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The Jedi Church should treat all members equally, without any hierarchy, excepting the need to appoint a board for administrative matters.?


On average, everyone agrees with significant nonconsensus between 989 voters.


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The Jedi Church should treat all members equally, without any hierarchy, excepting the need to appoint a board for administrative matters.

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Reasons To Disagree

Although all members should have the same rights and privilages,there should be a council made up of representatives, to guide and oversee the general operations of the jedi order. This national council should then be superceded by an international council made up of Masters selected in a representative electoral system. Masters should be eligable no matter age, race, colour and creed. These masters should have mearly group decision making powers. Nothing more!

25 July 2008

the should be only one leader

4 August 2008

we should have a hierarchy, but nothing capatalistic or communistic

5 August 2008

the board should be just for decoration. The members should be the ones in control by popular vote

5 August 2008

Giving power of authority to a member, can be dangerous. However, a person empowered can bring strength and structure to anything. Giving ranks to members might be a little too much. But having representatives for the Jedi Church could be beneficiary.

14 August 2008

Padawans aren't suppose to tell their betters what to do.

15 August 2008

Speaking from experience, hierarchy can be very useful in setting up a community, however, it does need to evolve with its membership, not only the contrary.

25 August 2008

A hierarchy in the Jedi faith is needed more so for to teach discipline and show respect to those more wise. The purpose of the high position should be that of a service position to guide and help others come to the correct answers to there questions.And a conceal is needed of course to

26 August 2008

We Should Have a Jedi Council to gouvern us Jedi

29 August 2008

its always best to have people in charge.. incase something goes wrong.. and the ones who have been around the longest will help the padawans with any questions they need answered.

31 August 2008

We need a council. But i don't think we need a leader.

8 September 2008

The Jedi Council needs to be reformed, consisting of the wisest Jedi avalaible, this way when decisions need to be made, all possible options can be considered and the best possible choice is made

10 September 2008

I belive the jedi should have an order of rank that takes hard work to reach the top, but i also belive their should be many paths to reach it, so everyone has an equal chance.

18 September 2008

Whithout a hierarchy the scociety willl crumble and become corrupt just like the communists

21 September 2008

We need a Council not a leader

6 October 2008

we should have a jedi council, to cuncil us all

12 October 2008

As there are padawans, knights and masters, so there must be order.

15 October 2008

the jedi should have an order of rank that takes hard work to reach the top, but i also belive their should be many paths to reach it, so everyone has an equal chance.

20 October 2008

Those still learning the basics of The Force should be initiates or Padawans. those who have mastered the basics, but who are not yet ready to teach them, should be Knights. Those who teach should be masters. Being a Master should be a requirement for being on the council, however being on the council should not be a requirement for being a master.

30 October 2008

A ranking system is more important then you'd think at first glance. I've found that not only is it conducive to learning but it also gives short and long term goals to the student. While we should never stop learning it still gives us a milestone to mark where we've been. I also found that the most resistant people to a ranking system are the ones whom are less likely to try and honestly better themselves in the first place. They tend to hide their disdain for soul searching and change behind a desire to have everyone be "Equal". It's really not about equality as we all are already equal, but should I be able to get a masters in religious studies because I'm just as good as any professor? No. I should if I want it, just like the professor before me, go to school and EARN it. That's really what it's all about.

4 November 2008

No we aquire rank it gives us meaning

8 November 2008

as long as all members are treated with respect. then having a ranking system is a good idea. we should all try and better ourselves

18 November 2008

We need to have a dictator to enforce order!

25 November 2008

This is a large organization, from planetary, national,regional and local ministries we need structure. however this doesnt mean we cant have a way to address grievences.

8 December 2008

There is a hierarchy It's purpose is to find the best way to teach the way of the force on every level in every consciousness its purpose is to flow the way of the force through them through all

9 December 2008

there should be ranks on how far your journey through the force has led you but everyone is equal.

13 December 2008

A Jedi Council is needed

25 December 2008

Without order there is chaos. Advancing in ranks also gives Jedi motivation.

13 January 2009

No. There shuld be hierachy otherwise there would be no respect towards senior members as there would be none and eventually the order would fall apart.

23 February 2009


5 March 2009

I think a constantly rotating hierarchy is healthy. Without rank there is no order

31 March 2009

There needs to be order to maintain flow. Without a system in place, people would lose their way as they simply span out into the chaos of the cosmos.

2 April 2009

The Jedi have always had an order - padowans , knights , masters and the jedi council. This should not be in question if we are truly Jedi

18 April 2009

Those still learning the basics of The Force should be initiates or Padawans. those who have mastered the basics, but who are not yet ready to teach them, should be Knights. Those who demonstrate harmony and proficiency with The Force should be Masters. Being a Master should be a requirement for being on the council, however being on the council should not be a requirement for being a Master. The council should determine the category of each individual member, while bearing in mind that a Padawan may have a greater particular skill than any of the Masters.

18 April 2009

All members should have the same rights with regards to their rank and position. Rank and position are a necessity to order and these should be handed to those more in tune with The Force. Jedi's are not communist!

19 April 2009

As it would be impossible to consult every Jedi on every matter a council should be appointed. One which knowing the general consensus of opinion would make the appropriate choices for the Jedi Order.

20 April 2009

A council should be appointed and any matters with a questionable doubt should be discussed on the council and settled by popular vote.

25 April 2009

I think a Jedi council would be a must to maintain Order, and ruling over Jedi events and rules, and the establishment of registered Jedi churches.

25 May 2009

initiate,padawan,knight,master,grand master

4 June 2009

Human nature always requires direction. Those who have only just begun to walk upon a path they do not yet understand are not yet fully capable of making decisions say, for those who have walked that same path for many years. Allow the council to be voted for by the general body, give them terms of service. If we are to have leaders, they should be chosen by US.

9 July 2009

This idea is very similar to that of communism... And looking back on even just the last century, communism doesn't tend to end with a positive outcome.

31 July 2009

The Force needs order to maintain balance. In the absence of direction there is chaos, as such there should be a counsil guides the Jedi towards greater understanding of the Force and represents the Jedi to the greater universe. All Jedi are equal in the Force, but not all Jedi are equal in life, purpose or destiny.

19 September 2009

While is is good to trust others, a system must exist for there to be any thing. All members should have the right to proceed to the next rung, just as there should be no top rung until death when one becomes one with the force. But to prevent the perversion of the so called 'Dark side' the should be different branches with different duties, powers, and beliefs all still unified together with the same basic belief system, not only accepted but endorsed.

28 September 2009

there should be a group of leaders

1 October 2009

A high council should certainly be put in place because without it too many arguements would start to come up. Listening to others in the group with an unpredudice ear is essential however.

25 October 2009

So long as all gain equal rights, ranks are a way to show experience. Note that rank is nothing more. Initiate, then Three Ranks: Padawan Knight Master Each are gained through time and experience.

28 October 2009

for order to be maintained, there must be some form of leadership to help guide other jedi

8 November 2009

Black people have no rights.

11 November 2009

I disagree based on the assessment that a Jedi must ascend through the ranks. They start off as a Padawan and move up to a Jedi Knight and finally they are granted the rank of master. Beyong this basic hierarchy there should be nothing else

19 November 2009

A padawan learner would't now how or why to act the same as a master would,yet through guidance from a hierchy could learn to attain the knowlege needed to become a master themselves.

24 November 2009

while the general poplation should have the ability to choose the fate of themselves there should always be a hierarchy of excellence among the group to guide those less "favorable".but do not give any men to much power. because too much power will blind even the most virtuos

26 December 2009

i would like to be treated with respect but we need people to lead us and people who are practiced to make discisions for us

21 January 2010

Rise and shine

4 February 2010

i belive that we should maintain a kind of hierarchy, to reward people with the most experience with higher level positions

22 February 2010

Members of the Jedi Council shall have executive powers over those such as Padawans and Padawans shall have hierarchy than that of Females.

5 March 2010

The force must be divided in an effort to help people reach higher enlightenment. If all were equal than all members of the church would be attunded to the force at the same level. Including newcomers like myself

9 March 2010

There is great need for hierarchial structure in the Jedi Counsil. Padawans such as myself may indeed have a valuable opinion, but must only give this opinion when appropriate. We must all follow our masters and our teachers until we ourselves become masters.

17 March 2010

Although all members should have the same rights and privileges,there should be a council made up of representatives, to guide and oversee the general operations of the Jedi order.

17 March 2010

This is a matter of spirituality. If someone understands more than I do, I want them pointed out so I can ask questions. If I understand more than someone else, I want them to know to ask me questions.

19 March 2010

padowans , knights , masters and the jedi council, headed by the grand master. Some are not yet fully trained in the way of the force, and as such are to be taken less seriously

22 March 2010

I disagree based on the assessment that a Jedi must ascend through the ranks. They start off as a Padawan and move up to a Jedi Knight and finally they are granted the rank of master. Beyong this basic hierarchy there should be nothing else

28 March 2010

The Jedi have always had an order - padowans , knights , masters and the jedi council. This should not be in question if we are truly Jedi. The force naturally selects its highest and most developed members.

30 March 2010

we need a high council and a grand master when padawans become adults the should be knights

2 April 2010

Debemos mantener almenos una jerarqu?a por tiempo, en donde los m?s antiguos puedan ense?ar las doctrinas y las ense?anzas a los m?s nuevos, a sus alumnos, sus padawan. Creo que debemos mantener la jerarq??a propuesta en Star Wars... iniciado Jedi, Padawan, Caballero Jedi y Maestro Jedi.

5 April 2010

Hierarchies are very important in any successful organization. Experienced members can take on more responsibity and can guide new members. The mentor-protege relationship is VERY important in business, in life, and in most aspects of social life. To me, the JEDI seems like a group who can use ranks without abusing them and while still respecting others.

8 April 2010

Structure and hierarchy are need in every walk of life, with out structure you have chaos. To preserve the delicate balance of the force we need those that understand it best to help guide others

30 April 2010

Provided hierarchies are democratically elected, there is the need for them in order to ensure dynamic and effivient running.

1 May 2010

Wisdom is not universal. A Jedi Council should be formed; below are Masters, below them Knights, below them Padawans, below them Sensitives. By nature of the force, they the wisest will be most connected to the force, thus higher in its responsibilities and training.

5 May 2010

Only the strong should lead and those who are weak should not interfere with the goings on of the church. The weak only slow down progress.

6 May 2010

There needs to be some sort of hierarchy. It will serve as a purpose of teaching. A member of higher rank (Master) would teach one of lower rank (Padawan). No one gets treated better, but the ranking system be used to help educate. (I hope I worded this correctly)

21 May 2010

I believe that we should all be equal in status and rank, except for the council which should be the most knowledgeable and experienced of the order, so they can guide the rest of us and keep us on the right path

26 May 2010

We need a heirarchy so that the ways of the jedi can be passed down from the wisest and most experienced, on to the youth of the next generation, so as to to maintain order and bring about prosperity for all Jedi.

28 May 2010

Jedi council so that there are multiple choices

10 June 2010

Leadership is always needed. All should have equal rights (example right to vote), but not all questions should be put to vote. Maybe there is no time. That is when leaderhip is needed. A council of equals appointed in a democratic way by those that have the right to vote should exist. This council can't be untouchable. There must be a way for the members of the church with the right to vote to vote someone out of the council. The council leads the church, and should, in some way, teach the followers. They should be wise, that much is true. They make decisions that involve the church and its followers. But when there is a question of great importance all should be asked, maybe in a form of a referendum.

26 June 2010

The jedi system has a hierarchy which ensures that inexperienced jedi are mentored and aided through their quest through the force.

8 July 2010

Obi Wan said allegience is to democracy not communism

8 July 2010

As with any order - there must be order. The weak need guidance and the strong must feel responsibility.

20 August 2010

A simple but effective hierarchy is needed to balance the Chaos other than that we are all equal

20 August 2010

we r not the republic nor should politics b brought in but much like a tribe there should b some sort of council not for the purpose of control but because there should b a group to guide us all this is somthing we can vote on nominate canidates for a council

12 September 2010

i believe there should b a council made up of a member from each country

19 September 2010

if we do then obviously there will be a plit with one side greatly disagreeing with the other but, I still think that there should be a high order senate and a low order senate a bit like britains house of lords and house of commans

22 September 2010

there must be a hierarchy to establisg order, master, knight, padawan. as a jedi progresses through training he becomes wiser to the force and is able to teach. all are treated equally but we all know that with great age comes great wisdom. and we could not expect a padawan to find his way without guidance. if for only the sake of preserving the knowledge and codes.....we need structure

27 September 2010

The existence of a Jedi Council is imperative to the survival of the religion. It is important to form a foundation. The Jedi Council is made up of the wisest and greatest Jedi and can be trusted with our lives. The beauty of the system we have is that we all start from the same point, being padawans, and we all have the same chance to become Jedi Masters and even sit on the Jedi Council.

13 October 2010

The need for structure indicates a lack of peace. Hierarchy can lead to the desire for power beyond self improvement. In this there is great risk, but fearing risk is a path to darkness. Fear should be acknowledged and encountered, not avoided.

14 October 2010

No because i have 2 kids in training of the jedi ways im 10 and that wouldnt be right to have them boss me around they have to learn then they could. but this will also lead to the dark side it was a hard dision so i made it

4 November 2010

A hirarchy is important in all religious grouops. Its a structure that members can climb. It encourages members to be more implicated in the religion.

26 November 2010

You are what you do, become you must.

1 December 2010

we need a hierarchy, one with a council, but not a fashist power hungry one, but one that listens to the knights, padawans and initiates and holds thier opinion with as much as they hold the opinion of a master

5 December 2010

The Jedi needs to have a hierarchy to recognise the achievements of it's members. Although we all hold the force within us, it is stronger in some than others. Some Jedi are born leaders, some are followers. A true Jedi warrior may be able to combat the dark side better than most, but without leadership, they will not be effective.

8 December 2010

Just like in a true Martial Art (not as in government), you treat all equally as a human and only treat differently according to the knowledge gained and effort put forth. The higher you go the more you become integral part in the training of the lower echelon. The same should be said for Jedi!

7 January 2011

Although we recognize eachother as equals, and power means nothing amongst our ranks. We need to have a council and rankings.

20 January 2011

This is a tricky vote. I disagree because the question itself is false. There is no need to debate that all life should be respected and that we should all be treated equally however it is an honor to demonstrate to your peers how you have progressed in your knowledge of the force and earn the honorific titles of Padawan, Knight, and Master. I leave out Grand Master because along with the rest of the council the head of the order must be anointed by popular vote amongst all Jedi who have earned rank.

9 February 2011

a leader is needed but he/she must represent the religion, not there own wants

18 February 2011

Without a leader(s) to head the Jedi order there will be no control of power,no discipline,only chaos and pointless strife.

28 February 2011

A heirachy is needed but not based on power, more on wisdom and knowledge so those who are new to the teachings of the Jedi know who to turn to to further better themselves and their connection to the force.

15 March 2011

Were all jedi treated the same in the movie? I think not!

22 March 2011

I believe that all followers of The Force are equal yet i also believe that we do need set leaders (A Council if you will) who can maintain the Order yet will work in a democratic manner, Eg: For "important" changes there must be a community vote as to not put in place a "System" that will constrict people to things they do not agree with. May The Force be with you, Obi Sims.

16 June 2011

I asume it's necesary a Jedi Council for maintaining the good running of the Church and its structure all over the World. it would entail a certain hierarchie: padawans, kinghts, masters, members of council. But, I think, this hierarchy doesn't involves any privilege but a service to the comunity according each grade.

1 February 2012

All members should be treated equally, but there are many benefits to having a structure for instruction and progression.

10 February 2012

We need a group of appointed officials who, in turn, have shown that they are looking out for the greater good of the jedi and have shown that they are strong in the ways.

4 March 2012

Help us stay organized, having a small hierarchy could. Council I remember the jed have which leads all administrative orders, then masters, there are, knights, and padawans. Help people learn quick a master could teach the ways to 30 padawans, having a small hierarchy will, teach 10, knight can. Give members more work to help the church, also each rank would.

7 July 2012

I dont see any other Jedi masters here... I should lead the jedi's

23 July 2012

the followers of the force should have an individual to idolize, a genuine master to uphold and promote our way of life. One who will present us positively earn us the trust run our nation. Someone like Master Bater^

23 July 2012

As a youngster I seek guidance, for the force I feel is strong and discipline I must learn.

16 November 2012

A lack of good and strong leadership always precedes failure.

5 January 2013

I should began my training and not become a master at first. Doing so we can ensure that there is no frauds among us

11 January 2013

Hierarchy is needed for Organizational structure.

3 June 2013

Every one has a field of study they excel at. In order t maintain Discipline in and of the Force the must be a Council. As well as heads of Fields of Study. Temples should also be places of learning as such places must be occupied by the Council. Section.

2 October 2013

There needs to be some higher than others. So we learn, not all go straight into having all the same responsibility.

16 October 2013

We need a Jedi Council, not as supreme leader, but something like spiritual adviser (if you know what i mean)

26 November 2013

There should be people in charge but they shouldn't be to powerful over everyone else

17 January 2014

Council is necessary

28 April 2014

As in life, Jedi Padiwans are born innocent with empty cups. Our Jedi Master teachers guide and mold us to take our place in the world. Once we master the skills needed for a life of service our teachers release us Jedi Knights into the world. After we are tempered by years of experience and service, we are ready to become Jedi Masters to guide our younglings in the way of the force. Those who are exceptionally wise, skilled, and experienced should serve on the Jedi Counsel to guide the order and mentor our Knights in their service. This is the natural order of life. No position is to lorded over those below them, but to raise others up. So it has always been, and so it should be.

21 September 2014

There is no hierarchy in the unifying Force. However, in the shells of our crude matter order should be brought to chaos. The Order needs its Masters.

6 December 2014

Jedi Council

7 December 2014

There must be a council for leadership

24 January 2015

Although all members should have the same rights and privilages,there should be a council made up of representatives, to guide and oversee the general operations of the jedi order.

26 October 2015

all of us need guidance and those of us who have time in the force should be willing to expand the knowledge base of the rest. bringing us all along the path

13 December 2015

We need a heirarchy, not one that will make anyone less "important" members, but one that will make sure that the correct traditions and learnings are passed down to younger members, and can help everyone learn the ways of the Force.

25 January 2016

I believe the creation of a council of masters, then knights, apprentice/ padawan/ younglings. this will help keep order and to have the higher ups teach the new comers on how to be a good jedi

14 February 2016

they could be part of isis or another terrorist organisation we do not know what they could be doing

24 April 2016

The 'actual' Jedi order had Knights, Padawans, Younglings, Masters, and a Grand Master. What's the Jedi Order without the council? This religion should be the same I feel

7 November 2017

We need a hierarchy with long-serving knowledgeable Jedi guiding other members. Hierachy is crucial to order

1 December 2017

Though all life is balanced with the force there are those who hold that balance e internally to allow other to extend the balance outwardly. There should be ranks.

6 March 2018

We as a collective people must have a international and representational force so we can gain the respect the order deserves.

2 June 2018

We need a council to keep things in check so we don't have someone trying become a dictator and badly representing us on our behalf

11 June 2018

You need different ranks

1 December 2019

It is simply a religion not a business

8 February 2020

All should be treated fairly and with respect but without leadership there is chaos, disorder.... Leads to fear, leads to the dark side

10 March 2020

There should be a council formed of representatives

26 January 2024


Reasons To Agree

No one should have more power then anyone else, unless of course the need arises to have someone take charge of a situation.

19 July 2008

yes we are all bother and sister Jedi

6 August 2008

order is needed to maintain balance

10 August 2008

We all should be the same, no one has any more power just wisdom

13 August 2008

When we raise ourselfs above others.We have already made a judgement against them. Also an opinion of who they are and thier place in life.

14 August 2008

I have to agree with the above statement. I as well have studied martial arts, and this is true. You need wise old(not neccessarily old though!) masters in charge. To pass on the traditions properly. Watch what happens in the movies, when Anakin has a teacher that isn't that experienced, albeit good intentions. He fall s to the darkside. We need the wisest Jedi to temper the youth and show the right way. Jedi Initiates>Jedi Apprentice, then Jedi Padawan; under direct mentorship with a Knight or Master, Jedi Knight and then Jedi Master. Council Members should be selected from Jedi Masters, as it would be assumed they earned that title they would be worthy of the appointment! Weather we need a Grandmaster is up for more debate. He/she could be an honorary title with little or no more power than any Councilor!

13 September 2008

Yes we should treat each other equally as we can forge better relationships with our Jedi brethren

14 September 2008

Having Jedi masters, councils and so on is good. It means people can work their way up but it is no contest. Scociety needs levels but equal levels.

29 September 2008

There must be a Jedi Council.

6 October 2008

yes all jedi are equal but we need senior members to uphold the belife an the ideas

19 October 2008

people don't have time to take care of politics and rules. Regardless of religion or beliefs.You do need "leaders". how they get "picked" is the true issue.

25 October 2008

We are all of the force, we are all of the flesh, therefore, we are all the same

27 October 2008

All inside the church should respect each other, while remaining different, in several ways.

31 October 2008

I think everyone should be treated equally. I also think there should be a hierarchy. But without pomp and fluff.

18 November 2008

while there are ranks (youngling, padawan, knight, master council master) these are more a way to simplify the processes of daily operation and aid newer members in determining who to go to for council.

1 December 2008

Strongly agree

6 December 2008

There should be those that are able to give advice and talk of the ways in positions suitable to help, otherwise with most 'general' descisions a - 'Virtual Socialist Democracy'

17 December 2008

In Jedi all things are equal. The need for an administrative board is, and must remain, purely for those matters, and not for any form of control and power. Else the Church become controlled by the dark side.

3 January 2009

I agree that the board would help with administrative matters, i.e. the jedi council made of the wisest jedi masters. a hierarchial system would be helpful in the progress of a jedi to show improvement with the force as it were

10 January 2009

The rank should be tied to the Jedi personal ability to control the Force and since no-one has demostrated any ability in it, all should remain in the lower rank.

28 January 2009

No one has truly physically demonstrated more control over the force than the next person. The day someone does then I will vote to have a hierarchy.

22 February 2009

there were 12 members of the original council of Jedis so it would be ok.

28 February 2009

Democracy is the best way of ruling. It is not perfect, but it seems the best.

20 March 2009

Power causes corruption and greed. These are traits of the dark side.

25 March 2009

Yes, all should be treated equally except the position holders who infact has to earn by their contribution to the JEDI council,its members & policy/goal.

18 April 2009

We are all equal within the force, however we should have a group of leaders who can lead us to our future.

20 May 2009

I agree with having a coucil appointed, no grandmaster though, that would lead to corruption. The coucils initial appointment should be done by the peers. From then on they should decide among the coucil who should be let on the council and who should not. The jedi need not be cotrolled by this, Anakin was granted a spot on the jedi council when not a master. Anakin battled many feelings while he was powerful he was not wise. Our journey to become one with the force is a lifelong one. Dont assume we need things instantly, we shall prevail with our religion.

29 May 2009

Only the people who can display such great understanding of the force should be appointed as representatives, voted for by the religions followers

15 June 2009


23 July 2009

We should have a board with a member that only votes on decisions needing a tie breaker.

23 August 2009

There needs to be a council

24 August 2009

Everyone should be treated equally. We are not saying that a 7-year-old padawan is going to tell a senior council member what to do, we are saying that everyone should be treated equally

27 August 2009

We need a Council not a leader

4 October 2009

Jedi are brother (and sisters) who would command their own blood? Organisation is important.

7 October 2009

In a Blue Lodge, all members are equal, regardless of where they come from. A King stands beside the poor man as equals. This has worked for hundreds of years. Business needs should be conducted by as few as possible to avoid mistakes and keep operating costs low.

16 October 2009

only if the leaders don't become tyranic

19 November 2009

I am equal to any one on this plane of existence only the force is greater. To even give in to the idea of a greater person is to submit your free will to another. If you beleive that another imperfect being is greater than you, then you will also think that you are greater than someone else and hence the cycle of disagreement commences. Let us understand that internal comflict is represented in our world today because of heirarchy that exist in our minds.

21 November 2009

It is the rights of the council

8 December 2009

All forms of discrimination and/or aristocracy is undesirable.

16 December 2009

leaders should be appointed for someone to lead us, hence the name, but they should be appointed via popular demand, likea vote

30 December 2009

Are we not voting here, now?

1 January 2010

Information is not Knowledge Knowledge is not Wisdom Wisdom is not Beauty Beauty is not Love

1 January 2010

leaders,need to be appointed by vote,to govern.

25 January 2010

We should treat all equally, and we do need guidance from the wisest of us all. One will need to be taught in order to teach

26 January 2010

Even the Grand Master should only be the first among equals

27 January 2010

The idea of everybody being equal sounds reasonable. We all share the same beliefs, and are all here for the same purpose. Although appointing one or two people to monitor things and keep things under control would be reasonable idea, I believe that some people would choose to seek this power themselves (As people often do, to gain dominance) and that could lead to some very bad results. Rather than somebody that enforces, we need somebody that can be a medium and take a neutral approach on things. This would help solve any conflicts.

27 January 2010

yes all jedi shall be treated equaly

29 January 2010

Hierarchy is neccessary to ensure peons stay in their place.

26 February 2010

BALANCE MUST BE KEPT,this is a necessity.

28 February 2010

Though we should all be treated as equals, we must understand that we are not all equal. We are not all in true balance in Harmony with the Force. I believe that the wisdom of those who we can agree are in balance, as the Force is in balance, would benefit us greatly. It is not a "power" over, as the true Master understands there is no balance in that. A better description would be a mutual concensus that one is more in tune than another at one particular instance. Otherwise, they wouldn't be considered "Master".

19 March 2010

All of us are equal and we know that we are the brothers (sisters) of Jedi but i think some degree of stabilisation is needed but not to be used as power only as guidance and advise when wanted- we must remember by putting hierarchy and titles to people may only cause conflict and lead to the dark side- brothers/ sisters forever are one as we know but somebody to guide /advise would not cause conflict it hasn't a title that screams power only someone who is looking out for us.xx

20 March 2010

The Jedi have always treated everyone as equals. We will not stop that now. We need a voice, just like any other. We will vote for a Council to represent the rest of the Jedi but they should call for a vote on any bills or laws that they are considering to pass. If not, the power can corrupt our good Jedi and turn them into a Sith. Just look at Anakin Skywalker.

1 April 2010

Jedi need structure, Wisdom and compassion should be sought, Seers are also nessesary.

5 April 2010

Organization is needed and for that especific roles ,but only as guides or conseilor which opinion should be as imp?rtant as other membership in the church, and not take decisions on his own,put points of view togheter produces better ideas and less mistakes

13 April 2010

everyone should be emmdiatly given ranks and people witthing the ranks are equal but will resect the higher ranks

14 April 2010

It should work like the jedi order did, before the Great Jedi Purge. Heirachy is needed to keep order, but it should be the jedi who maintain the real power, not its leaders.

2 May 2010

It would be very cool -not like many churches I know

5 May 2010

needs to be a jedi council

10 May 2010

Yes but admin should have no perks what so ever that a normal jedi should have....

11 May 2010

ey is no-ones bitch !!!

20 July 2010

We need but a board only. All should be treated equal- no restricting access to certain places to only a select few.

7 September 2010

Leadership means that one has more power than the other. Power leads to jealousy and greed. Jealousy and Greed lead to anger, which leads to the dark side.

12 October 2010

except they should apreciate the counic more

19 October 2010

Yes, we should treat all members equally. Though we should also treat all members as individuals; that we share a faith does not mean we share hopes and dreams and insecurities. Which should be kept in mind. Still. Deciding our treatment of others by their faith or their devotion or their charisma, in any of those directions lie the dark side.

4 November 2010


23 November 2010

Please do not assume that a non hierarchal system lacks structure. A consensus based council will have its own structural process, it just creates a balance of power so that no single person, or oligarchy will gain control, thus leading to the dark side.

29 November 2010

We need equality and leadership.

13 January 2011

we need a council to keep order but they need to be wise and know what they are doing and dont have anything wich will turn them to the DARK SIDE! my friend jedi_master_jam turned to the darkside becouse there wasent order we dont want more and more people turning becouse there isnt order around this place. jamsterman12

24 February 2011

The dark side would call for the mistreatmennt of any member regardless of race, creed, color, or even sex. The feelings of jealousy and envy can arise where there is supression of a people. This is why there is disorder in the world today.

5 March 2011

I strongly agree. Everyone deserves to be treated the same, but with the exception of those who can take on the responsibilities of being in higher power without using it for darkness and corruption.

21 June 2011

The print reads "excepting the need to appoint a board for administrative matters". With the exception of the few that appoint those decisions, we are all one. No one person contributes more or less to the force. Any room for inequality will be abused by those who belong to the dark side.

18 December 2011

usually its the people that dont have as much power that have good ideas and they see things differently than the people with power, so treat everyone equal and listen to them all the same

28 December 2011

yes everyone is equal in the force

25 January 2012

we need a "council" so to speak to help guide people through hardship

8 February 2012

every member should have any right to be themselves or expand their knowledge

19 February 2012

All members should have the same basic rights, but only members who have been Jedi for a long time should be able to, for example, vote on a new movement.

21 February 2012

there should be more then one to make choices councel

2 April 2012

Some of us might be stronger in the force than others but every one should be treatet equally.

2 April 2012

This makes sense, giving one power over another leads to corruption.

17 April 2012

We are all one so should be treat as One

6 May 2012

We obviously need a teacher of the ways to guide us, but other than that, we are all equals!

6 September 2012

A question for a future date this is

24 October 2012

Board members are needed to address issues but not to dictate to the other members, there should be no hierarchy as The Force is in all of us.

8 November 2012

we are all equel being but there should be a council

28 January 2013

There still needs to be a high force to control all others and stop rebellion.

1 November 2013

With God providing the Commandments that structure the faith as Yoda was told.

13 November 2013

yes but the board should not have more power than the congregation

18 November 2013

I agree that a structure needs to be present but perhaps not a major thing. For instance are we to base everything off a few movies or base it off a moral code from the movie and weed in things like Buddhism and things that fit. Study everything to gain the wisdom.

16 March 2014

I'm in between on this, on one hand this was something that was wrong with the Catholic Church for me. So maybe something not so rigid just teachers in each community.

21 March 2014

make removal easy

21 April 2014

a council is needed, a council of jedi masters that knows much about the force and can then teach the rest about it.

5 May 2014

one of the previous questions was "should The Jedi Church seek to become a charitable trust" if it did who would decide on what and where to spend resources if not a board or "council"? this is not to say that any one person should be treated with disrespect or unequaly

21 November 2014

A Jedi's value derives from his contribution to his community in service, in ideas and as a role model. If he is to lead, he will lead by example, if he is to follow, he will follow out of his own accord and in true freedom. His authority can solely derive from consensus and cannot be imposed upon others. His authority is only moral. The discipline cannot be forced upon any man, it must be picked up by personal choice.

23 February 2015

We all all the same one for all and all for 1

24 February 2015

Just physically locating a "true" fellow jedi is difficult enough, if one does another, let them be in a council of two. Congregation is more unifying than communication alone.

11 March 2015


21 June 2015

Not making people equal would let anger slip in to our ranks

27 June 2015

Although all members should have the same rights and privilages,there should be a council made up of representatives, to guide and oversee the general operations of the jedi order. This national council should then be superceded by an international council made up of Masters selected in a representative electoral system. Masters should be eligible no matter age, race, colour and creed. These masters should have merely group decision making powers. Nothing more! of course only if the need arises to have someone take charge of a situation. although there should be a counsel of 12 that have governing rights of the order at all times that must be elected by the order

22 December 2015

Yes. Equality is the way of the force. I agree that there must be a governing council but they should serve the Jedi community. As long as judicial concerns are dealt with fairly I believe this is the best way.

1 January 2016

Although the newest must respect the elders & wisest.

29 March 2016

I will not ever agree to a "some are more equal than others" type of equality. No Jedi Master tells another what to do or what not to do. Each is their own Master, governed by their own conscience.

2 August 2016


9 August 2016

A tree cannot live with out the roots, the leaves, the trunk, and the branches. There must be designated leadership for the community to thrive. Leaders will make themselves known as we all talk, it is only a matter of listening to the Force so that we know who those leaders should be. As for structure, A primary council of 12 with one of the members being the leader, that is voted on buy all Jedi, however that Jedi can be removed by the council at any time if that person is found to be corrupted by the darkside. Underneath of that would exist the same organizational structure in every country. every council would be responcible for thier country answering to there Jedi Community and the International Council of 12. Sir Liam

31 August 2016

Duties must be done. Other than that? Opinions and perceptions would cloud something so Natural.

17 September 2016

No Jedi should have more power then there master, and no master should have more power then they require, power can lead to the dark side and having to much power can corrupt, we must balance this power if we wish to thrive.

8 October 2016

Jedi Council is above all others, except the force

27 October 2016

I feel a round table where everyone's voice can be herd is necessary.votes can be taken. all good. But to implement votes and make decisions. a council.To me the force is not 1 mind or person but a body of life forces.all equal that being said. ranks are a good way to demonstrate things like time ,commitment,acts of kindness,light motivations if you will

11 November 2017

Todos debemos tener los mismos derechos y obligaciones, pero debe existir una estructura interna que permita gestionar la organización.

11 May 2018

fuck all of u

30 April 2019

The only true leaders are those with the most knowledge and respect towards others and the religion.

14 June 2019

The more power is centralized, the more the ones who own it are sensitive to the fear of losing it. And we all know where the fear of loss and the lust of power bring to. Equal distribution is balance, but only as long as knowledge is given to everyone: without knowledge there is nothing to enlighten darkness.

11 September 2019

no one person is better than the next , everybody is created equal , for the order to remain true to the beliefs on which it was founded everybody must co-exsist

27 July 2020

I'm generally neutral but I kind of agree here.

6 December 2023

Those appointed would need to be voted in by the members of the church...with guidelines of limitations of powers and in most all matters having to be voted upon without a set group having absolute say so. No congress, no body of power, no senate. Only speakers of intellect in debating for or against various issues, and the body of the whole of the church to vote upon the issue. In this, the majority truly will rule themselves, and likewise, have only themselves to blame should anything go astray.

17 February 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral


18 July 2008

Just help others to become what they should be, the natrual order of things will become clear.

4 August 2008

It would need an over seeing body to keep the politics out, but specialist roles for those with specialist skills makes for a stronger organisation and without a council with power the church would have no voice.

10 September 2008

there should be a council of masters , those who have experience and a greater knowledge of the force to guide us and help us become one with the force.

8 October 2008

WWYD? (What Would Yoda Do?)

7 November 2008

if the admin keep the jedi concept it don't care but we must keep honour range for force ability

10 December 2008

We do need an overseeing body of sorts. A council. However the members of the council (pehaps 2 from each nation) must be appointed by the public. Also there should be no hierachy, only a recognition of those with specialist skils, such as those with a grerater experiance of the force, however they must be treated equally

14 February 2009

hmmm i dont know mibi

28 April 2009

I believe that a government is the wrong thing to do after all it goes wrong anyway its been proven through history so who cares all we need is five people in this "leadership" to run this :D

3 June 2009

Obstain? i don't know

3 June 2009

We need a hierarchy but still all should be treated the same, and the decisions should made in one place where any body can have their say like what we are doing now all we need is some one ask the questions

11 June 2009

i know there is the force, but the force chooses. The force here on planet earth is very little to locate true jedi's. I know people that i am trying to learn the 5 ways of the jedi's, peace, harmony,serenety,knowledge and i found out if you can control these jedi powers, then you will live forever. in this case i remain neutral to the church as it is, because i'm new, don't underestimate my jedi powers.

1 August 2009

All members should be treated equally, yes; however, I think a simple heirarchy consisting of 4 levels - Padawan, Jedi, Jedi Knight, and Jedi Master - would not only establish order to the Church (Temple, Monastery, WhatHaveyou) would creat order; Padawans would be students, Jedi would be advanced students, Jedi Knights would be the teachers, and Jedi Masters would teach more advanced subjects to Jedi Knights and also would be eligible for Council membership. However, this might just be my idea of a "perfect" Jedi Temple straight out of the movies, in which a Sith is recognizable and there's a central order, not our imperfect world where Jedi are struggling to be recognized as a religious body and meetings are held by randomly scattered groups. If Jedism grows to become a major world religion someday, there will no doubt be varying sects, just like every other religion out there, because mankind for the most part is stuck between the dark and light side. We are an underdeveloped culture compared to the unified society of the Star Wars galaxy.

2 September 2009

all beings are equal so every1 should have a say even the younglings, the idea of a jedi council is wrong. seems good in fantasy space opera's but here in the real world its just a bad idea. this should not be some kind of piramid scheem we r not a cult.

13 September 2009

There should be some sort of order for newer members to learn from. No being is omniscient, therefore we can all learn from each others actions. Passing knowledge is the greatest gift of all.

29 September 2009

Something is proposed (by anyone), all Jedi have the opportunity to vote yes or no. Easy.

13 October 2009


14 January 2010

To encourage the best and the light in all it would be easy to say that we should all be treated the same / equally. However, as we are prodominently dealing with human members and our nature and evelutionary stage being where it is, we must accept that a certain degree of leadership and decision-making is inherrant and for many welcoming. As an exponent of Martial Arts for the last 25years I have undergone a long and somewhat enlightening journey to gain the respect from my piers which I believe is important if we are to become better human beings.

20 January 2010

We do need leaders but noone should be treated differently just because of a rank. Good leaders should treat their followers with respect but still should be able to stand firm when duty calls.

21 January 2010

no one is better than i yet i am better than no one

16 May 2010

This is what the Jedi ranks are for. IF people want to be ranked, let them. I say that as long as you believe youre equal to everyone else, you are. Ex: Youngling, Apprentice, Knight, Master, Grand Master.

24 December 2010

This is not about hierarqui but about guidance - a priest is not better or higher to their fellows, but has more experience and can share knowledge to whom may interest

3 January 2011

The knowledge of the force is the only power you seek, for if it it used for personal gain will you fall in the shadow of the darkside.

16 January 2011

I feel keep things the way they are

16 January 2011

I dont believe that any person is qualified to be a leader or a member of the Council in these times on this planet, because we know The Force exists, but its long long way to USE The Force wisely as Mistr Yoda did. If some human (on the Earth, at these times) become more rankable in Jedi Order, trust him I will not!

4 March 2011

A proven education should be respected and those who prove to be talented with force should be respected in whatever field they exell , one should true and honest and follow the path of good

17 March 2011

There needs to be a hierarchy of teachers, for if there are no teachers, there are no learners.

31 March 2011

Although I do not mind either way, we still need a way for our religion to come together and make decisions. I like the idea of treating all members equally, for the force treats us all equally, but to learn of the force and guidance to the force, we need teachers.

23 April 2011

The hierarchy surrounds the council and teaching which should in turn include the administration

22 February 2012

Thats why we get to know one another and vote on what we all want.

26 July 2012

i feel the wisest amongst us should be appointed the right to have a guiding voice over the church but not hold absolute power.

5 August 2012

it was in the movies

27 September 2012

There should be a hierarchy, but not one that seeks power or control

28 November 2012

I believe that for the time being all members should be on the same shoring but eventually their will need to be some sort of leadership. Although,it should be treated in the Jedi way in a council rather than undisputed control.

3 July 2013

I believe there should be a hierarchy based on support. I fear that, without a hierarchy, the newest of our numbers will be without guidance- without 'masters', there is no obvious member to turn to.

2 December 2013

Ask Yoda.

1 January 2014

There should be a structure kept within the order. If we allow padawans and apprentices to be equal, the would then be no order and we would be destroyed by inexperienced Jedi looking to better the world without thought of the next move.

3 January 2014

We need a leader for administration and to keep order so the religion does not collapse!

8 January 2014

Wisdom and knowledge have to steer the "church", rare are people who have enough of these to be master jedi. But we are all equal.

23 April 2014

Learned ones need to be shown the right path to enlightenment this can only be be done with the respect for a wisor and higher level of teachings.

4 June 2014

Men should be more powerful than women. There is not a need for government because the Force is guiding us.

13 February 2015

I have no true opinion on this matter

13 May 2015

Wisdom will be sought after here and should be shared by all here We are all jedi here A council should be in place to make decions on larger matters, but should be elected and hold new elections for said council after a certian period of time. However all should help Guide others to achieve a greater understanding and knowledge of the force.

15 January 2016

Everyone should have a basic respectable attitude towards each other, but a basic hierarchy is a significant part of the jedi culture.

8 May 2016

Non ci dovrebbe essere anarchia

15 January 2019

Everyone should be treated equally but respect should be givin with those with higher ranks

1 June 2024

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