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Jesus was a prophet?

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Jesus was a prophet

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Reasons To Disagree

Jesus was a messenger, there are no true prophets. The force will make itself clear to us when the time is right.

3 March 2011

Jesus is not real and has nothing to do with the Jedi

15 May 2011

He probably never existed and is a fictional character much like Yoda.

3 February 2012

Religions such as Christianity were born of pagan beliefs that there was a deity - for example, the sun. They misinterpreted the true "deity" - the Force!

5 February 2012

He didn't exist. He is a character from a fictional book.

9 February 2012

The deities depicted in Judaism, Christianity and Islam were most likely ancient aliens.

11 February 2012


25 February 2012

I do not believe in jesus

28 November 2012

The figure called "Jesus Christ" was a fictional character used to tell the story of our star, or sun. He did not ever truly exist.

23 December 2012

Same about moses

5 January 2013

The existence of a conscious god is ridiculously thin so prophet too.

23 April 2014

in an archaic religion, yes. but that is not what i beleive

21 November 2014

He was the Son of God. And not God in the flesh.

24 February 2015

There are no prophets only people who do things.

27 June 2015

He was a Jewish carpenter.

2 August 2016

No no.... Vader maybe

10 March 2020


Reasons To Agree

Jesus may have been a prophet as he may have found a way to connect with the force, although he may have misinterpreted it's intention.

21 February 2011

Jesus was called a prophwet to his face by his own followeers in Mark and he said nbothing to chastise them for this. All others were always chastised even when they gambled in the church. he whipped them! People misunderstand what he was saying when he said that when you see me you see the father and and also before Abraham was i am. If there was a God that was all knowing then He would've foreseen us going astray and so therefore he would have had the thought to to allow for all to repent long before He began creating. So therefore in thought Jesus was before Abraham. Jesus was of the original bloodline brought forth through Adam and Eve that's why when you seen him you seen the father. Adam and Eve was created in God's image and likeness. Jesus on the other hand held the same core beliefs that God didand so in spirit he ws likened unto God. God said that we shall not see His face again. Why? Because we had become so sinful that He punished by taking away His presence. Only when you take on the attributes in which He taught us then can you see God face to face.Why? Because you died to your old ways of sin.

5 March 2011


24 March 2011

I believe so

20 May 2011

from what what ive gathered jesus was a jedi but this is my own belief

28 September 2012

jesus wss a prophet but his real name is emannuel he prophesied that his teachings would be falsified creating a cult not loyal to the force but loyal only to evil known as the the sith the illuminati was once good and bright they gave us human rights but as time went by they fell to the dark side

13 December 2012

Many of the teaching of Jesus show he was a prophet of the force, however many of the "churches" that claim to follow him do not follow his word.

21 September 2014

Jesus was a Prophet of the Force and an Emissary.

6 December 2014

he was purhaps 100% intune with the force but after his death the greed of man took over and his message became distorted to the point now that no one knows the truth. from what i see with the devisions poping up withing the jedi that could easly happen with us too

1 January 2015

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Many have connected with the force, healed and performed miracles. Few have recognised its true reality.

28 February 2011

I dont understand the question... Jesus was a prophet of christianity? Yes. Of Jedi Church? No.

4 March 2011

Of Christianity. Not of the Force.

7 March 2011

If he even existed, he was probably a charismatic person whose feats have been exaggerated over the years. There is no way to know. I would say he was a philosopher.

1 April 2011

Jesus was The Chosen. He was more than open-minded, he was an Illuminated, a Human Form of good side of The Force, sent to make it easier to teach human being how to be good.

31 August 2011

jesus tried to make the human race better to be free and live good do good be good but there is always bad with good THERE CANT BE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER....

2 April 2012

He might have been a prophet but he was not a jedi.

2 April 2012

jesus could have been a real person... but I do not believe he had anything to do with the force or any other god or being or whatever

5 May 2012

no idea never met him so cant say

28 January 2013

he may have been a prophet, but the savior part is open to debate

22 August 2013

I believe that Jesus could be either a man who wanted to spread his ideas on religion or actually a messenger from God.

16 October 2013

Does not matter to me who he was. If nothing else, he was a good teacher and role model. He may have even just been a story based on many stories gone before - though, again, it doesn't detract from his teachings.

3 September 2014

My comment remains the same. We are all prophets if we understand the cyclical propertues of the universe.

1 January 2016

He was a character in a story where he was portrayed as a prophet

2 August 2016

Just a man con artiest or a ploy of Rome to control people.

11 November 2017

He wasn't a prophet, he was a teacher. He help people, but I don't think he would have called on the force to do so

21 April 2018

not my concern

4 August 2018

Whether or not he is real is of no consequence, the teachings are the important part. But I remain neutral because said teachings are open for interpretation and based upon the individuals person views. And those views are valid as long as they don’t diminish another’s quality of life or their value.

14 June 2019

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