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I fear those who carry a weapon?


On average, everyone disagrees with significant nonconsensus between 32 voters.


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I fear those who carry a weapon

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Reasons To Disagree

I fear fools that want to kill others, therefore I am armed as a deterrent and to protect others.

27 November 2018

There is only one reason to fear someone who is carrying arms and that is because they are openly intent on doing someone around you or yourself harm. That is the reason everyone that chooses to should carry arms to protect themselves and know well how and when to use them and most of all when not to use them.

29 November 2018

I fear for others, I fear that someone on the dark path will have a weapon and use it for wrong purposes I am not personally threaten or fear those with weapons as i have leveled the playing field but for those who are unprepared i do fear for them, as they are the casualties the dark side will look for as an easy target. For instance - I fear for the mass publics safety- with rise in mass shootings, however if a jedi (or *Good* person) has a weapon could defend the general public or save lives of others

15 December 2018

I do not fear. Fear is a path to the dark side. I can accept whatever the outcome is, but I must do everything I can to protect life.

20 April 2019

I don't fear the people that responsibly have weapons I fear the ones who intent to harm people.

4 May 2020

I fear no-one just because they carry a weapon, only what they may do with said weapon if they are not of sound mind and judgement, with the right training. Not training in how to use the weapon, but training in when NOT to use the weapon.

15 December 2020

Fear leads to hate and hate leads to the dark side

26 January 2024

I have a lightsaber so no

13 March 2024


Reasons To Agree

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Reasons for Remain Neutral

I try to be cautious not fearful.

29 August 2021

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