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I do not need a weapon to resolve or reduce the effects of conflict.?


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I do not need a weapon to resolve or reduce the effects of conflict.

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Reasons To Disagree

Another ambiguous question. It will depend in the type of conflict. If someone is charging me with a long knife, I will shoot him, Not hug him. Needs to be more specific.

27 November 2018

Your handgun/fist isn't going to do much against a governments tank

29 August 2021


Reasons To Agree

I've been able to have people stand down with mere words, but there are times when words alone won't work. You need a weapon in that case.

27 November 2018


8 February 2020

You shouldn't use a weapon unless needed if you can use words, if not use hands but only if needed use your weapon.

4 May 2020

Reasons for Remain Neutral

METTTC- the situation dictates. The average individual will not encounter a situation where they need a weapon. Some career choices, however, will. And the same is true of some areas of the world where violence is more abundant. The problem is in believing the weapon you have carries with it safety. In reality, a weapon is most effective when You know the attacking is coming. It’s a massive gamble to believe a weapon works as a reactionary piece.

27 November 2018

Need is a subjective matter when it comes to most things especially conflict because the people in the conflict will dictate the need. If the need for arms is there in the conflict they should be present and the ones who have them should know how, when and when not to use them.

29 November 2018

IF AT ALL POSSIBLE I WILL SETTLE ISSUES WITHOUT A WEAPON!!! HOWEVER not every thinks that way.. and if they decide to Elevate an issue to violence then I would defend myself

15 December 2018

Words can be incredibly powerful if we would just put down the guns and learn how to use them correctly. Weapons do not provide safety but may in some circumstances be needed to protect yourself, they should not be the first choice. In some situations where conflict happens, a gun owner is more likely to think of using their gun than a non gun owner is of thinking if only I had a gun.

15 December 2020

There are situations that do require a weapon but some conflicts can be solved without weapons

27 January 2024

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