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Abraham was a prophet?

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Abraham was a prophet

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Reasons To Disagree

He didn't exist. He is a character from a fictional book.

9 February 2012

The Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) portray deities who were most likely ancient aliens.

11 February 2012

Abraham? who the fuck is Abraham!

25 February 2012

Of the 3 main religions that believe in a man-like deity, yes. According to Jedi, no.

5 January 2013

who is he?

23 April 2014

jedis have nothing to do whith the bible

6 May 2014

in an archaic religion, yes. but that is not what i beleive

21 November 2014

He is considered a prophet to the Catholics not to Jedis

13 February 2015

There are no prophets only people who do things

27 June 2015

Abraham was a man, like any other.

2 August 2016

Just a man with convictions

11 November 2017

No idea why this is even here..... would make more sense vote if jaba should be

10 March 2020


Reasons To Agree

Of sorts...

20 May 2011

Although, not a Jedi in the Orthodox sense, Abraham was a man who knew the Force as a guide.

6 December 2014

every religion has parts of the truth. if you have many different pleople saying the same thing, most likely what they are saying is the truth. if another religion is saying something that agrees with something another religion is saying it should not be dismissed because "its not the jedi way" it should be studied and imbraced so it might lead the jedi to new light and understanding

1 January 2015

Wether we like it or not, Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Jesus are part of humanity's history. They have shaped our core values and our civillization. And so, we carry their legacy in our thinking.

23 February 2015

Reasons for Remain Neutral

It is dangerous to attempt to mix old and new religions. The Abrahamic religions have their own integrity that has nothing whatever in common with Jedi beliefs. Indeed, it is possible to make the claim that the entire Abrahamic arc is little more than an attempt at controlling the populations of the world. The Jedi and the Sith have a common cause in moving forward and regarding the Judeo/Christian/Muslim mess as unfortunate history. While all 3 religions have their truths and values, they have little in common with those of the Force.

25 February 2011

Of Judaism,Christianity and islam yes.

28 February 2011

I dont understand the question...

4 March 2011

Not of the Force. But of other religions, sure.

7 March 2011

Abraham was an open-minded. We can assume his believes were beyond the average. If he decided to label it by the Christians, yes he was a prophet, if he decided to label it by any other, he would be a priest of its church.

31 August 2011

He was not a Jedi prophet. He was a prophet of other religions that do not concern us.

21 February 2012

He might have been a prophet but he was not a jedi.

2 April 2012

never met him dont know

28 January 2013

well I think he was a prophet, and people should remain open minded about other religions because lets face it Jediism wouldn't exist without other religions such as buddism, Hinduism, Christianity, judiasm and Islam.

4 July 2013

who's Abraham?

22 August 2013

I have never heard of him so I wouldn't be able to give a proper opinion.

16 October 2013

belive what you belive the force can always perswade you or others aroumd you in an uprising where you dont have a chose even with life itself

21 April 2014

Don't really care. Prophet or not, he would have much wisdom to learn from.

3 September 2014

We are all prophets of sorts. By investigating our link to the force we understand the universe more thoroughly. Because the universe tends to be cyxlical, we can then glean ideas of what the future holds.

1 January 2016

I don't see the relevance

8 May 2016

He was a character in a story where he was portrayed as a prophet

2 August 2016

not my concern

4 August 2018

Whether or not he is real is of no consequence, the teachings are the important part. But I remain neutral because said teachings are open for interpretation and based upon the individuals person views. And those views are valid as long as they don’t diminish another’s quality of life or their value.

14 June 2019

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