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The Jedi Church should seek to become a charitable trust?


On average, everyone agrees with nonconsensus between 1016 voters.


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The Jedi Church should seek to become a charitable trust

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Reasons To Disagree

I think we need to focus our attention on the good instead of bringing in money which would lead us to the dark side

20 July 2008

We should raise money to gain awareness of the church, but we should not have the charity aspect as a main deally

5 August 2008

It is more important to become a recognised religion in law. This will aid the quest for treatment equal to other religions. (It also confers tax exempt status and allows a deduction for contributions, just as a charitable trust would.)

9 September 2008

Money should not concern the jedi.

12 September 2008

Money and Profit is of man, where as the jedi are of the force

18 September 2008

Fuck the Homeless

26 September 2008

we do not seek charity we only seek to be one with the force.

8 October 2008

First global recognition, then and maybe, charity

9 October 2008

Money to the Dark Side leads...

10 October 2008

I think we need a physical church first, we need to show the world we are serious then when the 12 council members ( preferably 12 from different leading countries) have been chosen we can help the world, taking the side of green-peace and save the trees society. we also need a technology department, develop the lightsaber technology. This way we can enforce the rights of others and punish those that need to be punished.

8 November 2008

We give help not ask for it

8 November 2008

When you put money into anything, it makes it corruptible, and the Jedi should not be corruptible.

18 November 2008

Because the sith may ask!

25 November 2008

The Church should not have ANY financial income whether its for Charity or for the Church itself. People will be turned off the idea of Jediism if we start to mention money

3 January 2009

What is money but a path to the dark side?

3 January 2009

Money always mess with the beliefs.

28 January 2009

money is the root of the dark side

28 February 2009

the world may missinterprate kindness for weakness

1 March 2009

No man can handle money without being corrupted; but look at buddhism, it has done pretty well this far without a lot of money eventhough it is necessary...but a little can do a lot.

24 March 2009

The Jedi are a group that recognizes THE FORCE. A Jedi charitable trust would make no more sense than a charitable trust for gravity or magnetism (minor subsets of THE FORCE).

18 April 2009

it is way more important to see this church reach it to a nationally accepted level, and if it does it also gains tax exempt status

21 April 2009

for what reason

28 May 2009

I believe the world can help it self through tough times after all isnt that what happen in WW2? i mean come on if the homeless and the poor get paid bad stop paying the retarded sports people and give it to the poor no person should be charged for working hard and the world can rot in he$# :D

3 June 2009

Why should we become a charity wussy girly churches give charity!

1 July 2009

Bad idea, very bad. It would be detrimental to Jediism to not take heed the short comings of all other Churches and Religions throughout history. Money is the root of all evil; it is proven. When Churches involve money, despite intent, it draws out greed and corruption. "Sith" would emerge from within in pursuit selfish goals for their own personal financial gain. With money as a factor it would be unclear of one's motivation as a member. Without money as a element, Jedi would be motivated by faith alone, ensuring their purity and intentions. Jediism is clearly the purest form of religion that has yet to be tainted by man. This purity MUST be protected and preserved. Jediism has existed since the beginning of time, but has only recently surfaced with a name and following. Jediism is new to the general public and can not afford bad media that would discredit and mock the entire faith. Jedi must weigh the pros and cons, and do what is in the best interest of the faith, not neccessarily the society as a whole. Maybe it is the Jedi's calling to provide charity, but if the faith is discredited, it is all in vain. If this happens, the church will lose followers, support, the general public's approval, and lessen the number of new members. As an ex-law enforcement official and a current goverment employee, I know that charity and financial aid programs draw in corrupt, lazy, deceiptful, selfish, manipulative, and greedy persons. Environment dictates behavior, and these are people we don't want drawn to Jedi. It is too great of a risk to the faith's success, at least at this time.

21 September 2009

We must focus on what really matters at first: Get the word of the Jedi known through-out the world.

8 October 2009

A trust/non-profit is good, but there are other issues that we should focus on first.

16 October 2009

theres a fine line between charity and profit, money makes people corruptable

30 December 2009

Money is not the root of all evil, though it tends to influence. I believe it absolutely unnessicary to turn a philosophy into a cash grab (for whatever reason). Costs to promote and track the order are all that are needed.

1 January 2010

Charity is of the heart and all should help those less fortunate then themselves, but a charitable trust the Jedi should not be, nor should any religion, we should be charitable but as individuals to what our own heart holds dear not to one thing (or many) as a whole

27 January 2010

no never. money isnt everything yes we need it to survive but money leads to greed,greed leads to suffering suffering leads to pain pain leads to anger and anger leads to the no. the catholics did that n it lead to greed! it became very curropt. we dont need that to happen to us. money leads to greed!

29 January 2010

I think that the force need to be strong!

16 February 2010

Money NO. Advice, wisdom and guidance in the ways of the Force YES.

8 March 2010

Our intrest is in the force. We may give aid to those who seek it as we see fit. Becoming a trust binds the church as an entity further to the laws of man. Therefore I feel the only reason to do so is tax purposes.

22 March 2010

Money corrupts.

6 April 2010


11 May 2010

Money is a force that will lead to the dark side; we must remove ourselves from money as much as possible.

12 October 2010

Money which leads to greed whitch leads to hate whitch leads to the darkside No i do not belive that money should make this jedi church better it wouldnt everyone one has the right to religion it wouldnt be right to have people buy membership It is not the jedi way If you want you can donate that is not bad because it helps other living life forms aka the force.

4 November 2010

I think that the Jedi Church should remain non-profit. Sure, it means that we'd have less moolah to give to other charities, but the money shouldn't matter. The only thing that should matter is that we ARE helping and that we ARE spreading news that there's a new Church in town; and that we're here to stay.

2 December 2010

greed leeds to jelousy jelousy to hate hate to anger anger to suffering and that is the path to the dark side

5 December 2010

Money is the root of all evil and the Jedi should not be even considering it.

8 December 2010

Money can lead to greed and can possable hurt the church

15 January 2011

I believe that the good is measured by actions and not by spending.

15 January 2011

Though the funds will be helpful, Jedi are not materialistic. Ask not for funds, yet accept when they are gracefully offered.

20 January 2011

I'm not sure I like the idea of getting fully into the "religion establishment". Better to stay true to philosophy roots and just be a gathering of people willing to take care of things than to turn into something other religions will actively protest against.

22 January 2011

i disagree as it said in the star wars movies we do not give or recive we stay nuteral and if we dont we may be taking the road to the dark side

23 February 2011

Money is in line with Corruption and therefore would leave those in charge of the church vunerable to the Dark.

15 March 2011

We don't need money we have the force!

22 March 2011

There is little need of money, for the force brings happiness and peace and money brings fear, hate, mistrust and prejudice.

31 March 2011

focus more on what this actually is as opposed to trying to be charitable, usually that starts the downfall. people will start to get greedy which leads to more chances of stealing, taxes or lack there of start to get more complicated and then you just want to raise the most money and be the best. stick with just religion and skip the headache

28 December 2011

The Jedi Church shouldn't seek it but Jedi Church members should do charitable act as a personal option.

31 January 2012

money is not needed and it would be selfish

19 February 2012

It is too early for such things and money should not be sort. If members of the jedi church wish to perform good deeds then it should be on an individual basis without the need for personal recognition.

22 February 2012

Money is the root of all evil money can buy anything........

2 April 2012

We don't need the money, i think we'd be asking for too much

5 May 2012

Anyone who does not believe in the force should not be kept alive, they are roooobbiiiiisshhhhh

23 July 2012

I'm am led to believe that it is a Jedi's role in society to help others, but I personally believe that is something the individual Jedi should focus on. The church is more or less a place for those of us follow the ways of The Force to gather.

13 August 2012

We should help those in a practical physical manner. Money may not go to the right cause.

28 November 2012

Altruism does not need or require money to take place

11 May 2013

Seek charitable status yes. Seek non-profit status no. With the non-profit status every member votes to set the council and through that council Jedi policy. Jedi policy could then change to the dark side on the vote of infiltrators. The solution is to take charitable contribution without gaining tax exempt status.

13 November 2013

Not for profit, but it should gain a physical presence.

27 January 2014

Off the path of the Jedi money leads

10 March 2014

we most grow bigger and spread the force to others, we have the force and that is worth more than all the money in the world! we most find another way to grow and make the world better with the help of the force not money - padawan npw

5 May 2014

Their are many ways the jedi can help without using man's preconceived greed.

4 June 2014

We should focus on strengthening and stabilizing ourselves before we try to aid others

24 January 2015

It would be wonderful to have a temple or church to openly gather in but money is powerful and many people are influenced by power. I am not so sure that one Jedi should collect money but perhaps all Jedi should raise the funding but still the possibility of danger lurks.

13 May 2015

Im not adamantly against the idea. However our money would have to be closely watched and used for the betterment of life in the universe. I lean toward no because we dont need money to continue the Jedi path.

1 January 2016

Money leads to greed, which leads to the dark side

25 January 2016

There is no need for money as the force will be always our one essential.

29 March 2016

we can not be sure if they are going to a good cause or if they are lying to us

24 April 2016

Stear away from the darkside

2 August 2016

If we become a charitable trust we start leaning towards the dark side and we are above and beyond that.

8 October 2016

Charities are for poor people but no one wants them alive anyway.

25 August 2017

Money is there root to all evil. If your a Jedi, you should take it upon yourself to help others, you shouldn't need the church to tell you so, and once money rolls in this whole church will be corrupted like every other church in history! Money sucks! Go back to trading donkeys! And leave the government out of it!!!!

11 June 2018

I soldi corrompono anche gli animi più forti, i soldi ci porterebbero al lato oscuro

15 January 2019

Sometimes acts with good intentions cause harm. We should be of service in any way we can, but not ignorantly or blindly. I believe that it is a Jedi's duty to serve in any way they are able, but it is not the responsibility of the counsel to provide this aid.

20 April 2019

Plenty of charities out there, be charitable to fellow jedi who are in need

10 March 2020

Greed is a path to the dark side.

1 June 2024


Reasons To Agree

Not-for-profit organization is a better choice of words

9 July 2008

Would be wonderful to see the jedi church helping others.

11 July 2008

The church should deffinatly help out, not only will we be improving peoples lives, but also getting the word out about the Jedi Church!

19 July 2008

That would allow us to help which in turn would boost credibility

24 July 2008

In this day and age there is a need to help others.

4 August 2008

only if the causes we pursue are just.

5 August 2008

jedi's are here to protect so yes help and protect

13 August 2008

Money is Power in this world. Use the force of the money.

15 August 2008

helping others might put us on the map..

31 August 2008

We don't have to be a rich religion like others.Money can corrupt us.It's true that we have to be a powerfull religion but with humility.And always looking to help others.

8 September 2008

Greed leeds to the dark side however if we do accept donations we must put said money to good use.

14 September 2008

We should accept donations but not class ourselves as a charity. That would only stop people from joining.

29 September 2008

it should do and bee what its meant to be no more no less

2 October 2008

The Jedi order was the support of the Republic, and a comfort to the poor, weak, and oppressed. How can we inherit these ideals, if we do not follow them?

15 October 2008

we are here to love and guard our fellow man charity will just make us a more trust worthy group

19 October 2008

it is the will of the Force

5 November 2008

Yes, instead of building ornate and fancy decorations or spending obscene amount of money on extremely uninteresting religious material (like some) we should help people :)

7 November 2008

Lets all try and be a force for good in the world/galaxy and in this world money talks

18 November 2008

While aiding others is of the utmost importance, focusing on the problems of the galaxy to the exclusion of our own internal problems can lead to our downfall. Careful attention must be paid to what and when we help but help we must.

1 December 2008

We need to get the idea out there that we are an official religion. not a joke. but the perils of the dark side are steep

2 December 2008

We should serve others in need.

5 December 2008

a good question

8 December 2008

Non-profit organisation - agreed.

17 December 2008

Not-for-profit. Only for education and freeing of minds, leading to the Light Side. NOT for helping the "needy" who are lazy or weak-willed (Dark Siders); only those who are unable to help themselves.

9 January 2009

Just as long as it stays non-profit because money leads to power and power corrupts and absolute money leads to absolute power and absolute power corrupts absolutly

10 January 2009

Jedi are going to need money in order to move around the ministers of faith and do our work. We do need to dwell on it but we do need it non the less.

10 January 2009

As long as the money is used to help the ways of the Jedi move forward, and not just to benefit oneself, then I feel that money will do us no harm.

13 January 2009

To help others in need is the Jedi way, so yes. It is also important to show society we are a good order.

23 February 2009

I agree but we should give the fishing stick, not the fish.

10 March 2009

Money is god-made as all other things in the universe. We all are a piece of god. All things in the universe are pieces of god. Also is money also a piece of god. And god is another name for the force or the force is another name for god...

20 March 2009

Non-profit organization - agreed.

18 April 2009

Recognised religions have certain rights including charity recognition and rights.

19 April 2009

We are here to make this world better.

25 April 2009

Money unfortunately brings greed and can lead to the Dark Side. Eventually we will have to incorporate as an official body in order to be recognised. A 'Temple' or "Church' is recognised as such and registered for that purpose. And money will be involved just to meet legal obligations annually so it cannot be avoided.

2 May 2009

You have my vote!

25 May 2009

seeing that this corrupt world is run on money, we would need money to be reconized. After that we could show them the force.

30 May 2009

Yes i agree. As soon as people take us for real

3 June 2009

Jedi must put the needs of the community above the needs of individuals

4 June 2009

A non profit status is a integral peice of being recognized as an organized and official religion

8 June 2009

The Jedi do not give charity for the sake of charity. One of the greatest concepts ever devised my man is embodied in the saying "Feed a man a fish and he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a life time." As Jedi we seek to protect and promote life, as such we will help in catastrophy and emergency. A Jedi will help life when life cannot help itself and will help a life when a life is trying to help itself. Give a man a fish only when there are no fish or he is incapable of fishing. Those that do not know how to fish will be taught how to fish and given a fish as they learn and stay dedicated to learning.

19 September 2009

yes my vote agrees

1 October 2009

in order to establish ourselves as a major religion in this world we need to show that we are part of it not seperate. The risk of the dark side of the force is overcome by the compassion of charity.

2 October 2009

though it is true that collecting money can elad to corruption which is evil/dark side. We should still focus on helping in whatever way we can

2 October 2009

A jedi needs to master the dark side, money can do great evil but also greater good. money is but a tool in the wars against evil. A charitable trust has many advantages.

7 October 2009

Donations should be made towards charities to help to show others that we really do follow our beliefs in helping others. I also think that the jedi should run for a position of notice on the government, we have just as much right as any other party and our beliefs are beneficial to many. Someone should sort this.

25 October 2009

The Way of the Jedi is to help those we can.

28 October 2009

if you beliven something you should at least help out your community.

31 October 2009

while giving is always good, you should never let yourself be blinded by greed. remember the path to good is narrow indeed.

26 December 2009

This would ensure that other people, less well off than ourselves benefit in some way and that we can maximise our monatary potential for the greater good.

20 January 2010

Helping the charities would be good for us, and it will also help us become known amongst the communities.

21 January 2010

we must help those less fornet than us,but causin should be taken, thatthe dark side dose not gain from our giving

25 January 2010

Our society is laid upon that of currency in order for a religion to prosper

26 January 2010


28 February 2010

Money is of no importance to the Jedi.

5 March 2010

The church should NEVER be a profitting organization. If anything the money gained can be "charitied" to organizations created for spreading the word of the church

9 March 2010

One of the main jedi ideals is to help those who do not have the means to help themselves that is a core tenant of the jedi teaching

13 March 2010

We should spread the way of the Jedi another way. Helping anyone we see.

16 March 2010

the church should definitely help out, not only will we be improving peoples lives, but also getting the word out about the Jedi Church!

17 March 2010

Part of balance is knowing when to give, and when to receive. If one chooses not to receive, they steal the experience of giving from another being. We should make donations available for people to experience giving, yet not fall into relying on the income. The income may be benefitted in the costs of making our organizations stronger, thereby allowing for our influence to be helpful to our causes - which I stress will hopefully be balanced and unselfish.

19 March 2010

The life of a jedi is to help and protect, we have our faith to keep us strong so with donations we can help to protect others that are not so strong

20 March 2010

Non-profit organisation - agreed.

21 March 2010

"The Jedi are selfless they only care about others"

2 April 2010

Jedi's Should help others.

5 April 2010

money would be very usefull to the church we could reach out to more people and essintaily grow as a community

14 April 2010

Every religion needs money to progress, but with the funds the Jedi religion can better progress it's cause

30 April 2010

So that the Church can raise funds to help others less fortunate.

1 May 2010

However it is much more important to become recognised as an actual religion.

2 May 2010

"The Jedi are selfless they only care about others"

10 May 2010

it is not how rich you are but what you do that defines you

10 June 2010

not cheap to grow

3 July 2010

i think that becoming a charitable oorganiseation or a profitable organizeation is in itself a good thing then the church may becaome more active in helping others

28 July 2010

If you use the money wisely for the good of humanity that is the way of the force, greed leads to the dark side.

25 August 2010

i understand the idea of helping the community but money does have a reputation of leading to greed and yes the darkside of the force though it may bring recognition and help out other as well as "keep the peace" which is what a jedi does it could bring the corrupt into the equation

12 September 2010

i think that we need the church to expand maby make it more exiting to the eye by making images and decorating the church of the force. but we should then give 1/3 of our ernings to the good people of the earth since we do-not discriminate about what religion people choose

22 September 2010

i do much work for charity. we come in this world with nothing, and we leave with nothing, however we do leave a whole world behind. we are not made of what we have, but our actions, and what we leave behind. lets not harbour a greed but giv to those who need it, whether it be shelter, aid, money or wisdom!

27 September 2010

It is part of the Jedi code to act selflessly to help others.

14 October 2010

While I agree that we should be a charitable organization, I don't think we should become a charitable trust. The difference is distinct: as a charitable organization, we will donate time and resources to worthy causes. Perhaps these donations will be managed by the church, perhaps not, but they will be direct. From our hands and minds and strength to the places they will do the most good. A charitable trust, in contrast, doesn't seem to me like the kind of institution that would use donated time (which, you should agree, is a jedi's specialty), and does seem like the kind of institution that would end up leaving funds lying around at some point. This is a horrible, horrible idea. For the jedi church to have money lying around would undermine it, I think. It ought to be charitable, yes, we all ought to, but it should be so as an intermediary.

4 November 2010

you need to help the poor

14 November 2010

Need to get known

23 November 2010

If money is used and collected it should be used wisely for the benefit of the community and those in need. Where we might disagree is in the area of determining the most need. Treating symptoms versus treating the cause. Many will feed the hungry, but few will teach.

29 November 2010

A cherishable trust should be encouraged to give away their collect

1 December 2010

Helpping every one in any level

3 January 2011

The force requires us all to do what we can to help those in need, how can we when some of us are without the means to do so?

9 February 2011

Only if it is see through, so no one can take money

18 February 2011

I agree because I believe thart all money given to organizations should be tax deductable.

5 March 2011


17 March 2011

the force tell use to act without thought of our selfs.

3 April 2011

Money should only be used for the benefit of others and we should not collect money for the gain of ourselves. Not-for-profit, if that is what this question means, is good, for that is what we want out of our religion- the help and benefit for others, not the self.

23 April 2011

help those who need to be helped not because they need it

15 May 2011

I quote from above, "The Jedi order was the support of the Republic, and a comfort to the poor, weak, and oppressed. How can we inherit these ideals, if we do not follow them?"

8 July 2011

I think that if we raise money it should be for helping others.

13 August 2011

We should strive to improve the lives of others and the condition of our world. We would need to be very careful not to be drawn into the dark side.

11 February 2012

it would be great helping out

18 February 2012

When we advance and grow, we should seek to help others, but not glean off all the money we can to help ourselves like some other charities. ALL the money should stay in the charity.

21 February 2012

we should not seek profit by any means, which could lead to the dark side, but we should get our name out there.

4 March 2012

The more money that the Jedi have to further the cause, the better.

17 April 2012

This is the correct path To give is better

6 May 2012

strongly agree.

1 September 2012

All organizations need funding to run, with organization and proper accounting there is no reason for money to become a problem unless greed is allowed to become an acceptable ethical standard.

8 November 2012

To give is to receive and receive we shall

16 November 2012

money does not really matter as long as you can give people the basic needs its ok like free energy free food free shelter maybe even free clothing

13 December 2012

Outreach is important for public relations.

3 June 2013

As I read others comments, I see a lot focusing on money. I agree that money can lead to the dark side. As Jedi, we should protect everyone, as everything is connected through the force. There are other ways in protecting and helping others. Charitable means to help others, not necessarily giving money to people. I think we can organize and make awareness to actually help people. Give light where there is darkness.

11 October 2013

All religions should aim to help. So we should try.

16 October 2013

The goal of the Jedi is to help and do what is right.

1 November 2013

Do not persecute based on any factor. We should reward those that follow the light with praise and guide those who stray to the dark side of the force..

2 December 2013

Is it not the goal of Jedi to help those who cannot help themselves? Those who believe that charity will lead us to the dark side are trying to protect us from greed and media deception. I believe we should make ourselves known to the work as the protectors of the innocent and weak. All great religions have either risen from fear or the people belief in what the religion would do for them. May the force protect us all.

3 January 2014

watch it

21 April 2014

A JEDI WORK FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE. In this point of view it's our mission to help people needing assistance to survive.

23 April 2014

what would the jedi church do if not help others.

21 November 2014

Let's first build us headquarters: a Temple from which we will direct our good forces.

22 November 2014

A Jedi is compassionate.

6 December 2014

There is not much need for money, but if there was money we could build a place for meeting.

13 February 2015

Yes, the Jedi are scholars and warriors. That means a life dedicated to knowledge and to action. But we must take care not to be tempted by materialism and corruption. As soon as money becomes a part of the Jedi Church, temptation becomes strong. I am for giving time, voluntary work rather than money.

23 February 2015

as long as its used to publicise the religion

6 March 2015

should only become a charitable trust not only for money but for kindness to help those who can't help them selfs we need to show the world the way of the force.

25 June 2015

To build a church would mean building a greater community to the jedi

13 April 2016

Charity is good for all

18 April 2016

Money has nothing to do with this desicion. The Force has brought us together, the next logical step is to organize as a governmental recognized entity, so that we can grow and be recognized by world governments, so that we can do our duty as Jedi. I recommend someone gathering information on the different types of entitys and then voting on the type we should incorperate as. It will have to be done seperately in every country so one person from every country will need to volunteer for fact finding for the group. Preferably people with law experience. Sir Liam

31 August 2016


27 October 2016

Money like a gun is nether light or dark, until it is purposed.It cannot corrupt. you ether are or are not.In our reality it is freedom and choice The freedom to help and the choice of how.If voted on by a council,controlled by a neutral party. So, no money unable to help and effect change. With money freedom and choice to help.Witch path is wider and lighter? I think I know.

11 November 2017

Help those who are poor, weak, and hungry

3 January 2018

The Force lives in every thought and action, even the most material ones. A true Jedi must help the helpless, always, if this can be done without bringing evil, darkness and distruction elsewhere. Does charity bring help? Yes. Does it bring darkness and distruction? Like Obi-Wan says, "Oh I don't think so".

11 September 2019

Heil Capitalism

11 January 2020

I smell pennies!!! -Mr krabs

8 February 2020

helping those less fortunate is one road to inner peace and fullfillment

27 July 2020

Reasons for Remain Neutral


18 July 2008

i am not getting in this

6 August 2008

we should help the weak but surely you would want us to gain numbers so that raising a large sum would be possible

10 August 2008

No comment.

14 August 2008

sin comentarios

21 August 2008

I think some time should be spent with actual financial analysts to determine what kind of money we're talking about. One one side, there are people in need. One another side, wherever money becomes an issue, it will lead to conflict of great importance, within any organization.

25 August 2008

I both agree and disagree with this, While it is okay to raise money, I do not think anyone should gain from the Church. Instead money raised should go towards maintenance of the facilities, and information. Whatever is left, should go back to those who need it most.

31 August 2008

First build. Leave decisions of this importance until a solid foundation has been laid.

3 September 2008

This is a mechanism that would require analysis and consultation - a decision for another day.

10 September 2008

we need to be recognised legally as a religion

3 October 2008

further study is required before making such decisions. We must be unified 100% in this decision.

6 October 2008

Like some others said - this neeed to be properly discussed - a proper charity is extremelly time consumming, and could make us loose focus on our original goals. Of course helping is something we should do whenever available - but one of our main if not the main line of our religion, is our connection and knowledge to the force - regardless of your alignement, light, dark or neutral - knowledge of the force is usually your main focus in our religion. If this is to be happening, it should be studied extensively, and should not be a rushed decision.

25 October 2008

Our top priority is to free ourselves from the darkside Once that is done and we are in tune with the Force we will know what to do Lets free ourselves now , let the force flow in and through us, become an instrument of the Force not an instrument of greed , fear, anger,

9 December 2008

Only if the homeless join forces with jedi.

27 January 2009

I believe we should first decide if recognition is what the Jedi Church needs. Until we do make that decision this ? is mute.

22 February 2009


5 March 2009

You should ask yourself whether recognition of your belief from another is required for you to believe.

20 April 2009

my vote is nutral, because i dont have a problem either way if it when charitable or not

28 April 2009

We should have the money to make our selfs more known before we give back

20 May 2009

Money has nothing to do with this desicion. The Force has brought us together, the next logical step is to organize as a governmental recognized entity, so that we can grow and be recognized by world governments, so that we can do our duty as Jedi. I recommend someone gathering information on the different types of entitys and then voting on the type we should incorperate as. It will have to be done seperately in every country so one person from every country will need to volunteer for fact finding for the group. Preferably people with law experience. Sir Liam

29 May 2009

Money is not the issue, if we were organised we would be able to help others, that is the Jedi way

11 June 2009

The Jedi church should first seek full definition of what it is before it tries to aid others. As things currently stand, there is no true sense of identity, nor a true understanding of what we stand for. First, define and understand the self, for only then are we able to help others.

9 July 2009

I'm neither her nor there on this because I feel that members should help if/where/when they could, but at the same time, being able to raise money would be good for those who might not be able to help out otherwise, for whatever reason.

23 August 2009

jedi have no place discussing money, never mind the decision of who deserves the money more than others. we help how we can without giving financial aid because no1 needs money to stay alive

13 September 2009

When one does not know whether to agree or disagree, surely it is better to remain neutral?

28 November 2009

If only it helps the force to stay strong

8 December 2009

Any activity that brings us into a position to worry about money in any way is dangerous because it places us in the path of emotions that lead to the dark side of the force.

11 January 2010

no comment

17 January 2010

i am neutral because i dont want us to be over run and i dont want us to be bankrupt

21 January 2010

we need it we raise funds

13 March 2010

I see both light and darkness in this decision. Perhaps now is a time to meditate on the will of the Force.

17 March 2010

I neither agree or disagree. Money is on the fine line between light and dark. It has the abbility to turn even the light hearted to the dark. However it does have the ability to contribute to the greater good.

26 March 2010

There is both light and dark to this cause. The Jedi way would be to raise it for fundraisers to help others, such as the homeless. But if people get too caught up in their fundings, it could lead us into a path into the Dark Side

1 April 2010

I think that giving money to people of need is fine from time to time. Jedi help. That is whad Jedi do. Jedi teach and work to help, but they do not raze money to help the poor and homeless. Jedi are protectors and teachers, not a charitable trust.

25 June 2010

Has anyone seen my light sabre ?????

20 July 2010

Money ir irrelavant in pursuit of the force and may even cause some to lose their focus if they are not at one with the force.

20 August 2010

The jedi needs to stay independent as long as money is treated for what it acutally an easy way to trade things and as what it is elevated nowadays as a method of control or to subdue people. Money can not be allowed to control a single member of the Jedi Order

20 August 2010

If I am reading this correctly, it is asking if the church should seek to gain money through charitable acts. I am neutral to this. With more money comes more opportunities to reach out and receive more members into the church. Every other religion does this, however, so should we really stoop down to those levels?

7 September 2010

I believe that instead of donations to help expand our Jedi religion we should rely on the will of the people. Nothing can create a stronger, more pure foundation.

13 October 2010

To fund the cause a charity must it become. For with greed becomes anger, becomes hate, becomes fear and death is the only path will it lead.

16 January 2011

It should focus now primarily on its own construction to become strong and mighty.

28 February 2011

I agree with this neutral opinion: "The jedi needs to stay independent as long as money is treated for what it acutally an easy way to trade things and as what it is elevated nowadays as a method of control or to subdue people. Money can not be allowed to control a single member of the Jedi Order"

4 March 2011

People need help in the world and churches are a good way to raise money, but the Jedi council needs to focus on what is best for our religion, I have no opinion

23 April 2011

I think there has to be more research into how the charity will be handled. Too often the people that need the help don't actually get the help they need. And which charity will we give to? I need more answers to more questions before I can make a final decision.

26 April 2011

a decision for another day.

28 May 2011

I dont think we should be a charitable organization until we have become fairly large.

16 June 2011

after the religion is legal only after raise money for awareness

1 November 2011

Lead to greed, money could, to power greed leads, to hate power leads, an extension of, the dark side money is. But needed to help the church become recognized by the government, money is. To follow law as well, part of the jedi order was. To focus on growing the path we need, helping other, and of darkness avoid the path.

7 July 2012

Keep the money in house until we can be a jedi organization thatvotes on real issues.

26 July 2012

creation of a strong foundation in the church before action is important.

5 August 2012

As long as the charity is to help get people away from the dark side then sure. But there are more important things like protecting the galaxy.

6 September 2012

down a dark path this question leads. should the jedi become a charitable trust, there arises danger where before there was none. jedi or not, money speaks to many, and many would choose to take whatis not theirs. again i advise the jedi to step away from the path many a christian church have strayed down, that path is known as greed. i suggest a different method of charity.

22 December 2012

Money is not very important beacous we have the force. But we should try to get a bit more "feamous".

6 February 2013

Their are pros and cons for both but the most important thing to remember is that Jedi would not ask for donations. They would give selflessly. Although, it is important to remember that are their to help others.

3 July 2013

Build a physical temple somewhere with lots of trees and wild life up in a mountain and raise money so that we may go there to study , meditate, and form our bodies to their peaks, and so if anyone of us is in financial trouble the Order can help them. Section.

2 October 2013

We can try help someone's, but not all people deserve for it

26 November 2013

Money will lead us into temptation towards the dark side but if we did then we could grow as a community. Tough choice!

8 January 2014

I think that we need to use money to expand and start churches in other states in the US but not use money for greed

17 January 2014

There should be more of a focus on the growth of religion before embarking on something as large scale as this.

17 January 2014

Money doesn't concern a Jedi. It makes people greedy and that isn't the way of a Jedi, we should be generous instead.

8 September 2014

We need a stronger base before these decisions have been made

24 February 2015

The living force will present or provide whatever is needed at the time.

11 March 2015

It would be good to raise money for charity but money could end up corrupting the force

29 April 2015

Non-profit organisation

26 October 2015

only after we all have our light sabers

13 December 2015

People should seek us out.

8 January 2016

If giving money helps then we should. If we can help in other ways then we should as well. If we can prevent conflict with our actions or inactions then we should.

6 March 2018

The Force will show us the way.

5 April 2018

What would we give to? Who would we help? If we cannot answer this yet then we are not ready to accept money. The force will guide us.

9 May 2018

Our main objective should be to spread the religion.

29 August 2021

Some money should be given to charity

26 January 2024

I agree with the concept and the importance of the religion setting an example of charity, goodwill, and love to those in need. However, as with most every religious organization that has ever existed, there is fear of corruption of power and the wealth of the churches' funds overtime. It must have an unprecedent "complete public openness" of the churches' logs, accounts, etc. to truly be a noncorrupted organzation, and in avoiding all accusations of Jedi Church as being merely another skimming religious organization and/or cult money machine.

17 February 2024

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