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I believe in an afterlife?

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I believe in an afterlife

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Reasons To Disagree

I disagree with the term "afterlife", for you are not living as you are now. As for now, evidence suggests that we decompose and are recycled while the energy is expended into the atmosphere and space as heat. As for part of us remaining, such as the consciousness, and taking form, more research needs to be carried out on this subject(s). There is no reason to believe one exists now however, which is why I disagree.

16 September 2011

I believe that the particles of our soul are broken up and disbursed throughout the universe. I don't think you could call that "afterlife"

5 January 2013

When you die that's it

16 March 2014

there are no death there are the force, i think you will be a part of the force

6 May 2014

The evidence as it stands points that our consciousness must die but our matter will live on to help others.

14 November 2014

there is no afterlife...only the force

21 November 2014

I believe energy is recycled and used again and again and again, the Earth's cycle of rain being the vehicle that transports that energy around the planet and delivers it back to the surface to be ingested to build the energy within each person, and helping to create who we are at each stage of life.

2 August 2016

Yes, but not one I could quantify from human context. Its like teaching a single cell in your body to do anything more then your DNA tells it. how would you describe the world to a single cell, yet that single cell has your complete DNA map.

31 August 2016

If you think about it, ideas often pop up in our head just like that. We didn't know where they originated from. So I suspect that our consciousness will also dissolve back to the realm similar to those ideas. Any presence of afterlife therefore can be dabatable(ly) exist in one's mind only.

9 September 2016

Faremo parte della forza

15 January 2019


Reasons To Agree

This was demonstrated in the final film of the series, where Anakin, Obi Wan, and Yoda were all present for the celebration.

25 February 2011

Certain to be an after exsistence, but another life to be is unknown, but most likely.

28 February 2011

I believe that there is another existence to follow. Why? Because of personal experience. One day whole sleeping I felt as if I was floating inside of my body. It was as if i was trying to leave it behind.For some odd reason there was a hand that pushed me back down into my body as if saying that it wasn't time for me to go yet. I didn't see any white light nor was i in a hospital. I was all alone. I awoke to take a deep breath and my heart pounded deeply within my chest. I know that you don't just hold your breath during your sleep. You're unconscious! How can you do such an conscious act?

5 March 2011

Even in death, one's mission is not complete. The Force demonstrates this by first letting us use our spiritual bodies to contact anyone we need to. Then we begin a new life in which to, again, become one with the Force and gain even more spiritual happiness.

7 March 2011

When we die we become one with the force our life lives on, this is what I believe

14 March 2011

I believe once conscious you will always be aware of yourself somewere

17 March 2011

Um hello....Wasn't this shown in the final movie/ Anakin, Yoda, and Obi Won?

2 May 2011

If one becomes one with the force after one dies, I believe that it can be called an afterlife, seeing as if one concentrates enough, one can commune with those who have passed on.

11 June 2011

Afterlife, as after material being, yes! But life can be seen as continuous, with no before and after, if we believe each phase of its path may pass through material and spiritual forms.

31 August 2011

yes, suck as a ghost, but invisibe and just watching the world moving around them.

15 November 2011

we die our human carcus decays we become part of the life force to pass on to others when they become aware....

2 April 2012

As a force ghost.

2 April 2012

Force Ghost, it has already been shown.

7 July 2012

im sure there is and if not i guess thats ok because i wont know.

28 January 2013

and reincarnation

22 August 2013

I think it eases my mind when thinking of death.

16 October 2013

When we die, we may decompose and new life is formed from the carbon by-product; in a sense our energy continues even after life. This preserves our presence to the force an energy produced by all living things and gives us an afterlife.

9 December 2013

We live on in the force.

3 January 2014

You saw Windu, Yoda and Obi in the film reach out to Luke together a ghosts, of corse there is an afterlife-whether it be ghosts or whatever!

8 January 2014

We become one with the force. The force that binds us is left behind and we are imprinted onto that force.

11 May 2014

I believe in reincarnation - I've seen plenty of evidence in my own life to know it is true. We return to where we started (doesn't matter what you call it), reconvene with your guides and return again with your new mission... That place is totally aligned with the Force and we unite with it....

3 September 2014

We become One with Force after Death.

6 December 2014

energy can nither be created nor destroied only changed, nuff said

1 January 2015

We become ghosts and help the living through difficult tasks

13 February 2015

Where would our spirit go. I shall condirdict my self by saying that maybe that is where the force comes from, the remains of us

27 June 2015

It is so unlikely for there to not be an afterlife as how is there nothing? If one was to learn the ways of the force enough to become a force ghost this is a plausible explanation for afterlife

13 November 2015

The body may die, but consiousness more than likely returns to the source of the Force.

1 January 2016

Believe that I will return to the force when I pass in this life to the next

3 January 2016

I do not think their is a heaven or hell but it would be a shame if all we did,all we knew ,and all we were ended at death.would make what we do in life more important

11 November 2017

Having Dealt with personal experiences with some sort of spirit that is no longer in their body, From changing songs on pandora to talk like bumblebee - Or throwing knives, or even Seeing that Coke Sign on the side of the road, There is to much evidence for me to personally not believe.

11 May 2018

I think there is something after death whether it be paradise, reincarnation, or becoming a force ghost. I think people need something to believe in no matter what their religion to give them hope that this life isn't the end for us.

13 July 2018

We are all apart of the force

10 March 2020

While there is no prof that there is really an after life if we believe hard enough the force and will inside of us will try to find away to keep us alive in another land or in the same land

22 March 2020

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Until more research is done this question is hard to be decisive about.

11 February 2012

just keep wondering until you find out

5 May 2012

i don't know if their is an afterlife but i would like to believe their is.

4 July 2013

No idea, when i die i will tell you

27 November 2013

when we die all of our memories and experience become part of the collective consciousness that is the force.

6 November 2015

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