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I would use a weapon to defend my property ?


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I would use a weapon to defend my property

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Reasons To Disagree

Property may be replaced, lives cannot. To defend ones property with lethal force implies a heavy attachment, and that is not the Jedi way. That is a path to the dark side.

20 April 2019


Reasons To Agree

My state is one with Castle Doctrine. Defending ones property is not necessarily about the property- it’s about personal safety. If the culprit feels they can get in without consequence, they are more likely to do it again. Standing one’s ground is then a means to deter the individual from a future intrusion which may or may not lead to something more sinister. However, the methodology of Shouting that you have a gun, and giving reasonable time for the person to leave, before pulling the trigger, should be the advised practice.

27 November 2018

Because it is not the property you are defending it is the people on the property you are defending. If it is possible to do so warning of intent to protect property and self should be given.

29 November 2018

As a last resort and only if they are not deterred by myself trying to convince them to cease their wrong doing on my property.

14 June 2019

If an intruder is violent or threatening violence against people on a property

27 January 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

In the U.S. this depends on state law. In some states you may, in others, You may not defend property, only life. I only draw to defend life. If they want to hurt the property, they can be arrested. Did I mention I have been a cop?

27 November 2018

Property can be regained. A life cannot.

27 November 2018

I care not for any of my property and as a Jedi material possessions are of little consequence. The law is there to deal with someone who damages or takes my property. I do not need to wave around a weapon to stop someone walking on my grass, stepping into my yard. There are smarter and more peaceful methods.

15 December 2020

My View

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