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It is ok for Jedis to take medicines prescribed to them by their doctor?


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It is ok for Jedis to take medicines prescribed to them by their doctor

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Reasons To Disagree

Government mind control.

2 December 2008

Medicines disrupt your morality and connecvtion with the force. Under the influence of meds, you could easily irreversably turn to the dark side. And also yeah, government mind control, watch out for that..

3 January 2009

Your doctor may be possessed by the Dark Side of the Force. Only by a healing trance should you recover from any sickness. you are not a true Jedi unless the Force is your ally

3 January 2009

use your power to heal yourself,if u let yourself be ill then u will be ill!

27 January 2009

Not unless the meds they give u will help with cancer or any other diseases that are for more serious than jedis can handle and it depends on what the medicine is for any way so i have to disagree on this topic for the moment being :D

30 May 2009

I was going to be prescribed high blood pressure medicine. I have a family history, though I am about 30 pounds overweight I am working out and do not have to take any medication. Antibiotics are fine, I would lean toward more pyschological drugs and major pain killers. Those disrupt our connection with the force. Doctors do excellent research, drugs are for the weak and helpless. We must keep the force as our ally and believe in its healing power. Try healing someone who does not feel good, use your energy and your mind. I could go on forever on this topic, also work out. A jedis strength flows from the force, we must be just agile with mind and body.

10 June 2009

i do not take any kind of drugs offerd by anyone

31 October 2009

There is no death only the force

1 January 2010

el jedi no necesita drogas

24 January 2010

I am 10th degree Jedi Master and don't get sick

18 March 2010

One can be healed through the force and thier will. Medicines of the modern age have many side affects and may cloud the mind. Take not the easy way in this case.

22 March 2010

medicine is a tool of dark force EVIL.

30 March 2010

The Government is evil.

6 April 2010

There is no death, only the force.

2 May 2010

Hinders the force medicines do.

12 July 2010

Mostly ones BODY is able to heal it self with the FORCE. If you trust in the Force it will heal you unless it's time to leave this Physical form of the Force. Natural-herb-healing is more in balance with to force it doesn't "force" the symptoms away like meny Western Medicines. Mostly you have someting to learn from your current sickness. AND WHEN YOU FLOW WITHIN THE FORCE you remain healthy.

25 July 2010

If you need to for a temporary basis, then do it. Otherwise, a Jedi should avoid taking any medicine that he/she becomes dependent on. The only ally any Jedi needs is the Force and a healthy lifestyle.

30 January 2012

Those strong in the force have no need for medicine

2 March 2012

Medicine is for the weak, and Jedi are not weak.

17 April 2012

Real jedis don't get sick....bitch

23 July 2012

I am a Rasta and in my faith we focus on health from natural sources for our minds to be more keen to life(life=The Living Force). Most medicines doctors prescribe are to make money and not make you healthy.

20 June 2013


Reasons To Agree

Life is short it is best spent healthy

10 July 2008

Yes do what your doctor tells you.

11 July 2008

Yes, unless the doctor is a Sith.

14 July 2008

Jedi should be allowed to do what they wish. A Jedi also be encouraged to be grateful for the help others try to give.

19 July 2008

Of course, medicine saves lives, and isn't that what Jedi's believe in, you know saving lives?

19 July 2008

Most deffinetly do what the doctor says.....sometimes

5 August 2008

The doctors are all corrupted by Big Pharma aka the Empire

24 August 2008

its is best to take what your doctor prescribes you as they know what they are doing.

31 August 2008


18 September 2008

Once again, I believe it should be a personal choice, but technology and pharmacology is designed to enhance our lives, and we should consider treatment involving medication when the victim of an ailment.

31 October 2008

If we need help we should not be ashamed to acept it the longer we are here the more helpful

8 November 2008

Medicine like Science is a part of progress

11 December 2008

I think its a personal choice, not a religious one, but I do.

5 January 2009

This is a medical issue, not religious.

9 January 2009

I'm a dick if I'm off my meds.

10 January 2009

It's ok

28 January 2009

The Force allows all free-will. I cannot force others to take medicines any more than I can force them to drink copious amounts of anti-freeze.

29 January 2009

and yet anouther..... and when are we going to be serious?

16 February 2009

Did luke skywalker just not take anything when he had his hand loped off by his daddy?? get real its 2009 and we all need pills when you hit a certain age.

28 February 2009

has the world gone mad,of corse it is ok,in fact it should be manditory to prolong your life and health any way you can

1 March 2009

a doctor also helps to cure others. Dont forget that the Jedi have a Service Corp with medical specialist in it.

7 March 2009

If you find an alternate way to heal yourself, do it. If you find none, take the medicine. But you really should try to take as less as possible medicines. Alternate medicine is - thank the force - coming back to humanity: Look in the internet for Schuessler Salts or alternate medicine...

20 March 2009

Yes, if it is necessary to do so.

21 March 2009

24 March 2009

If the medicine actually helps rebalance the body then yes. I think natural means are always best, but of you break you leg, unless youo are very good you are not going to be able to set the bone yourself, and will it ti stay stable.

2 April 2009

Once the Jedi is sure they want to take the medication, they should be allowed to do so.

17 April 2009

Prescribed drugs may be critical for a Jedi to perform their assigned tasks to their maximum potential. Using recreational drugs is probably an indication that the Jedi has turned to the dark side, but that is a matter for the council to judge.

18 April 2009

If you are ill it would be fool hardy to refuse aid well meant by caring individuals.

20 April 2009

This is hardly a religous question. It is the responsibility of every Jedi to maintain their best possible health by whatever means is appropriate at the time and their own conscience dictates.

2 May 2009

Yes always listen to your doctor about taking all medication and medical advice. Just because we are Jedi does not me we do not listen to doctors or police. We are not above the law or medical science. You never know the doctor or police may be Jedi.

16 May 2009

There is no such thing as government mind controle. As a doctor i would strongly recomend taking these drugs, after all, we were the ones who made them.

20 May 2009


25 May 2009

Yeah, unless the doctor is a Sith

3 June 2009

of course, people that are perscripted to something, should probably stay on it, because it could lead to something really bad...

9 June 2009

Doctors prime cause is to first Do No Harm and there after assist to good health and wellbeing within their pacients.

2 August 2009

Come on, some of us are not in out teens or twenties any more. If you need them to keep healthy then take them.

24 August 2009

A Jedi respects and honors those that work to help promote and save life. Just as the Force created all life, the Force is also always in flux and there are aspects of the Force that work to destroy life. The Force has provided sentient life with the means to fight the Dark Side's tendancy to destroy life and as such medicine both taken and practiced are an important means of promoting the Light Side as well as the tennent of all Jedi's to protect life.

19 September 2009

This is a common sense issue. We are Jedi not Wiccans. We don't have alternative medicines, and our faith alone does not fight Cancer. I can personally write a book on this topic. I have a professional career and I was a very pure Jedi. Untreated ADHD lead me to the Dark Side. My behavior changed, and I found myself giving into anger and solving issues with force and violence. The Force was strong with me and I did not want to be that way. Now that I take doctor prescribed Adderall, I have returned to my peaceful Jedi ways. Remember, some people have lived their whole lives following the path of the Jedi, and already have real world experiences that new members do not have. Jedi must use their resources in order to prevail. It is not medieval times, Jedi should not be closed minded. "In a dark place we find ourselves?and a little more knowledge might light our way."

21 September 2009

As long as you respect your doctor

27 September 2009

it is certainly ok, altho i do not do it., not exactly natural you know.

29 September 2009

The Jedi way is the good way if the tech is for good e.g. to relieve suffering allow this good to happen.

7 October 2009

Personal choice

13 October 2009

um duh, we still must have our health. does it not make sense to keep healthy?

20 October 2009

A healthy mind is a clear mind. Illness can make people make rash decisions and make mistakes.

25 October 2009

when necessary

8 November 2009

You are the force.

8 December 2009

Yes, but always remember to question authority, and whatever the authority provides you.

15 December 2009

It is up to the Jedi on who wants to take the med's.

28 December 2009

well does help you know

30 December 2009

As long as it does not interupt the flow of the force. Medicine is meant to heal, not to hurt or enslave. Corruption and profits have tuned many physicians into drug peddlers as opposed to healers. A Jedi should be wary of this.

2 January 2010

Your choices are your own. If you feel that the medicine is going to inhibit your ability to make good decisions, don't take it. There is not harm in caring for yourself.

11 January 2010

or you might die!

21 January 2010

Vitamins are good for you as are some herbs. And if the knowledge and research of certain medications is conducted then I believe you should take it if you know it will truly help you.

21 January 2010

yes,only take them after rechering them,u may find that another is better and discuss all the meds that the docter is going to perscribe. find out inter actions of the drougs and stay with one docter so u dont get a droug interaction.

25 January 2010

To carry on any religion and infact life itself. then agree.

22 February 2010

To have a pure healthy body is good

5 March 2010

we could die

13 March 2010

Of course it is. We must preserve life.

16 March 2010

i feel that we'd see a rapid decline in our members if we dont take medcine prescribed to us.

16 March 2010

If you find an alternate way to heal yourself, do it. If you find none, take the medicine. But you really should try to take as less as possible medicines. Alternate medicine is - thank the force - coming back to humanity:

17 March 2010

obviusly obvioooooo its a the law

20 March 2010

Yes, unless the doctor is a Sith

28 March 2010

the force guides us, sometimes in the world we live in we need help to heal. medicine is just a part of that, until we reach a greater enlightenment.

5 April 2010

Medicine may be able to help where other remedies may fail. there is no shame is medicine if its used as prescribed for intended prupose.

16 April 2010

We are not literal force controlling, lightsaber wielding Jedis. We are followers of a belief . Medicine is a good thing. There isn't mind control.... yet..

16 April 2010

I agree but to an extent, one must be wise in the choice of doctor he/she chooses.

20 May 2010

Medicine is there to encourage life, not hamper it. Live long, and prosper.

28 May 2010

A Jedi knows that the force flows through all life. It is the Orders purpose to promote the over all preservation of life. "Yes, unless the doctor is a Sith." that is hilarious though...

4 June 2010

we must preserve life

10 June 2010

When my life has been in danger, prescription medicines such as Streptokinase have declotted blocked arteries feeding my heart muscle. However in principle I prefer natural herbal remedies. I found some Lebanese Brown brought about restored mobility and 100% pain relief when my back muscles locked. My paralysis healed completely as soon as the cannabinoids crossed the blood-brain barrier.

15 July 2010

Only paranoid skitz and me

20 July 2010

somes force are weaker and need to improve themselfs

3 August 2010

In the end it is once decision

20 August 2010

If the need arises and the Jedi trusts their doctor they should take the medication.

7 September 2010

Yes. No one should deny healing. However, we have become a civilization of "pill poppers". And we need to evaluate alternative practices before resorting to administering synthetic chemicals that even the medical practitioners don't fully comprehend. And with the common result of profitability verses healing, this matter should be evaluated with each treatment.

14 September 2010

Would you refuse a bacta treatment? If someone offers you way to save/prolong your life, is that person not living the Jedi way? By denying them, are you not promoting an indirect path to the darkside?

17 September 2010

mortal life is short and we must make it longer

23 September 2010

always look after your health

3 October 2010

Medicines, yes. Antibiotics and immunizations and all those nice things that clear disease or virus or infection from the system. If you don't have your health, what do you have? If we mandate that Jedi must not take some kind of prescription or another, then we may end up holding them away from saving their own life an health. That would be causing them harm. And causing anyone harm when we could have avoided it is not cool.

4 November 2010

If they help and are not used as a crutch or false security.

26 November 2010

In this day and age even the Jedi needs help from the force from time to time.

8 December 2010

Doctors want whats best for you. So, unless you're paranoid that their trying to poison you or something, take the meds.

24 December 2010

the body may need small fixes to get stronger - The Force need a strong house to keep!

3 January 2011

Jedi's use the force to grow the mind and body but it is known that in our time and place, we humans are still in the infancy stage. Medicine helps to prolong the life of the body and also increase it's health to the best of its ability. With this, Jedi's have the ability to make choices which helps in growth!

7 January 2011

The force move better through a healthy body, but watch out for mind tricks.

13 January 2011

We should be strong so we can destroy our enemies the sith.

28 February 2011

Silly question. Yes.

4 March 2011

medication is not there to hurt you , try to follow any path infront of you with force and and learn as much as you can,May the force be with you

17 March 2011

the meds are made from the earth wich is part of the force so yes take them if you need to.

3 April 2011

The force, as with all major decisions, should help you and guide you in what you need. If the force tells you that your doctor is good, then follow what the force says. If the force tells you otherwise, listen and follow it. I would take medicine from my doctor. Jedis should be healthy in order to help others. Doctors try to help you, just as another jedi would help you. Make sure you help back and listen to the force.

23 April 2011

Of course. Silly question

2 May 2011

as long as that is what you want and feel you need and you trust your doctor

28 December 2011

Until you can truly master the force, you may need help to keep healthy in the form of medicines. Ultimately we all decline and return back to the force but that is no reason to refuse medical help. After all there are many medics who are Jedis.

22 February 2012

as long as your doctor isn't mad or bad.

2 April 2012

If they truely believe that the medication will work, then I see no problem with a Jedi to take medication.

9 April 2012

Jedi should take medicines prescribed to them by their doctors only if truly necessary

26 June 2012

Although the potential for abuse is there by the individual taking them, it is better to get them from a doctor and a pharmacist than someone off of the street. It is up to the individual to learn as much as he can about the medication he is taking, his illness, and the people and places he's getting them from.

29 June 2012

Jedi's work in the field of science, healing and research is part of helping others.

7 July 2012

personal choice

24 October 2012

Again, if it saves a life. And again does this topic need to be up for discussion?

5 November 2012

It is irresponsible not to take the medication prescribed.

8 November 2012

they must be open minded about side effects and conspiracy theories

13 December 2012

As needed from a doctor that is trusted.

14 December 2012

just be careful of Sith in doctor ranks

21 December 2012

thats up to the individuel i do not personaly beilive in it the governments of the world are the empire adn the run the docs. but thats just me

28 January 2013

If he not a Jedi healer is best to be inform and take the heap for his healt

19 April 2013

Why are Jedi discussing medicines? Jedi are warriors why are we not discussing war/peace.

23 April 2013

yeah it is fine

4 July 2013

it may be required, such as diabetics

22 August 2013

Doctors know what they are talking about. They are just trying to help you.

15 October 2013

i believe jedi certified doctors should be around NO siths that way

18 November 2013

yes, why not?

26 November 2013

I see no reason not to. This seems to be more a question of common sense than morality.

2 December 2013

Prolonging a Jedi's life will prolong our duty to the galaxy and making it a better place for others

8 April 2014


23 April 2014

up to the person, only if needed if so. you will not need a medicine if you use the force

5 May 2014

Absolutely, it is okay to take medicines prescribed. However, a Jedi should also be open to the possibility that alternative medicines may be equally effective in many cases. In the end, it is up to the individual to decide.

3 September 2014

of course!!! lets not be silly and start preaching shit that might do real harm to people. medicines are necessary for living for some people! Jedi are PRO-Life not pro-organics

21 November 2014

A Jedi respects the wisdom and knowledge of a healer.

6 December 2014

Of course. What if you need a new arm for example?

7 December 2014

Only if the doctor is a Jedi member and if the medicine is necessary to live

13 February 2015

Of course, to be a Jedi is to embrace science, technology and modern medicine.

23 February 2015

By the wording of the statement, yes it is okay for Jedis to take medication prescribed by their doctor it that is of their choosing. It is up to the person who is taking the medication

19 April 2015

Unless he's a sith

29 April 2015

as long as it isn't one of the medications specifically designed to make humans ill such as statins which keep your brain from functioning properly, or Prozac which is designed to reduce the epyphysis or pineal gland... or any of the list of drugs meniachaly aimed at man... yes

21 June 2015

Yes but only in serve cases, to many drugs can make a Jedi's wisdom fade

27 June 2015

A Jedi must preserve life at all costs

22 December 2015

To deny the wisdom of our healers is a mark of inhumility. Inhumility is the deepest pit which leads to the dark side.

1 January 2016

If a Jedi does not want to, that is their choice, but they must be allowed to by the church. Medicine saves lives.

25 January 2016

yes it help you if he knows what hes doing

24 April 2016

Prescribed medicines are part of science and science should not be confused with religion.

2 August 2016

Jedi are not gods. They become ill like everyone else in the world. If one wants to take medicines prescribed by a knowledgeable physician, it's no one else's business to tell them not to.

2 August 2016

Always, it shouldn't even be a question.

8 October 2016

Uhh yeah. Duh. Luke was fine with going into the bacta tank right? The Old Republic Jedi used kolto often enough. All those prosthetic arms were prescribed by the medical droids I'm sure, and Anakin and Luke both had no promblem with that.

7 November 2017

If you stay healthy you can stay helpful.And would we not vaccinate our children or others in need, disease is we not stand against things dark,we fight darkness with money,weapons,words,acts of kindness,our very lives at times and also life giving medicines.

11 November 2017

As our understanding of the force of the grows as does our understanding of ourselves and universe around us. Technology and medicine can be our Ally's as much h as a threat. Take what those who have practiced in subscribe unless you are being told by the force to resist

6 March 2018

If you aren't capable of deciding what best for your own health, then you probably shouldn't be trying to influence others

11 June 2018

I'd be dead or dying in 3 days if I didn't.

3 December 2018

Jedi should follow the advice of medical professionals who have studied the human body.

20 April 2019

If you need to for a temporary basis, then do it. Otherwise, a Jedi should avoid taking any medicine that he/she becomes dependent on. The only ally any Jedi needs is the Force and a healthy lifestyle

22 June 2019

Yes of course it is there doctors its their job. but listen to your body and if your not happy with the way things are going get a second opinion or research your condition properly (not Google) there might be an easy alternative.

12 October 2019

Reasons for Remain Neutral

Personal belief, as in all things is a factor. If one does not want to take the medication, then free will grants that we should not force them to take it. But life being sacred and all, if it will save one from dying of a preventable/treatable illness (Flu, etc.) one should be informed of the risks of not taking medication.

14 October 2008

Each Jedi should do the Research of the Medications Prescribed by a Doctor in PRACTICE. Often times the Medical Doctors Prescribed effects are worse than the original condition or illness. After becoming educated on the effects then a proper choice can be made by each individial Jedi.

4 April 2009

A cross check should be done before taking the medication.

18 April 2009

there os a time and a place for medicaton but you should try and depend on yourself for healing as much as possible

30 April 2009

This is a hard question for me to answer. One of the biggest factors I have observed with the American medical system in comparison to the one I grew up with in Australia, is this: "There is no money in cures. Money is gained by keeping a specified condition at a level barely tolerated by the victim in order for the pharmacutical companies to gain maximum profits." I have read of doctors being threatened if they do not follow this particular form of practise.

9 July 2009

Health and religion are different issues.

22 July 2009

It should be your choice

4 August 2009

It depends, I think. If the medicine has a herbal alternative that would help more, than I'd take the herbal alternative. So many medicines have side effects that do more harm than good, so I would say only if there's no other alternative and IF it's absolutely needed.

23 August 2009

depends if they research and such first and it will indeed work, last time i took medacine of my doc i was put in hospital for 1&1/2 weeks going through the worste hell of my life.

13 September 2009

personnal chocie

1 October 2009

A member will do whatever they wish behind closed doors!

16 October 2009

Matter of personal choice, not religious doctrine.

27 October 2009

Yes, but only as a last resort. We are beings of Light and Discipline. If the Force can't cure an ailment, and the mind cannot conquer a disorder, then medication may be in order.

27 January 2010

yes it is only fair. if u want to then take it if u dont want to then dont it should be up 2 the person.

29 January 2010

That is for the ill to decide.

28 February 2010

Depends what the medicine is doing. Does it create a crutch to manage reality? Does it promote inner and outer balance? It's a personal decision, left to the individual.

20 March 2010

In this instance, it comes down purely to personal choice.

29 March 2010

That depends on the doctor does it not?

16 April 2010

i believe there are more legal drug addicts than illegal drug addicts always question your doctor there are many people with rare life threatening disorders which are alive today because of modern medicine but how many have died of the misuse

18 April 2010

Alternative Medicine actually uses the Force. when we start to believe the force is real and can be relied upon, we become real, and not just a joke religion, or something to do with our time. Energy traditions, and ways of self help in congress with a shaman, healer, alt medicine, chinese medicine, and ALSO in cases that are meditated upon, in western medicine -which is a new tradition which we must acknowledge its strengths but its weakness is its denial of what causes healing. western med can fix things on a restrictive basis, but does not heal at the source. nevertheless, if the Force Emenates a method, we are wise to not be dogmatic. dogma was the downfall of the mythological jedi order in starwars I II and III

7 June 2010

were jedi not immortals we age we get sick we need to b taken care of just like anyone else the force could do great things but its not gonna cure the flu or a sore throat

12 September 2010

To take no action on one well being is just the same as taking no action to rectify a padawan learners path to the darkside. You must heal yourself before you can heal others.

16 January 2011

in a way i do not know which side to choose because i do not like taking pills but if its too help your health then your have that of a choice

11 June 2011

All the people who claim that the Force will heal us, and that taking drugs is bad in any form are just being plain stupid. If you need drugs to help you live, then why not? It doesn't break any Jedi rules. All that stops you is your own silly fears and ego.

21 February 2012

Depends on how bad the illness is, if its not something major your body will heal itself, personally I dont take medication unless I really need it

1 April 2012

has to be a choice you feel is right for you

10 February 2013

This is why there should be Jedi Doctors who also study the subjects of alternative medicines like herbs and plants. Section.

2 October 2013

It should be at the discretion of the Jedi.

27 January 2014

Should be up to the person

16 March 2014

I concur

28 April 2014

it is up to the person.

26 October 2015

Stay Natural as possible. All cases require individual care.

17 September 2016

When I was young my father said to me: "Knowledge is Power....Francis Bacon" I understood it as "Knowledge is power, France is Bacon". For more than a decade I wondered over the meaning of the second part and what was the surreal linkage between the two? If I said the quote to someone, "Knowledge is power, France is Bacon" they nodded knowingly. Or someone might say, "Knowledge is power" and I'd finish the quote "France is Bacon" and they wouldn't look at me like I'd said something very odd but thoughtfully agree. I did ask a teacher what did "Knowledge is power, France is bacon" mean and got a full 10 minute explanation of the Knowledge is power bit but nothing on "France is bacon". When I prompted further explanation by saying "France is Bacon?" in a questioning tone I just got a "yes". at 12 I didn't have the confidence to press it further. I just accepted it as something I'd never understand. It wasn't until years later I saw it written down that the penny dropped. -Moral: Don't believe everything you hear...

13 June 2017

Depends how much pain you like and how stupid you are. Can't fight if your FUBAR

10 March 2020

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