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It is ok for Jedis to be gay?

On average, everyone agrees with significant nonconsensus between 1250 voters.


Please read the comments from other voters below, then scroll down make your decision. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is ok for Jedis to be gay

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Reasons To Disagree

my bum is a one way shoot and staying that way

5 November 2006

Jedi are to love unconditionally, thus you should love both genders equally. Loving equally you could not be gay.

14 November 2006

A jedi should not be gay, nor should a jedi be straight. Attatchment is forbidden.

18 November 2006

Homosexualtiy is a sign of spiritual breakdown

20 January 2007

This is my personal perception, But...A jedi is not to be attached to a partner/s emotionally, this could blind a jedi's judgement and feeling and cause emotional turmoil as seen by nearly every relationship, both Gay and Hetro (Respectively)

21 January 2007

gay = enemy

7 February 2007

Jedi should not be gay or straight. No attachment.

2 March 2007

jedi are not aloud to have relationships so sexual orientation should be strait or atleast a-sexual

25 July 2007

It is not right for anyone to be gay

31 August 2007

There is no passion.Attachment leads to pain.

5 October 2007

Gays are sickos

28 October 2007

Jedi's should be celibate

19 November 2007

What they do with their lightsabers is not to be heard of

14 December 2007

I disagree as Attachment is a bad thing

30 December 2007

i dissagree cos 2 men cant procreate wen they can den an only den shud it be allowed

7 January 2008

this is not natural,how can bein gay carry bring new life , they cant its wrong

23 January 2008

No, its not OK, its no OK to have feelings for anyone!!!

24 January 2008

To each his own preference. Though Jedis should attempt to remain unattached

24 January 2008

Gay as in happy, yes. Gay as in homosexual, it's not just not ok, it's just wrong. Men are made for women; check the plumbing.

24 January 2008

I think gay jedi would horrifically misuse lightsabers.

25 January 2008

Jedi's are not suppossed to love in the first place

30 January 2008

Love of any kind is forbidden

5 February 2008

I believe it is essential for Jedi to continue to spread the Jedi teachings. This means there must be pupils to pass on that knowledge to. Homosexuals, as a matter of biological certainty, cannot produce offspring.

16 February 2008

Its not right for anyone to be gay

19 February 2008

jedi are chosen because the force lives within them, not just on a friday night after 10 pints of stella when a different kinda force 'lives' within them!!

20 February 2008

no its not natral

20 February 2008

Jedi are in Tune with nature. As for this forbidden to love nonsense... Study young Padawan!

21 February 2008

The Trial of the Flesh involved the Jedi overcoming great physical pain, hardship, or loss. It could also test the Jedi's mastery of detachment from physical pleasure and people

23 February 2008

Jedi arn't allowed to love.REMEMBER THAT RULE.

26 February 2008

a jedi has a duty to the people not to one person alone

5 March 2008

the jedi order does not believe in love.... only love for the force and a love for all things good in the universe.. may the force be with you

7 March 2008

Jedi's are supposed to set the example for others to follow in all things right and just

4 April 2008

fuck that, gays are sooo gay!

9 April 2008

Homosexuality is contrary to the Jedi doctrine of non-attachment.

18 April 2008

if your a gay jedi, use your light saber to cut of your c#$k

28 April 2008

As it says in 'Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones' physical attraction between a jedi and another person is forbidden, we allow compassion but we should not allow physical relationships between same sex couples

6 May 2008

yes the Jedi are forbidden to Love and have any atachements no mather if they are fisical or sipiritual so the jedi cannot be straight or "gay"

10 May 2008

Jedi do not marry (with some exceptions), in order to avoid attachment and?according to Vergere?so as not to create dynasties of those strong in the Force. However, in many periods of the Order's history, such as the era prior to Exar Kun and in Luke Skywalker's reformed Jedi Order, marriage was not forbidden. I guess it is ok to form an attachment but aslong as you marriage and in our current day gay marriage is not allowed so i do not think it is allowed and should never be.

14 May 2008

be natural

24 May 2008

Na cause gay guys are homo

26 June 2008

Attatchment isn't allowed in the Jedi Religion, so no.

19 July 2008

Either choice is a choice of passion. Passion leads to the dark side.

3 September 2008

no attachement gay or not

6 September 2008

that's gay, dude

17 September 2008

Attachment is wrong.

15 October 2008

Gay people deserve death

17 October 2008

Under no circumstances

6 December 2008

I dont think that we should have attachments to any sex

20 December 2008

When performind Jedi duties sexual orientation shouldnt be practised. As an everyday life question then it is irrelevant.

19 April 2009

LOL..... only if you find yourself looking at a young Skywalker just like Emperor Palpatene did!!! But NO... because that is what Sith Lords do. Jedi's are forbidden to engage in personal relationships..... Just like Roman Catholic Priest.. Making room for relationships will make the credibility of an authentic Jedi church appear to be a silly game instead of a reality.

13 May 2009

HELL NO GAYS CAN ROT IN THE FIRES OF THE SITH they are sith just in disguise. Sure we could "have gay jedi" but who wants a gay jedi in battle while u fight monsters other religions and many other issues. All u need now is a person imaging of u and wacking off behind u during this debate and discussion so i strongly dis agree with gay jedi there mind is weak and must be set straight! :D

30 May 2009

I did not have even read the entire agree/disagree. Jedi should not be gay, I agree it is a sign of spiritual breakdown. Emotion is a weakness, I am married and love my wife, none the less we must try to not let things cloud our judgement.

10 June 2009

I do not have anything against homosexuality, but any sort of attatchments should be disbanded.

27 August 2009

Jedi who are strong in the Force need to procreate in order to pass on their genetics and beliefs through their children. Gays can not do that. They are not strong in thr Force. Gays have already given in to the Dark Side and turned to a dark passion. Gays are not Jedi, they are Star Wars fans at best, otherwise they would not be gay. I don't "hate" gays, but I have no tolerence for Sith who want to justify their behavior, and infiltrate the Jedi Order.

21 September 2009

it is ok to be gay, & have civil unions, but not marriage.

29 September 2009

if it were natural for gay's..wouldnt they be able to reproduce? thats why my ass is exit ramp only

8 November 2009

Jedi's must not pack fudge

1 January 2010

Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.

14 January 2010

i have no placement over this but i dont like people who are gay because i might be fancied by a guy? so no gays

21 January 2010

I personally LOVE puntang, but if you're going to sit there and tell me you have never piched a tent while watching a Twilek dance then that's your problem. Not saying being gay is a problem but......yea I'll just leave it at that.

21 January 2010

No, i have a fealing they would baddly mis-use a lightsaber

13 March 2010

To be a homosexual is to be out of balance with the Force. The Force has elected to create a man, this man shall act accordingly. If he were to be a woman, he would have been born that way.

17 March 2010

Gay is only accepted on Pandora. For fear of falling in love with a Sith Lord and falling to the darkside, i have to disagree. All Sith Lords are gay, fabulous, and are hard to resist.

18 March 2010

the force contradict this in the world is a men and a woman for a couple

20 March 2010

It is against the natural way of life!

27 March 2010

No it is not ok. Regardless of freedom of choice,the Force tells me in my heart that it is very much on the dark side to be gay. It has no future and is against nature. Man and woman just like Yin and Yang depend on each other and produce energy,life,Chi or as we know it the FORCE, but there is no product from Homosexuality and it has no place in any religion.

16 April 2010

you fuking homo shit faces im going to rape your mum you turd burger

16 April 2010

Thats not what you mean by the force is it or im off !!!

20 July 2010

the gays will darken the minds of others

23 September 2010

what sorte of qestion is that , come on realy

13 October 2010

A Jedi is not permitted to love in either a hetero- or homosexual capacity. Devotion to The Force and the Jedi code is all that matters.

1 December 2010

NO. No Jedi should be gay. Really is as simple as that.

8 December 2010

I knew this would come up. I don't agree. Why? Because the force calls for everything to mover forward and not stagnate itself. Procreation is moving forward while being gay is being stagnated. But then the wisdom of the movies shows that sex isn't supposed to be a part of the lifestyles of a Jedi. hence what happened to Anakin Skywalker. Luke was still young yet in his teachings when his Master passed and he strugglesd alone. Should something like Luke Skywalker ever happen then how can more Jedis be born?

5 March 2011

No its not natural and is a complete mith within the jedi code.

2 March 2012

No. Jedi shouldn't be gay. In order for the force's drive to continue we most procreate. If noone procreats then the force would be weakened.

9 April 2012

Jedi cannot love, therefore homosexuality is not a problem. Look what happened last time. Darth Vader, anyone?

17 April 2012

No, no, no and once more no! Gay can't be jedi or sith. They don't deserve to live - that's my opinion

26 November 2013

A jedi shall not know anger, nor hatred, nor love

6 February 2014

Jedi are forbidden from love and as such I would disagree.

8 October 2016

Yuck no Gays are fags and should burn in Jedi hell. They turned our lord and saviour darth vader gay.

25 August 2017

Hitler wouldn't approve.

2 May 2018


Reasons To Agree

A Jedi is not allowed to love. Attachment is forbidden but the sexual actions of a Jedi is NOT the bussiness of The Jedi Order.

2 November 2006

jedi are the ultamate power in the universe we should do what we want including use the darkside for our own gain

25 November 2006

A Jedi is not allowed to love. Attachment is forbidden but the sexual actions of a Jedi is NOT the bussiness of The Jedi Order.

26 November 2006

Sexual preference is not a problem. A Jedi should, of course, not show unconditional love torwards someone, but instead show it for everyone. Of course though, to be gay is your own choice. You can't change who you are, or hide who you are, and the ones around you shouldn't try and make you change.

16 December 2006

I love little boys

19 December 2006

we as jedis should b gay if we want just no emotional attachment

17 January 2007

A jedi needs to remain attached to the plight of the people, forbiding relationships of any kind removes that attachment and will lead to trouble.

16 February 2007

So long as no attachments to anyone build up, there is no reason against this.

24 February 2007

Jedis are supposed to avoid passion but there cant be love without passion

28 February 2007

surely jedi can be drawn from any species, which may have diferent anatomies, customs and biologies so this question is irrelevent

4 March 2007

People do not choose this lifestyle other than they have no choice, that's who they are. I commend them for being strong enough to revolt against the conformity of the Empire.

16 April 2007

only if it doesnt compromise their strength

17 April 2007

The Jedi religion embraces all, even those that defy nature by having homosexual relations

19 May 2007

u its the Force

9 July 2007

Sexual orintation matters not as attachment is forbidden.

28 July 2007

Jedi can love whoever they wish.

3 August 2007

A practitioner of the Jedi Religion comes to reality as The Force made him or her. It is immaterial what his or her sexual preference is, so long as he or she identifies with the Great Force Which has opposed Entropy since the earliest point of time in the universe, and Which has consistently led to higher forms of order and beauty.

17 August 2007

attachment is forbidden yes, but screwing and leaving at dawn is very much the way of the jedi. There for it is ok for a jedi-man to screw another man if he leaves at dawn.

21 August 2007

It's irrelevant, really

23 August 2007

im not gay but, i think a jedi could be gay if he/she wants to gay. why should they be discriminated against? jedi do not discriminate.

3 September 2007

Jedi do not discriminate. Attachment can strengthen a Jedi but do not let it cloud your judgement.

16 September 2007

To love is an good action no mettaers who loves who. to forviden love is an evyl action

10 October 2007

Sexual likes and dislikes should have nothing to do with what is right and worng.

13 November 2007

Sexual relations have nothing to do with love. Jedi's can be gay if they want. I personally don't care. Just remain unattached.

20 November 2007

Jedi should not be attached by love. But interest in a certain gender is tolerable if it does not affect their tendancies to the Jedi.

24 November 2007

Freedom for all, controlling what people think is of the dark side

26 December 2007

to each his own. The force guides everything in this universe. Therefore, the force is also a driving force behind homosexuality. Who are we to question the ways of the force?

7 January 2008

personal choice

10 January 2008

freedom and equality is the way of all jedi and is the only way to make this universe/world a better place for all

13 January 2008

It is OK for anyone to be gay. In my country you'd get in Jail for implying that gay is not "ok"

14 January 2008

Well i have been a jedi for several years and from my experiance most of you are gay so i guess it is ok, who comes up with these lame questions?

19 January 2008

Any form of hate is forbidden by true jedis. A true jedi excepts all life in all its wounderous guises. Without exception!!

22 January 2008

I think so. Although I do not know many homosexual people I would not stop them from doing something they enjoy due to their own personal choice.

22 January 2008

The jedi is required to love all both male and female the same. What happens in the bedroom is only between the individual and themselves.

22 January 2008

Why should sexual orientation be an issue? Are we Catholics?

23 January 2008

is it ok for anyone else?

23 January 2008

why not? if the world needs anything its more love.

24 January 2008

Just because you are attracted to men dont mean u love them!!!

27 January 2008

All life is to be respected. Jedi are here to help people. They are not here to make decisions for others regarding sexuality.

27 January 2008

Life was not ment to exist without love, and sexual preference is not something that can be chosen.

27 January 2008

If you do not tolerate all kinds of love then you are no better than the religion you are running away from.

29 January 2008

I think Obi wan was gay so....

30 January 2008

It is so long as they do not have sexual intercourse when they are in Jedi status.

31 January 2008

It is ok. But Jedi for the most are forbidden to fall in love. This should be looked into more by us Jedi. Do we deal with this like Taoists who practice sexual alchemy or do we deal with this like Catholic priests who shun sex all together and get testicular cancer and who many have resorted to abnormal sexual behavior like touching the quire boy?

1 February 2008

Judge not but help

4 February 2008

I always thought dat luke skywalker was bi, bet hes cornish nd slept with his sister leia aswell.

5 February 2008

Sexual orientation should have absolutely no bearing on whether someone can be a Jedi. Our belief structure is such that sexual preference is not mandated by the force. People are what they are. To put it simply, if the Force allows for people to be gay, then we have no right to question it.

11 February 2008

Jedi Religion is one of Compassion

12 February 2008

why not?

12 February 2008

why not? jedi's can do as they please as long as they do not become attached

15 February 2008

A jedi would not flaunt his or her sexuality, regardless. If the flow of the force takes a person that way, it is not for us as individuals to say if it is a good or a bad thing.

19 February 2008

Jedis should love no matter who it is.

22 February 2008

This would be like not allowing a certain race or species to be Jedi. People are born gay.

27 February 2008


2 March 2008

A jedi knight cannot be attached. A jedi follower can be attached and needs to be in order to be balanced. We love who we are lucky enough to love.

4 March 2008

Jedi's shouldnt be attached, but i see no harm in anyone being homosexual, personaly im not gay, but they're doing no harm to me.

21 March 2008

Jedi should try to abstain from attachment, as it can cloud their minds - however, if they so wish to seek a bond with another individual, it should not matter what gender they are.

22 March 2008

If you start discriminating ppl for their way of life toy cease to be a Jedi.

26 March 2008

jedis can do what they wish =]

1 April 2008

i could care less, as long as they harm no one else.

5 April 2008

We are who we are, does the code not say, "ALL living things are bound by the force."? Therefore the way we chose to live is only part of us and the force.

6 April 2008

If a Jedi can be black then they should also be able to show themselfs as being Gay, being a Jedi is about helping ALL kinds of people and anyways why would it matter, if the Jedi Chruch bands gays then arnt they the same as any other Religion that has been.

15 April 2008

Yes everyone gar a choose, so be gay if you wont to. I have a female partner and i am male but girl to girl and male to male relationships are fine. Yes we should not show emotion, however we protect everyone. And i am protecting her as she protects me as a fellow jedi and fellow human

17 April 2008

True love see no difference on sex, age, skin colour or beliefs. Force is like love, real love, and that's the energy that moves the Verse

19 April 2008

Tolerance is one of Jedi's caracteristics

21 April 2008

I can say that if you feel gay, then cool, if you're not also. it's a "whatever floats your barge" thing really.

24 April 2008

A jedi dont have time to love

25 April 2008

Sexual orientation should have absolutely no bearing on whether someone can be a Jedi. Our belief structure is such that sexual preference is not mandated by the force.

29 April 2008

i strongly agree becuase my self am gay and often engage in gay sexual relations for pleasure

9 May 2008

Love and accept everyone. Just because some Jedi like to use other Jedi's lightsaber isn't a reason for them not to be a Jedi.

15 May 2008

My fellow Jedi, I am very new to the order. But what we have here is an opportunity to turn a new leaf in civilization. We can create an orginization that does away with stereotypes and predisposed religous beliefs, and start focusing on positive issues. This issue can not be resolved. It effects not me or the universe if two guys get it on. What does effect me is the hatred that is contagious when people have an agenda. It is not for a Jedi to judge, but to focus on the positives of life.

15 May 2008

we are what the force made us.

15 May 2008

the force makes ppl gay

16 May 2008

Unlike other bigger religions jedi does not specifiy what sexualty one must be

16 May 2008

Personal choice for an individual to answer. One can be gay and still be unattached to things. Attached unattached sounds like the awakened one. No one can tell another if it is ok to be or not to be anything.

18 May 2008

its not a problem i mean some of the most succesful people are gay so it could reflect on this religon

26 May 2008

i am a lesbian jedi so there,.

26 May 2008

Of course it is. There is nothing immoral about homosexuality. There is nothing immoral about love. There is nothing immoral about sex.

26 May 2008

No discrimination at all. All Jedi in the movies were different species with different sexual functions. We MUST NOT discriminate.

27 May 2008

the force is with us all.

29 May 2008

Jedi's sexuality has nothing to do with how good they are as jedi, so it really doesn't matter.

3 June 2008

this is a free religion. to me it is wrong but to the idea of Jedi it is legal.

5 June 2008

If a Jedi is gay, let them be gay. Jedi are meant to be keepers of peace, but if your are saying being gay is wrong, then there wont be much peace.

11 June 2008

Gay means happy, so yes, we should be happy.

4 July 2008

why is this even a question?

20 July 2008

If the gay Jedi doesn't effect you, it souldn't matter. It's there life, there choice and we as Jedi should respect that, and them

2 August 2008

A jedi is open minded and not judege each other.

5 August 2008

i myself am gay. but i still follow the jedi order and that is to not have love.

31 August 2008

Jedi rules should not enter realms that are irrelevant to the force, nor prohibit anything that contains the force. The force is in all genders, so the gender a Jedi choses for sex is the business only of that Jedi and his/her chosen partner. However, beware the dark side that arises from passion, regardless of gender.

9 September 2008

but sex and attachment can lead to the darkside

10 September 2008

I am not gay, but weather any other jedi is or not is none of my buissness

18 September 2008

No reason why it should be anything otherwise.

20 September 2008

I like sperm in my arse

26 September 2008

To each his own, but why not?

14 October 2008

No religion should dictate to the point where it takes away someone's happiness, if the Jedi religion does not have specific reasons for disallowing then it should never create them

30 October 2008

Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.

30 October 2008

well even if a jedi was to have a relationship it is to be discreet. I dont mind as long its betweenthe 2 in therelationship.

30 October 2008

A personal matter, which should not be put in the hands of any religion.

31 October 2008

Fine, but stay the fux away from me and keep that lightsaber where it belongs

7 November 2008

Jedi's are meant to be open minded

24 November 2008

One's sexual preference is NO ONES business. Even the councils.

5 December 2008

If one is with the Force But beware of the dark side

9 December 2008

having an attachment may not be allowed if you are a Jedi. Buts lets all remember. There are Sith.

28 December 2008

They are not gonna hurt you. They are people too. And to the people who say that they should be killed because they are gay.... are you sure you are a jedi or are you just trying to play a mind trick on yourself. Have an open mind. You don't have to be gay but one has no right to choose for another

10 January 2009

just because u are gay does not meen u are not strong

27 January 2009

more silly questions...swing your saber as u like - just not in my direction.

16 February 2009

Who are we to judge???? Get with the times. Hello 2009!!!!!

28 February 2009

to denie ourselves freedom is to imprisson the soul,the force lays the path for you to true to yourself first and let tour passion fuel your way

1 March 2009

personal preference, it should be a moot point as attaining oneness with the Force doesnt involve sexual preference.

7 March 2009

The Basis of Jediism is that we respect other Humans simply because they are human. Therefore Homosexuality is simply and completly fine. The ausumption that Jedi are not supposed to love is something I disagree with, we are simple followers not Jedi Knights.

11 March 2009

Sexuality is meaningless, it does not change which side of the force you choose. Anti-homosexuality is a Christian belief, not a Jedi belief.

13 March 2009

The jedi-religion is a religion of tolerance, as god (the force) is tolerant also. Intolerant are only other (week) human beeings.

20 March 2009

Well, it's not like they have a choice. If it doesn't influence their decisions then I don't see a problem-they are as much in tune with the force than anyone else.(This is just like the woman getting to the highest rank question).

21 March 2009

I wish they hadn't close that pink lightsabers factory last month... ^^ too bad for them!

24 March 2009

One powerful force binds us all together. Gay or straight, male or female, black or white...these are all just irrelevant words. Discrimination stems from the fear of things we don't understand. "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.? Remember this, and fear not those who are different from yourself.

25 March 2009

I was called by the force before I even knew what it was, and I so happen to be Gay. Out only allegience is to the force en totale, albeit, I believe people are stronger with links to others than they are without. Our balance is based on how we were designed.

2 April 2009

The Force welcomes all men, no matter their sexual orientation. Any person can become a Jedi, and a Jedi can be any type of person.

17 April 2009

Sexual orientation is a personal characteristic like height, weight, color, race, species, etc. It has no bearing on Jedi qualifications. It would be as illogical to deny Jedi membership to left-handed individuals.

18 April 2009

Every one should be free to explore the living force and life as they choose. It is not the place of the Jedi to criticise.

20 April 2009

why should we alienate against those who chose to be homosexual or bisexual, we aren't one of those religions like Catholicism.

21 April 2009

An interesting question. It does not really matter if a Jedi is gay or the president is gay or anyone is gay. As a Jedi you respect everyone not for what they do or say. It is no one's buisness anyway.

16 May 2009

Its a little hard to Imagine a gay Jedi with a robe that looks like joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat, but hey! Why should we care if they want to be a Jedi just like us.

25 May 2009

It should be also okay for gay marrage, even though i am not gay.

31 May 2009

It matters not what you do as long have faith and live by the force

11 June 2009

I do not understand the prejudice in this regard. Remember, prejudice leads to hate, and hate leads to the dark side. There is more than enough hate in the world, and I do not think hate and prejudice belong with the Jedi.

9 July 2009

Earthlings find slight differences in other people, color, religion, sexual preference, and discriminate. How can people get on with 'people' from other civilizations with major differences if we cant even get on with our own earth-bound siblings? I believe this question is relevant to a lot of issues besides sex preference, which is really nobody's business outside of a private relationship.

22 July 2009

The force is beyond our control, therefore, it is uncontrollable to choose between being gay/straight/asexual/beastial/lesbian/necrophiliac/alienophiliac/zoophiliac, but its bad to be a molester.... LIVE LONG AND PROSPER :D

23 July 2009

The Force works in mysterious ways. Add to the fact that love is a precious blessing and can help us greatly.

23 August 2009

Who are we to delve into someones personal life. I don't flaunt the fact I am married to a women or what we do in privacy of our bedroom. If they keep their private live quiet we should not be asking.

24 August 2009

There is nothing that would discriminate against a homosexualt oreineted Jedi from the perspective of the Force. From the perception of the human being it is an aberant being, be it either choice or creation. This is not a question of religous acceptance of the force but one of cultural acceptance. A Jedi respects each culture from a neutral position and accepts all that seek understanding of the Force.

19 September 2009

Love is no longer frowned upon by the Jedi,remember that Luke Skywalker got married, also it is not write for Jedi to discriminate if you whant to be prejudice by a sith or a christian.

26 September 2009

The force does not discriminate so neither should we on race,sexuality,sex etc

27 September 2009

While i believe succumbing to emotion a marker of the 'Dark Side' there is a difference between experiencing emotion, and emersing your self in emotion. If you love who does it matter? To quote the Jedi Exile "I believe its called pulling a Bindo"

28 September 2009

The question is again one of good intent (light) or bad intent (darkness) is sexually a question of intent? I think not.

7 October 2009

What's sexually attracting to you - hardly seems to have anything to do with your mind.

8 October 2009

Discrimination is pure fear, fear leads to hate, hate leads to suffering

13 October 2009

Of course it's ok for them. It does not pick my pocket nor break my leg that a fellow jedi is gay. Leave 'em be...

16 October 2009

Jedi attachment is forbidden to any one person. A jedi should love ALL unconditionally. However, it is not the place of the order to meddle in peoples personal lives.

23 October 2009

To each their own in my books. I have several gay friends and they are the smartest people i know. Sexual preferance should not be used as a factor for joining the order.

25 October 2009

All things and ways are a manifestation of the Force. Fear is the only reason that earlier religions have shunned homosexuals, and sexuality in general. Even earlier religions used sexuality as a way to worship the Divine Couple, or the Great Mother, as the source of all life. As Jedi, we believe that it is not man and woman, nor woman alone, that creates all life, but the Force. If the Force chooses to manifest itself as a gay person, or any other type, kind, style, or category of person, being, isness, or whatever, it is not our place as Jedi to judge. We must only love and never fear.

13 November 2009

sexual attraction is inherant within all of us. the direction that the Force steers us in is irrelevant, because everyone is equal.

27 November 2009

It is not the place of anyone to say who we can and cannot love. To me, the right thing is to love everyone, man and woman, equally. Not to judge people if they choose to enter a same-sex relationship.

28 November 2009

Only if informed to the order first

8 December 2009

Love is a great part of the force, no matter what sexual preferences

15 December 2009

Sexual preference is irrelevant, and discrimination in general is undesirable. Either sexuality is acceptable in the Jedi releigion or not. The same goes for potiential sentient interspecies sex aswell.

16 December 2009

I think it's ok for a jedi to be gay. Cause a jedi has to help eveybody out there. So how is a jedi going to help a gay person if they don't know what theygo though in the first place.

28 December 2009

Ignorance is a larger enemy ofJedi than attachment to emotion or sense-desire. The ignorance displayed by many of the negative voters almost made me retract my membership. Why should we concern ourselves with the object of desire, rather than the refinement and appropriate negation of the desire itself? Sexual/posessive desire can be a destructive addictive hindrance no matter the object of attraction.

2 January 2010

We Jedi's need each other, we cannot banish somebody because of their sexual preferance. We are all equal and have feelings, and for the Jedi Church to rule supreme over all other religions, we need more people. Everybody should be welcome.

5 January 2010

The only reason people are saying that a Jedi is forbidden to be attached to things is because of the Star Wars movies. I believe that, while attachment to material things should be forbidden, there can be no harm in unconditional love of a living being. And since all are equal, it doesn't matter who you love.

11 January 2010

I think that being gay is awsome

12 January 2010

We are all one and excepted in the Force

27 January 2010

Homosexual people are no different from you and I, and many walk among you every day as they would like any other normal human being, and you are oblivious of it. To disagree with this statement is to know Fear, and Fear is a path that leads down the Dark side of the Force. Homosexuals are no different from you and I.

27 January 2010

Why do you pluralize Jedi? What kind of whacked out Jedi church is this?

28 January 2010

yes! there is noithing wrong with gays! if a jedi wants to be gay then let them

29 January 2010

Someone who is homsexual is not the business of anyone but the individual and the one they are involved with.

19 February 2010

Why does that affect your spirituality or ability to vote, or religion? what does that actually have ANYTHING to do with this discussion? its completly and entirly sexist to even pose that as a question. ridiculous.

22 February 2010

Gay or straight there is only the force.

9 March 2010

That which is immoral causes harm to a second partyand as such homosexuality is not immoral. Omece more the force has no gender

22 March 2010

I am an Army Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I'm also a gay man. I believe a gay man can be a Jedi Warrior.

23 March 2010

Sexual preference shouldn't ever be a problem. Jedi are to love all equally, but not one in particular. To love is against the way of the Jedi. Gay or not.

25 March 2010

the force is behind you.

30 March 2010

sexual prefrence does not determine the soul of a man or women.

5 April 2010

Of course.

8 April 2010

The Force does not discriminate, nor should we as jedis

16 April 2010

If everyone has the force and an inbuilt moral sense then its completly right to follow your inner sense ,to go against you through being or dein others theirs is to betray your innerself or the force.

5 May 2010

Though love and strong emotion are the path to the dark side, sexuality is a natural urge to the human body that must be met in order to function normally. However this is met is welcome - so long as the sexuality of a Jedi does not cloud his or her mind from wisdom.

5 May 2010

love is central to a Jedi's life. So you might say that we are encouraged to love.

10 May 2010

the force has given us a the right of choice so if they choose to be gay then they can be

10 June 2010

It isn't for us to decide what is wrong or right, we can blame hundreds of years of pre-evolution by the outside world trying to tell us what is wrong or right. So for myself it doesn't matter as long as we all see the truth, and understanding of each other will we learn.

21 June 2010

People are who they are you can't change that, I think you can be gay or Heterosexual but love is against the rules, finding someone attractive doesn't mean you can't be a Jedi.

4 July 2010

the same way the force does not know gender its not limited by your choice in partner!

8 July 2010

Absolutely! I'm glad to be Gay! That is how I was created in this incarnation. It was my choice. My love is unconditional

15 July 2010

The sexual orientation of a jedi is of no concern since love itself can be pure but if problem arises can easily lead to the darkside

20 August 2010

Whatever rocks their boat. If they are into it they should not be deprived of their interests. Steal a child's candy and observe. I use this example because of first-hand experience.

7 September 2010

anyone can be a jedi!

3 October 2010

yes!!! since i was a little boy ive always wanted a lightsaber up my bum!!!

18 October 2010

Uh, yeah.

4 November 2010

yes it is the jedi a for the at risk

14 November 2010

The force is absent of gender, all posses the great feminine and masculine qualities. It is of a human social construction to view gender as spirit.

29 November 2010

Every gender needs balance, external and internal

1 December 2010

Acceptance of all different lifestyles is the way of the Jedi.

7 January 2011

On a personal level I don't believe that homosexuality is right. However, The Force is universal and does not judge an individual on their sexuality.

9 January 2011

Jedi should be allow to connect with any other force beings.

13 January 2011

Attachment is forbidden in the most literal sense. But I think Jedi should be allowed to practice whatever they so choose when it comes to sexuality.

22 January 2011

Jedi are all equal, all life is driven by the force, if you are gay it is who you are.

17 February 2011

no matter what we are all one in the foce and there for we should do what helps us stay happy in life and keeps on the right path and some say that we cant have any emotions well way do we take care of other be for our self. It's because we care about other so much we have to help the that would be a emotion.

3 April 2011

One should be allowed to make their own decisions with the help of the force. Attachment is a tricky business, however. I think it would be okay as long as it does not cloud one's judgment and stops one from listening to the force. I know that jealousy is a type of fear and fear is a path to the dark side, but I feel that if a jedi is careful and does not get too attached, it does not matter who a jedi cares for, so long as they are able to listen to the force and be one with it.

23 April 2011

I sure hope so! I'd hate to be kicked out!

25 April 2011

i agree.We are suppose to respect all forms of life. And if a jedi is Gay, who are we to judge. There are far worst things out there than being Gay. We should be focusing on the those things instead of worrying about if a Jedi is gay or not.

26 April 2011

in my view everyone has a right to be with someone they love and that person with they might and rightness so everyone can love that is there own heart and we cannot control are emotions we are all human and we cannot stop for what we have feelings for i support the gays in every way may the focre be with them

11 June 2011

Love is the light side of the force. We should love and keep relationships with whomever we desire. Love is not harmful to a jedi, fear is.

11 February 2012

In today's world, this question should not be asked. I thought the world was mostly past gay-fearing and prosecution, but I suppose I'm wrong. There is nothing wrong with loving the same gender as you, as you cannot control who you are attracted to. Any sexual preference is accepted, as we are taught to respect and love all other beings. The Force is in a homosexual person just as much as in you or me.

21 February 2012

You can be gay but you cant love.

2 April 2012

Sexual orientation means nothing. It shouldn't matter.

26 April 2012

the force doesn't make mistakes. If someone is attracted to their own sex, than it must be okay. Forbidding love leads to the dark side.

24 October 2012

The old Jedi order were not aloud to love or to show any attachment to a single person. However there are many references to Jedi of the new order (post Return of the Jedi) to Jedi knights being married. I don't think a organisation such as the Jedi would alow it's self to get bogged down with such trivial things as the sexual orientation of a member and would instead concern it's self with more pressing matters like helping those who need it. Oh and yes I am gay myself...

5 November 2012

The Force is not a gender or affected by gender, sexuality is not an issue.

8 November 2012

Even though Jedis are not aloud to love they should be still free to have any sexual orientation without judgement or exile

28 November 2012

a jedi can be zabrak, ithorian, human, or rodian. i see no reason a jedi could not be gay. one must also keep in mind what the old order said about attachments, and also what the new says. in the old republic jedi were forbidden to become attached, or married, but we can all see what happens when a jedi falls anyways but keeps it hidden... in the new order Luke Skywalker not only falls in love, but also marries. the primary difference between lukes love and anakins is this; because anakins love was forbidden, andtherefore he could not go to the jedi for council when faced with premonitions of padme's death. this sowed fear. his fear lead him to the darkside and ruin. now observe lukes marriage, unlike anakin's it was no secret. Even after her death, which nearly caused his fall, luke was able to turn to his fellow jedi and family for support and love. the truth of the matter is this: if a homosexual so wishes to become a jedi, nobody can stop them. so therefore we should step away from the fearful,hateful, and dark path that many other religions follow and be accepting of those in our galaxie who choose a same-sex-lifestyle

22 December 2012

It doesn't matter what you are

11 January 2013

if they want to

28 January 2013

I will always fight for people to love who they want to. Jedi or not.

4 July 2013

A faith that hampers a person is not a real faith

22 August 2013

There is nothing wrong with being homosexual.

15 October 2013

There is no reason to persecute a practising Jedi, and in my opinion there should be no exception. The Jedi faith is persecuted enough by outsiders as it is as are homosexual individuals. If we are the Jedi we claim to be, there should be no debate.

2 December 2013

A Jedi shouldn't be discriminated against. Loveing another is fine as well, how would our race continue on?

27 January 2014

Just be a bad ass like obi wan at least and cover my back and you got my vote

9 March 2014

the force don't care if you are gay, just keep it to your selfs

5 May 2014

This should be a non-issue. Why do we even need to *think* about discussing something that is so personal??? Why is it anyone else's business who you love?

3 September 2014

seems fair to me. i don't think that Jedi should care one way or the other

21 November 2014

A Jedi must not have any possessive romantic attachments, homosexual or otherwise. A Jedi does, however, love. And Love is not to be judged by dogmatism.

6 December 2014

We will not make the same mistake that other religions make. Intolerance and exclusion are not the way of the Jedi. We shall not be bigots.

23 February 2015

All humans should have the right to choose their own path. Whether I agree with it or not it is not my decision to make.

24 February 2015

This question is irrelevant, but no one should discriminate against people who are attracted to the opposite sex.

19 April 2015

But no attachment

29 April 2015

Love means loss but it matters not who they are but what they believe

27 June 2015

Because Jedis can do anything

20 October 2015

It os not the place pf a Jedi to make judgements regarding love and sexuality. Therefore, the love life a Jedi condicts is part of their mortal path and not to be governed by their decision to study the Force. This being said, a marriage withon the Jedi religion should be allowed between any consenting adults. To deny another being the right to happiness is the path of cruelty.

1 January 2016

People's sexualities are not the business of the Jedi order. We are all one and the same.

25 January 2016

the force dose not discriminates

14 February 2016

Not the higher up's though!

18 April 2016

yes i am gay my self and the force flows thru me so why not let us be Jedi

24 April 2016

Bianca Deo Rio, William Belli, Alaska Thunderfuck 500, Courtney Act, and Adore Delono are gay and I live for them #dragqueens #nottodaysatan

27 April 2016


15 July 2016

It is stated that Jedi are not encouraged to have any relationships. Personally, I think the gender of the person one enjoys being intimate with is no one's business but their own.

2 August 2016

Androgynous. We all are. Heiros Gamos. And yes it's ok to be Happy. Lol.

18 September 2016

Difference and diversity is what makes the force strong among us

3 January 2018

Should Jedi's be Gay? Why is that even a question. Why wouldn't it be. That's like asking oh should straight people be allowed to become Jedi we're all human, no matter who we love, I want to be a Jedi, and I'm Pan, did I choose to be pan, no, did you choose to be straight, no, your ability to be a jedi has nothing do do with your sexuality, so to sum it all up yes I do think it is ok because you can't call yourself jedi if you don't have compassion for everyone and that includes LGBTQIA+ people

13 July 2018

The common day Jedi has learned accept certain emotions such as love. To expect someone to live without certain emotions is unrealistic at best. A Jedi should also be open minded enough to not judge anyone for loving someone of the same sex.

3 September 2018

we may not be allowed to form attachments this is true however we are all still humans its our nature we can not help it its who we are the will of the force gave us the ability to feel love it is our job as jedi to make sure we are not consumed by the darkside while loving our significant other be it male or female using people for sex is an act of greed which is a path to the darkside but to be gay is ok

30 October 2018

I never judge anyone who they want to be

26 December 2019

Reasons for Remain Neutral

a jedi can be homosexua if he wants to be but not ment to become attach to people

30 October 2006

we should not be attatched, but not even the force can control the human flaw to love.

18 February 2007

This isn't a jedi question. More of a question for outsiders.

28 March 2007

Who asked this? Some trekkie??

31 August 2007

become attached It is a test(proof), not a rule i'm feel atached to ligh side of the force, and the force is atached to all the univese

6 December 2007

homosexuals cannot co create there fore cannot carry on the jedi ways, we must co create to produce more jedi so our beliefs are past on and thought to our children

9 December 2007

This is a question all religions go through. One must look into themselves, if it is wrong or not should not be for the Jedi to decide but the person asking it of themselves.

16 December 2007

Jedi's are not allowed to love, so while I do not frown upon homosexuality we must remain steadfast in our devotion to the faith.

23 January 2008

really i don't care to each is own right?

24 January 2008

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

27 January 2008

Jedi can have any sexuality, however a DEVOUT Jedi would not practice any sexual activity whatever his/her preferences may be.

9 February 2008

jedis should treat everyone equally if u hate gays then ur following the darkside

11 February 2008

Las tendencias sexuales de cada uno son independientes de su religion o modo de vida.

18 February 2008

equilibrium !! in the movies it was said that jedi must love but can not be in love! free your mind from desire and you will be one with the force!

20 February 2008

I choose not to answer

7 March 2008

Jedi do not bother themselves with such emotions and questions! Look what happened to Anakin Skywalker!

12 March 2008

the human body is just the cover. we are all the same energy. It is very limited vision to percieve someone through it's body. Jedy on higher position should feel the energy from the individual. Everyone needs different energy to balance it's own. Sex and love can be separated. Sometimes you need the dominant, masculine energy to balance your submisive one and vice versa. There is no such thing as gay or straight. We have both energies in us and how we balance it and on what level (sex or love - physical or mental) it is down to individual Jedi to properly recognize its powers.

29 March 2008

To each Jedi his or her own, there should not be a problem with what your preferance is, but then again, this is not the best question in the world to be asking Jedi, i mean, what does it have to do with being Jedi?

19 April 2008

Well, it is up to every jedi if they are straight or gay, but still...not be controlled by those feelings. A jedis mind shall only be true to the force, not to there personal love.

24 April 2008

sexual attraction is a weakness what ever preference a Jedi may have All are weakness Do not allow your self to be exploited What ever your preference you have Have self control and only become one with a partner worthy of your partnership beware all is weakness

29 April 2008

Sex has no hold upon Jedi so it matters not, infact the best Jedi are asexual in nature. Yoda for example

9 May 2008

i dont care what you do in the privacy of your home

14 May 2008

this seems kinda strange to me to hear you all saying no attachment, then seeing a page for Jedi Marriages. i would like to know if you all who are against attachment condon unwed pregnancy, and if you do not condon unwed pregnancy how do you expect to populate the Jedi communities.

15 May 2008

No Attachment Actions Gay/Straight Should be alould

17 May 2008

Attachment leads to pain

25 May 2008


18 June 2008

sexual orientation has little to to with anything. especially when attachment is forbidden.

22 June 2008

Love and attachment no matter what your preference is will lead to pain, Jealousy, Murder, anger and so much negative human emotions. I do believe that people who are not Jedi or not know the Jedi way will lead a life with someone they love. Have children who may one day grow up knowing the Force and become Jedi's themselves. I believe to become a Jedi, you just need to recognize the presence of the true Force. You are not born into it.

22 June 2008

A Jedi is not meant to love at all, but if one chooses to be homosexual it is not going against the force.

25 June 2008

Based on the Buddhist and middle eastern tenents of the jedi religion relationships are discouraged and thats either heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual, that said, full concentration and pure calculated decision making is impossible with any sort of sexual desire/distraction.

2 July 2008

Love leads to the darkside,on all aspects of it.

4 July 2008

I think it is up to the person to have his orientation, although love can lead to the dark side.

9 July 2008

There is nothing but pain in attachments.

11 July 2008

To each his own.

11 July 2008

We should not love anything but the force and that is that

8 November 2008

There is a great difference between love and sex. Where you stick your dick is between you and the recipricant. Not my cup of Corellian Ale but and let live

2 December 2008

Don't care

31 March 2009

Sexual orientation has nothing to do with JEDI until duty is performed.

18 April 2009

A jedi`s love should be unconditional. Love all not one.

25 April 2009

Does it really matter what someone's sexual preference is?

11 June 2009

Our fate is our own.

4 August 2009

dont have an answer for this one

1 October 2009

what you do with your life is not any ones concern but your own.

20 October 2009

Sure, a real life Jedi has to stick his lightsaber somewhere, right? Or. This is a rather silly question. these types of personal details are private and should remain so. As has been mentioned many times previously here, a Jedi should not form any emotional bond of any kind, or at least avoid doing so. emotion leads to attachment. Attachment leads to something else nasty, which in turn leads to a pooey bum - Or the Dark Side, I can't remember rightly.

27 October 2009

what a jedi does in house is his bussnies not the churches

19 November 2009

if a jedi makes the mistake to love then he should not be bound by the mere inklings of gender. its all just an imaginary wall

26 December 2009

there is no emotion only peace

1 January 2010

emotions lead to the dark side gay or hetro

25 January 2010

It relys on the flow of the force each must follow what the force determines

16 February 2010

It is a private matter.

28 February 2010

Jedi have children all the time as long as you don't get attached then everything is fine. The force will guide you down the road it desires. remain truthful to your self and do not fall to the temptation of the darkside.

17 March 2010

The Force cares not about sexuality. It is Gray. Neutral. Bisexual and non sexual in nature. That is why Jedi don't usually get involved in romantic dynamics. Sexuality is a paradigm that does not exist in the Force. We strive to be both and none, otherwise, we are not in balance.

20 March 2010

This is a personal matter and should be settled by the jedi in question

10 April 2010

It is ok for a jedi to be gay, but not for a jedi to have a romantic relationship, hetero or homo. There is no passion, only serenity.

2 May 2010

the force is in all of us

16 May 2010

i always thought that if someone was a jedi they were a queer anyway

30 June 2010

Both sides, Light and Dark, Male and Female are seperations from the whole,eternal FORCE. We can find both sides of the Force within us. May force guide us.

25 July 2010

Yoda liked it in the arse

2 August 2010

though typically jedi r not supposed to b attatched to another look at the time we live in we should love and prosper but not let it consume us having emmotional attatchment is not a bad thing if kept under control the force can help you do this if you wish to b gay so b it if you choose to b gay and have a life partner so b it but b mindful of ur actions and the living force

12 September 2010

This question is irrelevant.

26 November 2010

This question shouldn't matter in today's day and age. as the guy above put it "i always thought that if someone was a jedi they were a queer anyway"

2 December 2010

Jedi is sex independent

3 January 2011

love leads to jealousy, jealousy leads to hate, hate leads to fear, fear leads to the darkside, and eventually death.

16 January 2011

While Jedis teach compassion, attachment is forbidden as it can lead to the dark side.

28 February 2011

This question is irrelevant.

26 June 2012

Relationships get in the way of the Jedi Faith, No Emotion just Peace.

7 July 2012

It is if you are intending to break the code"There is No Emotion just Peace." but if you have enough will to keep from letting the emotions turn to the darkside it is "OK". In my opinion "Gay" or "Straight" relationships are on the same plane on the Jedi faith. This is a low social issue. Jedi should be working on breaking the barriers humans make to separate each other to find peace among each other. "gray jedi" break the code all the time and they are very respected among the jedi because of their wisdom.

20 June 2013

no emotion just peace

18 November 2013

THE FORCE LOVES EVERYONE, no matter who they are...

8 January 2014

I concur

28 April 2014

Sexual attraction doesn't exist for a Jedi, thus making this an irrelevant question.

8 September 2014

Attachment and all this nonsense, it's all very hard to put into understandable language. I will have to stay neutral on this one

13 May 2015

a jedi can be homosexua if he wants to be but not meant to become attach to people, although not even the force can control the human flaw to love.

22 December 2015

me nan sayed its not natral. ... ... ...... . ... . . .. ... .. .. . THE FORCE LOVES Sexual attraction no emotion exist for a Jedi be but not meant to be although not human flaweven.. .. .... . . .. . ... . . .. . .

17 October 2016

As long as it don't effect his work who cares

11 June 2018

Jedi are banned from love

17 March 2020

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