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It is ok for Jedis to marry and have younglings?

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It is ok for Jedis to marry and have younglings

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Reasons To Disagree

attachment is pain

25 May 2008

o sure let them follow in anakins footstep!!!thats all we need more damn vaders!

18 June 2008

the movie is right!1!syhbyru8b

25 June 2008

Did you see the pain it caused to Anikin and the death of the jedi order was its result.

4 July 2008

yeah sure go down the same road as anikin

27 August 2008

no love not maried not have child no possesing

6 September 2008

It is NOT ok ; but it is up to you Marriage leads to attachment(fear of loss) Fear leads to Hate ( hating the events or entities involved in the loss) Hate leads to Anger( revenge, jeleousy, envy) The Force is love it is love for all not love for some

9 December 2008

Leave child rearing to the non-force conscious. A jedi must seek not to birth a child, but to train the next generaton. A child would only distract a Jedi, and provide motive for a switch to the dark side.

3 January 2009

we have two dogs both are jedi they are our children

27 January 2009

JEDI's can have their offsprings but that has nothing to do with marriage.

18 April 2009

No. Attatchment leads to jealousy. Youre love can over take all of youre feelings. Here is a story I heard once... In the days before the republic, when the jedi order was in its infancy, A jedi master went to a remote planet, looking for two VERY force sensitive babies. He found the mother, who was pregnant with them. When she was going through laber, One baby grabbed the other babies arm, as if not to let it be leaved behind. And there would always be a scar on the arm of the first baby. The jedi master brought up the two babies to become jedi knights, and they traveled across the galaxy, destroying evils that threated the galaxy. Everything was fine. That is, until they met HER. One of the twins had a very strong romance with a girl, who both the twins loved equally. The other twin wanted her, but he couldn't have her. So one night, the twin who wanted the woman went to her house, posing as the man the girl knew and loved. They made out, and blah blah blah, but when the girl told him to take off his shirt, she noticed something. The scar. The girl became frightened. And then the other twin came. The twins started yelling at each other, and in a second, they both drew their lightsabers. The Jedi master sensed something wrong,so he ran to the scene were the twins were fighting. He ran into the middle, as if to make them stop. instead, one of the twins accidentaly killed his master. Their tempers grew. They started to fight again. The girl begged them to stop, not to make it any worse. But they could not hear her. Anger clouded all of there senses. They did not love the girl, their master, or anyone else in the galaxy. so THATS why jedi shouldnt marry.

27 August 2009

I think, by definition, a Jedi should partake in only lust-free forms of love. Christian monks and nuns take a vow of celibacy; does this mean they discourage reproduction? I think not, this is simply a statement of one's willingness to dedicate one's life to something higher. So to say that Jedi are discouraging the cycle of the Force by remaining celibate, in my opinion, is not accurate. In Star Wars, there are people who believe in the Force, yet are not Jedi. But a Jedi, in order to let the Force manifest itself through them, do not indulge themselves in anything that could cause them to follow negative behavioral patterns. For example, the type of love you feel for family is free of lust, or at least it should be if the family is healthy. So having a close relationship wouldn't be out of question as long as there is NO SEX and the Jedi does not allow for negative emotions to cloud their perspective. But ultimately, I think the decision to become a Jedi implies setting aside worldly things to ascend beyond the physical aspects of the Force. This begs the question; what is the ultimate goal of a Jedi? What awaits a Jedi in the afterlife, if (s)he has followed the path correctly and allowed the Force to dominate their actions? I'll end it here before I ramble into a completely different issue. May the Force be with you all!

2 September 2009

Jedi that have children together might create an aristocracy of "pureblood" and even lead to dynastic tendencies. For jedi strong in the force this should be forbidden.

16 December 2009

attachment leads to passion and that is the path to the darkside

1 January 2010

Leave child rearing to the non-force conscious. A jedi must seek not to birth a child, but to train the next generaton. A child would only distract a Jedi, and provide motive for a switch to the dark side.

28 March 2010

jedis must not be married because if they are to die then the loved on will be upset

10 June 2010

Jedis should not marry. It is attachment and will lead to pain.

12 October 2010

For a normal human yes, for a Jedi no.It takes sacrifice and commitment to become a Jedi.

28 February 2011

there are never enough younglings

23 July 2012

"Attachment leads to jealousy, the shadow of greed that is."

9 March 2014

It is discouraged in the Order for the Jedi to form familiar attachments.

6 December 2014

NO! A Jedi shall not know anger nor hatred nor love

7 December 2014

The Jedi must be knights dedicated to the sanctity of The Force, therein forgoing pursuits of the carnal lest they be tempted by The Dark Side. Furthermore, (now, on our pre-modern Earth) just as there are those who know The Force and yet are not Jedi, former Jedi might choose to leave the life of knighthood to sponsor their community in the way of marriage and child rearing. It seems to follow that such an agent would not be re-admitted to formal counsel thereafter, allowing for consultation in circumstances appropriate. Were this the policy or one very similar I would vote in favor.

25 June 2015


Reasons To Agree

it helps bring jedi children into the world

26 May 2008

Of course. Just because attachment is painful, it's weak to avoid everything that gives pain. Love and having children are natural parts of life, and avoiding them because of fear leads to the Dark Side.

26 May 2008

Jedis celebrate and embrace life. Love creates life so as long as Jedis marry for love for eachother and their children, life will continue to grow as will the Jedi ways.

2 June 2008

Marry no... younglings... ok but not advised. it is to easy to become very attached and loose your objectivity.

3 June 2008

The entire concept of the force is a cycle. How are we as members of the Jedi Church to encourage the cycle if we do not participate in the cycle itself.

5 June 2008

we live in a world of breading and loving. love cannot be stopped. but attachement is a very bad thing though.

5 June 2008

It is ok. Love is a part of human nature, without love, there is no life.

11 June 2008

As a follower of a more present day Jedi ( New Order of the Jedi) it is agreed that Jedi are allowed to marry and the closeness it brings is representative of the force. It was based on the fact that this was the cause of Anakins change to the dark side.

11 June 2008

Life is our choice whether we choose to pursue such or to cancel such, through our own actions or deeds. If you revere life you help it to flourish, if you do not appreciate life you help it's demise by your thought alone and deeds even.

15 June 2008

only if both are jedi

16 June 2008

i agree to "Jedi should only marry other Jedi. Only another Jedi can understand the ways of the force and raise a youngling in this world to be fair and just and follow the Jedi ways."

18 June 2008

on the issue of attachment. i believe that it is alright to be part of a relationship, and even to become attached so long as we do not become detached from the ways of the jedi. attachment leads to pain only if attachment consumes us. but is it not attachment when we abandon our own nature to conform to the jedi order? to stay from pain one must do not only good for others, but good for one'self *in equal proportion*.

22 June 2008

Aslong as this does not clash with Jedi duties, or affect a Jedi's reasoning on a situation, it is okay. However, Jedi's should not get involved with Jedi matters with their own family.

23 June 2008

On one hand, Jedis are not suggested to marry, but on the other, if a Jedi can still perform their duties it should be encouraged. Especially because it will bring new Jedis into the world.

25 June 2008

WE NEED JEDI BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 June 2008

We do need Jedi babies.

2 July 2008

More jedi

8 July 2008

As long as one walks the path, all shall be well. One can love, and have a family; grow. But attachments will destroy you; a jedi shouldn't be having younglings or marriage if they cannot learn to let things pass from their lives.

11 July 2008

Marriage is simply a contract between two Qi. We should all be encouraged to love one another.

19 July 2008

Once the religion spreads, survive it must. Reccomend I do artificial insemination. This will avoid controversy and the temptations of the dark side.

20 July 2008

Having younglings is a part of the propagation of the scheme of our Living Universe. There should be no restrictions on our having them. By the same token, the choice to have or not to have is one which we must be free to make. Those who choose not to have younglings will have more time to devote to their arts, and that should be a personal choice unchallenged by demands of our religion.

22 July 2008

This topic needs its own council to judje the spacific situation.

26 July 2008

Of cause it is the way of the life and it is given to us to use.....FREELY

5 August 2008

How else we can survive as a species? Jedi have responsibility in this matter. Do we stand aside and watch? Or do we make things better?

15 August 2008

There is a dif between Jedi Arts and living Jedi Code. You could live by Jedi code and then retire and practice Jedi Arts. But living by Jedi code puts you into living for something, kids being a distraction.

25 August 2008

If we make more younglings it automaticly makes them ideal for the jedi right away so we do not have to search for them

29 August 2008

This isn't the movies after all. :) When one of us falls to the dark side we do not take over the galaxy and enslave millions!

2 September 2008

It will help the jedi grow

7 September 2008

make sure not to fall to the darkside with your attachments

13 September 2008

love is natural, what is natural belongs to the force , so the love belongs to the force: not in the dark side 'cause it knows only hate

26 September 2008

It depends on the Jedi. Everyone draws the Anakin parallel... What about Nomi Sunrider? She had a child and a husband who died defending her and her daughter. When fear of the darkside leads us to extreme actions, we can end up closer to Darkness than those we are trying to stop. Marriage and Love are things of beauty and light, essential to a Jedi's life to help them distinguish light from dark in the truest ways.

6 October 2008

Sex is fun

17 October 2008

I think more jedi should brought into the world under the right curcumstances

30 October 2008

Creating life is the most beautiful gift a Jedi can give this world.

31 October 2008

It is the only way to bring the next generation of jedi

8 November 2008

Yeah, unless you plan on moving to Naboo, Coruscant or Tatooine. Don't believe in marriage myself, think it's outdated, but it's your choice.

2 December 2008

Anakin Skywalker had children and produced a Jedi legend.

8 December 2008

Attachment and resulting separation can cause pain and distress - it did for me, but becoming a Jedi and realising how the Force affects us all has helped me adjust and remove negative feelings. So for marrying - this should be a matter of individual choice but be absolutely sure this is the path you wish to take, and be mindful that attachment can bring as much paid as joy. As for younglings: yes. Younglings are needed, and should be encouraged (but never forced) to follow the way of the Jedi.

9 December 2008

the Jedi will grow

19 December 2008

If one is willing to endure the pain of love, then yes

20 December 2008

yes, Marriage and younglings should be allowed - not allowing someone to do the simple things in life that bring joy to the human spirit is bound to lead to trouble - look at Catholic priests.

25 December 2008

There is no more powerfully positive light, than your children

5 January 2009

How else is our order going to grow??? If everone was a devout Jedi and noone procreated that would be the death of us and the order. Love creates life and both come from the force

10 January 2009

yes, life is sacred, and the world could use more Jedi's as my own Younglings know of the force

16 February 2009

Only Jedi to Jedi to keep it going.

28 February 2009

you are blinded by doctrin and led by a film if you would say no,this is a faith not a gang,if it is the will of the energy that saturates all things then it is inevitable

1 March 2009

Master Skywalker (Luke) maintained that this is ok. I have to agree. What better way to be in oneness with the Living Force that to create more life.

7 March 2009

Anakin is fictional. We are Jedi, and we must love to exist.

11 March 2009

If a Jedi does not Marry and have young ones, how is one to carry on the way of the Jedi?

13 March 2009

Only when men and women are together, then they are at 100% of their power. It is the way of the force to love somebody. So why should I go the way of separate lives?

20 March 2009

To those who took Anakin's example as a mistake, I'd tell them: take Luke and Leia as another example. A kid won't always look like its parents and life must go on!

24 March 2009

Yes! come on what? I never agreed with that.

31 March 2009

The circle of life is important. Encoded in our very core is the desire to mate and bare off spring, part of our balance comes from such.

2 April 2009

If The Force did not favor marriage and younglings, surely the human race would have died out by now.

18 April 2009

Love and procreation are a fact of life and therefore a fact of the force. You may be able to abstain from marriage or partnership but it would be impossible to never feel the effects of love. Everyone loves at some point, whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral to deny it would be foolish.

20 April 2009

jedi cherish all life, why not have younglings

21 April 2009

Of Course !!!

2 May 2009

YES.... BUT... once they do... they are NO LONGER Jedi, and MUST step down from being a Jedi...

13 May 2009

These questions are getting redundent. Again if you marry you are not A Jedi so it does not matter what you do after marriage.

16 May 2009


25 May 2009

I believe yes because if not are race are nation and are people will be facing extinction if we dont not act now its nothing to do with anakin he picked his path and he picked the wrong one so why should we be scared of the past and not the future are people will be done for ur a fool if u dont want younglings and if u can find a better way to come up with to keep are strong nation survive feel free to msg me if u got the brains and no pets do not count! :D

30 May 2009

How else is the force passed on to others? We must accept that we are all succeptable to love, but not to let it cloud judgement and decision making.

10 June 2009

not being able to express love could hurt one more than losing some one they loved, who did not know they were loved. life is short in the materail world the next genertion should be born into it so a better generation of jedi may rise up to take over our rolls. When marrying it matters not who they marry as long as they love them, whether they are christian, jewish, ect... we as Jedi know other religions speak of the force in different manifestations.

11 June 2009

Love is one of the greatest forces in the entire universe. Learn from the mistakes of religious institutions who deny their clergy the option of seeking a lifetime partner and the twisted darkness that is often the result of such denial. Some individuals are happiest when living alone, but most are not.

9 July 2009

I hope so, I am married and have kids.

24 August 2009

yes true love cannot be corrupted and as long as the 1 u marry is a jedi u cannot really go wrong.

13 September 2009

To procreate life is the will of the Force. As the Jedi evolve it might be neccesary completely dedicate ones self to the Force, but that is not the case as Jedi exist today. Todate, no Jedi has been given the give of being able to channel and use the Force to his will. To have that responsibility to the Force means one could not have the emotional and passionate distraction that is inherent in a family life and not miss-use that connection while emmotionaly distracted. To give a hypothetical, you have the ability to use extrodanary means to save the lives of your wife and or children but doing so means you turn your attention away from using those same means to save the lives of others from the same incident. A Jedi with that connection to the force must weigh life in terms of numbers and destiny and could be faced with a situation where he would allow the death of his family for one life of great destiny, or a number of lives greater than that of his family. The emotional weight of such a decision could easily turn a Jedi with such power to the Dark Side of the Force.

19 September 2009

The force is life. Bringing more into the world is the one gift we make too the force

27 September 2009

It helps promote the expansion of life and hence the force. So yes it is okay, as long as one does not cause themselves their spouse or their children to become corrupted.

28 September 2009

we need Younglings

29 September 2009

the force is life, younglings are life.

7 October 2009

IF you can have younglings without getting too attached to them, then yes. If no, then it should be banned, since with love comes suffering and the pain of loss.

8 October 2009

Jedis celebrate and embrace life. Love creates life so as long as Jedis marry for love for eachother and their children, life will continue to grow as will the Jedi ways.

13 October 2009

Of course. Must produce the next generation of Jedi Knights!!!

16 October 2009

that, i think, is one major flaw in the movies. jedi should be allowed to love. if you never love, then you will never truly be one with the force

20 October 2009

purposely avoiding a natural aspect of like is likely done out of fear, and fear leads to the darkside.

23 October 2009

Our relgion would die out with our generation if we didnt allow it. There is no reason this should not be allowed.

25 October 2009

of course...for younger jedi to join our faith, we must reproduce, if we do not have offspring within marriage, our faith will whither and die

8 November 2009

Yes, only if their good looking. Otherwise you are able to kill them.

11 November 2009

As human beings, we are free to choose if we marry or not, have children or not and all choices reflect the will of the Force.

13 November 2009

the original jedi order made this rule so it a jedi was to die he would not leave surviors behind. also a man/woman who has nothing to live for besides the order would fight better. Earth is very different we are not keepers of the peace

19 November 2009

Yes. Look at Aniken he had to keep silent of his love and marriage. He turned to lying and hiding what is true and great for him. If he was allowed to marry and have younglings then maybe he wouldn't have those dreams of death and that he wouldn't be searching for a dark power to save his wife through child birth and within that she wouldn't of die of a broken heart. But it must be placed before the Jedi Council first.

8 December 2009

To deny your instincts and inner voice becuase of foolish rules made by other Jedis leads only to fearing yourself. "Fear is the path of the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to...suffering." - Master Yoga.

15 December 2009

How else will there be any more jedi if we don't have kid's?

28 December 2009

Jedi must marry and have younglings, for our religion to survive in this ever-changing world. Bring them up as a Jedi, and it should be acceptable.

1 January 2010

The force will flow through the spring of new life, in keeping with the path of the universal. Celibate monastic orders are in contrast with the balanced force, and the shunned sexuality/procreative impulse manifests itself in dark twisted mutations. Anyone with young children can testify that offspring are pure healthy examples of the Force incarnate.

2 January 2010

How else will the Jedi church continue to grow?

11 January 2010

may not be in the star wars films but i would like to have younglings and a partner not everything is like films are

21 January 2010

I plan on marrying and having younglings. Who else is going to carry on my legacy of being THE SHIT.

21 January 2010

we need jedi youngligs

25 January 2010

As long as marriage and children do not cloud your judgment

27 January 2010

yes, it is also good we can train our younglings the way of the force

29 January 2010

If jedis do not marry and have younglings.. then how can it even continue? WE NEED BAAABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 February 2010

A knight should not,but if the mate understands the way of our path,then let it be.

28 February 2010

Of course, there can never be too many Jedi. However adoption is always an option.

9 March 2010

it will grow the faith in the perants

13 March 2010

Just because attachment is painful, it's weak to avoid everything that gives pain weakness leads to the dark side also love can give incredible strength as well as pain. its ok with me

17 March 2010

A powerfull Jedi has multiple kids with multiple wives to over populate the universe much like the Mexicans are doing in Southern California. we should put up a chain link fense across the universe.

18 March 2010


20 March 2010

The emotional clout of a family may lead one to the darkside and prevent spiritual growth. The presance of younglings should be taken into account during potential advancement in the order. Otherwise I find no fault in it

22 March 2010

yes otherwise powerfull masters such as luke and princess leia would never have graced us with their presence. xxxx

30 March 2010

yes "Love doesn't lead to the dark side. Passion can lead to rage and fear, and can be controlled, but passion is not the same thing as love. Controlling your passions while being in love, that's what they should teach you to beware, but love itself will save, not condemn you." ―Jolee Bindo

2 April 2010

Love is From the Force,to deny love is to deny force, a Jedi will know how to heal from pain, Pain is part of life. Emotions can be controlled for the good of self and others. Every jedi should choose thier path. Love forgivness and protection is part of the path of light.

5 April 2010

This is in the 'big ethical questions' area? Reproduction is HOW WE PROPEGATE THE HUMAN SPECIES. Without it, the species DIES and there is no reason to discuss any of this.

8 April 2010

As long as the children are looked after and the attachments kept in line it will be benificial for the order

10 April 2010

No better place to nurture our church than in loving homes,familys of Jedi would be incredible ambassadors for our cause.

16 April 2010

it is natural for jedis to marry and have younglings and to teach their younglings of the jediism and the Force. jedis must set good examples for their younglings, so that future generations will be able to spread the word of jediism.

16 April 2010

As long as they consider the planets resources and be responsible.I guess it depends on the number!

5 May 2010

The Jedi are picking up apprentices at younger and younger ages. Midichlorines are passed down and build the Jedi Order. Of course, marriage is a step toward the Dark Side and we need more apprentices.

6 May 2010

Life is to be cherished as the absolute lightest aspect of The Force, and bringing new life into the world shows a purer Jedi, not a weaker one who has succumbed to the lure of the Dark Side.

28 May 2010

Partnerships should be allowed, so that we can work with our offspring teach them and instruct them about how to better themselves from the impurities of the world, otherwise we would cease to exist if not for having children.

21 June 2010

always need new recruits !!

20 July 2010

Remember the reason this religion should be based upon, not because of the movies but because of the force

27 July 2010

If Jedis don't marry and have children, the Force dies with the would-be parents. We as an order need to reproduce and pass on the teachings of the Force.

7 September 2010

PWAH definatly especially the sex part

23 September 2010

there can never be enough jedi it is up to us to keep younglings from the darkside by enlightment

10 October 2010

if jedis marry and produce younglings then we have a stronger future as more youngling will be brought up with the jedi teachings given to them by their parents.

10 October 2010

If it was cool for Ki-Adi-Mundi to marry and have kids, why should any other Jedi be unable to?

13 October 2010

Yes. In the morality tales, it was forbidding this that led to our downfall. Love is a positive force in the universe, even if attachment can harm. We ought to allow love even if it does risk a bit of attachment.

4 November 2010

If no procreation, then how do we continue as an order.

26 November 2010

Family unity and love can be the greatest expression of love and light. To deny aspects of human existence is to deny our inner truth. The force expresses itself in many ways, not one way.

29 November 2010

The force runs pure in you

1 December 2010

If Jedi dont marry and have kids, who's going to pass on the knowledge we've gained through time? The Sith?

2 December 2010

Feel my force - yes!

8 December 2010

of course! as like it should be with Padme and Anakin

3 January 2011

To deny your own desires is to deny your own humanity

10 January 2011

Jedi most continue life by having offspring and teaching them the ways of the force.

13 January 2011

I believe yes. This is our future fellow Jedis.

5 March 2011

we should leave the movies out of this and thank real life not some made up story

3 April 2011

As we believe in the force spiritually and lack powers such as the movies I see no reason not to. Yes we maybe tempted by pride but we can also embrace love and thus remain in balance with the force.

5 April 2011

Love is different than attachment. The force leads us to bring new jedi into being. Why would this not be okay? The force brings us together, why try to separate ourselves? As long as one is able to let go and remain mindful, there should be no problem with this.

23 April 2011

I think this is a good source of the force. To bring life into the world is one of the most powerful form of the force. And to have two loving parents. Not every marriage and having children goes towards the dark side. A lot of marriages and having children brings the light and makes the force stronger.

26 April 2011

We need more YES!

2 May 2011

it is a beautiful thing to have a family of jedis i picture the same thing in my views in my life but i am still young and i will in joy my youth but love is a beautiful thing and having a family is even more beautiful

11 June 2011

also if a group wishes to join them selves in an agreeable relationship

15 November 2011

By raising and training younglings to understand the force we can ensure that there will be a positive influence on the future.

11 February 2012

The Jedi children should be allowed to choose their own religion, rather than have it spoon-fed to them since the day they were born.

21 February 2012

If we dont the jedi church will die.

2 April 2012

Yes. That is what keeps the life force flowing in the universe.

9 April 2012

Yes, as long as it does not interfere with the Jedi Code.

7 July 2012

marriage still neutral but kids yes replenish the ranks

28 September 2012

If its good enough for Ki Adi Mundi and the New Jedi Order, it's good enough for me...

5 November 2012

If the Jedis choose to marry it is their choosing and also their choosing to have younglings, also their choice to marry the person they love no matter their sex.

8 November 2012

Of course. Just because attachment is painful, it's weak to avoid everything that gives pain. Love and having children are natural parts of life, and avoiding them because of fear leads to the Dark Side.

28 January 2013

If you have the will power to not let it take you to the darkside.

20 June 2013

Yes of course it is, I believe a true Jedi is open to more than one view. One's offspring is more important than any belief and of course you would defend them as much as possible. with that being said as a parent you have more jedi skills, such as patience and can make a great teacher.

4 July 2013


22 August 2013

If they love the person truly, then yes.

15 October 2013

Yes, it's ok

26 November 2013

To take the lore of the fictitious 'Star Wars' as our own in an unaltered form is counter-intuitive. I'm sure you've all noticed that we do not jump incredibly high, waving lightsabers around. That being said, I believe that love is a strong element of the force, in fact I believe it to be the core element of the force that binds us all- to bring two Jedi together is a wonderful thing. Furthermore, adding to the force with a youngling should not be considered taboo in our faith.

2 December 2013

Yes of course

28 April 2014

The needs for outway the needs against

22 June 2014

Attachment is unhealthy - but speaks of possession - which does not fit a Jedi. A healthy relationship can be a very fulfilling thing and should not be discouraged. Without younglings, the future of the Jedi would be bleak...

3 September 2014

Yes, but this should depend upon the rules of the order they join. There should be different orders depending on how you wish to practice as a Jedi. Monastic orders for those who wish to pursue that course, others that allow for marriage or practices.

21 September 2014

this seems like a silly question

21 November 2014

love and attatchment are a natrual and perhaps the most powerfull part of the force. to deny them out of feer of being able to control them is to deny what we are

1 January 2015

Of course, we need more Jedis in the world

13 February 2015

Of course, this each person's decision to make, individual freedom is a key value for the Jedi. But a Jedi must understand that the planet is suffering from a demographic explosion of humanity which can compromise ecological balance and ultimately our survival. It is better to have few children but bring then up with good values and education.

23 February 2015

Jedi are supposed to be compassionate, loving and caring. These are qualities best developed once one becomes a parent.

16 December 2015

Of course. Just because attachment is painful, it's weak to avoid everything that gives pain. Love and having children are natural parts of life, and avoiding them because of fear leads to the Dark Side. Jedis celebrate and embrace life. Love creates life so as long as Jedis marry for love for eachother and their children, life will continue to grow as will the Jedi ways

22 December 2015

Without younglings the Jedi order will not survive for very long. It os the reaponsablilty of a Jedi to care for their younglings in the most loving manner possible to show them the ligjt of the Force.

1 January 2016

The Force is life. why should we be against bringing more life into the world?

25 January 2016

Of course how are we to keep the faith going..

15 July 2016

Jedi are not encouraged to have ANY relationships. However, if we are discussing same sex marriage, why would marrying and having younglings be off the table? Of course it's okay. I'm raising my own with a knowledge of the Force and how to use darkness to combat darkness. She's a charcoal gray. I'm a dark charcoal gray.

2 August 2016

Jedi should harness positive emotions like love, affection, happiness to power their connection to the Force the way the Sith use negative emotions. Bringing a new life form into the galaxy is the ultimate fruit of this love.

7 November 2017

without them there are no Jedis. life is a celebration to be honored.

11 November 2017

If all Jedis didn't marry and have younglings, how will our values be passed down?

3 January 2018

Yes we shouldn't restrict the lives of others.

9 May 2018

... if it wasn't we would not be here

30 October 2018

it's part of our nature to prolong ourselfs

12 May 2019

Reasons for Remain Neutral

On one side, that would mean more jedi, which is good. On other side, that could lead to the dark side, like what happened with Vader.

9 July 2008

I consider myself a Jedi and I am getting married. Be careful not to let emotions rule your actions.

11 July 2008

We need to reproduce, that's what humans are meant to do, yet, attachment causes pain, maybe we can have children if we are careful and wise, but some won't be wise and they fall into darkness.

19 July 2008

i agree: because more jedi we have the bigger the rigion grows. but i disagree: because it could lead to the dark side. which if the dark side other runned the light side. it would then end up being another galactic empire

31 August 2008

Only once the Jedi in question has retired.

3 September 2008

On having children: A Jedi is mindful of the local environment (carrying capacity) and socio-political stage (expansion, contraction, steady-state). On Marriage: How far to follow local culture and customs is a decision for each Jedi, based upon the individual circumstances and mission.

9 September 2008

it should be discouraged but not banned

10 September 2008

children yes, marriage.... attatchment is surely a path to the darkside

19 September 2008

Depends on ones rank. The higher the rank, the more should be restricted

15 October 2008

Emotion, yet peace. Ignorance, yet knowledge. Passion, yet serenity. Chaos, yet harmony. Death, yet the Force.

30 October 2008

The higher the rank, they should be little restricted

10 December 2008

Marriage? No. If two (or more) wish to band together, they shall. If they do not, they shall not be coerced into staying in a bad relationship by any external entity. Children? As they like, and as long as they are fully responsible financially, emotionally, and physically able to provide for the children. NOT for selfish purposes!

9 January 2009

As long as it doesn't effect the decisions made-also they should have to be seconded by someone without a attachment to make a decision. The attachment could make very bad decisions but no matter how hard it is a Jedi should decide in the greater good, not for those he/she loves/cares about.

21 March 2009

Children should not be restricted or else we will die as a race. Marriage and emtooinal attachment should be restritcted in higher ranks of the Council but not for basic Jedi's.

19 April 2009

They will and have for along time now.

4 August 2009

Me must reproduce, but NEVER get attached to the product (child) or partner used to procreate. We must aim for power, and add to our army. We may only settle and lead idealistic lives with husbands/wives/children once the Jedi Church rules supreme above all other cults and religions.

5 January 2010

If a mate can be found that does not blind the Jedi to their path, children or not, then yes. I think a Jedi should raise any child they have as Jedi from day one, so as to remove the limitations placed on children in their early years. The possibilities for the next generation are endless.

27 January 2010

no marriage adoption is ok

11 February 2010

Very rarely. Rarely enough that you probably for most, no.

20 March 2010

life birth death

18 April 2010

wtf are younglings

30 June 2010

It's ok. But eventialy you find out that in the Force is all you are, both sides male, female. It's can part of the jorney to understanding to go through this "male, female, child thing".

25 July 2010

Same a the poll for marriage before A Jedi should not engage in a Relationship if he feels that he can not act other than being together he should have the blessing of the coucil

20 August 2010

More younling more Jedi or sith the force should choose

4 November 2010

with-out younglings there can be no new Jedi.

16 January 2011

The jedi should chose what he feel is right

28 June 2011

The only reason Anakin did what he did is because he knew he messed up and was trying to hide it. If we take this law out then people will not have to hide its evidence. Plus it makes more Jedi younglings

11 January 2013

If the marriage is with the opposite sex and to someone whom is within 2 years of their age.

13 November 2013

as a jedi when you are at your highest state of crime solving as a jedi, you suld not get kids. remember that everything can be taken away from you, so dont keep anyting close, at your higest state

5 May 2014

Jedi can only marry other Jedi, as it will be less tempting to go to the dark side because they both know the consequences.

8 September 2014

Marriage is not the Jedi way.

14 April 2015

The right choice for each Jedi will present itself when the time is right. Until then, we will not know.

19 April 2015

Family is a weakness but it is also up to the Jedi at hand

29 April 2015

Out of all things Jedis having kids should be treated with a grain of salt as love can lead to the dark side and we must avoid that at all costs.

8 October 2016

Is there another way of passing on your genes and family traits? I mean, you want this to be the last but generation of Jedi?? Cuz I don't! Breed away! (Except siths)

11 June 2018

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