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It is ok for Jedis to have same sex marriages?

On average, everyone agrees with significant nonconsensus between 1079 voters.


Please read the comments from other voters below, then scroll down make your decision. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is ok for Jedis to have same sex marriages

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Reasons To Disagree

jedi are not ment to marry same sex or not

30 October 2006

Jedi are not to love or build attachment, regardless of gender.

2 November 2006

elton jhon is the tool of the dark side fear leads hate hate leads to anger anger leads to the dark side i fear anal rape

5 November 2006

jedi are not supposed to be married it is not the jedi way

23 November 2006

Marriage is not the Jedi way.

26 November 2006

gays make me sick

19 December 2006

Marrige = Opposite Sex

20 January 2007


24 February 2007

Jedi aren't supposed to married. It doesn't matter which sex it is, it is still not the Jedi way.

2 March 2007

marriage is a master other than the force.

17 April 2007

Marriage is against the code

23 August 2007

If its not O.K. to be gay then its not O.K. to have same sex marriages.

31 August 2007

Jedis cant get married, because they arent supposed to get attached, whoever made this question knows nothing about the Jedi

4 September 2007

ooga booga bum love

10 September 2007

Jedi are not creatures of passion. To wed at all is an act of vanity. I do not oppose those that find happiness in such things (but they cannot be called Jedi).

5 October 2007

Jedi's should not marry at all

19 November 2007

Jedi are not to love or build attachment, regardless of gender.

30 December 2007


7 January 2008

Jedi's can not have unconditional love and a marriage without unconditional love is not really a marriage.

22 January 2008

nooooo wot about reproduction its wrong

23 January 2008

JEDI CANNOT MARRY! Look what happened to Anakin Skywalker! No marrying!

23 January 2008

I always thought Jedi were supposed to not marry at all - same sex or not.

23 January 2008

When two people of the same sex can produce a child through the act of sex without help from science, only then will it be ok. Not gonna happen!!

24 January 2008

A Jedi is forbidden to love

5 February 2008

jedi man love is not a good thing is it really?

20 February 2008

Jedi are in tune with nature.

21 February 2008

Jedi cannot be emotionally attached to anyone, regardless of the sex.

22 February 2008


26 February 2008

Attatchment = Fear of loss. Fear is the path to the Dark Side.

7 March 2008

Jedi do not marry

12 March 2008

The Jedi should not be attached.

21 March 2008

jedi are not ment to get married

23 March 2008

Jedi should be celebate to focus more upon the force.

5 April 2008

The Jedi are truth, honesty and purity. I disagree however it is the freedom and the right of the Jedi to make whatever decision they feel is right.

5 April 2008

Ewwwwwwww, gross. Why would they want to be Gay? Anakin was gay. Penis + Penis = bad, Heres a joke "Why did they make glow in the dark condoms? So gay ppl could play Star Wars" hahahahaaaaaaahhhahahahahahhaha

9 April 2008

marriage is against the Jedi code

11 April 2008

jedi are forbidden to marry.

17 April 2008

Marriage in any form is attachment which is contrary to the Jedi code.

18 April 2008

Marriage of any kind is counter to the nature of the jedi.

23 April 2008

fags like the dark side

14 May 2008

based on the Jedi order Jedi can not love, or get married to any gender therefore i disagree

16 May 2008

be natural

24 May 2008

Jedi's shouldn't marry. love is good attachments of this kind are not. one must be ready to let go...

3 June 2008


5 June 2008

I agree, in a way, if that Jedi is homosexual, then let them be homosexual. But marriage is against the Jedi way, we are not meant to love, or show attachment.

11 June 2008

It is not ok for Jedis to be married at all.

25 June 2008

Regardless of sexual preference, Jedi are not supposed to be in relationships in the first place.

2 July 2008

Marrige means attachment which means it is forbiden to jedi.

4 July 2008

Jedi shouldn't marry at all

9 July 2008


19 July 2008

Jedi are not supposed to get married at all!

26 July 2008

Jedi should never marry. If one chooses to he/she is responsible to follow the laws of his/her ruling government. The Jedi are loyal to the law.

3 September 2008

not allowed to love no posssion

6 September 2008

marriage is not the Jedi way

10 September 2008

that's gay

17 September 2008

Marriage leeds to obsession (loving only one women), obsession leeds to the darkside

18 September 2008

Gay people deserve death

17 October 2008

It is not the way of the jedi to marry

8 November 2008

Marriage is attachment; attachment leads to the darkside...

9 December 2008

JEDI should not have marriage attachments , it is an obligatory weakness.

18 April 2009

We should care for all not one.

25 April 2009

o sry i was the one that wrote a long one not deciding whether abortion is good or bad i forgot the smiley face. IF i already said no to gays what in the world makes me want to agree to this problem that is being asked? :D

30 May 2009

Once again it is a spritual breakdown and low on the moral.

10 June 2009

It matters not what you do as long have faith, live by the force and follow the path it lays out for you.

11 June 2009

The first person who agreed on here is a total idiot and knows nothing of star wars 1. The force is the ultimate power in the universe 2. No, because attatchment is forbiddon Why is everyone asking these kind of questions???

27 August 2009

Jedis are not to marry.

8 October 2009 this is unnatural there is no balance when 2 men or women join in the sith needs the jedi for balance, so must marriages

8 November 2009

It is unnatural to be gay.

11 November 2009

The force does not have a sexual agenda, it pulses wih the flow of life. It is the path of the natural world. Society inflicts "marriage" on its constituents as a means to protect and raise children, which a same sex couple will not normally be involved in, whats wrong with being friends?

1 January 2010

seems freaky

21 January 2010

I never saw any same sex couples in the movie so I'm going to have to disagree, I love Star Wars F.T.W.

21 January 2010

It if against the way of life. As in against the force!

27 March 2010

Jedi should not marry, unless to prevent the extinction of their species!

2 May 2010

The Force made humans in two genders for a reason.

4 May 2010

Jedi cannot engage in such emotions as Love; it is a conduit to the dark side. Those who believe in the Force while not following the path of the Jedi themselves may marry such, and be married by the Jedi who have their authority in such matters of faith derived from the Force.

5 May 2010

Jedi's should erradicate all gays and jews. Just like hitler, but not.

15 May 2010

i disagree because in star wars episode 2 it states that marriage is forbidden for a jedi

10 June 2010

Only sexy lebians

20 July 2010

Force + force = force? it brings unbalance to the extreme dark and good sides of the force.

1 December 2010

See the Gay question. This is just wrong and should be punishable by death after being expelled from the faith. This is wrong - simple as that!

8 December 2010

Attachment leads to suffering,to weakness,to fear,to hate and to the dark side.

28 February 2011

No direspect to the gay Jedis, but I'm looking at our future. Yet I know that there will always be all sides of the force.

5 March 2011

Jedi are not allowed to fall in love, so it would not happen.

2 May 2011

Jedi don't marry

17 April 2012

The dark side is gay/lesbian sex I say no to the despicable traits/marriages.

13 November 2013


26 November 2013

A jedi shall not know anger, nor hatred, nor love.

6 February 2014

The Jedi are not permitted to marry as it forms possessive attachment which will distract them from full devotion to the Force and its Will.

6 December 2014

Love is agasint the Jedi code as it leads to darkness. I would disagree.

8 October 2016


Reasons To Agree

jedi are the ultamate power in the universe we should do what we want including use the darkside for our own gain

25 November 2006

Again, sexual preference is not a problem. A Jedi should, of course, not show unconditional love torwards someone, but instead show it for everyone. Of course though, to be gay is your own choice. You can't change who you are, or hide who you are, and the ones around you shouldn't try and make you change. Marriage is not the Jedi way of course. If you feel that it is not wrong, then there may not be a problem with it. Other Jedi may frown upon it though.

16 December 2006

Surely Jedi can come from any species in an infinite universe. They may have different biology's, customs and traditions. Isn't this is a rather local question, and private those involved. Besides, wouldnt it be so cool if Jedi doctrine only included statements which no-one could argue with either scientifically or religously, then there would be no reason not to be a jedi and the church could outgrow all the other faiths on earth.

4 March 2007

Sexuality is a born trait, not learned. Saying anything otherwise is against human nature...aka the force...I'm not one to abject to the will of the force, in all its colors...

16 April 2007

Sexuality is a born trait, not learned. Saying anything otherwise is against human nature...aka the force...I'm not one to abject to the will of the force, in all its colors...

9 July 2007

This is another individual choice. Any such choice takes into consideration all the personal factors which the chooser can assess; if the chooser is truly one with the Great Force, he or she will do nothing to disturb It, nor to depart from the universal destiny as it moves away from disorder.

17 August 2007

In todays world, If you call your self a real religion and a real church you should try to give real answers to real issues not fake answers like mariiage is a no no for jedi. Hell i follow the jedi way and have been married for 18 years. if your not serious about the real deal then this is a waist of your time to post an ours to read it.

31 August 2007

The Force is sexless, so is love.

31 August 2007

Same as gay thing.

13 November 2007

Marriage has nothing to do with love. It's a legally binding contract and nothing else.

20 November 2007

Marriage may be against the rule to Jedi of letting the love of another blind you. But they should have exceptions.

24 November 2007

The force drives everything. There is always a balance, is it truely balanced to allow straight people to marry and not gays?

7 January 2008


13 January 2008

A Jedi sexuallity is not in question, nor how they love.

13 January 2008

Jedis may have whatever preferences they wish, but should hold true to the fact that love clouds judgement at times

24 January 2008

Yes, Love is always a good thing. love strengthens the light side of the force.

27 January 2008

Same as my answer for question one...

29 January 2008

why not, not letting jedi marry more or less caused Darth Vader

30 January 2008

Who cares? Let them be free.

31 January 2008

You must do what you feel is right for you, the force and those around you.

31 January 2008

Love is love. There should be no reason to discriminate based on the genders of those involved if they wish to form a committed union to each other.

11 February 2008

yes even though they should not show attachment

15 February 2008

A mi me da igual, pero si de verdad se quieren como yo a mi esposa estoy de acuerdo.

18 February 2008

only if there ungly lesbians and they dont come out in public!

21 February 2008

If marriage is allowed it should be allowed for all species and races. People are born being gay is an instinct and teh Jedi trust their instincts.

27 February 2008

Jedi have been known to marry - however, romance is bound to never end well, and this can cloud a Jedi's mind drastically. Even so, there should not be any reason to favor one sexual orientation over another, and if one does choose to be married, it should be with whoever or whatever they wish - assuming it's a valid sentient organism of reasonable age within its own species' lifespan.

22 March 2008

why not ??? its all under the force =]

1 April 2008

It depends, this should be more a question of the marriage. Marriage could lead to attachment, which could be bad. However, if the marriage is proper and there is no undue attachment or clouding of judgment, then it should be just as OK as any other marriage.

6 April 2008

Love is Force, and Force is love

19 April 2008

I beleive this is a personal choice and not something we should get involved in. If we are ok with people being gay then it is only fair that be allowed to marry

29 April 2008

Indeed, a Jedi, if they feel it the right thing to do, should join with whom they will.

9 May 2008

it helps bring many more jedi into the world but does have a risk of seduction ofcourse

26 May 2008


26 May 2008

On planet Earth in the 21st century, as modern Jedi, there will be emotional attachement, there will be marriage. Whether knights or devotees, individuals deserve the blessing of being bound in marriage in the Force.

27 May 2008

Free religion. for me to follow the religion i have to agree

5 June 2008

Jedi should set example for the rest of the humanity. By doing this we send message that it is okay..

15 August 2008

Jedi should accept others as they are, it is not our place to judge what others are. As to what I've read of attachment being banned... I disagree completely. It should be a personal choice. To quote from a fictional character who inspires us anyway, "Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering." Subjective statements such as, "Gays are just wrong," reflect Hate. That leads to the Darkside of Human Nature, and it is something Jedi should avoid.

6 October 2008

Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.

30 October 2008

Homophobe. these views belong a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

29 November 2008


5 January 2009

This follows the is it okay for a jedi to be gay question. They have rights as people too.

10 January 2009

If they are both chicks and are both hot.

10 January 2009

yes, it effects me nor anyone else "not"

16 February 2009

Hello Jedis do not marry. Has the affair of Darth Vadar and Padaquin been forgotten????

28 February 2009

as long as it doesnt get in the way of your attaining oneness with the Force

7 March 2009

Jedi are a free race, they may therefore do whatever they want as long as it does not harm others and it be fine. The general asumption that Jedi are not allowed to love is really annoying now, It is impossible to live without love.

11 March 2009

Anti homosexuality is a CHRISTIAN belief. we are not christians.

13 March 2009

Why not. We are not the Catholic church. If they love each other, they should have the same rights as any other individual on earth.

20 March 2009

Again, this does not worry me if it doesnt effect the greater decisions that need to be made- same with opposite marriages

21 March 2009

When two life forces become linked, they gain strength and encouragement from each other. This makes them both more powerful, so who cares what sex the person is, or if it is platonic or not.

2 April 2009

Marriage is a partnership contract. As long as entering into such a contract is harmonious with The Force and furthers the individual's growth and performance it is a benefit.

18 April 2009

I believe this is a repeat of the first question and once again I say it is upto the individual, and not the place of a Jedi to criticise.

20 April 2009

Personal question, this has nothing to do with being Jedi.

2 May 2009

If a Jedi get's married.... they are no longer Jedi! Same sex, or opposite sex.... Once you engage in a relationship, you are NO LONGER A JEDI!!!

13 May 2009

I agree Jedi can marry same sex. But once you are married you are not a Jedi. Forbidden means not to do something and marrige is forbidden.

16 May 2009

Its not hurting us so why not.

25 May 2009

Again, this question leans towards the issue of prejudice. Prejudice is the hate of that which is different to you. Hate leads to the dark side.

9 July 2009

While I believe succumbing to emotion a marker of the 'Dark Side' there is a difference between experiencing emotion, and emersing your self in emotion. If you love who does it matter?

28 September 2009

This has absolutly nothing to do with the force. To each his/her own.

29 September 2009

is the intend one of goodness or light

7 October 2009

Discrimination is pure fear, fear leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. all Jedi are equal and should have equal rights in everything.

13 October 2009

Of course it's ok. How does same sex marriage hurt this church? Are we not open to the will of the Force? Perhaps SSM is the will...

16 October 2009

I accepted that gay jedi should be allowed, I dont see why marriage should be stopped. Equal rights for everyone is essential in a good community. Inequality will likely lead to arguements and hatred between peoples

25 October 2009

If the will of the Force it is, then judge not I.

13 November 2009

Didn't even read the above comments. I feel the same about this question as i did about Jedis being gay. Who are we to judge? We should know what is right and wrong.

28 November 2009

As long as they keep to the code of the Jedi order then there should be no problem. Anieken wouldn't off kept his silent if he could marry.

8 December 2009

If marriage is concidered acceptable in the jedi religion is it up to the jedi to choose his/her partner. Discrimination is undesirable and sexual preference irrelevant.

16 December 2009

If Luke skywalker could get married then anyone can. I dont see how same sex marriage would hurt the whole order. I jedi follow's thier heart.

28 December 2009

Love is love. Passion is not a jedi trait. It is all attachment and delusion, yet if chosen and accepted by heterosexual Jedi, why not homosexual Jedi?

2 January 2010

Marriage to anyone is fine as long as the good of the people is put before all else

27 January 2010


29 January 2010

WTF does this have to do with Jedi?

22 February 2010


3 March 2010

Correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't Yoda gay? He was always hanging out with the boys. I guess it would be fine after all he was the man!

18 March 2010

as with homosexuality there is no true moral fault in gay marriage. Search your feelings, you know this to be true.

22 March 2010

to deny ones self is to deny the force.

5 April 2010

Absolutely. A person should be judged on their actions, not on who they prefer to rub up and down against.

8 April 2010

The force does not discriminate, the force accepts all, as Jedi's we should be as accepting.

16 April 2010

Any love is good as long as its built on understanding and communication.

5 May 2010

Marriage promotes emotion and emotions promote power.

6 May 2010

We are essentially Spirit based; it is the Spirit which survives that point we call "death". We regularly experience gender changes during our many incarnations. We need to experience fatherhood, motherhood, celibacy, loss, gift of life, etc. So any marriage is a union between two like-minded spirits regardless of physical gender.

15 July 2010

Why shouldn't a Jedi marry the person of their love interest? Why should we be like those Christian oppressors and refuse someone their love? Let man have man, woman have woman, or whatever they are into. Except animals. THAT is wrong unless it is guaranteed it will result in such things as a minotaur.

7 September 2010

me and yoda had a thing once but werent aloud to get married because of the rules... i vote agree as i want 2 marry my new jedi boy friend Luke S.

18 October 2010

Uh, yeah.

4 November 2010

Marriage is but a verbal commitment that those who have already bound themselves in love have made. It is not for the Jedi to take this voice from love. It is indeed Love that is the highest expression of light. Also, like many faiths, the Jedi too have been influenced by all male perceptions, lacking in the ways and truth of the divine feminine. Marriage is an expression of real human existence (regardless of gender) it is the feminine expression of divine love, to put this asunder risks all that is real and tangible in this life, and risks an imbalance in the force.

29 November 2010

As my favorite Star Trek species says: "Irrelavent"

2 December 2010

We may marry who we want.

13 January 2011

Marriage is merely a contract with the local government as it pertains to property rights and other privileges granted through citizenship. A Jedi of any gender can marry a Jedi of any gender (provided they meet the age requirement in their place of residence).

22 January 2011

If Jedi are not allowed to marry at all, then why do we have our own marriage ceremony?

25 April 2011

marriage is a beautiful thing it is ones choice too be in love or to not but in my point in view any jedi can get married to who ever they like and for that may the force be with them

11 June 2011

Although marriage may lead to attachment, it shouldn't matter if both are mindful and do not become completely attached, heterosexual, homosexual or any other coupling. If the force leads them together and they are mindful not to become attached, then I see no problem.

11 June 2011

True Jedi know that love is the strongest part of the force. Love can strengthen the light within you or lead you to the darkside. Any relationship is acceptable if it is positive for the Jedi.

11 February 2012

The Force does not discriminate against anyone, and neither should we. It is their choice, their life, and their happiness at stake.

21 February 2012

personal choice

2 April 2012

The old Jedi order were not aloud to love or to show any attachment to a single person. However there are many references to Jedi of the new order (post Return of the Jedi) to Jedi knights being married. I don't think a organisation such as the Jedi would alow it's self to get bogged down with such trivial things as the sexual orientation of a member and would instead concern it's self with more pressing matters like helping those who need it. Oh and yes I am gay myself...

5 November 2012

The Force lives in us all, it is not bias.

8 November 2012

If the Jedi are aloud to marry then denying same sex marriage would be to oppose equality

28 November 2012

Not a problem but this could cause war between us.

11 January 2013

Jedi have been known to marry - however, romance is bound to never end well, and this can cloud a Jedi's mind drastically. Even so, there should not be any reason to favor one sexual orientation over another, and if one does choose to be married, it should be with whoever or whatever they wish - assuming it's a valid sentient organism of reasonable age within its own species' lifespan.

28 January 2013


5 June 2013

It is if you are intending to break the code"There is No Emotion just Peace." but if you have enough will to keep from letting the emotions turn to the darkside it is "OK". In my opinion "Gay" or "Straight" relationships are on the same plane on the Jedi faith. This is a low social issue. Jedi should be working on breaking the barriers humans make to separate each other to find peace among each other. "gray jedi" break the code all the time and they are very respected among the jedi because of their wisdom.

20 June 2013

Yes of course it is. I realise that the traditional interpretation is that Jedi are not supposed to become attached to others, but I would disagree it is important for a Jedi to love in order to be more appreciative of life.

4 July 2013

Yes, there is nothing wrong with it at all.

15 October 2013

I believe love is a powerful element of the force. If you are in love, gender is no issue.

2 December 2013

The force loves everyone who ever they are

8 January 2014

To say that gays make you sick makes you judgmental Jedis are to love and help everyone no matter what walk of life they come from

19 April 2014


28 April 2014

the important thing is that you use the force and help others

5 May 2014

Why do we need two questions on this? And yes, "attachment" is forbidden, but that does not mean you cannot have relationships. To forbid relationships is unrealistic and unhelpful.

3 September 2014

i dont see it being a problem. remembering Jedi are enlightened beings and all

21 November 2014

We will not take the direction of bigotry that other religions have. The Jedi are inclusive and tolerant. It is better for each of us to be committed our partner, whether heterosexual or homosexual.

23 February 2015

This would make homosexuals turn away. From jediism

27 June 2015

Many people argue that Jedis should not marry in the first place, but there are official Jedi wedding ceremonies. If we have these, then any marriage between Jedis should be allowed.

14 December 2015

It is never the place of a Jedi to dictate or stifle the happiness of another living being.

1 January 2016

This is a nontheistic religion. Who's to say that heterosexual marriages are worth more than same-sex ones?

25 January 2016

sexual preference is not a problem. A Jedi should, not show unconditional love torwards someone, but instead show it for everyone.

15 July 2016

As noted before, Jedi are not encouraged to have ANY relationships. Same sex marriage is legal in the USA. I don't think it the place of the Jedi to decide for other Jedi who they may or may not marry.

2 August 2016

Happiness is key. Not opinions.

18 September 2016

Love is love

3 January 2018

as I said before we may not be allowed to form attachments this is true however we are all still humans its our nature we can not help it its who we are the will of the force gave us the ability to feel love it is our job as jedi to make sure we are not consumed by the darkside while loving our significant other be it male or female using people for sex is an act of greed which is a path to the darkside but to be gay is ok

30 October 2018

Reasons for Remain Neutral

jedi are not to love, then again many jedi had babies!

30 October 2006

ther should b no marrage but reproduction yes

17 January 2007

jedi's can't love or hate.

28 March 2007

Sexual preference matters not, but as Jedi are forbidden to love marriage is a big NO NO!!

28 July 2007

Sexual preference is irrelevent. Love strengthens a Jedi but only if the Jedi in question does not let it cloud their Judgement, all those who say otherwise should re-assess their beliefs.

16 September 2007

Sexual preference is irrelevent. Love strengthens a Jedi but only if the Jedi in question does not let it cloud their Judgement

6 December 2007

I think the real question is; should a jedi be allowed to hold such ignorant and racist views as the general consensus of voters seems to?

22 January 2008

I think the real question is; should a jedi be allowed to hold such ignorant and racist views as the general consensus of voters seems to?

23 January 2008

Jedi crave not these things.

27 January 2008

A devout Jedi should not get married to a partner of either sex, however, lay Jedi can.

9 February 2008

upto the individuals involved

11 February 2008

damn who cares?

12 February 2008

Marriage is a biblical rite, since granted legal identity. Jedi should be the first to turn from it as a practice; instead forming partnerships with lifemates... of any sex, race, or intergalactic species!

19 February 2008

do jedi even get married?

20 February 2008

marriages create attachements. It's not Jedi way.

29 March 2008

to each his/her own

19 April 2008


26 April 2008

Jedi do what is best for the protection of the universe

29 April 2008

it should be ok as long its not to be to the dark side

16 May 2008

Attachment leads to pain

25 May 2008

1st the question of whether it is ok to have marriage amung the Jedi must be answered.

26 May 2008

You can still be in love and be a good Jedi. To each their own. We are not here to pass judgement.

11 July 2008

Who are we to judge one should not do that.

5 August 2008

as i said in the other question box. i think jedis should be aloud to marry own sex or even fancy own sex. but me personaly i follow the jedi code and i will not get married.

31 August 2008

Jedi masters may not be married. Jedi knights should not marry, except if locally necessary to give legal status to a child or to aid in the rescue of an oppressed. Given such a necesity, the gender of the oppressed is not relevant.

9 September 2008

Jedi arent supposed to marry.

15 October 2008

Again I don't care, to each his own

31 March 2009

I don't make rules.

4 August 2009

Who cares. Unless they try to drive their beliefs down our throats (figuritivly speaking)

24 August 2009

The idea of the Lucas Jedi not having a close attachemnt to another person is one of course to push a plot rather than an absolute. When one looks to the Force for such concepts you can find that the paring of humanbeings is a natural occurance both in spiritual and cultural refrences. Marriage has its roots in all religions including that of the Jedi. Where other religions focus on the directives of a diety, the Jedi religion focus on the connection of the Universe and all life to the Force. As such from the Jedi's perspective this is an irrelivant question. This is a cultural question and as such a Jedi must respect the cultural edicts so long as those edicts respect life.

19 September 2009

must not call them marriages, call them civil unions.

29 September 2009

do what you will

20 October 2009

Jedi should never marryat all, full stop.

27 October 2009

If the decision has been thought through thouroughly enough, then I see no problem. However, Jedi's work better when they operate alone. We must not let love get in the way of the aim of power. After all, there is no good and evil, love and hate, only power.

5 January 2010

up to the jedi, emotion leads to the dark side

25 January 2010

I don't see how anyone who walks a path as solitary as the Jedi can find time for any marriage, homo- or hetro-

27 January 2010

no marriage

11 February 2010

ALL is well in the FORCE.

28 February 2010

the force be with you all

17 March 2010

Jedis don't marry. It is contrary to the whole point of being a Jedi.

20 March 2010

Attachment is forbidden?

25 March 2010

I remain in my stance of leaving the matter to the jedi's in question

10 April 2010

I see issues with marriage, it is a flawed system that supports religious beliefs. I think that partnerships should be considered, and hold the same power as a marriage with out being a marriage.

21 June 2010

who the fuck would marry a jedi

30 June 2010

I think marriage is not the way of the Force. Force flows free. Jedis can be in eny kind of marriages but its should not be matter of the Jedi Cruch.

25 July 2010

although there is no problem with this a Jedi should only do this with blessing of the council

20 August 2010

This question is irrelevant.

26 November 2010

Jedi is sex independent

3 January 2011

Council must be sought in order to find a path that benefits balance. Agree nor dis-agree do I.

16 January 2011

If we take the basics of the jedi faith i.e. a unifying force then marriage as an issue is separate.

22 February 2012

cant even get married

23 July 2012

no emotion just pece

18 November 2013

Jedi's don't love or hate, thus making this question irrelevant.

8 September 2014

There SHOULD be no attachments, but there's nothing wrong with it.

10 October 2014

Marriage is not the Jedi way.

14 April 2015

Jedis are not supposed to build attachment of any kind, but it's up to the Jedi to choose

29 April 2015

Jedi are not to love or build attachment, regardless of gender.then again many jedi had babies!

22 December 2015

Ain't none of my business who you marry, as long as it don't effect your work

11 June 2018

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