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Possession of a weapon causes others to fear me?

On average, everyone disagrees with nonconsensus between 15 voters.


Please read the comments from other voters below, then scroll down make your decision. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Possession of a weapon causes others to fear me

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Reasons To Disagree

I don't go waving it about. In the case where I wore a weapon openly, no one really batted an eye.

27 November 2018

No, because the only people with need to know of my weapons are anyone I'm defending or anyone who attacks. Those latter people should fear me.

27 November 2018

Only those who intend to do harm to others around me or myself will fear me being armed. No one else will know unless I am open carry and even then they have no reason to fear me as I have no intention of doing harm to them.

29 November 2018

its not about intimidating people, its not about spreading fear, its about protection And if someone DOES feel threatened by my weapon it can only be because they plan on doing something that would cause me to use the weapon... if everyone acts right there is no need to pull the weapon....

15 December 2018

Yes some people may fear the weapon itself but others see it as protection. i myself see them as protection.

4 May 2020


Reasons To Agree

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Reasons for Remain Neutral

Carrying a weapon has the potential to scare others, yes. Their fear does not dictate my actions however. Not all Jedi can/should carry weapons, but those who can may wish to protect those who cannot protect themselves as all life is valuable.

20 April 2019

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