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Criminals on the very dark side of the force, like murderers, should get the death penalty?

On average, everyone disagrees with significant nonconsensus between 1114 voters.


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Criminals on the very dark side of the force, like murderers, should get the death penalty

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Reasons To Disagree

Jedi never kill a prisoner. All life has value.

27 October 2006

jedi never kill a prisoner

30 October 2006

Every one deserves a second chance....every one.

18 November 2006

I belive exile and banashment are the best way to deal with murders it eliminates risk of future reoffence and also punnishes the offender

25 November 2006

Killing someone is not the Jedi way, and is a path to the dark side. It doesn't matter if the person you are killing is dark or light, it is still wrong. If you want them to pay for the crimes, then leave them be, and let them suffer in prison where they belong.

16 December 2006

The dark side is the strong side

19 December 2006

Life in all forms should be valued

20 January 2007

There is always potential for redemtion even in the darkest soul. (eg vader)

16 February 2007

killing is the sith way. we are jedi. isolation and alienation is required with a stronger mentor to tutor them back to the path of light

18 February 2007

the force protects life

28 February 2007

Surely to be aggressive is to succumb to the dark side. There must be no death penalty as punishment. a Jedi penal code could only include various methods of re-education and a system of scale duty to make good for the wrongdoing.

4 March 2007

No. It's about us, not them. Are we to be better than them, to take the higher road or take the infantile eye for an eye road? When all is said and done, is it them that was more evil, or was it us that was more good?

16 April 2007

no join the dark side

25 April 2007

If you were to give the death penalty to some one, then you would be a murderer yourself. Should you get the death penalty?

19 May 2007

It would depend on the person. Honestly, I think that if the person is a threat to everyone in the universe no matter what we try, we should kill them, but only under the most extreme of circumstances. Killing on will makes us no better than the murderer themselves.

15 June 2007

All life matters, a criminal should be shown the correct path to follow

28 July 2007

to commit a act of murder does not always mean to be evil.

31 August 2007

nope... it's still a life

31 August 2007

they can still be turned to the light, besides jedi do not kill.

3 September 2007

All life has value.

4 September 2007

Jedi value all life, those in the previously mentioned state are no exception, they just need help.

16 September 2007

You cannot stop evil by killing it. The darkness remains, if only in us.

5 October 2007

Life Inprisonment and full-time hard labour is punishment enough for Murderers ( male or female ). But sexual perverts should be medicated as well to prevent, any abuse.

16 October 2007

All life has value.

20 November 2007

Nobody deserves execution, no matter what their crimes.

22 November 2007

Innocent men and women wrongly convicted find a pardon over a gravestone meaningless.

23 November 2007

Jedi hold all life sacred, even that of a dark sider. They do not kill their prisoners. There is always hope for redemption.

16 December 2007

Killing is of the Dark side and as such is not needed, but freezing them would make them easier to store

26 December 2007

Every one deserves a second chance to redeem them selfs

30 December 2007

i diasgree cos some one who has taken another life shud be able live with wat they have done an not get away with it

7 January 2008

nah, no death penalty. we jedis will get them instead.

10 January 2008

only if they will not cooperate to be aprehended and u have to kill them in self defence...other wise they should be handed to authorities

13 January 2008

As the Force is life and life is the Force, coursing a death is of the "Darkside", so too would be distroying the life that kill's.

13 January 2008

The death penalty should never be used.

22 January 2008

With out evil what would there be to make what we do good. Murder of a murderer makes you no better than them we must rise above stupidity and become better as a race.

22 January 2008

no-one deserves death their victims didnt

23 January 2008

Death is an easy way out. It also makes us no better than the murderer. All people should be given a chance for spiritual refinement

24 January 2008

Only the Creator of man has the right to determine when we should die.

24 January 2008

Criminals like these are often victims themselves. Jedi need to protect others from them and do our best to help them move towards the light side of the force.

27 January 2008

Revenge and murder are NOT the way of the Jedi, to give a sith the satisfaction of converting of us by our giving in to murderous impulses is WRONG. Jedi do not kill except in defense and when it is absolutely unavoidable. we MUST learn from Master Windu, and not allow ourselves to become emotionally involved in these things so that we deny others, no matter how evil or monsterous basic sentient rights

30 January 2008

There is no need to take a life for another life. This would make us no better than them. Incarceration is best. Eventually the force will decide their fate.

31 January 2008

Only the Sith are hunted by Jedi, not mere criminals who need mental help and confinement. Also the Jedi are aware of Sith influences with in governments and thus we can not trust in their choices. Because more often than not the human life on death row may very well be a Jedi!!!

1 February 2008

It is only racceptable to take a life if that is necessary to save another. To shoot a man who is holding a gun to the head of a hostage would be acceptable, to kill a prisoner who can do no more harm is WRONG.

9 February 2008

It all comes down to one fundamental truth. It is never okay to kill another human being, under any circumstances. To endorse the death penalty is to endorse state approved murder.

11 February 2008

I disagree strongly

12 February 2008

like the rest...

12 February 2008

someone earlier said everybody deserve a second chance, the victim does not get a second chance. send crims to the moon.

20 February 2008

You can call the death penalty a "Happy hug" but it is still murder.

22 February 2008

Jedi don't kill thier prisoner .they give them a second chance.

26 February 2008

Should we make The Jedi murderers now? All life is to be valued. We have no right to make such decisions.

7 March 2008

it is not the Jedi way, but of course circumstances lead to decisions which must be made, and if it is too dangerous to keep someone alive for fear of further attacks, then so be it, but not in the name of the Jedi order.

21 March 2008

Two wrongs doesnt make a right. Its not the jedi way, unless they're too dangerous to be kept alive.

21 March 2008

Jedi will only kill if there is no other choice.

23 March 2008

no life should be taken, we should encourage them to find the good in them. This should be done behind bars

24 March 2008

Killing people evan on the dark side is just bringing the darkside out in the jedi force

31 March 2008

Even the most evil man can turn to the light side.

2 April 2008

This would be bending the natural flow of the force to your own wants, the Jedi would never kill unless it saved their own life, or the life of an innocent. This would lead to the dark side, we can't bend the force to our will.

6 April 2008

Jedi are to not chose who lives and who dies.

15 April 2008

We as jedi are not murderers.

17 April 2008


19 April 2008

No. Once these people are unarmed and not a danger to anyone anymore they are no longer a threat and shouldn't be slaughtered. Look back on Anakin killing Dooku when Dooku had no hands on no means of defence (unless of course he could use the force well enough without his hands). People should be detained and looked after, encouraged to change their ways, and if a change won't happen, let them be institutionalised like in The Shawshank Redemption, where they are so used to live imprisoned that they can't bare to leave.

29 April 2008

no one should

7 May 2008

Jedi do not kill their prisoners, all life has chance for reform

9 May 2008

Absolutely not.

22 May 2008

If you were to give the death penalty to some one, then you would be a murderer yourself. Should you get the death penalty?

25 May 2008

as jedi we must let prisoners live i mean look what it did for vader luke had a chance to strike him down but he didnt and vader killed the emperor

26 May 2008

There is a side to every story, there is value in every life, and there is a chance that you may be wrong about whether they did the crime and end up killing an innocent. It is not the Jedi way and death only leads to more violence.

26 May 2008

the jedi with the brightest light has emerged from the dark.

29 May 2008

Anyone who murders another being should be punished but not murdered.

2 June 2008

anyone can be brought back to the light

3 June 2008

not if they are prisoners. death in combat is ok.

5 June 2008

Anybody from thr dark side should be taught, and brought back to the light side. All unnecessary killing is wrong. -Jakeobi Kenobi

17 June 2008

All life should be kept, who are we to take a life away?

19 July 2008

The Jedi use there power for knowledge and Defence never attack!

25 July 2008

We souldn't have the power to take a life.

2 August 2008

No one is beyond redemption. Darth Vader is a perfect example of this

15 August 2008

In England, so called murderers are being let free after years in prison, when fresh evidence proves their innocence and the polices' guilt!!!

17 August 2008

All life has a value, perhaps try to bring them to the light, but not kill them.

1 September 2008

no somos los seres adecuados para quitar la vida a nadie por sus actos, solamente estamos en nuestro derecho de la defensa si somos los agradidos, pero no podemos matar ya que eso implica la capacidad de juicio que no tenemos, ya que nos cegaria la ira y todos sabemos a donde nos lleva eso.

9 September 2008

not the death penalty but killing them should be allowed if it is the only way to stop them, but killing a prisoner is dark side logic

10 September 2008

It is for the light side to use the force only in defense

13 September 2008

All life has value and purpose in the force

19 September 2008

To kill in self-defense is one thing. To actively end a life after a prisoner has been taken is wrong. It is not for us to decide whether or not that person can redeem themselves in any way, it is up to them. In the eyes of the Force, we all have right to life... To kill someone already incarcerated and helpless is not the way.

6 October 2008

Life is sacred in all of its forms. They should be left to rot in a pit of their own self pity for eons to come.

14 October 2008

I agree

17 October 2008

Value all life.

31 October 2008

We must turn them to the LIGHT!

27 November 2008

For a Jedi to take a life as a punishment or penalty for acts committed goes very much against our code. Incarcerate those who have turned to the dark side, and remove them from society where they may turn others, but do not take life as an act of revenge or "justice". No-one is beyond redemption - remember Vader?

9 December 2008

never-there is always a small good side in someone that could start a spark

20 December 2008

Jedi should not kill their prisnors. If we were to have someone like that in custody. we should torture them, make them really pay for their crimes

28 December 2008

all life is sacred, and the justice systems we have are fallable

16 February 2009

We are about good not evil and only in combat.

28 February 2009

all life is sacred. when one does evil in the course of their life, it is the result of pain and/or fear. we must understand that pain and fear can be removed and the criminal brought back to the light. we as Jedi must be the most compassionate of all beings.

7 March 2009

They should be stopped not killed.

10 March 2009

- It is a basic belief of the Jedi that we are against cruel and unusual punishment, including the death penalty

11 March 2009

I say it with Gandalf: If you can give them back their live, after you take it from them, only then is it allowed for you to kill them.

20 March 2009

If they are defenceless/a prisoner then a Jedi should not srike him/her down. If he/she is a major threat however (and armed) then it may be necessary- but they must have a trial. There is always a chance that they could redeem themselves. Although this is not for a Jedi to decide- it is the laws/governments choice.

21 March 2009

Killing turns us all to the Dark Side

17 April 2009

Second chance or an option to join the JEDI side should be explored before handing out the punishment.

18 April 2009

Jedi are not executioners. Decisions which cannot be reversed upon gaining new, additional information are terribly dangerous. Jedi avoid killing if there are any other reasonable alternatives.

18 April 2009

Jedi do not believe in death penalty.

19 April 2009

Living with the guilt and regret or living with constant punishment is tougher than allowing them the easy escape of death. Also to end their life without the option of redemption would seem un-Jedi like.

20 April 2009

who gave us the right to be Arbiters of other's fates

21 April 2009

It is not a Jedi's place to choose who lives and who dies. The criminal is already a prisoner, and murder leads to the dark side. It is wrong for one to choose who lives and dies, our fate is left up to the force!

26 April 2009

Difficult it is. Sometimes the anger I feel at an inexcusable crime and wish for retribution, punishment for the perpetrator. Then I see the Dark Side within us all that pushes me to a similar act in my anger. I could not kill other than in an act self defence but ways must be found to prevent those who commit these atrocities.

2 May 2009

Jedi are wise and destroying life is not wise futher more there should be no life sentence In everyone there is good and evil like yin and yang you can't have one without the other.

11 June 2009

Remember their is no anger, and there is redemption for all

17 June 2009

Penalties dont work. Incarceration institutions are crime schools, Death penalties are a bully system. Unfortunately there is no true rehabilitation system on this earth, but this Earth needs one desperately.

22 July 2009

if we could one day harness the dark side, and create light electrons, all the negative energy will have become positive, therefore all the carebears will be happy again :))

23 July 2009

I am against death penalty, no matter what religion you're following, what colour or sex you are. Death to humans by an other human should be forbidden in my opinion.

8 August 2009

'Noone deserves death, no matter what there crimes' -Bastila Shan

27 August 2009

no, because a greater punishment would for them to live with the pain of taking a life.

26 September 2009

Only in extreme situations when proven guilty without a doubt.

29 September 2009

NO death penalty, maybe life in prison, SEE the situation in CA where death row is very expensive. Who is to judge?

29 September 2009

Vader returned to the light...

7 October 2009

Nothing can't be repaired, as goes the same for the mind of a criminal.

8 October 2009

Revenge and murder are NOT the way of the Jedi, to give a sith the satisfaction of converting us by our giving in to murderous impulses is WRONG. Jedi do not kill except in defense and when it is absolutely unavoidable. we MUST not allow ourselves to become emotionally involved in these things so that we deny others, no matter how evil or monsterous basic sentient rights

13 October 2009

Noone deserves death, however much we wish it upon them. There are many other ways to go about this that are a thousand times worse than the tranquility of death. Humilation should be used in this instance.

25 October 2009

Vengeance is of the Dark Side.

13 November 2009

A grand purpose is needed for a Jedi to destroy anything. A prisoner in jail lacks purpose. Killing leads to disturbance in the force.

15 December 2009

The jedi does not execute other sentient beeings.

16 December 2009

violence will beget violence and death will beget death. mark my words no good can come of this.

26 December 2009

A Jedi is a Jedi. A Jedi being is worth it's weight in gold. It is too precious to lose. Remember, there is power and strength in numbers. THERE IS NO GOOD AND EVIL, LOVE AND HATE, ONLY POWER.

5 January 2010

We are not the appropriate beings to remove life anyone for their acts, we are only our right of defence if we are the agradidos, but we can not kill since that implies the view that we have no capacity since we cegaria anger and all know where that leads.

14 January 2010

If he/she resists their punishment, then death might be the only option, however Jedi value life so it must be greatly considered

20 January 2010

i would hate to be faulsy abused or actually abused and killed, i would hate it. so thats too american and old NO DEATH PENAULTY

21 January 2010

If the kill for pleasure or just to kill then let them be killed. If they killed in self defense then let them stand an honorable trial and give them a chance to live.

23 January 2010

its more painful to be restricted then die

4 February 2010

All JEDI life have inherant dignity granted by their creator, no JEDI life should be purposely taken.

26 February 2010

the live is a posetion of the force

20 March 2010

As jedi we are peace keepers it is the way of the darkside to kill in order to acieve our means.

22 March 2010

By killing, we are lowering ourselves to their standards.

29 March 2010

no one deserves death

2 April 2010

To Wish death on another is to begin to fall to the darkside. Dark jedi should be brought to justice, Death is not justice, just a final act.

5 April 2010

everyman is intital to a fair trial and should do life sentaces

14 April 2010

captivity is more in line with the Forces ways.

16 April 2010

the darkside is evil, we as jedi must eliminate evil and stop it from spreading, but killing is not the answer. We as jedi follow the light side of the Force, we should not be swayed to fall into the trap of the Darkside.

16 April 2010

Jedi never kill a prisoner. All life has value

1 May 2010

No. It is wrong to kill a prisoner, it is the path to the dark side. Look what happened to Anakin after he killed Dooku.

2 May 2010

Just because the Dark Side rules in them does not mean they cannot turn their back on the Dark and accept the Light. But why would someone turn their back on the ultimate power that comes with the Dark Side of the Force.

6 May 2010

hate leads to suffering...

10 May 2010

I disagree because that is the Sith's way of dealing with revenge. Jedi should never take the life of an unarmed opponent. The death penalty relieves them of any weapon and is then killed in cold blood. Jedi do not take revenge.

26 May 2010

Does it not make you a better Jedi to show the lost sheep that has wandered to the Dark Side of the force the error of its ways?

28 May 2010

we should keep prisoners behind bars why give them an easy way out

10 June 2010

No need for Death Penalty. Murderer or not, still they are part of the Force. Judging is not ment for those who wish to flow with the Force.

25 July 2010

Jedi will only resort to deadly force if forced by another to do so. certainly the Jedi will never kill a Prisoner

20 August 2010

Killing is not the way of the Jedi.

17 September 2010

Send them to their own hell to play together, confined, like the scum they are.

26 November 2010

No. Killing for retribution, anger, revenge and fear are qualities of the dark side. Execution lacks love, mercy, judgement, and restraint. Restoration also known as restorative justice is the justice we seek. Crime is but an expression of harm, and all those who harm have been harmed themselves. Crimes such as murder and others are results of the harms that come from structural violence in our societies. If we wish to keep people safe we must fix the brokenness of our people, not create more. I speak not only as a Jedi, but as an official advocate of restorative justice. I am seeking to death penalty abolition in my state and I volunteer at a state prison facilitating restorative justice and peace education to adult male offenders. Peace is possible, this is the light.

29 November 2010

In all living things, they start out with no knowledge or training and as the future grows, so do living things (both in mind, spirit, and body). With this, all things have some good hidden in them even if they seem to be cold hearted criminals. Just some haven't touched the good or have been self-revealed to their goodness, in thus...they commit crimes. So, I disagree with the death penalty. Jedi's are here to train all things to reveal the good inside and thus can learn from criminals in how to better the training. If a Jedi can turn a living thing from the dark side back into the light side, they have succeeded in increasing their knowledge and the understanding of helping others.

7 January 2011

They should get the chance to learn from their mistakes, but multiple offenders should pay the price for wrong doing

10 January 2011

While I do have a gut-level reaction that amounts to "eye for an eye", the death penalty is not a deterrent and it cannot be equitably applied. Even so, Jedi are not in the practice of vengeance.

22 January 2011

A Jedi never kills an unarmed apponent.

28 February 2011

As Jedi it is not our way to determine who dies and who lives, if their life is taken as soon as they are caught then they have not paid the full price for their venture to the dark side. They must live to see the error in their ways, live in prison for their remaining life in the hope that they will see their error and sacrifice their dark ways and venture once again into the light.

14 March 2011

Imprisonment is doable. A Jedi must respect life and resort to violence only as a last resort.

15 March 2011

Then we would be no better than them.

22 March 2011

We do not have the right to take some-else life. There are other ways to fight against the dark. Let the government do there job. We are Jedi's and we are bound by the law of this world.

26 April 2011

Jedi don't kill. They are protectors.

2 May 2011

Although this is not our topic to discuss and is a part of the state, all life has value.

11 June 2011

no, they deserve a chance to change themselves, it's not right to kill someone if they can learn from mistakes

5 May 2012

I've never subscribed to the whole "eye for an eye, life for a life" mentality of crime and punishment. If you kill someone for doing wrong, yes it serves as a warning to others, to the person being punished doesn't learn anything and isn't given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, all be it a very serious one!

5 November 2012

Murder is wrong, to kill them would bring us to their level. Jedi preserve life, no destroy it.

28 November 2012

The Jedi stand for peace, and are advocates of life. We are not executioners

23 December 2012

Master Anakin got a second chance.

11 January 2013

i do not beilive we as beings of exsitance have the right to take the life of a prisoner. if in battle then so be it but not an unarmed being in a cage that is simply not right

28 January 2013

are we no better than them

18 November 2013

Anakin redeemed himself. So can you.

10 March 2014

A man who says that he have the right to kil another man IS IN THE DARK SIDE. SO NO! THE ONLY WAY TO KILL SOMEONE IS BECAUSE HE IS A THREAT FOR LIVES. (I love capital letter)

23 April 2014


28 April 2014

Death destroys all hope of redemption. And the death of the criminal never restores what was lost to anyone.

4 May 2014

To kill them would make us no better than them.

13 June 2014

Killing of a person (innocent or not) should only be an act of self-defense. I would rather see these criminals doing hard labor (i.e. the things no one else wants to do) than to waste their lives as well. Killing has never brought a victim back yet...

3 September 2014

Taking life should only be done to protect others or self. Anyone found guilty of a crime should be rehabilitated before release back into society. Those beyond rehabilitation should not be released.

21 September 2014

i disagree with this being a discussion point for a church. but if they can be brought back to the light, shouldn't we try, for the greater good?

21 November 2014

It is not the place of a being to determine who should live or die. That is the Way of the Dark Side.

6 December 2014

Every man can be rehabilitated. Death is irreversible. We should act just as Luke who was compassionate with his father, even though he seemed lost to the dark side for good. We value life.

23 February 2015

Everyone deserves to live their natural life, and their life will be taken when its time. Eveyrone's time will come, and no human has the right to decide that that time will come earlier for another.

19 April 2015

only if they resist capture and the jedi's life is in danger

29 April 2015

That is not the way, life is precious

27 June 2015

Jedi do not kill prisoners.

1 January 2016

Killing is the path to the dark side. While criminals should be punished, we must value ALL life.

25 January 2016

THEY HAVE CROSSED the line to the dark side but a life is a life and all should be allowed to live, even though they have been on the dark-side, education can help turn to them.

15 July 2016

Only the force can decide truly if a person is deserving of death.

8 October 2016

For me it simple life is the most valuable thing.your dark or light. Is death not the easy way out ? only the living pay prices,regret guilt penance .can light never be brought to a dark place? What grater deed could be done.

11 November 2017

No death penalty, let them rot in prison for their horrible deeds.

3 January 2018

Controls the Population

2 May 2018

Living with your choice to kill is the only way. Death will not bring back the dead.

9 May 2018

If there are no "bad people" then ev

20 April 2019

Death is not bad, neither a punishment. Any case is byself and must be discussed but in most cases i'm disagree with death penalty

12 May 2019

They should live to think about the atrocity they have committed.

14 June 2019


Reasons To Agree

As Jedi, we never kill a being that is a prisoner.

2 November 2006

Although Jedi value life above all else, a murderer takes life,some even at will. We who value life must sometime take a life that may take additional lives. The life sacrificed will protect other life 10 fold.

14 November 2006

When all else false, death is sometimes the only punishment suitable.

26 November 2006

only if they resist capture and the jedi's life is in danger

17 January 2007

if you must you must, but be sure that they deserve it.

20 January 2007

Less Dark Side media crap more truth and justice, True monsters deserve it, exile is best for most criminals, as long as it is well known,

22 February 2007

Members of the Dark Side may argue otherwise, but some Sith, including Sidious, would kill or convert others to evil. We must do what is right to save the majority of all life, even if some must die.

24 February 2007

The punishment must fit the crime. You must maintain balance.

17 April 2007

the dark side must be neutralized.

17 April 2007

The Sith must been a balance fighting. He must defend his life

9 July 2007

3 Strikes and you are out. If you are convicted of a Felony 3 times then you are done. You do not pass Prison, you go directly to become one with the Force. Maybe next time you will learn to play with others better.

3 August 2007

Such actors epitomize the catabolic force, toward which the universe would trend were it not for the Great Force; if they cannot be separated from the bearers of the Great Force, it is permissible to kill them. Otherwise, they should be housed until they can be definitely determined not to be a threat to sapient or sentient beings, or until they die. It is not as expensive as it sounds to house them, and some are mentally ill through no choice of their own.

17 August 2007

All murderers, peado, and rapist should be returned to the force

19 November 2007

life 4 life if they choose 2 take a life they r signin there own death penalty

23 January 2008

Depends upon the crime committed.

23 January 2008

Only if 100% certain.

24 January 2008

Off with their heads.

27 January 2008

If i kjill in combat didnt i just give the death penalty?

2 February 2008

Assasinating the Dark Apprentices & The Dark Lords is Acceptable - and will be a must in order to maintain Peace (look at Palpatine)

5 February 2008

you must restore balance to the force since they chose to kill someone they deserve to forefeight there life as the person they killed didnt choose to have there own life ended

11 February 2008

Why not? Any Jedi who has ever mowed down a Sith would certainly agree. Remember what Mace Windu said about Palpatine? "He's too dangerous to be left alive!" Would Palpatine not count as a criminal on the VERY Dark Side of the Force?

16 February 2008

History is full of examples...

19 February 2008

From the movies, this seems to be the Jedi way. THink Palpatine, the Sith, all the main bad guys. "Give em a fair trial... then saber em."

21 February 2008

Jedi must keep balance in the world between forces. As good can't exist without evil, evil can't exist without good. In most of the cases the individual has disbalance in himself, and should have a chance to come back to the balance. But if he's taken by dark side completely than he's like cancer and should be removed. And the doctor is never called murderer. So it be.

29 March 2008

they should be judged by an official jedi councill and then the death penalty should be an option.

1 April 2008

A life for a life, eye for an eye. no one life is more valuable then another.

5 April 2008

Eye for an eye. The wicked must be punished.

5 April 2008

only if they resist capture and the jedi's life is in danger if you must you

21 April 2008

depends on what they did

25 April 2008

if there to dangerous to left alive then yes

2 May 2008

This isn't a movie, a video game or a freakin' book. This is real life. In real life people don't learn from time in prison. They should be killed to save other lives. Killing is not the same as murder. When you kill someone to save another life do you murder them? Wake up you liberal idiots!

15 May 2008

A Jedi has to protect, therefore by killing known murder he is protecting

16 May 2008

bring back death penalty

6 June 2008

Although the death penalty is a little extream, it may be necessary, and I only say that because if a murderer gets caught they'll go to prison. But when they get out they are able to do it again.

10 June 2008

inextreme cases

16 June 2008

if the man/women is truly evil with no hope of return then "Yes" if hope remains then no

18 June 2008

If one is in such ill favor with the force that they can never return, death could be the only course.

25 June 2008

The People from the dark side should DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

26 June 2008

The very darkside of the Force presume completely evil. The Emporer was irredeemable, Anakin/Vader regardless of what he did for his own son slaughtered a room full of children/younglings. Death is non negotiable in such situations.

2 July 2008

O yes or they are a burden to society.

26 July 2008

If it is for the GOOD of the Jedi.

15 August 2008

people who takes someones elses life should not be aloud to live there own unless they have accidentally done it. if not killed then permanently imprisoned in special facilities unless your name is emily then she is a sith lorn and desreves to be punished:P

27 September 2008

if youkill someone, you deserve to be killed too... unless you had a perfectly good reason to like self diffence and it was not intenial... unless your name is scott and then you should just be punished for the sake of it

27 September 2008

do not kill those on the dark side, make then do it themselves. They deserve it, somoone who can stick a knife into someone in cold blood should be made to suffer

14 October 2008

Sometimes, as Mace Wadu pointed out, it is the only way to break the cycle.

15 October 2008

well it is a tricky subject Darth Vader did bring up a sith and turned him into a jedi but that would require a jedi with immense resilience to be able to turn but even his apprentice killed. I think it should happen or at least be punished. Bannished to an isolated place where they can survive like animals that they are.

30 October 2008

Absolutely. Anyone who finds it ok to rape or murder should be killed.

7 November 2008

Do you think that by not administring justice of The Force, you are stopping the flow of the Force? You are merely slowing it down, but beware Free yourselves from the confusion of the darkside and Become an Instrument of the FOrce f1rst. Once free from the darkside you may or may not receive the power to execute in order to restore balance to the Force.

9 December 2008

let the force deal with them

19 December 2008

Turning to the dark side revokes one's right to life. If they choose to damage the force with their cruelty, they should be killed. It is that simple.

3 January 2009

Only after a FAIR trial. Once a person follows the dark path there is no way back. They will only do further harm.

10 January 2009

Thats a dumb ass question.

10 January 2009

once again kill the sith

27 January 2009

we must strive to erradicate all such weakness from our gene pool,dark or not that is only a point of veiw,many lifes have been lost in the name of good because history is written by the winners those who killed the most are called good

1 March 2009

capial punshment is on the dark side its self but i can see sometimes things happion

13 March 2009

Eventhough I am against free violence or killing, it is hard for me to believe in reinsertion, especially when I see everyday multirecidivists murderers or rapists being released from jail and repeating their sins!

24 March 2009

The punishment should fit the crime and rapist and child molesters should be castrated.

31 March 2009

Sometimes the only way to stop something from continueing into a cycle is to end the source of the cycle. Some murders, rapists, etc will not change, they choose the remain where they are, as such, they need to be removed to they do not unbalance other peopels lives.

2 April 2009

Eye for an Eye.

24 April 2009

simply yes.

16 May 2009

Do we really want rapest, or murderers in the order? That is not the way of the Jedi in my book.

25 May 2009

i may strongly agree but if a murderer was at my front door i am not just going to sit there and take death by the hand even the monks fought to a point after all life is priceless but what makes the murder a life stealer in a sense of killing wonderful life earn him the proper way to live? so i think time will caught up but in the mind time i value mine and people in the future he will soon kill ( yes i am kinda selfish but i do it not for me but for others safety) :D

30 May 2009

Sometimes, a cancer must be cut out. It should be done without malice or hatred, merely as the necessity which it is. Those which cannot be reformed are a burden upon society, and often, the ones that are reformed and fully understand the wrongdoings that they have done are not able to live with themselves afterwards. For them, the penalty is a kindness.

9 July 2009

Yes, some people can not and dont want to be changed. They will continue to do what they always do.

24 August 2009

Where it is true that a Jedi should respect and protect all life, it is also true that a Jedi can be sanctioned to take a life for the sake of protecting life. The force have created creatures that sustain life for other creatures including Jedi. It is acceptable to take these lives for the purpose of survival. Likewise when life has turned to the Dark side and no redeemable quality can be found for that life to continue or where the continued existance of that life presents a clear danger to other life a Jedi has both a moral and ethical duty to see that that life is ended and returned to the Force. A Jedi will see that all avenues of redemption are taken before comming to the conclusion that a life should be forfeit. As with all matters a Jedi also respects the cultural laws of other beings.

19 September 2009

While, according to my Potentum beliefs, the is the chance for good in us all, there comes a time when a person has flaunted such a utter disregard for life that the only viable action is the death penalty. This decision must not be taken lightly for the loss of an innocent life is a wound in the force.

28 September 2009

A Jedi should never kill another being that is already imprisoned.

23 October 2009

At times the Dark has to be erased to preserve the light.

27 October 2009

pedophiles, murderers and serial rapists must definitely suffer for their crimes against those who did not wish to be treated like these

8 November 2009

They should have thier own day in court. Let the court's to find out if they should die. Jedi just bring them in alive toget thier day incourt.

28 December 2009

Many times murder is a case of circumstance or accident. True darkness is putting the self over all others. Selfish want/desire overshadows the inherent right to life granted all beings by the Force. This true darkness is no more evident than in the Child Rapist Murderer. He uses and destroys innocent life for nothing more than selfish entertainment and thus falls to the lowest realms of the dark side. Ironically, many do the same as they consume flesh of animals every day, yet their species-centric prejudice blinds their "morality". A Jedi shuns convenience for TRUTH.

2 January 2010

if the cort of our peers finds a person guilty one appel then death to the criminaly insane. the murders that are ruled accidential they surve there time.

25 January 2010

Only if the trial is not flawed, which is sometimes the case. If this person is a true-blooded killer, then yes.

3 March 2010

Given a proper trial those that commit themselves to murder should be prepared to be murdered too.

9 March 2010

As long as you include socialists

17 March 2010

those that murder innocents are corrupted by the dark side and as Jedi we must keep balance in the force

17 March 2010

They must be killed dead, dead, dead!! remember vaders arms and legs? he came back to woop some ass! much like the terminator

18 March 2010

Absolutely. But they should not have to sit on death row for 8 years first. It must be carried out swiftly (within a year) and without undue suffering. It cost 100 thousand U.S. per year to house a felon in a maximum security prison. For each death penalty carried out, the government would save about 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS. That money should go to SOLVING crime at the root cause and helping victims of crime.

8 April 2010

The severity of the crime could put that person beyond help

10 April 2010

Yes, but if they kill to protect the innocent that is a different story.

15 May 2010

If the person is a mortal danger to the community and the people within, then yes.

21 May 2010

Whoever deprives another traveller of their continuing adventure has violated their options and should therefore lose their own options, returning to the World of Spirit and making amends.

15 July 2010


20 July 2010

If one takes a life, they should repay the grieving family with their life. To Texas with the murderers!

7 September 2010

Yes defiantly it serves them right

23 September 2010

depending on their crimes yes the perpitraitor should be prosecuted or set to death if this is what the council decrees

10 October 2010

Some people, like Emperor Palpatine, are too dangerous to be left alive.

12 October 2010

If the crime is exceptionally heinous, it should be put to a vote

13 October 2010

Yes. Our own morality tales agree with this. Redemption is possible, but when it isn't desired by the one who needs it, then death is the best, most merciful way of excising from the world the harm they cause.

4 November 2010

Yes child melesters or murders should be lined up a wall and shot i know it leads to hate but they have done so much horrible things they deserve to die they made there choice

4 November 2010

YES YES YES. This is so correct. I would insist that we use rope though. This would offer better value than bullets or gas or electricity surges, especially as it is reuseable. It also could be done in public and a show made out of it where stalls could make some profits from visitors.

8 December 2010

The dark side most be destroyed and renewed into good through the flow of the force.

13 January 2011

This is where I rely on the wisdom of the movies. The Sith were always tracked down by the Jedis and murdered because they caused too many problems. Though I do belkieve that people can change. It all depends on why they murdered.

5 March 2011

If other lives are at stake, then one evil life is small potatoes in comparison to many innocent ones.

21 February 2012

As long as their are guilty beyond the reason of doubt.

9 April 2012

Why have Jedi Shadows?

7 July 2012

Yes i agree to this.

26 July 2012

only if quoting mace windu from episode iii "he(she) is too powerful to let live". but than what is murder?

28 September 2012

If it is carried out promptly and there is no doubt of guilt.

8 November 2012

Yes. If you destroy life for the sake of hatred , you deserve to be destroyed.

20 June 2013

Yes, as Jedi we must save a life and this is a good way to save people from death by murders

26 November 2013

Jedi are protectors and if someone is a threat that must be killed for the well being of others

19 April 2014

as a jedi we never kill a un armed man, but in case of a murder on the lose and the options are out.... yes but always think of other ways and may the force be with you

5 May 2014

only if they resist capture and the jedi's life is in danger

1 January 2015

The Jedi Knights, as would caretakers of a great garden, attune to and tend to the Force in the galaxy. Where as a gardener finds errant forms of life that would despoil ecology to weed them, so to The Jedi task worthy and capable agents (who would be guided by the Force for sake of balance rather than ego) to seek out and destroy such perversions. So important it is, a Jedi seeks the wisdom of The Force is all things.

25 June 2015

Not to mention rapists and child molesters. I'll meet them in Hell. I have plans.

2 August 2016

Bring back exicuetion for pedophiles & murder!!! We need to weed out the bad in this world, all our problems steamed from the lack of dissapline. One would be less willing to kill if he knew he wouldn't live long after himself. Now it's like oh I kill someone and I get three hots n a cot? I know hard working people who don't even get that.

11 June 2018

Reasons for Remain Neutral

only in a fair fight

5 November 2006

This isn't a jedi matter of choice.

28 March 2007

I believe that the job of the Jedi is to apprehend these Murderers or "Dark side users" and hadn them in to local authority who will decide their fate.

24 November 2007

i cant take that decision

6 December 2007

they should be imprisoned and never let out, if we are to execute the prisoner we are no better than the dark side

9 December 2007

Unless it involvesth murder of a jedi, or many innocent civilians

30 January 2008

This depends on the councils decision, but an unarmed prisioner should not be executed. Death by combat is a good way of making things fair.

31 January 2008

it doesnt look right to me, to kill someone after trial. if they resist to surrender and endanger life, then definitely yes

5 February 2008

depends on the serverity of the crime!

15 February 2008

Siempre y cuando se demuestre que sean de verdad criminales sin escrupulos.

18 February 2008

depends on the serverty of the crime and the strength of the evidences and if there likly atemt to commit the crime again

20 February 2008

Death is only an option when no other course of action is available.

27 February 2008

Jedi are keepers of peace. Let the Law decide their fate.

12 March 2008

Life itself is more valuable, a criminal may redeem himself

12 March 2008

It does depend on the severity of the crime and the possibility of their redemption. Sidious should have been dealt with by force, but Vader was saved by mercy.

22 March 2008

Only if they did sumthin really bad

9 April 2008

I come from a place where there is no death penaty so for me to jump in would make me feel bad. But personally i think the Death Penalty alone is wrong, it just makes us murderors.

19 April 2008

Killing for revenge is not the jedi way, but killing in defense of others is necessary sometimes. Must be taken on a case by case basis.

23 April 2008

if someone is damaging to the universe in significant way and can not be trained to control their damaging ways then all aspects must be considered as to what damage their actions cause and what damage their death would cause. And then a decision should be made.

29 April 2008

The punishment must fit the crime.

18 May 2008

Only in a fair fight

11 June 2008

Only if they can't be redeamed.

9 July 2008

Jedi aren't the ones to decide this; prisoners are taken so that they may be redeemed later. Deaths occur when there is no other path to take and you are being attacked, it is said but that is the force.

11 July 2008

Death penality is a political issue. Jedi dont usually get into such issues. But some truely evil criminals deserve to die for their crimes...but not at the hands of the Jedi council.

11 July 2008

Once again who are we to judge they can be changed....but if not then?

5 August 2008

its hard because, i agree to the faith that a jedi should not take a life.. but if we werent meant to take life. then wouldnt the sith over run the order and kill all good.

31 August 2008

This is a matter that can only be decided on a case by case basis. If a Jedi decides that an individual's behavior justifies the termination of a locus of the force, it is NOT the place of the master or council to grant or withold permission, but the justification must be weighed by the master or council when considering the Jedi's progress. Penalties imposed by the local judicial system are the province of that legal system, which a Jedi should follow whilst under local jurisdiction unless he/she has reason not to do so.

9 September 2008

China should get a death penalty

26 September 2008

This situation is hard to decide, I feel the Sith should be captured if possible and trained into the jedi ways, if this is not possible then death may be the only way.

30 October 2008

Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.

30 October 2008


8 November 2008

It is not our descion.

23 November 2008

I think this is more political than religion based

5 January 2009

Depends on your crime and how the justice system is today you may get a judge working for the darkside of the force

10 June 2009

Depends on the act and if they have truely reformed

27 September 2009

I am neither Judge nor Juror...

16 October 2009

we are enforcers of a greater good. if they are acting for the benifit of others then we should encourage this. watch the t.v. series "Dexter" it will open your eyes

20 October 2009

sepration of church and state

19 November 2009

Right Vs Wrong.

28 November 2009

To help the dark force turn to the light, we must. Plans for everyone in the light or dark sides, the force has. Of your thoughts, be mindful. Meditate on this, we must.

8 December 2009

We as jedi are not executors. Let some one else decide his fate

15 December 2009

Remember that any darksider can be redemed and brought to the lightside if the can see the path before them, yet not all wish to be redemed.

23 December 2009

We are guardians, and tools of justice. We bring them to the Law of the Land, and that Law decides their fate.

27 January 2010

if we need to kill them becuz there killing ppl in frontta you then yes by all means kill the fucker. but other then that inprision them

29 January 2010

it's not our decision

11 February 2010

religion shouldnt choose this. SIMPLE.

22 February 2010


28 February 2010

This would depend on the situation. Some followers of the Dark Side are simply too dangerous to let live.

17 March 2010

there are two sides to every story

17 March 2010

Jedi's don't judge who lives or dies.

20 March 2010

I am unsure, I think they should be worked with and set apart until they are capable of being trusted. If there is not true hope for them, we shall ask them do they want to remain locked up or be allowed to be at peace with themselves through lesser needs of their choosing. We can only guide them, it is for them if they want to help themselves

21 June 2010

jedis should all have the death penalty

30 June 2010

life it side but not deth but life must meen life

14 November 2010

ITs not up to us who lives or dies. We only PROTECT and SERVE a greater good. The established government can bicker about this.

24 December 2010

the death penalty should not be the result of trial, but in some flagrant act of life is in danger, the death penalty should be applied to the aggressor

3 January 2011

To end a life must be granted by collective to see if it infects balance of the force.

16 January 2011

in that of a way i understand both sides of the force for the light side killing is sometimes wrong and as a pure heart we should not be forced to do something so cruel but as the dark side we have no choice to does who are true sith if we do not kill them others lives will be at stake sometimes you kill one to save a thousand but even killing a single man can lead you to the dark side rather we like it or not and to tell you the truth most evil people and most people of the sith who are the true sith should die but as i tell you this maybe the dark side of me is telling you this but like i said if we dont then others lives would be in danger so its either the bad ones or the good ones

11 June 2011

There is more that to it than what is presented, take Count Dooku for example, he did what he did out of necessity, but on the flip side, murder is murder.

18 December 2011

Lethal force should only be used when there is no other alternative and it will save lives.

11 February 2012

laws different

2 April 2012

Jedi should never kill prisoners but if they are too dangerous to hold then we may have no other choice

26 June 2012

I do not feel comfortable answering this question

4 July 2013

let the courts decide

22 August 2013

The accused shall have a fair, just and speedy trial by his peers. Section.

2 October 2013

They could learn their lesson if they were punished properly. Killing them just gets revenge. Revenge doesn't help the victium's family and friends heart later.

15 October 2013

It is true that Jedi do not kill prisoners- however, some criminals know the law enough to avoid it and it maybe considered, therefore, a fair situation.

2 December 2013

This is not a matter for us to decide but the ruling governments matter to handle.

3 January 2014

Let them learn their mistakes. If they choose not to, then fine! There is always going to be a dark side.

27 January 2014

We should exile him strip him of the force like the old jedi order did.

30 January 2014

It depends on the circumstances, if one can be saved then we should try.

14 November 2014

Case by case basis.

24 February 2015

Killing someone is not the Jedi way, and is a path to the dark side. It doesn't matter if the person you are killing is dark or light, it is still wrong. If you want them to pay for the crimes, then leave them be, and let them suffer in prison where they belong.

22 December 2015

death penalty should only be done in certain cases

14 February 2016

This is a legal question not a religious one

2 August 2016

Killing is a natural part of Nature. Not that it's ok. Sometimes necassary. I would imagine.

18 September 2016

let them stand trial and force will do as it pleases

30 October 2018

Un jedi non uccide una persona disarmata

15 January 2019

All life is valuable, and taking life should be weighed against the possibility for further harm in the future. If they cannot be turned back to the light, then mercy must be granted to their potential future victims. But if they can, and most can, then mercy must be granted to the perpetrators.

23 December 2019

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