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A Jedi should be permitted to carry a weapon for personal defense ?


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A Jedi should be permitted to carry a weapon for personal defense

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Reasons To Disagree

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Reasons To Agree

You can't protect others without a weapon, whether it's your combat skills or an actual weapon.

27 November 2018

Everyone who hasn't been convicted of a violent crime should.

27 November 2018

Oh Yes. Not only personal defense but in the defense of others as well and as a backup in the defense of our country and state. Notice I did not say government.

29 November 2018

YES! Our lives are dedicated to bettering others, we dont not have a need for unnessesary violence or problems, However OUTLAWS don't follow laws, they will have weapons if they are suppose to or not, so why should my family, and I be left defense less just because I choose a brighter path than someone else, My intentions for having a weapon is to protect my love ones, I have no interest in violence or robbing ect- Strictly protection (as most jedi are)

15 December 2018

lightsabers good

8 February 2020

All Jedi must hold a weapon but must never be the first to attack even if the other is a sith ( bad person/animal)

22 March 2020

every person should have a weapon to defend themself in times of need.

4 May 2020

We are peace keepers so se Need weapon for this kind of duty

21 July 2020

You can’t protect others if you can’t protect yourself

27 January 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Some Jedi. Dependent on training. Whether or not Jedi Should train is subjective to the order they are in, But my view is to protect others, we should be capable of using the tools nevessary.

27 November 2018

Philosophically, only if the law permits it. Allowed doesn’t mean required; it implies an option. And in countries it is permitted, then the option should be available to them.

27 November 2018

As a Jedi, keeping the peace and helping those in need is a duty, is it not? In doing that duty we may at times need a weapon to protect others or even ourselves. As long as we have the proper training and supervision, and that we understand the weapon is a last resort, after we have exhausted all other possibilities. Then it would be ok for a responsible Jedi to carry a weapon purely for the protection of themselves and others. Then only if permittable by the law of the land where they reside or visit.

15 December 2020

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