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It is ok for Jedis to accept blood transfusions?


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It is ok for Jedis to accept blood transfusions

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Reasons To Disagree

a jedi should be taking blood, of the innocent to feed ther blood lust!!

2 September 2008

One can never know if the blood they recieve is tainted with the dark side. Better to die pure than live as a monster.

3 January 2009

ERM... mix your true jedi blood up ? No.

27 January 2009

HECK NO i dont want aids plz i rather die with my blood my own blood THAN TO HAVE AIDS MOFOS i mean come on why should we unless ...... u want the sith in your body roaming the fields of Ur body causing chaos MY GOD HELP ME STOP THIS ISSUE THAT HAS arised

30 May 2009

Take nothing! Balance is not posible if we take without giving. No Jedi would take someone elses life force and blood is our life force.

4 June 2009

A Jedi must have powers to balance themselves. Even in blood. Note: the "Force" is if you're a Jedi a telepathic form of communication. My level is Supreme Master Jedi and I get only the most important form true telepathy through me.

28 July 2009

i will not take dirty blood....i will only accept my own

8 November 2009

Same as the previous question, having a blood transfusion is the choice of a person, regardless of any religion/faith that they follow.

28 November 2009

If a Jedi needs a blood transfusion to live then it should only be from a fellow Jedi

4 February 2010

We shouldn't accept blood transfusions because is one of the easiest ways to contract the darkside

18 March 2010

accepting blood from non-Jedi can potentially dilute your midi-chlorian count, thus losing your ability to sense the Force

30 January 2012

The blood that you are taking could be better used to help another. A jedi's life is sacrifice, so you should sacrifice that blood for another.

17 April 2012

Jedi's should pass and become the force so others can grow stronger....Unless its me, I'm master bater and i'll live forever

23 July 2012

No,the blood may be infected with that of a sith, and why should we be stealing that which others need?

30 January 2016

Only in dire need

18 April 2016

Only from other Jedi's. Purity my young padawan

12 August 2020


Reasons To Agree

only if the blood was given freely :P

11 July 2008

yes no reason a Jedi in need should not be given a transfusion if needed in an emergency.

11 July 2008

Of course. Blood gives life. We are not jehovah's witnesses are we? We can choose to help others in any way possible.

14 July 2008

Jedi should be allowed to do what they wish; However, we should be encouraged to be grateful for the help others give.

19 July 2008

If you need blood, you need blood, so yes.

19 July 2008

we can except blood due to imperfect balance

4 August 2008

Yes again it's a life to save..

5 August 2008

if people give it freely and a Jedi needs it then its ok i'm sure

26 August 2008

if its a matter of life or death then yes i think you should beable to have blood transfusions

31 August 2008

ONLY when they need them

9 September 2008


18 September 2008

If it is necessary, yes.

31 October 2008

The longer we stay here the more helpful we can be

8 November 2008

What, are we becoming Jehovah's Witnesses?? Fuck off!

2 December 2008

Yes. you should Rise and fight from the blood of anyone, especially your enemys. DO WHAT MUST BE DONE

3 January 2009

This is a medical issue, not religious.

9 January 2009

Blood is blood. Decisions can't be made by your blood but by youself

10 January 2009

If you're receiving blood you're in a hospital and not in battle. I would rather die in battle.

10 January 2009

If needed.

28 January 2009

There is no tainted blood. We are all of the Force. Light or Dark matters not. If the blood was given freely, it will allow us more time to do what is needed.

29 January 2009

anouther silly question, agree

16 February 2009

i am fortunate to have the universal blood group so yes it is fine so long as it is with consent

28 February 2009

only if needed

7 March 2009

Why not. If it saves his live. The medicine was given to humanity by god - err the force...

20 March 2009

Why not? But only if it is needed, if it is not needed then it is obvious that someone else will need it more than you do.

21 March 2009

Of course! No arguing on that one either!

24 March 2009

Same reason as the answer whether you can donate blood apply here.

2 April 2009

If the Jedi's life depends on it, they can keep the Jedi faith strong by taking this blood.

17 April 2009

Only when dire needs arises to save JEDI's life.

18 April 2009

Certainly! Or transplants. Organic or inorganic. There are many examples of this being a success and of course, examples of failures. But the possibility of a success requires the attempt.

18 April 2009

I agree that the choice should be your own. However I would have no objection.

20 April 2009

no risk of darkside taking over as good will over power

30 April 2009

We accept the Force which is life, why shouldn't we accept blood, it is life.

2 May 2009

simply yes.

16 May 2009

Purity does not come from the blood, we as Jedi shouldnt have to worry about the purity of blood, our strength comes from are whole bodies, not just our blood.

20 May 2009

The health of our members should be are number one goal.

25 May 2009

of couse

30 May 2009

If it's a match

3 June 2009

yes, I'm sure the doctors examine the blodd for diseases, and other peoples' mediclorians should spread to others...

9 June 2009

I would accept blood transfusion if badly enough injured, as I am sure many others would. I do not carry the prejudices of some of the more extreme religions. Blood is blood, it does not carry the taint of darkness, nor of light. Not a single mote of darkness or light is found upon scanning of each single corpasule beneath an electon microscope. We are Jedi, not superstitious peasants.

9 July 2009


24 August 2009

as long as ther is a need for it like life or death yeah absolutly but lets not go around doing it for fun.

13 September 2009

To recieve blood is to be close to returning to the Force. If one feels they have fulfilled their destiny and are ready to return to the Force then they may refuse the path of continued life. When one feels that they are not ready to return to the Force and the Force has provided them a means to continue life then one is free to accept those means. At times a decision might be made without knowing the wishes of the Jedi poised at the transition, one must accept that the Force may yet have a destiny that you must see through.

19 September 2009

i think its ok

1 October 2009

Accept that which is good..

7 October 2009

Of course - there is nothing wrong with receiving another person's blood, as long as it is not a part of a Dark Ritual.

8 October 2009

the order exist to bring peace, we are no help if we are dead.

20 October 2009

Noone should have to go without aid whether jedi or not. If it saves a life then it should be allowed.

25 October 2009

It's generally a medical neccessity when one finds themself under the effects of severe trauma.

27 October 2009

only if they did no lose it in the process of doing a selfish deed like theivery

19 November 2009

To save life yes

8 December 2009

We should enjoy life as much as possible. To refuse the aid to keep on living is to refuse life, and by that, also the force.

15 December 2009

Blood doesn't make the Jedi.The Jedi makes the blood. So yes we should be able to accept a blood transfusion.

28 December 2009

this sways closely to the beliefs of the isolated jehovas witnesses, obviously its ok, it can benefit everyone

30 December 2009

Blood is the flow of force in our body. Carrying the force we inhale through oxygen to the various parts of the machine we operate. If we lose the force it carries, we lose our life. Doctors and science can replace our blood safely, thus replenishing the force in our bodies, potentially saving our lives. How can this be wrong?

2 January 2010

Accepting blood from another human being is not going to upset the balance of the force in your body because the choices you make are still yours and yours alone.

11 January 2010

if you need it you need it

21 January 2010

If I'm out in the field and I am dying, I will except blood.

21 January 2010

only if they are greatlul and give back to the force.

25 January 2010

if needed yes, although we should be charitable, when in need we should except charity

27 January 2010

yes. i would not wanna die that rather die of old age or die saving some 1. the more one stays alive the more they can help.

29 January 2010

A Jedi can never be too prideful to accept the aid of those not in tune with the force. There is no way to "corrupt" Jedi why not

9 March 2010

Only from a fellow Jedi, we must not take from the weak.

16 March 2010

Purity does not come from the blood, we as Jedi shouldnt have to worry about the purity of blood, our strength comes from are whole bodies, not just our blood.

17 March 2010

It would be best to leave the blood for those who need it most. When the time comes, you will know.

22 March 2010

it is not wrong to allow others to help, so there is no shame in it.

5 April 2010

there is no shame in seeking assistance, Jedi should accept assistance where they can, it will prevent the unnessary use of the Force when they can get help elsewhere.

16 April 2010

We don't want dead Jedi.

20 May 2010

A Jedi knows that the force flows through all life. It is the Orders purpose to promote the over all preservation of life. If their life is the one that needs saving i think they should take it. i also think they should give whenever posible

4 June 2010

preserving life is sacred

10 June 2010

If you need a transfusion there is nothing you can do about it.

26 June 2010

I would not be here now, continuing my mission if it was not for 5 people having donated a pint each to save my life during an operation.

15 July 2010

Of course !!!

20 July 2010

only extreme times

3 August 2010

this is a strange question since other Jedi's would need to break the code to not help us.

20 August 2010

If they need the blood and it matches their blood type, then they should accept it. The Force is in all of us, so blood will not be tainted by the non believers.

7 September 2010

i think in certain situations a jedi should b able to accept it i am in the army and deployed currently i would like to continue fighting to keep my country safe liek any jedi should b kept alive for the purpose of protecting the ppl

12 September 2010

The practice of blood transfusion is supposed to be as a last requirement. Most medical practitioners will administer other methods before resorting to blood. And that should be the responsibility of each individual to maintain that reasoning as well.

14 September 2010

we all are connected by the same force

3 October 2010

if there is a transfusion neede then the jedi in question should be given one therefore being allowed to live if the force decrees it

10 October 2010

Completely up to the Jedi

15 October 2010

Yes. The preservation of life is important, and we should seek to preserve life whenever possible.

4 November 2010

Of course.

29 November 2010

Only if it's from another Jedi - simple.

8 December 2010

If you're in need of a transfusion, i wouldn't argue about receiving it. Most cases are life or death when it gets to that point.

24 December 2010

Blood is as acceptable as any other body part replacement - The Force is our essence - blood may not affect strong Jedi belivers

3 January 2011

Blood does not distort the mind and as a donation is meant to be a help in your survival. Jedi's are taught to help others, so acception blood donation is allowing other's to show their support in helping.

7 January 2011

Jedi need help too.

13 January 2011

It is a matter of time until they seek it with their own hands...The Dark Side is present within all

22 January 2011

blood is cleansed so no aids

13 February 2011

If necessary.

28 February 2011

Of course.

4 March 2011

the blood dose not have light or dark side that comes frome the one that controls the focre withen.

3 April 2011

I sense a trend in these questions. I feel that the force should help us make these decisions and we should not let other jedi make these decisions for us. If a jedi wanted to receive a blood transfusion, especially if their life depended on it, then I would agree. If another jedi refused, then the force is telling them that they should not have it. The force should guide the individual.

23 April 2011

Agree. if it means to saves ones life,well yes. The blood does not make you turn to the dark side. Look within yourself. If you have the light, then the light shine. Are you less of a Jedi if you loose a limb? I think not. Your thoughts , What is inside your head is what makes you a Jedi. To fight to survive is the Jedi's way to not let the darkness win.

26 April 2011

Yes. The Jedi are few in numbers. It will keep us strong by saving another Jedi.

2 May 2011

If you need it, there is nothing wrong with accepting help from others. We learn humility from the Force, and refusing help from others is on a par with thinking they are worse than you. Would you accept help from a Jedi master?

21 February 2012

Yes it is ok.

2 April 2012

If it's needed then yeah definitely!

7 September 2012

If it saves a life, then surely it's worth it. I don't really see the problem or the need for this to be an issue

5 November 2012

Yes, when necessary.

8 November 2012

If needed and it is donated

28 November 2012

i like blood, blood is good

21 December 2012

Yes. Just yes.

11 January 2013

Assuming that it was given freely I see no problem with it. We all need help at some point.

1 April 2013

of course it is

4 July 2013

In a way, if it was given freely and aims to save your life. I don't think that someone's else blood can be seen as less worthy than yours.

15 October 2013

i have had 2 and they saved my life i would not be here right now and i am only 16

18 November 2013

Someone donated the blood for someone that needed it. If you saw someone starving- you'd be upset if they turned down your offer of food. Just as we offer our help, we should not shy from accepting it.

2 December 2013

if u need it yes, but you will not need it if you use the force

5 May 2014

It should never be taken lightly. If your life has been saved by a transfusion, then make sure you honor the person who gave you life - each and every day.

3 September 2014

absolutely!! i see no reason not to

21 November 2014

The Jedi are gracious and accepting. But only when risk and expense to others is minimal. A Jedi must treat himself second to others.

6 December 2014

Only if it comes from a member of the Jedi

13 February 2015

Of course. To be a Jedi is to embrace reason, scientific progress, technology and modern medicine.

23 February 2015

Fear is The Mind Killer.

25 June 2015

If a life is in danger the living being is free to attenpt to extend it. However, once again, it is the free choice of a Jedi to do so.

1 January 2016

we're not jehovahs witnesses. plus vader definatly needed some blood after mustafar. sith i know but kinda relevent

7 January 2016


25 January 2016

if it will save us than yes

24 April 2016

I think if you're dying on the emergency room table, you'd be a fool not to take a life saving blood transfusion.

2 August 2016

All cases should be strongly considered. However Sometimes we must risk it all to live it all.

17 September 2016

If critically injured I don't see why getting help from a outside source wouldn't hurt.

8 October 2016

Personal choice, I wouldn't for myself but couldn't hold it against anyone who would and if it were family/friend I would want them to have it.

3 December 2018

Just as Jedi's live to serve, we should accept aid when needed.

20 April 2019

Yes, but not if the blood comes from a Sith.

22 June 2019

life is life, so what every it takes to preserve it, but then again its a personal choice.

12 October 2019

Stupid to let all that training go to waste when you can live and continue the fight for light

10 March 2020

Reasons for Remain Neutral

only if needed

15 October 2008

if the jedi want it with anticipation , ok. and if his live is in realy danger

10 December 2008

I think its a personal choice, not a religion based one, but I would.

5 January 2009

I would say neutral on this, if you are old and ready to return to the force dont risk the "taint" or darkness to conusme you. The blood you recieve as an older person could help a younger child or adult.

10 June 2009

Personal choice I am in no position to tell someone something that could lead to their death or survival.

27 September 2009

Personal choice of the individual in question.

16 October 2009

One's own life, is their's to decide.

28 February 2010

The choice is down to the one with whom it is laid

5 March 2010

If a Jedi's purpose is to live, then yes. But perhaps "death" is more in balance with the Universe.

20 March 2010

if it is possible to save a jedis life who would deny that right

16 May 2010

May the force guide us. If you see this as on oppotunity to contunue your journey in this physical form, do it. If you feel it's time to leave this form then don't. No good or bad here.

25 July 2010

yes only if needed

23 September 2010

Yes only if needed

4 November 2010

If time for me to go and transform into the force, so may it be..... miss me do not,......morn me do not......, praise for me to be one with the force.

16 January 2011

i do not know if we should take blood in my heart i dont want to take anything from kind people but if they take it a rudeness then you have no choice in a way

11 June 2011

Only if needed

26 July 2012

it is up to the individual no matter their creed

28 September 2012

depends on personal beliefs

22 August 2013

It is a personal choice.

26 November 2013

just check who the person is before accepting

30 January 2014

Depends on the situation

28 April 2014

If you really need it for helth reasons.

26 October 2015

If they need it, sure why not?? Hell some "Jedi" have robotic parts

11 June 2018

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