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It is ok for Jedis to have abortions in early pregnacy stages?

On average, everyone is neutral with significant nonconsensus between 1112 voters.


Please read the comments from other voters below, then scroll down make your decision. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is ok for Jedis to have abortions in early pregnacy stages

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Reasons To Disagree

Jedi value all life. We must set an example for all non-jedi. It is okay fro non-jedi to have early pregnancy abortion but we should provide an example.

27 October 2006

if you dont want a child keep your knickers on you dirty slut

5 November 2006

All life is under the protection of the force and to kill anything that is not a darksider is wrong.

18 November 2006

if you are powerful enough with the force you should be ablle to have an abortion without using a clinic in which case it would be a miscarage not an abortion

25 November 2006

Life is life, if you cannot reconize that and cannot hold true the the Jedi ways enough to preserve that life, then you are no Jedi. (and if your not ready for a kid... keep your pants on)

15 December 2006

To have an abortion would be killing another human being. Although not born, it is still taking the life of the child, and an innocent child no less. If If I'm not mistaken, killing an innocent is a part of the path to the dark side.

16 December 2006

we need to respect life

18 February 2007

This would mean that a Jedi loved, and they should not have. They should immediately leave the faith.

24 February 2007

you must let the force decide the right choice

17 April 2007

For a Jedi all life is sacred, even that which is not desired

19 May 2007

Its a aberration for the living Force

9 July 2007

Not if Jedi value all life

23 August 2007

It's not. Jedis are pro-life. And destroying or ending a life that's beggining sounds more like a Sith practice.

31 August 2007

Jedi value all life, however small or large it may be. If there is a choice between the life and death of any being, a Jedi should always choose life unless it comes at the cost of many more lives.

16 September 2007

abortion is just plain wrong

20 September 2007

your killing a newborn padawan

30 October 2007

Love all beings. It's not our job to send creatures to the Force before they have a chance to learn about it.

20 November 2007

All life is sacred.

24 November 2007

Jedi hold all life sacred even that of an unborn child. To abort the child even at early stages would be killing an innocent. Babies start to develop and learn even in the womb.

16 December 2007

A Jedi should not get pregant in the first place

30 December 2007

jedi value any life form but if the child will born into poverty then yes an if the child will be unloved then yes if not den i disaggree

7 January 2008

Life is created by the Force, no matter how that innocent life came should it suffer for another wrong doing.

13 January 2008

Life should not be extinguished for any reason, murder to this degree could have major consequences for the future you may be murdering the next mother teresa.

22 January 2008

We must stay in tune with the force, and that includes the living force. We are keepers of the peace afterall.

23 January 2008

jedia protect life becose life is a force

23 January 2008

Hell no! what about the Living Force???

24 January 2008

This question is absurb. How can anyone question whether it's right or wrong to take a human life no matter what stage of life?

24 January 2008

Jedi value life. Could you honestly kill a child that's part of you? IT'S WITH YOU WITH THE FORCE! YOU CAN SENSE THAT CHILD, RIGHT?? THE FORCE BINDS ALL THINGS TOGETHER! You + baby? Right? Right. So it's not whether it's okay for a Jedi to abort, it's that a true Jedi would not abort.

27 January 2008

To terminate an innocent life is NOT the Jedi way

5 February 2008

The termination of a pregnancy is the termination of a life. It is therefore wrong unless it is necessary to save a life (ie that of the mother if her health is at risk).

9 February 2008

be proud of your birth hence forth be proud to give birth.. if it is an unwanted child .. then the baby is to become stronger by the will of the force alone. death to an unborn child are of dark thoughts and will lead you to the dark side

20 February 2008

its a no no

20 February 2008

Only if the fetus gtives written consent.

21 February 2008

Life is life, Abortion is murder, murder leads you to the path of the dark side.

22 February 2008

Jedi Don't kill. They take responsibility by either give the child up or parenting it.

27 February 2008

The universe needs more Jedi.

2 March 2008

Jedi should not be pregnant

12 March 2008

even though jedi's should not get preganant. It is wrong to kill as jedi's save life not take them away. If one becomes pregant then they should be expelled from the jedi order

23 March 2008

nothing happens without reason. The individual must decide if wants to become master. By invoking another soul into your body you become it's master. If you don't feel strong enough to do it protect yourselves. Todays medicin knows so many efficient ways to do that. Jedi must protect everyone, especially those weak who can't protect themselves. "early stage" term was implemented by the dark side. We are the part of the ever existing energy. Now, we are in human body, but there was a time we were not in it. But there was a reason for us to accept this body to make a change in the life. It is your choice - you go into the dark side or the light side. If you invoke the energy into female body it becomes it's shelter before femal's body will give its human shape but is already there. Out of the question.

29 March 2008

You must take responsibility for your actions. Not to mention the force will guide you through tough times.

4 April 2008

All life is sacret, unless the jedi's life is in mortal danger then i cant feel it justified. There are many that the force is not strong with who are more then willing to take care of the child, if unwanted by the jedi.

5 April 2008

Life is life, you are disrupting the natural flow of the force and willing it to your way. This is the way of the dark side. The light believes in using the force when needed, not using it to gain our wants.

6 April 2008

Value all life, no matter how big or small, or formed

15 April 2008

I would only agree to abortion if the pregnancy comes from a rape, violation, or other sexual agression. Abortion in other cases means that one have sex without love, out of the Force...on the Dark side...

19 April 2008

Even in the early stages life is meant to be

25 April 2008

Its a baby whos going to have the force ability!

26 April 2008

all life is sacred Jedi aim is protection of all things self, individual, society, planets and the universe

29 April 2008

As long as it is approved by a Jedi Council it should have no affect upon a Jedi, although as Jedi value life above all else abortion isn't usually an issue.

9 May 2008

It would be very sad. P.s Have the Sith infiltrated this site? I've noticed some very nasty comments!

22 May 2008

Jedi value all life even the unexpected.

25 May 2008

jedi's Should value life. however we must look at it objectively. abortions should be allowed if suffering would result from the birth.

3 June 2008

unless completely nessacary no, in order to preserve balance in the force

16 June 2008

disagree! ven b4 that lil heart starts beating the force runs though its cells!

20 June 2008

Na we need more jedi babies

26 June 2008

Abortions are retarded...Completely retarded...The only way they should be allowed is if it was rape that caused it all...Even then I still think it's stupid....Do the crime do the time.

29 June 2008

Jedi value all life,no matter how small.

4 July 2008

I think the baby should have the right to live in our world, because life is very precious. We only have one chance to live, and we should give that opportunity to the baby.

9 July 2008

Jedi believe all life should be sustained, so no, no abortions should be allowed.

19 July 2008

why is a Jedi pregnant?

6 August 2008

never take the life of an innocent

26 August 2008

it is agaist the order in the first place to have love. but if you feel like having a serite relionship and end up getting pregent you should never abort it.. thats just wrong. its like taking a life. you should only take a life if its for the greater good.

31 August 2008

Until they have fullfilled their duties, and stepped away from active involvement in the Jedi religion, Jedi women should not even be involved in procreation, but if they do give in in a moment of weakness the only justification is to promote all life.

3 September 2008

It is NEVER okay, but it may be necessary. In pregnancy there are two loci of the force; the infant parasitic on the adult. If the adult decides that infaticide is necessary, it is NOT the province of the Jedi master or council to grant or withold permission. However, the reason for terminating a locus of the force is something that the master or council must consider when asessing a jedi's progress.

9 September 2008

A true Jedi would devote their remaing life to to the care and education of the child

10 September 2008


17 September 2008

All life is sacred

15 October 2008


17 October 2008

Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.

30 October 2008

They call it "The Living Force" for a reason, why would you terminate a young life when at the very least that child could be put in a loving home through adoption.

18 November 2008

no way

6 December 2008

A Jedi shoUld nOt be aVoided Once a J3d1; Always t3h Force w1th

9 December 2008

all points made here have merit, however they would hold the same merit if it were a sleeping 5 year old. the kid could not protest, the kid wouldnt know his brains were blown out, It would be easier for the mother, maybe she couldnt afford it, maybe the kid was holding her back, etc... no its the easy way out with a life destroyed. Im not suggesting what anyone should do Im suggesting what a JEDI should not do.

16 February 2009

it is the will of the force,nothing is chance,life is life and is a valuable commodity not to be wasted

1 March 2009


5 March 2009

if it was going to kill the mother then maby ok but i think under no other cekemstances should if be dune otherwise is saying i can not contole ny body but then dont have sex witout protesion thats how u contoll the body as it is only croud mater so to do so wond be saying i can don the thing but have no conseqeces so is cheating life

13 March 2009

A Jedi should value all life and there is no reason the baby can't be put up for adoption.

21 March 2009

The life force of the child, no matter how early in existence, is not an accident. Only under rare cases are people pregnant by means other than their own choices. True Jedi accept the results of their actions, and learn from them. Even in accidental cases, and rape cases, the being has already come to bare, and no one has the right to smote another unless utterly dire. Keep your lightsaber sheathed if you wish not to have little glow sticks.

2 April 2009

Jedi respects all life but jedi also do not force ideals on others.

19 April 2009

Abortian is wrong!!!

31 May 2009

No, because even in the case of if it was a choice between the mom and the child, the child could possibly be transfered to the womb of a surrogate.

23 August 2009


24 August 2009

The Jedi see all living things as a manifestation of the Force. All living things were brought about for a reason and as such all living things should be allowed to be born, live, mature, and fulfill their destiny. A Jedi will always advocate for life.

19 September 2009

At conception, a person has a destiny. There is no way to know how little or great the child's destiny will be. Why would a Jedi risk terminating a potential great leader, or influencial Jedi? A child is conceived and then born a pure Jedi. An abortion is killing a Jedi. Killing a Jedi makes you a Sith following the path of the Dark Side. How can this possibly be acceptable?! Jedi should procreate and increase the following of the faith through children. Other Jedi should support and assist the fellow Jedi mother. Surely it is NOT acceptable to think otherwise?! If this turns into an age debate, governing the age to be in the Church as a Jedi, then realize it is up to the parent to apprentice their children. The adult Jedi must preserve the child's innocence and purity until they can be a 18 year old, adult,certified Jedi. The child of a Jedi, is a Jedi Padawan until they chose a different path or turn of age to be a Jedi.

21 September 2009

We are not to end the life of another being. If it means that your life will "end" - if you keep the baby, then I guess it's a tougher decision to make. Then, for once, you can be allowed to think of yourself first. You do have a greater right to live than the cells that are growing inside of you. Do not misunderstand me on this matter.

8 October 2009

NO!!! never take the life of another unless it greatlt threatens your own!

20 October 2009

The force is a cycle part of this cycle is birth without birth the force dies and the order dies

19 November 2009

The Jedi Respect all life in any form, and besides that, taking the life of an unborn child is taking the life of that which cannot defend itself. that is not the Jedi way.

27 November 2009

It's not ok for a jedi to have an abortions. Cause a jedi job is to save life's not kill them. And only an true sith would kill a unborn life.

28 December 2009

Jedi life is sacred and valued. We cannot lose a Jedi. If you have an abortion, then you have killed a Jedi and therefore should be banished from the Jedi Church.

5 January 2010

all life is sacred

14 January 2010

Jedi value all life. Everyone deserves a chance to live. If need be put the youngling up for adoption so they may have a chance.

21 January 2010

it leads to the dark side

25 January 2010

Destruction of Life is a crime against the Force. I am for Free Choice, but a Jedi should be more mindful than to fall in a situation where such would be needed.

27 January 2010

JEDI life is precious at all stages.

26 February 2010

All life is needed for Balance,jedi should not give in to lust, then try to hide their darkness,in science.

28 February 2010

all life should have a chance

13 March 2010

Too destroy a child is to be against the will of the Force. Controlling the Force is not the Jedi way, but being one with it. Controlling the Force is the way of the Siths.

17 March 2010

Life is valuable and sacred all force sensitive beings must be raise for the sith will return.

17 March 2010

no, its kill a indefense kid

20 March 2010

It is the responsability of a jedi to protect the force and those within, including one's unborn child

22 March 2010

Jedi preach love not hatred. Killing an innocent is against the way of the Jedi and thus should be allowed.

25 March 2010

Whilst all life is treasured and not taken for granted, there are instances when a child should not enter the world. In these extreme cases, there is but one option.

29 March 2010

the force is the one that determines if a life is ready to be brought into this part of our reality. let the force decide,not us.

5 April 2010

There is the force in all of us. At the point of conception, the Force grows within us. To have an abortion is to destroy the Force, thus doing the darkside's work. one should never reject or destroy the all might Force.

16 April 2010

Once an egg is fertilised, it becomes a life form and thus should be destroyed unnecesarily

1 May 2010

A jedi must respect life, in all its forms.

2 May 2010

a baby is a blessing it goes against the force to even think about it. mind your thoughts

3 May 2010

A child unborn is a being still with the Force. To destroy life wounds the Force.

5 May 2010

the jedis number one goal is to preserve life

10 June 2010

Like in every choice, listen to the FORCE. Let things come, Don't stop a natural process, Force will guide through the difficulties. This I say to us all. I think it's not the way of the force to rebel at its natural flow(in this case birth of a child.) When we charish all life, then this question will not be nesessary.

25 July 2010

If Midi-Chlorians are indeed inside every cell, and are part of the force, as is life, then when the egg turns into a cell, and then a ball of cells at conception, their is life, and Jedi believe in preserving life, even if this life is from someone of the dark side, they shouldn't kill. And Abortion is killing. Even more so it's killing those truly innocent

26 July 2010

never kill a fellow creature unless of suspected dark side

3 October 2010

rascist comments will not make people agree

10 October 2010

abortions are wrong.

10 October 2010

Are Jedis irresponsible?

26 November 2010

only if the child is disabled

28 November 2010

NEVER. A Jedi should never kill another Jedi, no matter how old they are. To do so should result in expulsion from the Jedi faith and then execution.

8 December 2010

abortions are acceptable only in case of sexual abuse and mothers life risk

3 January 2011

I disagree. Only in cases such as rape should the choice be given. Otherwise you chose to do the act now carry, nurture, and raise the life that you brought forth. Anything otherwise would lead towards the darkside.

5 March 2011

Jedi value all life. Its killing another Jedi, so no.

2 May 2011

it is one choice who ever is having the baby in a way you should always be smart when you are having sex and use a condom but when you are ready to have that baby be proud but if you are not ready then you will take the punishment from the force killing a life is in a way wrong but if you chooses to leave the baby the so be it but not the same couple so keep making the mistake over and over again if so then you are a fool

11 June 2011

Life is sacred. Killing is only acceptable when there is no alternative. Abortion should only be used to save or preserve the life of the mother or prevent the suffering of the child.

11 February 2012

be responsible

2 April 2012

if you don't want to bring new life into this world than be more careful in the first place.

26 June 2012

Destroy life one must not.

7 July 2012


23 July 2012

Abortion is a path to the dark side.

11 January 2013


20 June 2013

Put the embryo in another woman's womb.

13 November 2013

that is taking the life of a jedi

18 November 2013

A Jedi life is sacred and therefore we celebrate it in birthdays. Ending a younglings life should result in expulsion from society!

8 January 2014

if you dont want kids use a condom but do not have a abortion.

5 May 2014

Abortion is the taking of an innocent life - something which should always be discouraged. However, I will not pass judgement on another - and as I believe in reincarnation, the lost soul is not forever lost. Yet, Jedi should respect *all* life.

3 September 2014

That would diminish the amount of Jedis in the world

13 February 2015

Love leads to loss

27 June 2015

the force is within all cells of life and the moment of conception it is it's own life

14 February 2016

NO because we need as many jedis as we get.

25 August 2017

All life, even if they are unborn is sacred to the Jedi Order. Only a Sith would murder an unborn child.

7 November 2017

The force to me is life it makes up the force, powers are light or you are dark given witch you are more of, the decision is simple.

11 November 2017

all life iis connected to the force we cannot simply kill part of it when they have not even entered the world yet

30 October 2018


Reasons To Agree

anyone must do what they think is right

30 October 2006

A Jedi understands that a living being is not "crude matter". A Jedi knows we are "luminous beings". Thus if the crude matter of a being is removed before birth it causes no harm, for the luminous light of the being will live on.

2 November 2006

A Jedi understands that a living being is not "crude matter". A Jedi knows we are "luminous beings". Thus if the crude matter of a being is removed before birth it causes no harm, for the luminous light of the being will live on.

26 November 2006

Only if it is a nigger baby or mixed baby

19 December 2006

Surely Jedi can come from any species in an infinite universe. They may have different biology's, customs and traditions. Isn't this is a rather local question, and private those involved. Besides, wouldnt it be so cool if Jedi doctrine only included statements which no-one could argue with either scientifically or religously, then there would be no reason not to be a jedi and the church could outgrow all the other faiths on earth.

4 March 2007

If you are willing to take up the expense of another's pregnancy then feel free to disagree, if not then leave the decisions to those who must pay the price.

16 April 2007

An abortion is not to be taken lightly, it is indeed killing a living being but in the end it is returning to the living force and so therefore not really dying.

28 July 2007

The choice to procreate or not is personal to any individual, and the individual should not be disturbed in her determination to keep or to end a pregnancy. She will base her decision on her own choice of factors and live with the result. As to males, they should not impregnate any female with whom they are not willing to procreate.

17 August 2007

I think that better than abort is to use a condom but everey one is free to decide what must with her future

10 October 2007

As far as i can tell. If the family is not ready for a child, then that child will grow up without getting what it needs, and that will only lead to the dark side. That and we already have a surpluss population in most countries as it is.

7 January 2008

if they are raped or they are too young or arn't any any capacity being health or finiacialy able to have and or support a child then yes

13 January 2008

Again, are we Catholics here?

23 January 2008

of course

23 January 2008

Yes, But only if the force is not strong with the fetus

23 January 2008

A Jedi needs to make that decision for herself. Jedi are here to serve, not to make decisions for other people. Perhaps someday, nobody will ever have to make that choice again.

27 January 2008

What they want for their child is their decision so long as the didnt actually have sex in the Jedi status.

31 January 2008

Choice of the individual. That is why we are all different and each has their own mind.

4 February 2008

We have choice in this life, right or wrong. Abortion is just one way of terminating pregnancy.

5 February 2008

It is ok because they may be able to sense the dark side of the child before it is born. It is a rare talent but it has happened from time to time. If so they should throw their affections aside for the time being and destroy the child, preferabely with a light saber, because if they dont he could grow to become a sith lord and attempt to destroy the universe.

5 February 2008

under certain conditions ie too young to support child finacially or emotionally or a product of rape which is the darkside

11 February 2008

In the early stages of pregnancy the fetus has not yet developed to the point where it can be considered a separate life from that of the parent. At that stage of development I see no problem with allowing for an abortion. There are any number of good and justifiable reasons for such. However, once the fetus has reached the stage of development where it can truly be classified as its own entity, it would be immoral to terminate the pregnancy. The importance of early detection and decision is tantamount in this area. If one is not ready or capable of raising a child then it is imperative that the pregnancy be terminated before that cluster of cells can develop into a beng in its own right.

11 February 2008

A Jedi should have the wisdom & opportunity to make the proper choice for their life and circumstance.

13 February 2008

depends on the financial state!

15 February 2008

Depende de cada caso, ya que hacerlo por que si no estoy de acuerdo, pero en casos de nacimientos anomalos claramente estoy de acuerdo, asi como en casos de abusos sexuales tiene la decision la que tuvo el abuso.

18 February 2008

yer its fine as long as you use a light saber

20 February 2008

Liberty is a sign of force and responsability.

21 April 2008

yes. only if there is something medically wrong with the baby

14 May 2008

it is necesarry in somecases like having a sex monsters child so it shud be allowed but only in special cases

26 May 2008

Some humans can't be parents, for many different reasons.

27 May 2008

Jedi use the force to believe what is right, and if the Jedi thinks it is the right thing, then you should respect thier descison

11 June 2008

If one is not ready for a child or fears they will not be a good parent it is imperative that they make sure they will not cause harm to a child or themselves.

25 June 2008

I've always believed that a woman has the right to choose.

15 July 2008

A truly balanced jedi would acess the situation an atempt to objectively decide whats best for all concerned. I should not be promoted as something that should be done at the drop of a hat but the option should be made avaliable to those who seek it.

25 July 2008

depends what the situation is, its your body take responsibility

27 July 2008

but only because of confirmed medical dangers to the mother

27 October 2008

A jedi padawan has not learnt full responsibility and cant handle it

8 November 2008


5 December 2008

I am PRO CHOICE. I see no reason that if a 12 year old girl, gets raped my her brother, she should have to be forced to have a permanent reminder.

5 January 2009

Wow. I read a lot of hateful things. Jedis????? I think there may be some sith voting here The choice is with the person and the force will guide them to the right one. Once agian we have no right to choose for someone else. Sometimes the force can throw you a curveball and you never know what to do but look to the force.

10 January 2009

it is not us to say sith is strong on this page

27 January 2009

Who died and made us all the council. You gotta do what is right for ones self

28 February 2009

I believe that abortion is simply the death of an uncouncious organism, like killing an ameoba, for the gain of the Women holding the Organism. Social and spiritual gain cannot be completed when a person is carrying an unwanted spouse.

11 March 2009

This choice should only be up to the pregnant wife according to how it occured.

24 March 2009

It is JEDI's wish , if she wishes to be pregnant then she should relinquish all power because JEDI should not be weak at any point of time.

18 April 2009

I cannot foresee all possible circumstances and so cannot completely disallow it. It would certainly be extremely unusual and would have to be a council decision on a case-by-case basis whether a member could remain a Jedi and participate in an abortion.

18 April 2009

This is a thorny issue, there can be many reasons for wanting an abortion. In the end the person considering the procedure should ask themselves if they could love the life inside them if it were born. If the answer is 'NO' then perhaps it would be kinder for them to never be born at all.

20 April 2009

This is a personal decision. Jedi embraces many different groups each of which has their own morality.

2 May 2009

Look being a Jedi means one thing. know the code and follow it. All side decisions are up to the individual. Being a Jedi you are not forced to follow the code; it is your choice what to do in your life.

16 May 2009

It not yet life

4 June 2009

It matters not what you do as long have faith and live by the force

11 June 2009

Choice is key.

21 September 2009

The Jedi way is to look to the light, the good, for others. The option to kill ones unborn child is independent of the option to do good to others

7 October 2009

I don't believe any religion should take away ones personal rights. Abortion is a touchy subject that can be very circumstantial. It should definetly be left up to the woman.

13 October 2009

If they want one, they will have one, so why fight it here.

16 October 2009

If it would be the lesser of two evils to remove the life before it brought into a world where it is not wanted or cannot be looked after properly then I agree it should be allowed.

25 October 2009

only in the very early stages

8 November 2009

Only if you use a lightsaber.

11 November 2009

Women are the gatekeepers. The Force has made it this way whether we like it or not. No one but the woman in question can say what is best. All mothers make great sacrifices so that their children have life and yet we rarely consider what other contributions a mother might have made to the world had she postponed having children until she was able to properly care for them. Furthermore, the Earth is dying. Our environmental impact is exacerbated by the addition of millions who we already cannot feed and care for, whose lives are destined to be suffering upon suffering. For the would-be mother who feels the spark of life within her but who can see the long journey full of suffering that lies ahead for her and her child, it is devastating to make the choice to end that journey before it begins, but only that mother knows what is best. Only she sees all the variables that are in play. No other Jedi can see for her.

13 November 2009

An unwanted child leads to disturbance in the force.

15 December 2009

if she?s in the first 18 or 20 days tops of pregnacy stage. yes. at that time, its only a cel. it doesnt have a hart or a central nerv sistem.

6 January 2010

alway, if its legal it can be done in our religon

21 January 2010

only for rape or because of financial issues that will harm the future padawon

11 February 2010


22 February 2010

Only within the first 3 months.

3 March 2010

Though it silences a life, it can also be the result of horrible circumstances.(rape, incest, etc.)

9 March 2010

As a Jedi master male, I think our servants should have the right to choose there own babies fate. This may be self preservation, givin the whole Luke vs. Vader mess. We can't have these little buttholes coming out and swinging red lightsabers at us and starting inter steller war.

18 March 2010

At the very least the church should provide advice and support.

2 April 2010

It is not for a Jedi to decide what is right. It is the Force's responsibility to do so.

6 April 2010

Yes. The Jedi group does not come ahead of one's private, personal decisions.

8 April 2010

there are so many different possible scenarios that no opinion is valid without more details.

16 April 2010

Is it to save your self or the child? Bringing a child into a world of pain would be wrong.

5 May 2010

Foool, abortions are awesome.

15 May 2010

This isn't something I would inform another to go do, that is for them to decide. If they feel they must, then by all means I will support them and help them through. If they say no, then again I will support them and their decision. After all the force works for all of us in different ways.

21 June 2010

depends on circumstaces and ages

8 July 2010

If keeping the child will be detrimental to the health of the mother or in other ways to other people, then they should have said abortion. Or if it is a man, like that one rapper. That would just be hell on the man and they should get it.

7 September 2010

definatly so that we can have free choice

23 September 2010

Yes. Children should be loved and well-cared for -- if a zygote is bound to develop into a child that won't be provided that love and care, then it is the parent's choice as to whether that zygote ought to develop at all. That, too, is a sort of kindness.

4 November 2010

It depends XD

27 November 2010

As the Jedi know, it is freewill. Though there are dark and light sides, there are the shades of grey in between. None can know thy truth except thyself.

29 November 2010

All life is valuable, but a Jedi should have free will and all things most join the force even if their not burn yet.

13 January 2011

As long as it is done with compassion and have extreme circumstance for doing so.

28 February 2011

Yes I agree. Who are we to judge or tell some-one what is right for them. We do not know the situation that they are in. We do not know if they got pregnant because they were raped. It is up to the jedi. They are the only one that has to fight against themselves with in. It is there choice.

26 April 2011

If the Jedi thinks he or she cannot support the baby, or will not care for it well, then there is no problem with abortion. After all, we are not merely this body, we are more than that. We do not simply cease to be after our bodies perish.

21 February 2012

It's ok but you should not do it.

2 April 2012

I think abortion should be a matter of choice.

26 April 2012

nothing dies all things are a cycle of light

28 January 2013

I will have to borrow from one of the comments above, as individuals we can make are own mind's up. This is a personal choice and a personal choice alone.

4 July 2013

Only if Jedi was raped.

26 November 2013

we have right man!

23 April 2014

A Jedi must do what he or she feels to be right. The conscience should be the determining factor in this case.

6 December 2014

in so long as the abortion is not being used as a form of burth control where the woman does this on many ocations. the force guides the woman to the decition that is right for her and the child. sometimes that child to be discovers maybe it don't want to do this and gives that message to the mother to be. sometimes it is too dangerous for one or both of them.

1 January 2015

This something private an must be left to each individual. My position is that abortion is bad but forbidding it can lead to worst evil. We must sometime choose the lesser of two evils. This what we have learned by experience. Life is precious. But not life at all costs. Quality is more important than quantity.

23 February 2015

It is the mother's choice. I don't believe in it though.

24 February 2015

A Jedi understands that a living being is not "crude matter". A Jedi knows we are "luminous beings". Thus if the crude matter of a being is removed before birth it causes no harm, for the luminous light of the being will live on.

22 December 2015

A Jedi understands that a living being is not "crude matter". A Jedi knows we are "luminous beings". Thus if the crude matter of a being is removed before birth it causes no harm, for the luminous light of the being will live on.

1 January 2016

A fetus is not a living being yet. It is completely the choice of the mother

25 January 2016

I think it's okay in ANY stage during which abortion is legal. Jedi are not each others' keepers. It is only the business of the woman making the decision. Basically -- GET OUT OF OUR WOMBS or you might find yourself missing a vital part of your anatomy. And it won't be an arm.

2 August 2016

Free will trumps it all.

18 September 2016

The fetus shows a weak signal of the force, there it is not a fully developed soul. The abolishment of abortion in turn could affect the life of the soul giving the birth.

3 January 2018

The force will guide the mother down her path. No one can decide that for her.

9 May 2018

Another question that shouldn't be answered without deeper discussion. What are the reasons for the abortion? Will the child not survive if taken to term? Will the mother not survive? You can't ask such a life impacting question and just expect and yes or no answer.

3 September 2018

Its important move when one person is secure not doing crazy things over others

12 May 2019

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Jedi Should not Love, but if they had loved and have a baby they should do what they think is best for the force!

30 October 2006

i think we should b pro choice

17 January 2007

Depends on the situation

20 January 2007

A jedi wouldnt get themselves in that situation, because they would have listened to the force, but if they somehow had, then they should probably listen to the force

22 August 2007

The Force guides us in different ways to different choices. I do not judge, but pity those with such a choice. The unborne soul is not lost only the form of what might have been.

5 October 2007

If they wish

19 November 2007

thye one who is thinking in do an abort must to decide

6 December 2007

under certain circumstances yes because if the female is raped then the child is not intended and is created by the people of the dark side

9 December 2007

Jedi are supposed to respect life more than anything. Abortion make us more sith than jedi, but then again, if women come to abort they probably have their reasons, which i do not know.

14 January 2008

They would know innately what is right or wrong thus the decision is best left to a jedi encountering this situation.

22 January 2008

im in the middle wiv that deppends on the curcumstances, if its rape then yes its got 2 b the jidis given rite 2 choose

23 January 2008

its a personal matter, and therefore, none of the business of anyone else, be it church or state.

24 January 2008

Personal matter

24 January 2008

I'm not touching this with a ten-foot lightsaber.

27 January 2008

This is a personal decision and no religion should have a say in it.

29 January 2008

This is up to the individual.

31 January 2008

it depends.

12 February 2008

This question is stupid.

26 February 2008

I choose not to answer

7 March 2008

Since when do Jedi force their beliefs on others?

7 March 2008

Not even the Senate would answer.

12 March 2008

The force is in control of your fate and destiny. Do what you think is right.

21 March 2008

It does seem like a personal matter - one would have to know the conditions in which the situation arises before making a decision either way.

22 March 2008

i dont agree with abortions exept if the woman cannot physicaly cope with birth

1 April 2008

Jedis are cool

9 April 2008

The situation dictates the actions. One must always be mindful.

17 April 2008

If you were really a Jedi you would not have been having sex.

18 April 2008

This question should not be something asked to the Jedi. The choise is for the woman, not us, to deside, it is a personal conflict that i have seen others fight and i think it is fair to say, i don't want to be part of it

19 April 2008

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH THE B+POOR POOR BABY, if you are stupid enough not to use protection you deserve a nagging pain in the ass for 18 years

28 April 2008

It is not right for us to tell or mandate what a woman does with her own body. There are many reasons I would support and not support an abortian, but being a man it is not my place.

29 April 2008

depends on the sisuation in which the pregency happened, rape, incest or a pregency that would harm the mother is a valid reason but if you just didnt use birth control then keep the kid and give it to someone else to raise.

15 May 2008

Tje jedi religion is not about love however this is a touchy subject. again the rigts of a not only jedi but peoples own rights step in. If one believe it is the right thing to do then there is nothing wrong with it

16 May 2008

It's All About Personal Choice

17 May 2008

All life is precious it is never good to end life in my point of view. but it comes down to the individual who is facing the question what choice will they make is up to them.

18 May 2008

it depend on different scenarios

24 May 2008

It's a difficult question. If it's possible to raise the child than a Jedi should make every effort to, but if not then perhaps it's for the best.

26 May 2008

depent on situation and the persons life conditions

5 June 2008

10 June 2008

i would have to depend on the sitution on, complications and/or origin of the female being pregnant

18 June 2008

The Force will guide peoples actions. Weather good or bad, it is not up to Jedis to pass down laws or opinions on others.

22 June 2008

Jedi must follow their inner guidance to the force, the rest is irrelevant.

2 July 2008

I hope a true jedi would not find themselves considering this. Some times it is necessary. Depends on the individual situation and circumstances. Would not be a decision I would make lightly. But as said above, it is not up to the jedi to pass down laws or opinions on others.

11 July 2008

Depends on how it was conceived and as long as there is no ill health to either mother and child...All up life can be beautiful.

5 August 2008

Being of the male sex, i honestly feel i have no say so in the matter

18 September 2008

Being male, i dont think my oppinion here is valid. Though, i believe it should be up to the mother.

14 October 2008

I believe that as of this era, abortions are being used as birth-control method, which I believe is cruel and demeaning to life. I however believe this is not something any religion should decide.

31 October 2008

Only if absolutely required.

13 January 2009

This decision should be made only if it is absolutely necessary. If the baby has a deformation or something else occurs, maybe the live of the mother is in danger, it may be a choice, but if it would be as after sex birth control, no way.

20 March 2009

The jedi should respect the rights of others

31 March 2009

I'm pro-choice unless the Jedi is a total whore then no.

25 May 2009

I have to say its a bad issues to say whether its good or bad but if a girl jedi gets raped i think she needs to but all life is made in a certain way i think she should think about it but if she didnt get raped then why have sex without a comdom? so either way it just depends on what she feels like and how she will respond to that issue

30 May 2009

I believe in the value of life, however why bring a life into this world when you may end up destroying it. If you are not ready then dont have one, I would urge anyone to use contraceptives if they do not want to become pregnant. Jedi must reproduce how else is the force passed down from generation to generation.

10 June 2009

In where a life is detroyed merely as a matter of "convenience", I would say no. I would however say "terminate" if the carrying through of such a pregnancy would cause the loss of the mothers life. The fact is, no life should be terminated merely because an individual wishes to escape the consequences of immoral behaviour, or was too lazy to use contraceptives.

9 July 2009

Our fate is our own.

4 August 2009

WTF??? Jedi shouldn't have sex ANYWAY!!! Its against the jedi code to marry, let alone love, so why the hell would you ask this question??

17 September 2009

Yes and No, It should only be used in-cases of rape, incest, and the mother's health, but never as a form of birth-control.

26 September 2009

Totally a personal matter without being in that situation I cannot have much say.

27 September 2009

A Jedi knows that the force flows through all life. It is the Orders purpose to promote the over all preservation of life. If the child is a threat to the mothers life or if the parents do not have a way to raise the child then i believe it is acceptable, but not to be taken lightly.

28 September 2009

I don't believe any religion should take away ones personal rights. Abortion is a touchy subject that can be very circumstantial. It should definetly be left up to the woman.

29 September 2009

Another double edged poll. A Jedi respects and protects life. Yet this isn't the Star Wars Universe and what we are provided with is rarely in terms of Black or White. I feel the Jedi Church shouldn't have any say regarding this issue, leaving it instead to the discretion of individual church members.

27 October 2009

I refuse to take a side on this. Having an abortion is something that ONLY the mother of the child can decide upon. We have no right what so ever to do anything other than remain neutral to this question.

28 November 2009

Being pregnacy is life no matter how short or far in it you are. Jedi code forbids any form of the darkside. But if it to take all the life in birth then to save one is better then to kill two

8 December 2009

There is no right or wrong answer to this dilema, and the force wills what it does and tells the jedi it's intent if you listen hard enough

23 December 2009

abortion is a very iffy subject. until more is known about cognatious thought and the force itself a firm thought on it is just ignorant

26 December 2009

there is no death only the force

1 January 2010

There can be no correct blanket answer to cover all circumstance. Even Jedi are raped. All things, from huge star systems to the atom- animated by the force. Hmmmm? However, a pulsating cell does not a beating heart make... Jedi should also accept the consiquence of actions. Poor decisions as well.. yes? A difficult issue this is.

2 January 2010

I have a penis therefore i am exempt from this discussion.

28 January 2010

honestly this 1 is a tuff 1. killing a unborn isnt good..BUT if its a teen jedi who cant affford to screw up her life that young then yes she can have 1. other then that no

29 January 2010

Life is valuable and sacred this is only an option if the life of the mother is at risk or the child will be born into poverty but in the end it is down to the child's maternal host

5 March 2010

A Jedi knows better than to answer such a question.

20 March 2010

Its completely circumstantial

23 March 2010

All Jedi Life is Value. All kind of life in the universe represent the Force, and you can't make things against It. But, everyone is allowed to do everything that they want to do, so, to do an abort is all in your mind, and you have to decide for the Dark Side or the Ilumination Side.

5 April 2010

May the Force help us all.

4 May 2010

it's all situational.

21 May 2010

mush their tiny brains up

30 June 2010


20 July 2010

it is to be decided by the Council

20 August 2010

Depends on the situation

13 October 2010

Its up to the mother.

24 December 2010

It is a complex issue for people of all religions and i don't think there is a right or wrong answer

10 January 2011

one must remain neutral in order to keep balance, to end a life is requires meditation, One must look inside to find out why a life must be lost, for gain, cleansing, or to protect! One must seek council before action can be taken

16 January 2011

on this one i will stay in th middle but if you would kill a babby just for being mixed or black then you do not need to call your self a jedi for you can not love one race and not a nother the force teaches use to love all life nomatter what race colore or creed.

3 April 2011

i for one do not agree with abortions as it is the will of the Force to decided life or death the choose come down to the mother

15 May 2011

A Jedi must do what they think is right. Follow the force to guide one through such a difficult decision.

11 June 2011

We all have a choice

1 April 2012

Abortions should only be allowed if the Jedi were raped. Otherwise the Jedi would be killing a part of the life force.

9 April 2012

Jedi cannot love, therefore pregnancy should not be a problem.

17 April 2012

That is a personal decision of the Jedi female.

8 November 2012

This should depend on the situation of the individual.

23 December 2012

Though I believe a child has a right to live, I cannot pass judgement on people I don't know

22 August 2013

It depends. If you got rid of the baby because you just didn't want it, I see that as wrong. You should keep it and give to adoption. While, if you are 16 and unemployed with no partner to help out, abortion is your best option.

15 October 2013

I wish not to imagine a Jedi ending a potential addition to the force without good reason. Therefore, I conclude that abortion should only be considered in a matter of life or death. The taking of a life should not be taken lightly.

2 December 2013

If the child was unplanned, or of bastard origin (inc rape origin) then we should allow the abortion other than that the baby shall be kept.

3 January 2014

A Jedi is respectful, you cannot have light without darkness. It should be at the discretion of the Jedi. The Jedi shall live with that decision for their life.

27 January 2014

I concur

28 April 2014

It depends on the reason for pregnancy.

10 October 2014

i don't think i'ts cool for anyone to do this, but it's not my is theirs

21 November 2014

Personal choice, but Jedi value all life

29 April 2015

For the health of the mother then yes, also how the child was concived.

15 July 2016

No comment.

8 October 2016

Is this really what we come to? Discussing stupid stuff that is honestly none of anyone's business. Back to work people! We got stuff to do, places to go, people to see.

11 June 2018

Se è per motivi di salute

15 January 2019

Both have the right

26 December 2019

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