments....who ever thought they should is not as idealy Jedi as one thought...

18 November 2006

it should not be a sale you should have to earn it just as any other religion if you can prove you are a true beliver in the force you should be ordained but if you cannot why should you be able to pay ofr it? but administrateve fees should be alowwed

25 November 2006

A certifiacte does not prove anything

20 January 2007

Well, even though the site must be kept up somehow, I don't believe we should pay for being ordained; meanwhile, those of us who haven't paid cannot access the "council login", which is nonsense. What if some retard who just wants to believe he's a Jedi bought the paper and now is part of the Jedi Council and all others who have true wisdom but do not believe in materialism are not part of it?

21 January 2007

I do not believe money and religion should be related, ever.

23 January 2007

This is how the Christian church became so... convoluted. A donations section could work for site fees, though.

24 February 2007

A church should not sell anything, it should only provide guidance. If you do want to pay for a religion then you should be a scientologist (The pay as you go religion)

19 May 2007

the must be free

9 July 2007

selling such things is unbecoming

23 August 2007

Donations only, profit = greed = dark side. Look at Donald Trump (definite Sith Lord)....

16 October 2007

They should be free because the poor should not be victimised against. The force doesn't charge us to use it!

19 November 2007

They should be free

23 November 2007

Site maintained by adverts, selling certificates of ordainment is just greedy.

23 November 2007

They must be won for merits the vatican were selling exonerations to the rich criminals of past

6 December 2007

I dont think we should have to pay to proove my belives

30 December 2007

Sell! We Jedi are here to help, money has no place. A certificate should be awarded to those who show their commitment to the Force through their daily life. I myslef requires no paper to prove my faith.

13 January 2008

a true jedi title should only be ATTAINED THROUGH passing the trials

23 January 2008

A jedi should not be known by a piece of paper, but by his way of life...

24 January 2008

No They should be free

30 January 2008

If the Jedi Church collects money, it will become corrupt like the .... well, I won't insult any religions by name. If it's not a labor of love, don't do it.

4 February 2008

A certificate does not a Jedi make.

9 February 2008

Sell religion = Dark side

18 February 2008

Ha de ganarse por meritos.

18 February 2008

They should be free. If a jedi church was set up near me, i would go along every sunday and chuck a coupla bucks in there. Isnt that enough?

19 February 2008

no i would rather be ordained as a jedi minister for free

21 February 2008

A price of any kind cannot be put on Jedi matters

29 February 2008

It they are sold they are worthless.

4 March 2008

all churchs should be free

8 March 2008

I think this would debase it.

20 March 2008

If you are trying to make money then you are a business. Religion is about faith not profit.

26 March 2008

Shouldn't being a Jedi be enough? Do buddhists go around waving their buddhist cards? Is it faith that makes you a jedi, or is it the card?

27 March 2008

No point all it would do is trn jedi into a money making scam.

31 March 2008

we should be alowed to be certified as jedi as free but i can understand lightsabers costing the greens =p

1 April 2008

You should not put a price tag on ordainment for that will lead to greed and greed is a path to the dark side.

12 April 2008

should not have to pay for a certificate you should have to have a passes trial where you have to should you faith, starting off as a jedi and becoming a Lord or Master depending if you pass the passes.

17 April 2008

Sounds like selling alms back in the dark ages, paying for absolution. The concept is antithetical to the Jedi. Donations should support the site.

23 April 2008

Give, not sell.

25 April 2008

you miss the point you can not buy a certificate to become JEDI You train you master all that is required then You become JEDI we all can train not all that trains will be able to master we can not allow weakness jedi with weakness makes sith stop selling buddy

29 April 2008

You should not sell, they should be earned and given.

14 May 2008

Every church needs money to do stuff with, however Jedi as a rule seek no material objects other than their light saber. money only corrupts people and there is plenty of evidance for that

16 May 2008

jedi church selling certificates=personal gain

25 May 2008

why should we pay for our faith?

26 May 2008

Too much like the old days when the church sold forgiveness for sins...

26 May 2008

it will make the religon look cheap when it is in fact quite noble. we should be able to be jedi without any tax.

26 May 2008

Money should not have a part in ordainment. Ordainment is something earned, not purchased.

31 May 2008

the jedi ORDER(not church) should not make money. only cover costs.

3 June 2008

its a cheap way of abbusing star wars fans. but the money have to come from somewhere

5 June 2008

its a piece of paper. The Jedi are not about money. Donation is definatly the way. Jedi's are always willing to give and help any way they can

23 June 2008

we are free people

8 July 2008


19 July 2008


24 August 2008

They should be provided free, we should be able to print them out. Nice versions should be available for purchase through the Church.

25 August 2008

They should be able to GIVE certification perhaps, though that would defeat the purpose of invisibility.

3 September 2008

Certification should be earned, not bought. While it costs money to maintain ourselves, the money should come from donation of the Jedi members. I believe that every member has the right to seek ordainment by way of earning it. Personally, I can't afford the certificate right now.

6 October 2008

A REAL Jedi should live in true poverty.

14 October 2008

They should be free of charge.

25 April 2009

some people have little money as it is, donations would surfice

30 April 2009

No..... "Certificates of ordainment" are only for those who are part of the $ith....

13 May 2009

They should not be sold but given to the member.

17 June 2009

Ordainment should be earned, not "sold" to any who want it.

9 July 2009

Name another religion that does this, I can't, religions take donations, not money from future members

13 July 2009

I'd say charge for shipping and handling (like if members live too far away), but don't charge for the certificate itself.

23 August 2009

i want to join but it's to expensive

11 September 2009

absolutly not the idea of jedi pawning of certificates is fucking stupid and it makes us look more like a cult or novelty religion. giving some sad pathetic little fucktard money just to feel like ur part of something with a lil certificate is scandilious. and this place should be ashamed.

13 September 2009

Authority is passed from one with authority to another by the laying on of hands. Authority can not be purchased.

19 September 2009

A certificate of ordainment is a material object and as such requires materials to create. As materials are not free in the greater culture of humankind then asking for replacement of materials used is acceptable. A certificate is not necessary to participate in the Jedi order. In these lights you are not selling certificates of ordainment but merely presenting certificates where the materials needed to produce them are provided by the recipient. As long as there is not profit then there is no "sell". If materials are given that are in excess of those needed to produce the certificates then that is a "sell" and the order should seek to understand the purpose of selling certificates. A religion must exist by the materials provided by its followers, once the tennants of the producer and buyer relationship are embraced it no longer becomes a religion but a buisness. As the question is written, no the the church should not "sell" certificates.

19 September 2009

Operational costs should be covered by donations, whether through financial means or perhaps "in-kind" donations - bandwith/server space should be considered.

21 September 2009

They should be free

26 September 2009

certificates should be free, any funds neccisary should be collected in an offering at meetings.

20 October 2009

Sale of this should be banned. The reason being is that we want to feel proud in what we believe in and for some people displaying that certificate proudly should be easy to do. Not everyone has the funds and so they are being ruled out of this. MAKE THEM FREE

25 October 2009

you shouldn't have to pay for your belief

5 November 2009

isnt it enough to follow your teachings, and not have to pay to become an official member

8 November 2009

it should be attained

20 November 2009

we are all the force

8 December 2009

Selling ordainment may be interesting as novelty, but may possibly risk serious complication in the future if jedi validity and philosophy ever become legitimate. Charlatains and cultish leaders could prevail with little or no moral prerequisites, or any VALID credentials, having bought them at conception. Paying for EARNED ordainment is an entirely different matter.

2 January 2010

There is no reason to have to pay to become part of an organization. If you need money to maintain your website allow advertising, and to maintain churches or temples hold fund raisers like any other religious group. Act like recognized religious groups to become one.

11 January 2010

We should not have to pay to be a part of this church. I AM THE SHIT.

21 January 2010

The teachings of the Jedi faith are not monetary, they are to those who can commune with the Force.

5 March 2010

I believe the church should survive financially by donation and not be fee based. "If you want to be ordained, you need to give me money" No!

12 March 2010

donations would be better suited to the church

17 March 2010

Sell, No. Give out when the pledge is made, yes.

20 March 2010

The ordainment should be earned not bought

10 April 2010 and religion should not be intertwine. religion should be free of monetary connections.

16 April 2010

A Donations section will raise more money. It sholud be voluntary with no minimum excepy zero, (or maximum)

1 May 2010

The jedi church is not for profit.

2 May 2010

as in a jedi with srong foce to gide us we need to pass a teast of fath and the jedi way first then to look into the deepest fears and to loook at all the fears we have to confrunt them

19 June 2010

As a Sith Lord, I of course see no need for a Jedi ordination. However, I remind you that the selling of virtues is a great way to adulterate that virtue. Ordination should be the result of study and effort, not just giving money to a cause. If the site needs money, sell something cheap and popular, like T shirts or coffee mugs.

25 June 2010

I want one, but not to pay for it, if the site must be mantained, we can give money, but without obligation...

16 July 2010

Less consenration in money.

25 July 2010

this is a strange idea certainly every one will give a little for our expenses

20 August 2010

People should EARN their certificates, not purchase them.

7 September 2010

No. There is no valid religious belief system on the planet that sells ordainment. Sell them a special robe or collar if you need to raise money. Ordainment may only be attained through learning and wisdom, other wise you become a joke and a novelty. Read of the esoteric orders, not of the TV evangelists.

26 November 2010

Money is the creation of greed and greed is a creation of the Dark side, ordainment shouldn't be sold, it should be earned, selling it leaves us vunerable to the darkside

28 November 2010

I say no. This reminds me strongly of what caused Martin Luther to nail the 95 Theses to the Church door. And to the guy in the Nuetral section, "Free with a donation" would be exactly the same as what's happening now.

2 December 2010

These should be free. We are not a profit making religion and should recognise our members.

8 December 2010

do not agree by "sell", but to "give" as recognition to leverage The Force principles and foundations

3 January 2011

Jedi order should be up held up by donations not sales. The force is in all of us, no certification can prove that.

13 January 2011

Not sell but give it to those who earn it. The Jedi didn't sell Anakin the rank of Jedi Master.

15 March 2011

they should give out certificates not sell them

6 June 2011

To follow, understand, and accept the concept and ways of the Force is not something you can sell. It is something that each of us must achieve and once one accepts it and joins this church, one should receive certification for free of charge. To follow the concept of money is to be slave to Greed, and Greed is a tool of the dark side.

6 January 2012

They should give certificates to their priests, reverends or whatever they are called in Jediism, but we should not have to pay in such a materialistic way for our right to preach.

21 February 2012

I am uncomfortable with being able to buy ordination it reverts to money and the dark side

22 February 2012

money is the root of all evil

2 April 2012

They should be earned not sold.

9 April 2012

Ordination should be free, donations should be optional.

17 April 2012

Through Training one must, showing loyalty to the Jedi Path one must, paying to be a Jedi is a Sith Move.

7 July 2012

To put a price on religion is to steal off the minds of the weak

28 November 2012

They should be earned, not sold. We are Jedi, not scientologists

23 December 2012

selling some certificate is the same as banks doing loads. you get roped in to buy more and feel obligated to serve. you don't see other religions charging people for membership.

3 January 2014

They should be given to those who ask for it and can show a sense of knowledge in the church

27 January 2014

Jediism espouses free thought -- what one believes can be a function of the mentors they've had, or their own thinking, and others should be free to choose to learn from they. For example, the dark side is an integral part of the force, and those who are called to it /must/ be trusted to choose their path -- for whichever path is forced upon them will often be the path rejected. If we are to trust that there is an innate sense of good in everyone, we cannot choose to ordain certain members. If the problem is one of funds, perhaps Jedi can choose to honour their mentors with ceremonial gifts bought from the Jedi church; through a system involving public nominations to avoid abuse.

10 March 2014

Anyone who feels the path should be able to walk it... A Jedi should be able to claim the ability to do things like marriage because that's simply accepting that 2 people want to be bound

16 March 2014

im more with the force than anyone as you shall soon see mine will be free lol lol

21 April 2014

donation = religion money payment = sect

23 April 2014

These should not be sold, only earned.

21 September 2014

A Jedi craves not wealth. Ordainment is a matter of spirituality and the Will of the Force, not sales.

6 December 2014

there is too grate a chance for the greed of man to enter our fath if the church begins to sell anything.

1 January 2015

I do not think they should be sold, but earned

13 February 2015

they must be earned as is a spot on the jedi council

22 December 2015

Award maybe. but sell hum no

11 November 2017

I think ordination should be earned not purchased. By your deeds you should be known not by your wallet. If there is an admin cost that alone should be met

27 February 2018

Money corrupts,

11 June 2018


Reasons To Agree

Somehow the cost of the web site and the printing of the materials should be covered. I do believe that some "moral" test be administered before certificates be sold.

14 November 2006

Its personal choice to buy, I dont have to and I wont be not at ?12.00 if it were ?2.00 plus post thats fair, I know the site has to be maintained

26 January 2007

i hope a truly good organisation will emerge to change the world for the better. to do this it will need money. i hope that those in reciept of the miney have that as their goal.

4 March 2007

If people are dumb enough to buy them, yes.

16 April 2007

I undertsand that the cost of the website must be maintained

28 July 2007

As a church it should be able to raise money for its necessaries in any way that would comport with the morality of the Jedi, that is, to advance the Universal Purpose as it is made apparent to us through the manifestations of the Great Force.

17 August 2007

It should be able to, but not necessarily do so.

16 September 2007

i want one

10 January 2008

It is cheaper than becoming an ordained christian minister

23 January 2008

Administrative fees are ok.

24 January 2008

I think there should be some basic requirements for ordination as a Jedi Knight.

24 January 2008

Listen. A Donations section will get you more money. Ponder that. The certificate should be lowered to 5 dollars as a certificate is not that important to Jedi but a nice thing to have being that Jedi give "services" to the community and the galaxy. Security Guards have certificates and so do University graduates. They all offer a service. Thus the Jedi certificate should be given a more detailed purpose ... as in SERVING all sentients through the force. Give it more meaning. Listen to the force. Insure the Jedi ... Purpose.

1 February 2008

yes I agree on the sale of the ordainments however when our numbers grow to where we dont have to sell them then they need to be earned through study and a number of years in active support of the church

7 February 2008

Donations are better for site upkeep, but there is no problem with selling certificates. Sell yummy Jedi cookies if it makes your goal!

19 February 2008

Helping our founding members pay for the free website we all use, only shows that Jedi ARE generous people. The first Jedi didn't get to have any possessions. If anything I thing the cost should be higher so we can weed out the true and just from the temporary, and fool hardy.

3 March 2008

Every church needs money to support their operations.

11 March 2008

Its the users choice to get one

12 March 2008

I am semi-indifferent on this. I believe the donation should be optional, and should probably be paid by it's followers to support the way. We should not be materialistic and should give to help others. However, I do not belive the charge should be mandatory. Therefore I slightly vote on the acquiescence.

6 April 2008

The church does need some income to function.

29 April 2008

These are all free countries where the free market should dictate the course of action. Sure it's ridiculous. But if people will buy them and you idiots want to sell them to make people believe that they will be more qualified to swing their plastic lightsabers around their parents basement, why not.

15 May 2008

Yeah. It was fun.

22 May 2008

sell no earned yes but, some profit must be made to maintain what we have. sad to say money is needed for everything nowadays. no need to make it a certific. if you truly believe then you know who you are. there are non-believers among us and the sith are everywhere

18 June 2008

Why not?

25 June 2008

Ordainment should be seperate from the purchase of a certificate, but they (the Jedi Church) have an absolute right to sell a certificate to anyone they chose to ordain!

8 July 2008

I see nothing wrong with this. The cost of printing the certificate needs to be covered. Hell I paid $30.00 to be ordained as a SubGenius minister.

17 July 2008

So long as you are honest about what exactly you are selling, you should be allowed to sell anything people are willing to pay for.

23 December 2008

i agree but disagree. Yes, you should sell them. but not sell them. just hand them out, give them to people as a gesture of good will. most people would be turned off the fact that you have to pay. most people will think you're scamming them

28 December 2008

The Church requires a small amount of money to function. It is not betraying the Jedi way to fulfill what is essential.

3 January 2009

I think it's fair to sell them, as long as the money is going to upkeep of the web site and not into the pockets of the's not like you are forcing people to buy them it's a personal choice.

9 January 2009

It helps fianance the church to help it grow.

10 January 2009

Actually, when one looks into the costs of operation, the certificates are CHEAP.

18 January 2009

The costs should come in at least, and when some money is in your possession at the end of a year you can make a donation.

20 March 2009

Well as long as the money is not used for personal gain and instead to improve the order then I don't see why not.

21 March 2009

How the Church conducts it's business is a matter for the duly elected council, who should decide such things based on the general consensus.

20 April 2009

'Sell' ? From what I read the cost is to cover production, mailing and support the costs in managing the site and the organisation.

2 May 2009

yes it has to pay for the sever and other things some how

22 May 2009

I plan to buy one some day.

25 May 2009

that is Diplomates of Ordainment. I am in favor of Chirches, i just don't like tooth fairy creeds and born-again morals, i can live with whoever i want to live with.

29 September 2009

Everything costs money - just like running a website.

8 October 2009

Every organization needs to make money to keep operating. If not, it would go under very quickly!

16 October 2009

why do we have to buy them? like buy buy

21 January 2010

yes, even in the martial arts there is a price for each belt level test.

25 January 2010

If you have enough disposable income to buy one then by all means.

28 January 2010

It would show a sense of identity.

5 February 2010

Provided the person in a somewhat active member and provided they be given some sort of alignment test. If you are truly Dark, Grey, or Light it should be properly recognized by your odaination. (i.e. Jedi Smith of the Light Alignment.)

9 March 2010

It's just another way to show off your faith, convert christian barbarians, and to have proof that you are worthy to download the iPhone lightsaber.

18 March 2010

In this society money is nessessary for programs like this site. There should be a free certification option for thos who so choose

22 March 2010

We should be allowed all things any other church is afforded.

5 April 2010

if the Jedi Church truly is a non-profit church then yes, but only charge for the amount of the marerials.

21 May 2010

So long as the cost of the certification covers the costs to make it, deliver it, and maintain certain aspects of the Order, then I am OK with that.

28 May 2010

as long as the fee is reflective of just cost of making, sending and admin cost of service the hell yeah, there is nothing for free in this universe...

1 June 2010

umm .. have you watched TV on a sunday morning, nuff said

3 July 2010

But for free im a bit skint at the mo

20 July 2010

I believe that based on the tenants of this church, the fact of the matter is that true faith lies in each one of us. Therefore, the ability to ordain lies in all of us. Therefore, by proxy this church should have the authority to ordain it's own clergy.

6 September 2010

The Ordaining of a Jedi, should have qualifications to meet. As for a fee; that would depend on what you obtain from being ordained. Is there a recognized church that will authorize said ordained Jedi to perform marriages? If so, these records must be maintained for legal purposes. Hence a fee would be appropriate. The issue may be that what are people looking to gain from instruction. And more so, is there instruction. And what support is there for students who pursue this path. This is what would warrant fees. Otherwise, a fee is not required to learn of self improvement. However, a donation is something that should always be welcomed.

14 September 2010

Yes I agree. This will make sure that all who are ordained are of the true nature that the Jedi Church stands for and will continue to follow that true nature.

7 January 2011

After,rigorus training and exams then yes. It should not be easy. If a Jedi chooses to buy one to boast then they are fool and corrupt and it is thier fault and the fault of the teacher.

28 February 2011

yes i want everything and every info there is to jedism

10 August 2011

In order to be ordained we should codify a set of trials or challenges to prove one worthy of ordainment. For instance one of the tasks could be 50 hours of volunteer work or achieving ranks in various martial arts. We also need a council system capable of overseeing the process.

11 February 2012

It's not important but it's cool.

2 April 2012

For now yes as long as its used for the purpose of good and keep the money inside the church to make it better

25 July 2012

Be ABLE to, yes. Require a certificate for members, absolutely not.

5 January 2013

what they entail should be discussed

22 August 2013

It's voluntary. Though perhaps the should be some 'trials' for different certificates.

4 May 2014

After testing and exams, yes. It should not be easy. otherwise everyone would get ordained and give the church a bad name

21 November 2014

Ordainment should be free to all who qualify; but Certificates could be sold to finance the church and cover the costs of running the organization, as well as printing out the certificates. There should be some kind of test or peer-review required to be ordained as a Jedi minister. After all, we wouldn’t want to ordain someone who is an agent of the Dark Side of the Force, now would we? (Though mistakes obviously can and do happen – look at Count Dooku). Also, other organizations not affiliated with (need I say, the original) Jedi Church already sell certificates, undermining the validity of the church and profiting from its actions. Put away your fears, for ordain we should do.

8 January 2015

Ordainment may not coat money but it is not free to print certificates of ordainment. So ling as the price was reasonable, I would be willing to pay it.

1 January 2016

it creates accountability on who is out theresaying they represent the faith

14 February 2016

However they should only cost as much as it takes to make them

8 May 2016

If a member of the Jedi church wishes to have tangible evidence of their membership, then they should have the certificate from the proper authority.

14 June 2019

We should be able to ordain people with the rights to marry others and for a reasonable fee based on the cost of materials involved could charge for such ordination. As long as the spirit of the Jedi cade and teachings were in play. Not in this to make a profit, but also not in this to go bankrupt either as they we could not help others who may need us.

15 December 2020

I think it should be earned but sell badges or something to display if you need to bring in money

21 February 2021

Full religious rights

25 May 2022

An official certificate is important

26 January 2024

Maybe give them for free to members? Like an image or something.

27 February 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

sell you money grabing basterds

5 November 2006

With the temptation to became much like other religions, which are nothing but business models, it's dangerous ground.

26 November 2006

To sell is to put monetary value on stuff. What is the value of your faith? But, administraitive fees should be covered.

14 December 2006

Yes but a donations section would be better.

16 February 2007

Individuals may do as they may, but I require no paper to prove my faith.

5 October 2007

i dunno

7 January 2008

i pay for broadband thats good enough

21 January 2008

Sell? what are you ULC?

29 January 2008

Why bother? Also if the Jedi chruch does then it needs to go to a worthy cause not their back pocket.

31 January 2008

You do no sell your religion. We should be earning our ordainments. However, it would still be useful to have an ordainment in what you believe.

31 January 2008

difficult one but church has to start someone donations box would be better

11 February 2008

It's kind of tacky, but I don't see any real reason to disallow it. I would suggest that profit should not be made from the venture. As long as the money is going towards maintenance of the site, the materials and the shipping of the item itself, then I have no objections.

12 February 2008

Cant sell an ordination - should be on merit - study etc., on the other hand donations should be OK and Tax Deductable

19 February 2008

One man alone cannot change the minds of many, I do not think we should have to pay to be recognised, but then again, nothing in this world is free.

22 February 2008

If it must it must.

26 February 2008

I think that such things should not be so easy to obtain. For those serious about their belief in the force a reasonable fee is understandable.

7 March 2008

On the one hand, many churches offer ordination for free; on the other hand, it costs a lot less than what Scientology charges, or the so-called "indulgences" that Catholicism used to sell...

9 March 2008

We should certainly be allowed to practice as we choose and rise in rank as we advance our knowledge and skill in the Force - however, bringing money into the case is a bad move. The Jedi seek no possessions, and money counts toward that thread. Donations, perhaps... patents on lightsaber technology, of course... books regarding how to focus and channel the Force, why not? But to pay to ascend to higher ranks treads a fine line with bribery.

22 March 2008

Ordainment into the church should be earned, not bartered.

5 April 2008

They should be free, or free with a donation.

26 April 2008

i dont think we should have to pay for a religion we chose to follow. yet making donations helps :)

31 August 2008

why sell ?

6 September 2008

The Jedi church should be able to do what its member decide they want it to do. Do we have a consensus on this issue?

9 September 2008

Allowed to, sure... why not? SHOULD they? No

22 September 2008

why not?

30 October 2008


21 November 2008

honor ordainment will be a realy big donation

10 December 2008

This is about ORDAINMENT not if your Jedi or not and should not be passed out like cookies. there should be some kind of qualifications to be such and yes sold

16 February 2009

this is a good thing but could be exellent if you address the ballance and include the night in your day

1 March 2009

if we see where every penny goes than yes

31 March 2009

I would prefer that the Jedi Church not "sell" certificates. It would certainly be reasonable to charge a processing fee to cover the cost of providing them. But it may be only a matter of semantics. Such business is dangerously close to selling "indulgences", which has not played well in the annals of history.

18 April 2009

they can help build, but the principle of selling verified membership also repels some people

21 April 2009

I have to go with that i shouldnt have to be bought but the price should be reasonable we wouldnt want it costing like 200000 dallors to buy one now would we? lol so i pick neutral in this question :D

30 May 2009

I imagine the Order should be flexible to what it will's.

4 August 2009

As long as nobody is profiting, yes. Otherwise, now.

15 December 2009

my own council i will keep as to who is prepared to train as a jedi

1 January 2010

eh idk we do need some funds 4 the church but not rlly becuz money leeds to greed n ect and that leads 2 the darkside

29 January 2010

nope. this should be an easy one.

20 March 2010

i think the ordainment should be given after some trials and when received maybe give a donation to help cover the costs of things as long as the church uses them in a non profit manner such as go towards websight or printing cost and such its a thin path between the light and dark when entering funding although once jediism is recognized by the government it means we can legitimately be eligible to receive funding as a non profit religious entity

23 March 2010


21 July 2010

i realize that ppl should b able to b part of a religion without any fees things like that but there should b some form of proof that it is your faith and there should b a certificate being in the army and sayin im a jedi will get some odd looks and though showing explaining the faith will do a certificate is a much better way of reasurring them

12 September 2010

If it's for ordainment, then there has to be more to it than an exchange of money. Ordainment for money -- that's simony. Which is bad. But the Jedi Church should be able to AWARD ordainment. If, being officially ordained already, one must pay the cost of printing a certificate, that's different. That's alright. So. Sell ordainment? No. Sell certificates? Sure.

4 November 2010

Greed is a trait of the darkside.

16 January 2011

I'm agree with the ordainment of jedis; I'm agree with emit certificates; but i'm absolutly not agree with selling anything!

27 February 2011

i have to stay in the middle on this one i would like to donat money when i can but i also have a wife and two kids that come befor for my faith

3 April 2011

One should be able to obtain an ordainment, not buy it! One must earn what one wants, and we need to not focus on monetary gain.

11 June 2011

I think ordainment should be awarded to those that have mastered the Jedi teachings

27 October 2011

They should be earned after proving ones self

4 July 2013

Not everyone can afford it but also, it does say that you are part of the religion

16 October 2013

If someone wants it let them pay

29 April 2015

You earn a certificate. Paying for one means little but if it helps then fine

19 April 2016

I will agree conditionally. All profits should go to the charity of the purchaser's choosing. A pool of a dozen organizations should be selected as the beneficiaries. I personally favor those of children and animals -- the two sections of our general society that cannot help what bad people do to them.

2 August 2016

But i'm poor.. T_T

9 September 2016

How much we talking?

29 August 2021

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