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The availability of a weapon at home is a risk to the safety of my family ?


On average, everyone disagrees with significant nonconsensus between 32 voters.


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The availability of a weapon at home is a risk to the safety of my family

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Reasons To Disagree

No. Everybody in my family is trained in the use of weaponry. Most of us served militarily. Some are law enforcement. One is a nurse.

27 November 2018

Arms are only a risk to the untrained and those who intend to do unwarranted harm to others around me or myself. There are no untrained people in my house.

29 November 2018

Its only a safety issue if you are untrianed- or Act stupidly with thus weapon- I agree with weapon safety for kids- even as simple as "don't touch" when young and "how to properly use" as they reach a rightful age. weapons are tool - and if used properly could be beneficial (ex: Hunting or protection)

15 December 2018

A weapon is use at home it means that they had a reason to use it. The reason would to protect you and your family. Also if a criminal know you have a gun they are less likely to mess with you.

4 May 2020

If they are kept in a safe location there is no danger to people you live with

27 January 2024

As long as the proper precautions are followed there would be no risk.

28 February 2024


Reasons To Agree

Often it can be depending on the education of the owner and other family members and how safe the weapon is stored. Weapons do not deter people as much as you think, often accidents happen with guns in the home, they have a higher percentage of harm caused to the occupants of the home than they do protecting said occupants from, for example, intruders. Many gun owners do not store them safely and therefor allow easy access to minors or others who misuse the weapon. Many people are not trained enough in the correct use of the weapon, as well as knowing when not to use the weapon. This also causes more chance of harm to the wrong people. A lot of people who own a gun keep it in a closet, drawer, or somewhere super easy to access and often loaded too. Safe storage of an unloaded weapon in a locked location is less likely to cause harm in the home and is also a little less likely that you will have quick and easy access when needed, making it pointless to have in the first place.

15 December 2020

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Only if you are negligent.

27 November 2018

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