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I prefer to live in a country where weapons cannot be carried in public?


On average, everyone disagrees with significant nonconsensus between 31 voters.


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I prefer to live in a country where weapons cannot be carried in public

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Reasons To Disagree

Take away guns, other weapons are used. Seen it too many times. Crime rates do not go down with banning guns. They go up. I have been a police officer.

27 November 2018

Only if it’s Japan

27 November 2018

I do live in a country that tyranical, I ignore those unjust laws.

27 November 2018

I will not live where I am not allowed to protect those around me and myself by every means available.

29 November 2018

I REFUSE to live anywhere I can not Protect my family from those who will not follow laws.

15 December 2018

I rather have a open carrier country to denture people who intend to do bad.

4 May 2020

Protecting yourself and others around you is important

27 January 2024


Reasons To Agree

Weapons of any kind should be banned in public to ensure safety, this won't stop everything but it will stop a majority of lethal crimes.

6 December 2023

Reasons for Remain Neutral

With the mentality of preferring to have weapons on us at all times, open carry wild west style, etc. to protect against those who may not follow the law and may also have a weapon, where does it end? Do we all end up carrying mini pocket sized nukes as a deterrent, knowing that if any of us actually does anything bad we will all use them and die? You come empty handed, so he brings a stick, so you get a sword, then he brings a gun, so you bring a semi-automatic , and he brings a fully automatic, so you bring something even more powerful. Before we know it we're all carrying weapons of war, just in case someone steals our wallet, car, robs a grocery store, or pulls a small gun, etc. Praise be to the person who can use their mind and words to get out of any situation and disarm any armed individual. We have authorities who are armed as a deterrent, that doesn't deter anything, people still commit crimes. Many people want to carry a weapon, specifically a gun, to feel powerful and safe. When in reality more people get injured, or even killed, by their own weapons. Jedi are peace keepers, are they not? Not conflict starters. Visible weapons tend to start more conflicts and put more people on edge.

15 December 2020

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