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It is good for Jedis to donate blood?


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It is good for Jedis to donate blood

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Reasons To Disagree

it is kept in the body for perfect balance of the force

4 August 2008

blood is bad!!! it leads to aids!

2 September 2008

Your blood may be used to feed the darkness within a dark sider. You cannot support the work of evil, Deny Them The Blood And KILL THEM ALL

3 January 2009

Donating blood os suicide. A loss of such would cause acts of darkness.

3 January 2009

No because blood transfer's take a long time to seen if there is infection in it if not done proper and can lead to death, if not then sure go for it but still that's a lot of money going to somewhere that has been done through out the ages why do we need to increase such a thing in this already done system done by doctors and pros that know what the heck they are doing so i honorablely disagree and i believe :D

30 May 2009


4 June 2009

They check you midichlorians and if you're not like me who is Supreme Master Jedi, you'll be easily lured to the darkside of the force.

28 July 2009

it can give powers to another but... when all hell breaks loose you need all the power you need young padawon.

31 October 2009

we do not want to feed the other religious cults who try to poison our minds

8 November 2009

Because it is loosing their force abilities.

11 November 2009

The donation of blood is the choice of a person, regardless of any religion/faith they follow.

28 November 2009

it`s pureness my corupt the user

13 March 2010

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard but they aint avin my blood !!!!

20 July 2010

may effect the force inside you

3 October 2010

I don't think this is a good idea. Unless a Jedi is giving blood to another Jedi, that would work. A non-Jedi receiving Jedi blood could be fatal. This really should NOT happen - ever!

8 December 2010


21 December 2010

Some of us cannot

22 August 2013

I, personally, do not accept any kind of fluid or bodily transplant for these transplants cange Dna and that's not good.

13 May 2015

When my penis gets hard, that;s the true force. Therefore I cannot give my blood to anyone cuz not everyone can handle it!

20 October 2015


Reasons To Agree

To help others is part of the Jedi code

9 July 2008

Giving ones own life is sacrifice, a jedi's life is sacrifice too isn't it?

11 July 2008

Yes to help others is part of the Jedi code.

11 July 2008

Of course. Blood gives life. We are not jehovah's witnesses are we? We can choose to help others in any way possible.

14 July 2008

Given to others, especially those we do not know should be encouraged.

19 July 2008

If it is helping the needy, then yes it's ok.

19 July 2008

Its helping others after all

21 July 2008

I was saved as a baby by an anonymous blood donor.Ergo I must do the same for others

24 July 2008

Of cause it is it's to give life to others.

5 August 2008

I've a terrible needle phobia or I'd give blood regularly

17 August 2008

its good to help others

26 August 2008

If we believe that the force is stronger within a Jedi, then yes. For the promotion of human life, we must be willing to give unselfishly of our own, at whatever cost.

3 September 2008

I dont see why not

18 September 2008

The gift of life is the best gift to give

6 October 2008

I'm going Christian on you now. "do on to others as you would have them do on to you."

30 October 2008

It should not be made into an obligation, but if such a simple and painless act can save up to four lives, then I don't see why one wouldn't.

31 October 2008

If another needs we give!

8 November 2008

It is a personal choice.

23 November 2008

if you can save lives it will strong the force in your body

10 December 2008

Yes,life of jedi is sacrifice

31 December 2008

It is also healthy for the Jedi. Donating blood cleanses the system.

10 January 2009

If they want. Jedis should not be obliged too.

28 January 2009

this is a silly question (of course we should)

16 February 2009

Personal choice and feeling it is ok for you to do.

28 February 2009

to help others is the core of Jedi beliefs

7 March 2009

Of course we should give blood! A basic Jedi belief is that we believe in the inherent worth of every person, so we should take action to help them survive!

12 March 2009

Why not. If the place where you donate it is clean. And if you need money I think it is also okay to spend PLASMA.

20 March 2009

It is the Jedi way to protect life so by donating blood it helps ensure survival of others, therefore: YES.

21 March 2009

It is up to you, but there is no reason in forbidding such thing.

24 March 2009

Blood is part of our life force. Sharing it so others might live is an agreeable choice.

25 March 2009

Yes, it helps heal and rebalance a body, plus the good vibes can be transfered from one to another.

2 April 2009

Only when saving one's life(good character).

18 April 2009

Of course! Blood, bones and any other organs. Particularly when they are finished using them in accordance with The Force.

18 April 2009

if we jedi are all conected to the same single force then, blood is the same as the air we brathe or the ground we walk on so why not let everything else flow too.

30 April 2009

Giving blood must come from yourself. No council can tell you yes or no about giving blood. As a Jedi you will know right from wrong and good and evil. If you feel that giving blood is good then do so if not then do not. If in doubt use the force or as another Jedi.

16 May 2009

Of course we should. It is vital to help others by giving blood, as a neuro-surgen i would strongly advise it. And giving blood does not lead to AIDS, this is a faulse statement, blood is checked first so it is save.

20 May 2009

i would give blood but i am not aloud , i think every one should give it ,

22 May 2009

If we don't give blood were no better than the Mormons... then what kind of message will we be sending?

25 May 2009

Yeah, we are servicing others. is that not what we do. It states in the conduct guidlines

3 June 2009

Not only is it morally satisfying to help others in need, but you body restores it's balance as needed, it promotes well being and health within yourself as well as others.

8 June 2009

sure, spread mediclorians around! (I don't know how to spell it)

9 June 2009

I agree with this hands down. We should all spread life, let the force flow through everyone. I will be giving blood next monday, they may not let me because of my new tattoo supporting my faith in the order.

10 June 2009

helping people

27 June 2009

The giving up of part of oneself is a personal choice. If you are healthy and suffer no lack from the giving, and that giving results in the saving of a single life, then that is reason enough to sacrifice such a small thing.

9 July 2009

This Is an example of using the light force in every day life.

31 July 2009

It is the Jedi way to help others and donating blood helps others.

23 August 2009

Yes it is good. Our job is to assist, protect and defend people.

24 August 2009

absolutly any1 could need it even us. and just to say no just in case it saves a bad ones life is very dark and disturbing and even if it did theyd be indept to us an may even change them to good.

13 September 2009

To spread life, is the way of the Jedi. What's a few midichlorians any way.

19 September 2009

To protect life is the duty of all Jedi. To give blood is a crude but necessary act to help protect life.

19 September 2009

A Jedi knows that the force flows through all life. It is the Orders purpose to promote the over all preservation of life.

28 September 2009

Blood is life and life is good ergo blood is good so giving can do no harm.

7 October 2009

Help should be given to who-ever's in need. Blood is natural - and there is nothing wrong with sharing the same as others. Some blood from a Force-Sensitive will not create a higher midiclorian level in the blood of the untrained.

8 October 2009

Yes, IMO it is good to donate (although I do not). But a member can't/shouldn't be forced to do so. That would create legal issues, I think...

16 October 2009

it should be our responsibility to bring peace, donating blood helps the cause. it shows that jedi care for others and show compassion

20 October 2009

Definately. Its helping others who are in need, that is exactly what we believe in.

25 October 2009

By doing so a being would be working toward the goal of preserving life. The Force is Life. Therefore, one would be working to preserve the Force.

27 October 2009

Only if they agree to it. The force is life and it surrounds us all

8 December 2009

Jedis help and serve. Period.

15 December 2009

If it will help, or benefit others, then yes.

15 December 2009

Jedi say that we are the keeper of peca and life. And since blood is life we shold do what we can we shold donate.

28 December 2009

to assist people is a great aid to your own mind, it could save someone close, or even yourself, life at some point

30 December 2009

It is an easy, nonviolent manner in which even the most passive jedi can save the helpless.

2 January 2010

yes, but it must be tested first and with de jedis concent.

6 January 2010

It is a matter of personal opinion, but it is also a helping act. The act benefits the receiver

8 January 2010

It is in accordance with basic morality to give what we can to others in need. There is no harm in donating.

11 January 2010

i would be scared but if i needed blood i would want it so i would give it

21 January 2010

It is the Jedi code to help others and bring balance to the force. Maybe our blood will help balance out the force in others and bring them to the light.

21 January 2010

the jedi must sacerfice. to help outhers helps one self.

25 January 2010

yes we should. if it is to help others then we do it..we are all 4 helping others so yes it is good

29 January 2010

It is a good pure act worthy of respect and admiration

5 March 2010

A Jedi must protect people.

16 March 2010

If we believe that the force is stronger within a Jedi, then yes. For the promotion of human life, we must be willing to give unselfishly of our own, at whatever cost

17 March 2010

We must spred the Force, and spred the truth

18 March 2010

The light side knows charity and thre is none higher than that of ones body. Deprovation of the body and repression of instinct leads to spiritual growth

22 March 2010

jedi are here to help people and protect them giving blood is one of those things a jedi does to help the world

28 March 2010

Yes, i am a regular blood doner, you blood with the Force will help to save the lives of 3 other people.

16 April 2010

In an emergency a Jedi would roll up his/her/its sleeves if it would help to save a life but I think I will hold onto my 8 pints unless there is an emergency,pro choice but yes it is good for Jedis to donate blood.

16 April 2010

If the force passes through all of us and binds us then the sharing of blood which runs in all of us should help to strengthen that bond.

20 May 2010

A Jedi's life is sacrifice, so by extension, the blood, the river of which the Force and the life-force flows is sacrifice too is it not?

28 May 2010

helpijng others is part of the jedi code

10 June 2010

It dosen't hurt, and it's not a question of must you give blood, but should you. And the form of the question is wrong (comparing to the anwers).

26 June 2010

My life was saved by a blood transfusion at the age of 14 during an operation. I have received 5 pints of blood and given back 9 pints in 9 years to benefit others. Now aged 65 and still busy in my spiritual tasks.

15 July 2010

if it helps without harming yourself then there is only benifit

28 July 2010

It doesnt matter what kind of person you are helping you are bound by the code to help

20 August 2010

of course it is fine to donate blood is to give live or save live.

25 August 2010

This depends on if said Jedi wants to donate blood. We should not force one to donate their life if they choose not to.

7 September 2010

It is the responsibility of any good moral person to aid another. If blood is required, then the gift of life is not only a good choice, but perhaps a duty (of course if the potential donor is unable to due to medical reasons, that would be understandable.)

14 September 2010

to shera the essenc of life

13 October 2010

It is important to help others. Sacrafice is part of the life style. If you don't want you don't have too. NFQ

15 October 2010

Of course. Unless they have a blood-transmitted disease, but hey, they wouldn't be allowed anyway. Mind, 'it's good' is not 'it's required'. It should not be required.

4 November 2010

Jedi believe in the Way of the Samuri and the Knight"s Code of Chilvary... So we must give to others

23 November 2010

unless someone has a disorder or something

28 November 2010

If they want to, it is their decision.

29 November 2010

All of the force should be shared among equals

1 December 2010

donating blood is a way to share life among the humanity, sharing The Force is a way to make the Universe better

3 January 2011

I agree totally. It is a choice to donate blood and it has been deemed that donated blood helps the general population in not just healthy survival but also in the generosity that calms the soul and frees the mind of bad omen for both sides. Jedi's are for helping out everyone and teaching the value of good.

7 January 2011

If someone you knew, a close friend or family member was dying and you were the only person near that had the matching blood type, what would you do? and why should strangers be treated differently

10 January 2011

Jedi most help other beings of the force, even if it takes away from the Jedi's body.

13 January 2011

It is good for anyone to give blood.

22 January 2011

For Us to share

13 February 2011

the person who said: Your blood may be used to feed the darkness within a dark sider. You cannot support the work of evil, Deny Them The Blood And KILL THEM afraid if you keep thinking like that you will fall to the darkside young one .jedi_master_jam

25 February 2011

In sith philosophy,it would strengthen possible enemies helping them, all the while weakening yourself. Because this would be bad for Sith, i can see it would be generous and kind for us Jedi.

28 February 2011

Its always good for a Jedi to help others.

15 March 2011

I think it's good provided the people working at the blood drive know what they are doing. I haven't donated blood in months because they hit a nerve and my body hurt for a week. However, I think reaching out to help humanity is a good thing.

15 March 2011

we need to help all life no matter the coast.

3 April 2011

I agree with neutral comments above that the force should help us with this decision, that every jedi should make their own decision, but I agree that it is good to donate blood. Giving blood has always seemed like an act of kindness. One is giving a piece of oneself to another. This shows goodness and should be reflected upon when one ponders about the force.

23 April 2011

Yes I agree. We should give blood if able. Jedi is compassionate about other life forms. A jedi wouldn't leave another Jedi for dead nor another human.

26 April 2011

Yes, blood gives life. Plain and simple

2 May 2011

you never know who needs it but you ask yourself what is the right thing to do if you choose no the dont do it but in your you should not fall regards to the dark side but if you do then your heart is pure

11 June 2011

Ones midi-chlorian level can be calculated through the the testing of blood which may mean it can also be transferred via blood. We Jedi should support the distribution of midi-chlorians and not suppress it. May The Force Be With You, Obi Sims.

16 June 2011

Helping another is good, regardless of religion or the person in question (unless they are a Sith).

9 February 2012

It's important to do it but it is important and good to help people in every way posible.

2 April 2012

Donating blood is a wonderful thing. It keeps the force flowing in something that would otherwise die.

9 April 2012

The strengths outweigh the weaknesses. Sure, your metachlorian count will be revealed to dark siders, but you might save the life of one who will help your cause. I remain mostly neutral, but slightly agree.

17 April 2012

if someone is willing to sacrifice some of their power to help someone else then it seems okay

5 May 2012

the jedi way is to help those in need by any means necessary.

26 June 2012

help others we must

7 July 2012

I feel this shouldn't even be an issue, giving blood saves countless lives...

5 November 2012

For those who need it, always.

14 December 2012

good jedi my wookie blood make unlucky people strong again

21 December 2012


11 January 2013

if they want to why not

28 January 2013

Giving blood is akin to giving or helping to prolong lives. It is a form of helping those who cannot help themselves when they need it the most. It is not sacrifice if it is given happily and willingly.

1 April 2013


4 July 2013

The Force is within all and ones live could be spared by giving blood as it stand it is one of the greatest things one can do s to willingly give one's own life blood for another. Section.

2 October 2013

I believe that it is helping others and a Jedi should aim to help everyone he can. Be they good or bad, you always try to save people.

15 October 2013

yes encouraged even but never forced <-pun

18 November 2013

The Jedi code encourages us to benefit those in need with our actions.

2 December 2013

We must protect all the the dark side, we should help others as the force helps us

8 January 2014

If your legally able to donate blood you should to help your fellow man.

16 March 2014

The force binds all living things in the galaxy. So we are all connected in some way, shape, or form. It is our duty to help all living things

8 April 2014

to help others are the jedi way!

5 May 2014

It is up to an individual, but it is a good thing to donate blood if you can. Our bodies are more than capable of making up the loss.

3 September 2014

hell yes!!!! Jedi are meant to help others and there is no better way to give life

21 November 2014

I have done this and only a month ago. It depends on a personal level, can you donate blood? And if you can what's stopping you? Your blood could be saving someones life. Or could when they really need it. It's up to you and how you feel that your blood can do good. Don't let someone psyc you out because there scared. If your all for it there's no need to second guess yourself it's your blood, do as you wish. Thankyou for reading. May the force be with you!

29 November 2014

A Jedi is compassionate and sacrificial. The Jedi are selfless. It is the Will of the Force.

6 December 2014

Only if it is for other Jedi members or people who support Jedi members

13 February 2015

It is a moral duty to help others.

23 February 2015

It is a personal choice, but to donate any small amount of blood is saving lives, so why not?

19 April 2015

Personal choice

29 April 2015

If they particularly like vampires, and or care deeply for the sick... the later being more positive, yes.

21 June 2015

The Spice must flow...

25 June 2015

the force runs throw us all so why not shear this and use what we can to help bring life to all.

25 June 2015

The force believes that everyone is equal even if they do not believe the truth

27 June 2015

Sure it is! Give and you shall recieve Life Force.

26 October 2015

ok try this we give the life fluid of us as individuals and thus providing life for our brethren. and the best part of that is our bodies replenish the blood with fresh supply. thus generating youthfulness in our own bodies. You really need to feel this when you give. the body feels refreshed. I love the youthfulness I have for weeks afterwards

13 December 2015

There is no reason not to as midichloreans are BS

22 December 2015

To deny a living being the life given to them by the Force is an ideal which would lead one to darkness. However, each Jedi is free to choose their path and no one in the order can tell another how to best serve the Force with their body

1 January 2016

need to pass on those midi chlorians lol

7 January 2016

the force is about life

14 February 2016

It's the nice thing to do

18 April 2016

yes it will help people and thats what we do

24 April 2016

The blood must not heart another

8 August 2016

To save the lives of others, we give our blood and body's every day, I would strongly agree.

8 October 2016

This is the individuals choice but helping others in need is the Jedi code.

14 June 2019

I think it should be done with as much responsibility as donating any part of yourself. Does it create balance?

22 June 2019

Yes if possible, but not for some, disease, fear of needles and personal beliefs.

12 October 2019

There is no question...just do

12 August 2020

Reasons for Remain Neutral

i think you should beable to choice if you want to or not. its your blood.

31 August 2008

I think its up to the individual. I never donate blood, because I think the majority of those place are unsanitary, and rarely up to code. As far as the act goes, I see no problem with it.

5 January 2009

Donation of anything should be the choice of the individual. Nobody has the right to tell you that you must donate to one thing or another.

20 April 2009

Is it good or bad? Well the Act of giving blood can't be either. If your town has a clean set up and you meet the ideals for a blood donator then it's up too you.

27 September 2009

i think its a personnal chocie to give blood or not

1 October 2009

Let the FORCE guide one in this.

28 February 2010

Blood is niether black nor white, its red.

18 March 2010

I think it should be done with as much responsibility as donating any part of yourself. Does it create balance?

20 March 2010

We need to help debemos ayudar

20 March 2010

Blood carries the force and its will, each jedi should choose thier own path in this topic.

5 April 2010

there is no right or wrong here what is good for one is bad for another everyone should have the choice to decide for themselves

18 April 2010

the force should help us decide in this one...

21 July 2010

Everyone should make their own decision about this. May force guide us. For some people this is ok and for some others not. An some times it's ok but other times not. We must listen to the force.

25 July 2010

while i do say its a jedis code to help others i do think its a decision for all to make alone there is no right or wrong in either choice and this subject should not have ppl taking sides

12 September 2010

The Jedi force might spread an that is leading to more Jedi / more sith so you should chose

4 November 2010

A Jedi should always have the choice of weither to give blood or not. Who are we to make them? The Force does incourage you to preserve life, but it only encourages you, it doesn't force you to.

26 November 2010

It is our mandate to protect life however we can. Donating blood, platelets, plasma, etc. is only ONE method of doing so. Its up to the person doing the donating, not the Council to decide this.

24 December 2010

The part we play in flesh and blood is one of many trials we face in the laws of the force. denying any part of the force leads to unsound judgment.

16 January 2011

Why not, but nobody has the right to insist on donating blood.

4 March 2011

yea sure

23 July 2012

Its up to ones self

26 July 2012

It depends...

7 September 2012

it is up to the individual no matter their creed

28 September 2012

It is good for anyone to donate blood but it is a personal choice.

8 November 2012

It is a personal choice.

26 November 2013

I shall stay neutral but I say this is it right to withhold your blood from those who could die without it. very few people have rare blood groups but I was lucky enough to have one. giving my blood has probably saved a life here and there. although it is personal choice. Keep your minds open.

3 January 2014

We nee d to know who are blood is going to

17 January 2014

Depends on the situation

28 April 2014

Individual decission only.

24 February 2015

That is the decision of the individual

25 January 2016

This is an individual choice

2 August 2016

If they choose to. It should be a matter of personal choice and no one else's business.

2 August 2016

That depends on the person If they can do it to help someone sure But some may not be able to (example: disease) so they can help in other ways

11 June 2018

Each Jedi should come to their own conclusions concerning how best to serve.

20 April 2019

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