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I would use a weapon to defend my self?


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I would use a weapon to defend my self

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Reasons To Disagree

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Reasons To Agree

As above, I have already done so successfully.

27 November 2018

My life is invaluable. The moment you pose a plausible threat, you are accepting the consequences that you might die.

27 November 2018

If there is a clear reason to do so yes I would. I will not willingly go into the everlasting sleep without putting up a fight against someone who is trying their best to put me there.

29 November 2018

Only as a last resort.

14 June 2019

Self defence without a weapon is harder

27 January 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

This is entirely situational. If it poses no risk to others, then a passive defense is the right move. A calm demeanor with non-threatening neutral body language can do much to resolve conflict. I must not use lethal force to save my own life, unless there is a threat to others.

20 April 2019

Only to defend myself to the extend that there is no longer any threat, and only if the threat could not be neutralized without the use said weapon. If someone can be taken down by hand then no weapon needs used, if a warning shot would suffice then I would not shoot to injure, if one shot to wound is all that is needed then I would not shoot to kill. If it is 100% them or me and no other option, then it is not going to be me.

15 December 2020

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