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I believe the afterlife can communicate with us?

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I believe the afterlife can communicate with us

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Reasons To Disagree

I do not believe the afterlife would be interested in speaking to us, as they have been elevated to a higher plane of being.

21 February 2012

When your dead that's it

16 March 2014

there is no Afterlife...only the force

21 November 2014

I don't believe in an afterlife. I believe energy trapped can communicate with those sensitive to it.

2 August 2016

The notion that an entity which has decayed and dissolved into worms feces will somehow maintain to continue affecting our life is simply too narcissistic.

9 September 2016


Reasons To Agree

The force surrounds us, it is what is and was alive, we can communicate with the force.

28 February 2011

I agree. Once again I look at personal experience. However, if there is a deity and we all stand to be judged then that is possibly why people seem crazy. Someone whom passed away is giving testimony of their life to the Judghe and Creator and your life coincides with it. Wrongs are being corrected when others may want to continue the wrongs.

5 March 2011

Ghost sitings. People that died and became one with the Force, but didn't know what to do and, as a result, could be seen & heard by anyone.

7 March 2011

You could use the mind to comunicate but we have the responsability to know when and when not to make a path

17 March 2011

Yes, the force binds all living things so of course they can communicate with us.

2 May 2011

When one dies, if they become one with the force and we can use the force, then the "afterlife" can communicate with us.

11 June 2011

The jedi who have died or want back from the dark side and died should be albe to communicate with us, tell us what wrong they did so we not are doing the wrong things

28 June 2011

The Force is an open channel between material and spiritual

31 August 2011

they give us signs we have to look for them

2 April 2012

With the force.

2 April 2012

I believe they can, but only very subtle or in dire need

5 May 2012

To quote Obi Won "The Force Luke, Trust The Force"

7 July 2012

In it's ways. For one thing, their spirit will never leave us.

28 November 2012

though im sure it has no desire to

28 January 2013

Those that have passed into the afterlife can and do communicate with us. It is our choice as to weather or not we heed their communication.

1 April 2013

i have always felt that their was way in which that was possible.

4 July 2013

Why not?

27 November 2013

there is no death there is the force, and what is dead will become the force and we the jedis can communicate with it

6 May 2014

With the overwhelming amounts of unexplainable 'paranormal' activity witnessed throughout the world, I feel that the force left behind when someone passes is a noticeable presence. When we die, the force that bound us is left behind and we are imprinted onto the force energy. As we can all feel and communicate with the force, I believe the afterlife can communicate with us.

11 May 2014

"The afterlife" itself? Or various energies within the afterlife? I know that our spirit guardians can communicate with us - as does the Force itself. Our souls are capable of communicating with these things (and more) during our incarnation.

3 September 2014

Within the Will of the Force, those who have become One with It may communicate with the Living.

6 December 2014

we are all energy even in the afterlife. energy can communicate with energy

1 January 2015

By communicating with the Force we are communocating with the energy field to which all souls return. They may not take on the appearance of our fallen compatriots, but their spirit lives on through the cycle of the universal energy field that is the Force.

1 January 2016

I be leave that our power joins the force,and is around everything.

11 November 2017

with the correct training

20 February 2018

È un modo per la forza di parlarci

15 January 2019

The force comes from life, and death is a part of life. Those who have left us are never really gone, they live on in a new form. Physically, their bodies decay to form new life. Their memories live on within us, their stories are written in their words and deeds. We need only listen and look and we will hear and see.

23 December 2019

Only the most powerful of the jedi

10 March 2020

Reasons for Remain Neutral

"Use the Force, Luke!" 'Nuff said. :p

25 February 2011

More research is needed.

11 February 2012

More research is needed than the films. Apologies.

16 October 2013

The religion is not based on the films but our our beliefs.

27 June 2015

I believe that with mediation or great need the force will revile the experiences of past Jedi in order to pass on important knowledge.

6 November 2015

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