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I believe I can communicate with others through meditation or thought.?

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I believe I can communicate with others through meditation or thought.

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Reasons To Disagree

The Force is not magical! The Star Wars films are entertaining, but entirely unrealistic. This is why I wish we were not named Jedi, and we would not have had to deal with so many Star Wars fans clogging up our website and claiming to be Jedi Masters!

21 February 2012

We may become on with the force but not each other. being able to communicate to one another through meditation would be a great gift but is only one step away from controlling that persons mind.

3 January 2014

I don't believe I can, but I'm willing to accept that others could be able to.

2 August 2016

I don't communicate with them. I pick up on their energies, their emotions, their thoughts. I frequently make a suggestion only to have "I was just thinking that" be the response.

2 August 2016

No iv been taking my meds. If this changes I shall inform all

10 March 2020


Reasons To Agree

i am choosing this becouse i was thinking somthing and my friend next to me said somthing that answerd my thought of what i was thinking

23 February 2011

This has been shown to be he case many times in many ways. I myself have misdirected psychics by silently sending them false information.

25 February 2011

Through the manipulation of the force it is possible.

28 February 2011

There is a book that I have checked out of the library called ESP. In this book it states by scientuists with degrees that everyone has this ability. It just has to be unlocked. Jesus from the religous texts says that you shall do even greater works than I. Jesus was stated on to or more occasions where He knew the minds of the p[eople. Samuel heard the voice of someone not in his presence and the pruest in the other room said say Yeah Lord what is it You wish of me. If you're hearing voices ask if it is trhe Lord talking. The Nation of Islam caklls this The Radio In The Head. The Moorish Americans call this telepathy. Freemasons wwere taught by the Nation of Islam back in the 1930. There are governmental experiments such as MKULTRA, MKDELTA, MKNAOMI, and Project Artichoke that talks about these things. And those are the old projects. Who knows what has been done lately. However, telepathy,psychokinesis, and telekenesis being used against you without your permission is a form of slavery. Your thoughts and actions are being manipulated without your permission. So nbow the question is why keep this information secret? it's because you are ruling the world through secrecy. I talk about thias in all of my works.

5 March 2011

Of course. Meditation, done correctly, can let someone reach out and explore. With practice, one would be able to talk to someone else a great distance away and only have to worry about getting the right person. No lost internet connection, no dropped signals. The best way to communicate.

7 March 2011

The force connects us all if we immerse ourselves deep enough we can connect with everyone.

14 March 2011

this is most definetly true , silence the mind and use your minds voice ,steady your mind with force

17 March 2011

Meditation is an exercise to feel and use The Force. You can, after long term exercising, keep the meditation active in your body and soul

31 August 2011

When one embraces the force anything is possible.

11 February 2012

my wife and i do it all the time we are one

2 April 2012

I'd like to think we all can

28 November 2012

all of reality is perception therefore all possible scenarios are possible first rule of science

28 January 2013

every one has this ability all you have to do is unlock it and that is what jedis can

6 May 2014

Mindreading happens quite frequently in our household. With training, surely, your skill gets honed and stronger.

3 September 2014

I believe it may be possible, but I cannot personally do this.

21 September 2014

and dreams

21 November 2014

Within Meditation a Jedi becomes closer to the Force and those who are also attuned to It.

6 December 2014

science has proven our brains are 2 way raidios that send out and receve electrical impulses, though meditation you can begin to decode these impulses.

1 January 2015

I have. With someone that was over 800 miles away. We both heard each other as if we were in the same room.

24 February 2015


13 November 2015

You must unlearn what you have been told

14 December 2015

Thought creates communication both verbal amd otherwise.

1 January 2016

I have practiced this art and confirm the existence of "telepathy". It takes practice and ultimately difficult. Maybe with a better practice method, such means of telecommunication might become more feasible for practical use.

9 September 2016

I think its not a tangible thing just is.

11 November 2017

I have done so on a basic level

27 February 2018

This must be possible. I have thought of the same thing as one of my friends too many times for it not to be possible

21 April 2018

I have been told I think To loud- IN which people (Wife and Friends) have been able to identify the subject of my thoughts without me saying a word.

4 August 2018

I'm a master at this and the world's greatest faith healer

10 September 2019

Reasons for Remain Neutral

It's hard for me to say, because anything is possible, but I have not unlocked this ability, or have seen others unlock so I can't give a conclusion based on lack of evidence.

7 July 2012

I won't know haven't tried :p

4 July 2013

The human mind is so vast that we cannot comprehend its machinations, it is quite possible that the brain can do this without you being aware. Section.

2 October 2013

I haven't seemed to unlock this ability.

16 October 2013

haha telepathy, how....., Receptive. lol

21 June 2015

The human mind is so vast. How could of we unlocked everything in the magical sphere of ours

27 June 2015

Se uno è tutt' uno con la forza

15 January 2019

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