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Women should be allowed to reach the same senior rank as any man in our church?


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Women should be allowed to reach the same senior rank as any man in our church

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Reasons To Disagree

females are the weaker species

4 August 2008

There is no gender, there is the Force

27 August 2008

women are weak in the force they give into ther shoe lusts and such!

2 September 2008

Women base their actions on emotions there fore having more chance of going to the dark side

14 September 2008

DARTH FLUFFY BUNNY believes in sexism, and sex

26 September 2008

There is a great un-balance to the force in this realm. A true jedi does not give in to emotions. A true jedi follows the will of the force. Flows in and through the force. Sacrifice your ego. if a woman from this realm can truly let go of their darkside completely, then let them become Jedi Masters, for in the force we are all .

9 December 2008

It was once said that a Jedi is neutral. Well it is for this reason that I disagree with this statement. If a Jedi is to be truly neutral, then shouldn't their gender be neutral too? How can one expect to be completely un-biased when tied down by affiliation with a sex? So I have a proposition. Shouldn't a true jedi remove their genitals, and all sexual organs, and become one with the force. But perhaps these means are unnecessary. But I still disagree with the statement.. No one considered a woman, or man, should be allowed a senior rank in the church. Only those who have no need for gender, and to whom gender is truly irrelevant. I will end my rant on this note. No one is truly un-biased when gender is taken into consideration. In a perfect world, we would have no need for that distinction bar the basics of reproduction. Please let true eqauality reign.

3 January 2009

Women are a disturbance to the Force.

23 January 2009

Women shouldn't be even because women don't know how to lead and even if they do. They can be easily replace and they can be easily raped! like hand banana does to Carl off of aqua teen hunger force :D

3 June 2009

Women are weak and will be crushed by the likes of lord vader!

1 July 2009

No because every 30 days they go to the Dark Side.

25 September 2009

None of the great leaders were female, they cant teach the ways of the force.

6 November 2009

women may reach the higher of the lower ranks, but should not be allowed to reach the higher section of ranking

8 November 2009

Weak with the force they are, women are a weakness to males and provide greed, jealousy and anger to males, paths to the dark side of the force they are. kiz

5 March 2010

With my experience in life, Womens emotions can get in the way of intelligent decision making at times. Not to say that they cannot make intelligent decisions, but that they tend to decide by emotion.

12 March 2010

the lusts will corupt them to the dark side

13 March 2010

i agree women can easily go to the dark side and betray their fellow man. women are men with extra features. and should be used as maids and schoolteachers and police office

17 May 2010

I think that they should clean and cook for our senior jedi leaders to show them their upmost respect.

29 June 2010


8 July 2010

Woman are there to serve men and this is what they should do, matters like faith are to hard for them to understand and there emotions may get in the way of their decisions

2 August 2010

A true jedi does not give in to emotions. A true jedi follows the will of the force. if a woman from this realm can truly let go of their darkside completely, then let them become Jedi Masters

17 August 2010


18 October 2010


15 November 2010

They are as much a part of the force as men.

28 February 2011

Women suck at lightsaber fighting....

22 March 2011

It depends on each individual woman. Women develop wisdom at different ages. Also some men act like teenagers their entire life. They over indulge themselves and never grow any wiser than a boy. Most of these men depend on a woman to care for them like a child. It is called the Peter Pan syndrome. In general I think a wise and mature woman should be able to hold senior rank or even higher rank than a man but it should be considered on an individual basis...

24 March 2011

They will spend all of the force on shoes and their nails.

25 February 2012

Females are weak minded and easily give into the temtation of the dominant species penis.

2 March 2012

There is no gender, there is only the Force

17 April 2012

women are a disturbance to the force, they must be eliminated from the Jedi art

23 July 2012

I will challenge any woman who thinks they deserve the same rank in a lightsaber dual, i have studied both sides of the force, i have a true understanding of the force, as the great master zyzz would say, Come at me in an aggressive manner male sibling.

23 July 2012

Women are most certainly inferior and weaker.

13 February 2015

Women's are obvs the reason the Dark side exist, simple scientifically proven studies... - Me, Me. (2016). Personal communication.

17 October 2016

Women base their actions on their emotions, therefore making it much more likely to be seduced to the dark side of the force

3 November 2016

Ha! Women. Personally I think they should have never been allowed to leave the kitchen.

25 August 2017

Women are more superior to men because they give birth to men.

16 June 2018

They sucks!

11 January 2020


1 December 2023


Reasons To Agree

All Jedi should be treated equally.

12 July 2008


18 July 2008

Woman have the exact same rights as any Man, so of course they should.

19 July 2008

We are not misogynists, women can be just as powerful Jedi as males. There is no need to fear, for fear lead to the Darkside of the Force!

25 July 2008

Men and women and in between are all equal.

30 July 2008

Woman can be just as wise and have just as much knowledge as a man.

4 August 2008

I think that woman and men should be treated equal but not the same. Bio-logically and mentally, women and men are rather different. Biologically, women may have such things as paternity leave and if the head of the whole jedis was on maternity leave then everythings going to be put on hold. Women also are mentally on average, make decisions with influence of emotions and generally cannot gain as much power as what the average man can. however, in reguards to intellegence and logic, women are good, if not better than men. For these reasons, I think that women should be allowed to have senior rolls, but not the highest of the highest positions.

5 August 2008

All jedi are equal in hte ways of the force

5 August 2008

Regardless of gender, all Jedi are equal.

9 August 2008

women are fundamental to our cause and should be shown equal valiance and respect

10 August 2008

Come on its the 2100 Century same rights for all

13 August 2008

For every Man on earth...there is and equal woman.

14 August 2008

We should do away with boundrys between the sexes.

14 August 2008

My mother is a religious leader and she does very well so I know that women do well

15 August 2008

All the humans are equal to the force

21 August 2008

I don't think the question is correctly formulated. I think it should be: "Women and men should be given equally fair opportunities to reach the same senior ranks." Most of what discourages many women to advance is the attitude towards them while climbing the social ladder. But yes, I do agree they should be treated equally, with respect to the differences that make them stronger.

25 August 2008

We're not in the middle ages.

25 August 2008

y shouldnt women have the same rank

27 August 2008

All Jedi, if male, female or other, are equal in the force. So Women therefore should be allowed to reach senior rank.

31 August 2008

the force should not be sexist.. everyone should be treat the same.

31 August 2008

the force should not be sexist.. everyone should be treat the same.

6 September 2008

This must be the religion of the equality.It's true that we are differents, but with the same rights.And we can have the same perception of the force.

8 September 2008

women can be just as strong as men and should be allowed every right.

12 September 2008

We all need to have balance in our lives this includes us men to be in touch with our feminine side.

14 September 2008

Equality is the only way to advancement, and jedi-ism has no room for bigits who judge people by any thing except their actions.

18 September 2008

the force does not diferentiate sex .. we are all one with the force

24 September 2008

i think than thay are gided as any other

27 September 2008

Every Jedi is equal. Even the thought of not allowing it is stupid. Women have been proven to be emotionally stronger than men.

29 September 2008

all of us are made by the same thing, does its make us different?

6 October 2008

All beings in the universe are equal in the force therefore woman should be allowed.

8 October 2008

All people are equal, the force is with all of us, Master Shaak Ti was a great Jedi and was female

8 October 2008

In order to be an equal and unprejudiced spirituality, this must be so. We wouldn't want to be confused with some other popular religions, would we?

10 October 2008


14 October 2008

All Jedi should be treated equally.

14 October 2008

The power of the force, and the wisdom to use that power are all that matter

15 October 2008

women have there belive to if the want to be a senior member then let them

19 October 2008

Of course, they are as part of the force as men are.

25 October 2008

We all Jedi are equal on the eyes of the force

27 October 2008

They have nice boobies and stuff Although cooties could be a problem We'll manage..

7 November 2008

We are all equal

8 November 2008

Lets not be like the Catholic Church...

23 November 2008

Becuase they are Queeny!

25 November 2008

gender, race, species, these things are insignificant. Knowledge of the force and ability to lead are all that matter in a council member

1 December 2008

Aye, gender or race should not be a barrier. All are equal, despite the differences. Diversity makes us stronger

2 December 2008

Its in the jedi code. All species of the universe are equal. this includes women. May the force be with you

2 December 2008

As a female, I see no reason I would be any less capable than any man. Its whats in the heart and minds that is important.

4 December 2008

The Force will dictate in the end

6 December 2008

this is a ridiculous question. but I'll answer it and hope for more serious questions

8 December 2008

the force is in all universe, the knowledge must be teached to any one who is in the religion

10 December 2008

Gender means nothing to the truth of the Force.

17 December 2008

Yes,we can know more woman in here

31 December 2008

Women Are Part of the world and should be accepted as equals

1 January 2009

If you disagree with this, you are a sexist bastard

3 January 2009

It's not only important, but essential that the female energy be included,because of the caregiver archetype. Without it, there would be no healing aspect, to balance the warrior archetype. Luke Skywalker had a balance of these. Because of that, he was able to retain his love for his father, thereby avoiding falling to the dark side, and becoming a pawn of the emperor

4 January 2009

Sex matters not.

9 January 2009

All are equal in the force

10 January 2009

In the force's eyes, both men and women are equal.

13 January 2009

Woman are one with the force as men are. The force isn't biased toward sex so we the followers shouldn't be either.

15 January 2009

women are just as one with the force as males and so therefore they they should be able to reach the same rank.

24 January 2009

Woman can do anything man can do, in high heels.

27 January 2009

A true Jedi knows there is no distinction between male & female. We are sides of the same coin.

27 January 2009

The Force itself is not sexist.

28 January 2009

The force does not discriminate

28 January 2009

we are all born equally with the force and all of us should be at one with it, We all join the force again when we move from our body shells. Man and Woman are born equally andf should be respected equally.

4 February 2009

I can't say again what has already been said by everyone else.

7 March 2009

Woman and Man are only at full power together!

20 March 2009

No need to justify.

24 March 2009

Let the women vote

31 March 2009

Balance can only be acheived through equality and so you need men as well as women.

2 April 2009

Yes, in the WAR of good vs evil , every options should be explored.

18 April 2009

Diversity provides the greatest strength. Women are an example of the possible extent of diversity.

18 April 2009

Rank should be defined by ability not sex. We are all part of the Force.

19 April 2009

i yes , not because im female, but i think it should be quall and not sexised

28 April 2009

we are all from 1 force

30 April 2009

If the force doesnt have sexist actions, why should we?

20 May 2009

Women Jedi are equal to men and should have the same rights.

25 May 2009

If they can then should they

28 May 2009

I am suprised this is an issue, we should not be arguing about this instead focus the energy on a more positve light.

29 May 2009

I personally think that all people should be treated equally.

31 May 2009

All Jedi are to be treated equal. Without woman, we men would not be here! what a silly question!!

3 June 2009

Women are driven by emotion, so it is dangerous to except them, however they should be allowed to reach the higher levels, regardless.

4 June 2009

if you follow the code it shouldnt matter

4 June 2009

all things are equal

4 June 2009

The division between the sexes leads to disagreement, and often fighting. This leads to darkness. The differences should be embraced and capability be the true judge of what an individual is capable of.

9 July 2009

the force is for everyone who chooses it.

9 July 2009

i just ranked a supreme master jedi for a female for the same ranking that i have, but i takes only patience to get her ther

28 July 2009

Girl power ftw!

8 August 2009

All humans are equal through the eyes of the force.

11 August 2009

All living things have The Force flowing through them.

20 August 2009

Men and women are equal. I have worked with women in the military and as a police officer and they are just as capible as men, so why shoudn't they be able to reach senior rank.

24 August 2009

Most definately!!! I don't even understand why this is in question. Religious sexism, in my opinion, is a barbaric and primitive pattern and should and WILL be broken. The Force lives through all of us; separate genders only exist for the necessity of our procreation.

2 September 2009

all beings are equal to the force it dousnt matter what the sex is.

13 September 2009

A Female Jedi is as capable of understanding the Force and portecting life as any Male Jedi and as such are equal in the Force. To further the idea, a Female has a special connection with the Force in that the Female is the vessel by wich the Force brings life into being.

19 September 2009

The opportunity should be given to all. The ability to advance in the Force depends on the indivigual. The fact that women are more prone to emotional influence may hinder their advancement, but should not be used as a reason to omit them from the process. A woman's ability to over come her predisposed basic nature should prove their worth that much more. Ultimately, this could result in a even stronger willed Jedi.

20 September 2009

Women brings lives to the world and the life is FORCE.

23 September 2009

The important thing is not gender but the example that the person represent

23 September 2009

all are equal

26 September 2009

While some may say women are the more emotional sex I disagree; it is not the generalization that they are more emotional that is correct, it is the generalization that Humans are emotional that is. There is a strength that is within us all, both men and women, let us build upon it, for then we will be at peace with the force and we will let it flow through us.

28 September 2009

Yes. All who follow the code should be allowed equal opportunity to advance rank. A man can be as easily seduced as a woman. For this reason, perhaps only those who have taken a vow of celibacy & are content to remain in celibacy should be allowed to reign as Supreme Jedi(Honestly, I don't actually know the official title), for attachment to a significant other can cause one's devotion to the faith to falter. As one member suggested, maternity leave could be an issue with a woman as Supreme Jedi, & if we were in the movies, I would agree. However, in real life I can't see this as being as big an issue. After all, the Jedi Church isn't going to war (under our own command), are we? In closing, I feel I should state that I am male & not a paying member yet; but only because I am dirt poor. I am seeking to be a minister or other active participant in a mimistry...& as an eclectic(with no current way of paying for minister school), have not yet chosen a church. Please pray for me in this time of crisis. Amen. You may contact me at

30 September 2009

no matter what gender should have the same right

1 October 2009

alot of this made no sense

2 October 2009

Jedi should be treated equally.

4 October 2009

I think to even ask this question reflects poorly on this organization. (so do the list of "Cons") What was the point? How can you be sure there are not already Women heavily invested?

13 October 2009

Is sexism not morally wrong?

13 October 2009

This is a pointless Question, of course they should. Women tend to give into lust a whole lot less then men and they are usually smarter then the general populace of men. take "Master Shaak Ti", from the star wars movies, she was a master. Women are stronger than men when it comes to intelligence and political diplomacy.

20 October 2009

Equality is key. Without it there will be a distrust between peoples and that should be ruled out completely. Women have just as right in everything as we men do.

25 October 2009

The Force is not biased.

28 October 2009

every one should be treated the same.

31 October 2009

The Force itself is not sexist.

7 November 2009

Women are the great creation force in the universe and should therefor be equal or greater than men.

12 November 2009

All life is born of woman. Women are human.

13 November 2009

i agree yay for women jedi!

19 November 2009

Any nay-sayers really can not tell the difference between metaphor and day to day literal language. A lot of things about the force cannot be expressed with literal language, hence metaphorical language. Analogies, parables, come into play to help your mind transfer your comprehension of one experience to another. It's not about light and dark any more than it is about man or woman.

21 November 2009

There is no place for inequality within the order.

27 November 2009

Yes women are no less in the force as men

8 December 2009

Discrimination of any kind is undesirable. Gender is irrelevant.

16 December 2009

the differnces are minor between male and female spiritually. The force no's not gender. although physically woman on average are weaker this should have no affect on the rankings of the church

26 December 2009

women should be allowed to reach the same level as all jedi are, as i feel, are equal in title of administering the force within all of us

30 December 2009

To vote otherwise would be based on emotional bias, based on hindering the potential of others.

1 January 2010

If we are all considered equal in the force, there should be no reason to discriminate based on gender or any other physical attribute.

11 January 2010

The Force is in every living species throughout our universe and as such the female of ours has every right to take on the doctines and rank if proved worthy.

20 January 2010

i almost though they couldnt be jedi in star wars, but they can do i'm going to almost agree

21 January 2010

The force is in us all so why not let our wemon be able to reach senior ranks.

21 January 2010

we all draw from the force

25 January 2010

Regardless of species, gender, ethnicity, orientation, or age we are all one in the Force

27 January 2010

Of course Women should be allowed to reach the same Senior Rank as Men. Discrimination leads to conflict, and conflict often leads down the Dark side of the Force.

27 January 2010

yes they should all jedi should be treated equaly no matter gender. if your a strong enuff leader and you got the skills and you are a woman then yes.

29 January 2010

jedi belive that every one is equal and this in cludes women as well

5 February 2010

I strongly believe in the practical sense but spiritually I don't think gender should matter to begin with

11 February 2010

We all draw equally from the Force and should be equal in all areas.

19 February 2010

Its simple really. Why should one creation or body containing a soul/force/whatever you believe be superior to the other? why should a cat be more important than a dog? Both genders/ capsules/bodies have equal capabilites and knowledge. its stupid to even THINK men are superior, and that women should not have these rights.

22 February 2010

I am smarter, stronger, and more clever than any man I know, especially Jonathan Boulos; therefore, women should be allowed to reach and exceed any senior rank of a man.

26 February 2010

there is only ONE in the FOFCE.

28 February 2010

The force knows no need for gender discrimination.

9 March 2010

Women are equal to men in all respects be it strength or intelligence

13 March 2010

We are Jedi, we are above such differences of men and women, we are all trained to not let our emotions cloud our judgement.

13 March 2010

All life is equal.

16 March 2010


16 March 2010

there is no men without woman

17 March 2010

Women can become great and wise leaders, but they must be as strong in the force as any man they wish to be a peer of.

17 March 2010

If a man wants to be in charge of the telling of fairy tales why not a women

17 March 2010

of course

17 March 2010

Everyone is equal and should be treated as such.

18 March 2010

Women are equal to men. That is the way of the Force. The duality between Light and Dark, up and down, left and right, male and female. Where they bring life, males bring death. Where we are strong, they are wise. The Force is about balance.

19 March 2010

All Jedis are of equal rank whether a woman or man or anybody in between. it is our faith to be equal as one, the force is one- it doesn't need gender. we jedis r all of one...

20 March 2010

We are same

20 March 2010

The Force with all of us, both men and women.

20 March 2010

the force is in all of us

21 March 2010

The force has no gender.

22 March 2010

We need to practice what we teach.

26 March 2010

We are all humans

27 March 2010

There is no reason why females can not reach the same rank as males. We are all a part of the Force. And the Force does not judge based on age, gender or race.

29 March 2010

woman as a species are fundamentally equal to a man in every way, except maybe physical strength but any worthy female chosen by the force will overcome any physical struggle.

30 March 2010

Women are not weaker than men and there are female Jedi out there. All Jedi and humans and creatures of every kind must and will be treated equally.

1 April 2010

All are equal.

2 April 2010

Of course

2 April 2010

the force made both men and women, we come from it. There is no difference in the force, no weakness. Both men and woman are strong and nessesary in thier own way.

5 April 2010

Women represent 51% of the human race. (That's right.) I would NEVER join any organization discriminate against THE MAJORITY of people. It's ludacrous.

8 April 2010

In essence we are yhe same and have the same potential to do and become whatever if propose

13 April 2010

The force within oneself does not diminish ones ability regardless of their physical strength. your ability to reach senior ranks should be based on the Force you have within yourself, should it not??

16 April 2010

The Jedi seeks to preserve the balance of the force so why not preserve the balance of equality. As we are all of the force we are all equal regardless of sex.

30 April 2010

women and men are equal to the force

1 May 2010

The force is in all life in the universe therefore any scentient beings male or female should be treated equally.

1 May 2010

if it was unfair, i wouldnt even consider myself a jedi.

6 May 2010

Strength knows no gender. The strong should lead and the weak should follow.

6 May 2010

women & men should be equal.

11 May 2010

Women, are just men with a vagina.

15 May 2010


19 May 2010

As a male I see no reason why women can't hold the same rank

20 May 2010

The force is in us all, so rank should be decided by ability and strength with the force, not biological factors such as species and gender.

22 May 2010

I agree because we all return to the force when our life reaches its final point, thus making us equal there. So we should be equal in life. We should not hold 1sex back so another can prosper because that is not the jedi way. Holding them back could cause jealousy and lothing, both are equal paths to the dark side. We are Jedi and must not give in to the way of the sith.

26 May 2010


2 June 2010

The force is in everyone

10 June 2010

be you male or female, it dosnt change anything

22 June 2010

there is no sexism there is the force

24 June 2010

Women are no more emotional than men, we are all equal beings of the force and we should never be in the way of any being, seeking the ways of a Jedi

26 June 2010

all are equal

3 July 2010

Of course Women should be allowed.

7 July 2010

If the force is strong, it should not be held back due to gender.

8 July 2010

I recall an Anakin Skywalker behaving strictly on his emotions. We all know where that got him. Obviously, it is not the women that should be worried about. O.o

12 July 2010

I like trains ... he he !!!

20 July 2010

The great force that binds us all would see us as equals rather than individual people

27 July 2010

of course, women are just as wise and intelligent as any man

28 July 2010

women are no weaker than men

3 August 2010

Gender must be irrelevant to allow the growth of Jedi.

20 August 2010

to block the path of individuals in this case women leads to corruption

20 August 2010

the only differance betweeen men and women is wo

25 August 2010

You can't tell a woman what she can or can't do when it was a woman who gave birth to you.

3 September 2010

If a woman shows she is worthy of the position, let her. If she shows skills equal to or better than someone of that rank, by all means let her have that position when it is available next.

7 September 2010

theres is no reason for all this woman can b jsut as strong in the force no one is better than anyone else here all of you who dissagree show fear and weakness in your ability to rely ur fellow jedi regarless of gender

12 September 2010

there is no male or female there is only the force

19 September 2010

The force has made many a good female jedi and so with that comment I plead to you look in side yourself into the force

22 September 2010

The Jedi consulate should be of mix race and gender, we welcom all with open arms who wish to learn the ways of the force. To block anyone from this, would only serve to make them seek acceptance elsewhere. Women are just as powerful as men, lets not lose them to the dark side, but seek there guidance, as they have much to teach the younglings as do we males.

27 September 2010

If a woman is knowledgeable enough in the force and adhere to our church the right way, then it is right for them to lead.

12 October 2010

Prejudice is a sign of fear, hatred or both evils together. Paths that lead to the Dark Side. Simply implying that women should not be able to reach a certain rank could very much well be a pathway that leads to a dark view towards women. One may be consumed by the Dark Side this way. Everyone is created as a neutral under the force. Most of us choose our path, others are chosen. Fate is blind to race, species, sex or religion. Fate works the same way on women as everything else. Everyone is capable of the same evil and good as everyone else. Those who degrade women are truly of the influence of the Dark Side.

13 October 2010

It is their belief that counts, not their sex

14 October 2010

No doubletalk -- until we reach a society that completely disregards gender, which isn't likely, then we must be specific. Yes, women are equal to men, equally as capable, and should be able to reach any rank that men of equal devotion can.

4 November 2010

I have 1 padawan girl in training im 10 and she dose not follow the rules as much as my boy padawan but she still has value so of course she should be able to be a senior member

4 November 2010

All are one in the force.

29 November 2010

With thy light sabre thy may maim thyself and thus become female

1 December 2010

the way of the force says that gender race and species are unimportant, the force is our gender, our race and our species, you need not argue

5 December 2010

A powerful female Jedi is one to be desired and respected.

8 December 2010

yes and who is the asshole who said women are weaker

12 December 2010

Women have different ablilities that men just can't reach by nature, it also applies for men! Being a bit different make us more equal!

3 January 2011

The Force has no discrimination.

9 January 2011

Yes, I believe so, and here is why, the force is within every living being. Enough said.

12 January 2011

We all are part of the force.

13 January 2011

Having women amongst our ranks will only lead the males to temptation. There presence can strengthen the power our younglings have over there emotions. There already was a feminine Jedi Master, Aayla Secura.

20 January 2011

The Force is in everything and everyone

20 January 2011

The force reflects what it finds in us all. It does not discern gender but reflects both masculinity and femininity in us all dependant on circumstance

9 February 2011

Women and Men are equal. Men maybe stronger, but women understand feelings more. At the end of the day it all balances out.

17 February 2011

There should be no discrimination in the church, that leads to hate

18 February 2011

Don't need a reason, it's just right.

21 February 2011

i agree strongly that any woman should be a senior rank they are emotionly stronger than men and think of jedi master ayla secura any one neglekted her no they didnt so my point is proven

23 February 2011

There is no difference between men and women in the force except for the gender. Both genders are equally important and equall in the force and therefore there should not be a discussion on this. Should the council decide to bestowe a certain rank on an individual the decision is not made depending on an individuals gender but on their knowledge, understanding and connection to the force. I would like to place here my plea to the council to determine a ratio of answers to a question to determine if the vote passed or not and provide results on a forum.

4 March 2011

I agree strongly on this as I believe that anything else would lead towards the Dark Side.

5 March 2011

The Force recognises all beings that it flows through, gender doesn't come into the equation.

15 March 2011

yes but allow men to help secure womens safety and defend them from harm as like a woman would do all that they can to keep men safe , Find the right distance for everything,

17 March 2011

women can not be no less then man because without a women there could be no man. The force teaches use that all life is one we all come frome the same place be man or momen.

3 April 2011

It doesnt matter if your male or female, everyone can feel the force

3 April 2011

Not being sexist but generally the force is stronger in men and there are less women of Jedi belief so....

23 April 2011

One cannot choose what the force has in store for all of us. If a woman should rise to the higher ranks, then that is what the force wills. We must listen to the force and focus on what it is trying to say to us.

23 April 2011

We are suppose to be equal. This should not even be discussed.

26 April 2011

Women are Jedi too. Some are as wise as senior members.

2 May 2011

The force created us all equally.

21 May 2011

I would just like to add that i really do not appreciate people not taking this religion, and this question, seriously, yes women should have equal rights, in the eyes of the force we are ALL equal. Lastly, if you do not take this seriously please dont bring those true believers down with you via participating in this just to antagonize us. May the Force be with you, Obi Sims.

16 June 2011

Allow. I like women

31 October 2011

we can't have our religion thought of as the same old bigits from other religions and other beliefs. plus in life you can have no single race you have to have both male and female to have a race, meaning we are all equal.

15 November 2011

women can have just as much if not more influence over people

28 December 2011

Theme: Women and the force There are arguments against the fact that emotions are the downfall of women and that is why they should not have any high status concerning the hierarchy of Jedi rank. First of all; This question goes against the very idea of the Force. It ridiculous that anyone would even consider asking such a thing. Why would women not be allowed? The Jedi Church is all about the study of the equilibrium of the Force. How can anybody retain any balance if they won?t consider both sides. There is no WOMEN or MEN because the Force is distributed into us equally. To prohibit another from studying the Force, or initially the self, is a hypocrisy that will turn one away from their own introspection. Much like the Light and Dark forces in one?s own being, Men and Women are also Opposite beings that reflect upon one another; there could be no men without women and no women without men. Just like there cannot be a light without a dark or a dark without a light. But to say that a woman and a man have characteristics that the other cannot attain is fundamentally wrong; the spirit of the Force is that there are endless possibilities and questions that can be answered through attaining a balance, a healthy mind, and a healthy body. Additionally; Emotion is not something that you can just simply banish, no matter what gender you are. It is a ?habit? that one must fine tune, prune, and slowly ease. Emotion is what drives us. It is our reflex of survival.

29 December 2011

Any one no matter Gender or race should be able to be hold a high rank

25 January 2012

A Jedi shouldn't speak of men / women but of persons.

31 January 2012

The force is in all of us, women and men equally. It would be bad to discriminate against people, simply because of gender. The force is in everything, and everyone should be treated the same.

2 February 2012

The force encompasses all of us, women have the same aptitude and abilities as men.

10 February 2012

every women has a right to things she wants or has to do

19 February 2012

The way of The Force should be accepted and welcomed by all, including women.

4 March 2012

we (men) need a womens touch to every aspect in life they nurture care loving motherly touch.

2 April 2012

The force flow through us all some stronger than others but it is not distinguished by the gender of a person

20 April 2012

Women are different from men, Jediism should show no discrimination and allow both male and female thinking in the church.

26 April 2012


30 April 2012

We are all one

12 May 2012

Everything and everyone, the force is, is what leads to the dark side or stay on the path of light, free will.

7 July 2012

There is no male or female. Only the Force.

11 July 2012

Yes. The force has no gender

25 July 2012

The terms "man" and "woman" shouldn't matter in this situation. Only the term "Jedi"

13 August 2012

women are just like men

15 August 2012

Yes of course we should! I would love to reach a senior rank!

6 September 2012

Because who are to shun others away, if they have the qualities it takes for the job & can do it well. Who are we to say no?

14 September 2012

All are equal within the force, anyone of any race or gender can be a leader amongst us.

10 October 2012

They have vaginas, we need to respect that

13 October 2012

Equal we all are

24 October 2012

the force is in each and evey one of us and all around us, and if you can control your emotions not care if you`re male or woman

2 November 2012

The Force is not a gender and church leadership should not be determined by gender but by The Force

8 November 2012

A woman is equal, for the force is within all and all is within the force.

16 November 2012

The force does not judge a being due to their gender. Anyone should be able to become the senior rank.

28 November 2012

If there is to be a balance then, women should be able to reach the same senior rank as any man in our church.

5 December 2012

male and female is from earth but other extra terrestrial species have only one gender

13 December 2012

ONE life force binding all together equally, it does no bind men more powerfully than women, or vice versa.

7 January 2013

They are no different than man

11 January 2013

we are all simply beings of the force it is the energy field that is everything and everything is it, therefore all beings are the same the only difference is perception, when you perceive difference you perceive fear and fear leads to anger anger leads to hate hate leads to the dark side

28 January 2013

as long as they are one with the force it should be posible for every one

6 February 2013

This should not even be a question. All creators male or female are formed equally.

21 March 2013

Women Can be great as men. Even in ancient traditions the women were many times accepted as more powerful and better connected to the source/force than males. Being a male of course My ego dislikes this however I am always in favor of equality. May the Force Guide us in our decisions.

29 April 2013

The force is equally strong in women as in men... so our rights should be equal..

11 May 2013


3 June 2013

All are equal to the force. All are one with the force. The force does not care about gender. DUH!

14 June 2013


20 June 2013

All Jedi are equal.

3 July 2013

Gender should not even be considered. Males are weaker in some areas and stronger in others, same with women as well. To ensure that opinions are expressed fully, both male and females should have a say in the matter.

17 July 2013

Gender is not a requirement for achievement.

22 August 2013

Women deserve the same respect as men. We deserve equality.

16 October 2013

The force is in everything and everyone

1 November 2013

I taught Yoda that if the women are not biblical sexual deviants then yes let them in. It is imperative to maintain the family orientation of society in order to stay away from the dark side of the force. I stay with that policy.

13 November 2013

Force is for everyone. Man or woman - doesn't matter. They are equal

26 November 2013

Jedi are persecuted enough by outsiders that fail to understand our faith. I do not think it wise to persecute our own based on any factor- we should reward those that follow in the light and guide those that stray to the dark side of the force.

2 December 2013

Because, when god made man she was only joking.

1 January 2014

All Jedi are equal, there are no men and women of the force. Only Jedi.

3 January 2014

All Jedi are equal as the force brings us all together to bring end to poverty, war, and discrimination and to protect all of us equally

8 January 2014

In the force, we are one.

13 January 2014

Equal rights for all.

17 January 2014

Women and Men are one with the unifying force. To divide ourselves is human error.

5 February 2014

Everyone should be treated the same as everyone else

14 February 2014

We should not discriminate on any basis. I left Catholicism because they discriminated.

21 March 2014


21 April 2014

sex, races or physical appearance AREN'T criteria for the quality of a jedi.

23 April 2014

All individuals have value. Lack of emotion can be just as dangerous as too much. And the suggestion that woman alone possess the capability to act on emotion without logic is incorrect.

4 May 2014

there are no gender there is the force, i have felt strong force in many women

5 May 2014

The force is not about gender

7 July 2014

There is greatness in all of us.

17 September 2014

Sex is totally irrelevant to the possible achievements we may aspire to.

21 September 2014

The Force is the same in all of us. Those who oppose the idea are the weaker ones. The Jedi Knight of Carterton has spoken!

5 October 2014

any one of the thousand reasons listed above

21 November 2014

There is no difference between male or female. There is only one Force.

6 December 2014

Jedi should be judged individualy based on their actions and abilities. Never by gender or race.

23 January 2015

All are part of the force so all can rise with in the force regardless of gender!

11 February 2015

Gender is irrelevant. Any intelligent life form in the universe can become a Jedi Master. It is only a question of discipline, skill, wisdom, intelligence, humility and exemplar morality.

23 February 2015

We are a stronger force if we stick together

24 February 2015

Honestly i didn't all that, i will later, but answering simply, yes i agree

11 March 2015

Women and men contribute they same as each other to the human race and to society, so why shouldn't women have the same rights as man? Men need women so that the race can continue, and women need men for the same reason. But why should one gender have more rights if they both contribute the same to society's continuation.

19 April 2015


21 June 2015

The force is not sexist why should we be

27 June 2015

The Force has no sex...

26 October 2015

we all can not be one sided as with the the force there are 2 sides to everything and everyone. Learning of the force we see both sides and find ourselves understanding the duality of ourselves. all true Jedi are complete and whole. so without the other we are nothing

13 December 2015

There should equality for all genders.

23 December 2015

The Force holds no gender bias, so neither should you.

6 January 2016

Everyone must Proforma all tasks to achieve anything in life. No matter the gender

8 January 2016

Women are a part of the force, and I have known Several that would make excellent jedi. "Size and strength matters not", so why should Gender? We are all bound by the force

15 January 2016

the force doesn't differentiate between sex

14 February 2016

The force is for everyone

3 March 2016

Gender does not define what you can do, in other walks of life women are offered the same chances as men, all the more so for Jedi.

6 March 2016

They're not equal in most places, so why not start here.

29 March 2016

Sex doesnt matter, all jedi are equal

13 April 2016

we can all believe in the force

24 April 2016

The Force does not recognize gender as a criteria for wisdom.

2 August 2016

Every thing has been said, Its NOT about the gender its about leadership, In other words best candidate for the job is the only reason for selection. Everybody has difficultys and advantages. Anything related to hate is the darkside. Sir Liam

31 August 2016

Equality for All Sentient Be ing's

17 September 2016

If the force leads the to the path of reaching the same rank as a senior, then why should we prevent them from fallowing that path.

8 October 2016

Sexism is Bad

27 October 2016

Sex has no impact on the force.

22 December 2016

Physicality is only one aspect of the human essence,woman are 1/2 of a greater essence making a whole perspective view. As food and water are different both are essential and untimely equal in the end.

11 November 2017

The force doesn't discriminate and neither should we.

21 November 2017

The force is equally among all

3 January 2018

Ability and character are more important than gender.

27 February 2018

Men and women are equal and should be given the same opportunities at all times

11 March 2018

No debería existir está pregunta, la Fuerza es no discrimina por sexo.

11 May 2018

we should be as neutral as our practices, so all sexes should be equal

2 June 2018

If they can pass the test... Why not? Some women are stronger than some men, some are smarter, some just aren't cut out for it. I'd rather have a strong smart female leader than a dumb weak man...I'd rather have a strong smart leader than a weak dumb one, regardless.

11 June 2018

Provided the women are able to meet and sustain the same criteria, and hold themselves to the same standards, I have no qualms with it.

2 July 2018

Le donne e gli uomini devono avere pari diritti perchè la forza scorre in tutti noi

15 January 2019


13 March 2019

I agree we are at a period of time where women are equal to men

1 December 2019

Do we want be like other religions. I hope not

10 March 2020

The force is strong in all of us

13 March 2020

Any one should be able to get any rank if they earn it.

4 May 2020

everyone is created equal

27 July 2020

Both Woman and Man has weaken side... both the union of the two sex allows to pass through darkness... people should imagine how it could be management if man do not see their limit because "man alone"!

29 January 2021

The Force Flows through all living things not just men.

29 August 2021

Anyone can be a jedi so why can't women reach the same status as men? Even in the movies women were jedi's with high status.

6 December 2023

Jediism is for everyone

26 January 2024

We are all spiritual beings within these vessels called bodies... within this concept of factuality, it is therefore only logical all genders, regardless of shape, form, race, creed be seen as equals and treated as so... for once the body dies, the spiritual being is released, freed... and in that, it no longer has an identity of class, race, or any other limitations.

17 February 2024

I believe that women should be allowed to reach the same rank as any man within this church. Just like men, women are living beings and the force flows through them.

19 April 2024

The force shall allow equal opportunities for all people

1 June 2024

Moral is Equal in the all Sex, so Woman also can have the same rank too.

13 June 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

i am neither dark or light, i am staying on the neutral side

14 October 2008

women are lower class sayians i myself am a super sayian and i say women shouldent be allowed

21 October 2008

Disagreement in this leads to the dark side and the fact this statement was put forward disgusts me, Soon we shall all return to the force and be one were there is no gender no difference so why treat each other differently we are all human we are all alive we are all conscious

11 June 2009

i agree

23 July 2009

Anyone who thinks women shouldn't needs to get some counseling.

23 August 2009

Gender bias and gender discrimination?

16 October 2009

We all know what is right and wrong, to remain neutral is the 'right' decision, in my opinion.

28 November 2009

You are limited to your own abilities of being with the force. Gender matters not

26 January 2010

if by equal you mean hoover and do the dishes then sure

23 February 2010

I'm staying nuetral on this. I know some girls that would make some excellent leaders, some that have been great leaders, but then there's that little problem of my living in a house with 3 females. Let me just say, If anyone believes that femininity doesnt have a darker side, I'll trade places with you.

2 December 2010

The force has no prejudice. It does not hate nor does it love. To find an answer one must close their eyes, open your mind....then the answer will you see.

16 January 2011

Me, as a Jedi believer, dont mind about RANKS, just the thought of FORCE I mind.

4 March 2011

There is no prejudice in the force, Women and Men are both equal, one is not weak, one is not strong.

31 March 2011

Absolutely agree. We are all manifestations of the force and we all bring unique and valuable qualities derived from the force.

19 February 2012

in the beginning of our lives we all came from the force which created us equally and will, in the end, accept us equally.

5 August 2012

The Force is a living repository of knowledge. It does not differentiate between genders and neither should you. Section.

2 October 2013

As a Jedi i don't recognise ranks, only recognise the force i do. The force is a wonderful thing that we should share, not keep for ourselfes and be greedy, as that leads to the dark side.

8 September 2014

I am a netural vote on this one. It is better to let what happens happen than to force your will upon the world.

13 May 2015

This question misses the crucial point. We should be asking what gender actually does effect, and deduce scientifically, what functions more aptly suit each gender, what positions should be gender specific, and what is healthy to teach the young regarding bio-gender and gender identity.

18 March 2017

The Force is in all of us, gender is obscure.

5 April 2018

the force has no gender

7 March 2019

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