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If the Jedi Church is ever wound up, the church funds should be distributed to another charity providing poverty relief.?


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If the Jedi Church is ever wound up, the church funds should be distributed to another charity providing poverty relief.

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Reasons To Disagree


18 July 2008

If we turn powerfull we can use these power to be bigger and have a section of our organization that seeks to help other people.

8 September 2008

it is better to educate than to "bail out"

14 September 2008

if the church is wound up, the leaders should seek a solution that is most proper for that present, we can not decide what to do when we dont yet know what is going to happen

18 September 2008

NO Would any other church or sometihng do it for us

6 October 2008

Jedi affairs must be carried out by Jedi alone. True Jedi are mindful and present having no individual ego or hidden agendas. Rise of Jedi numbers and status will occur but all matters pertaining to Jedi must be handeled by Jedi.

6 October 2008

I don't think giving out money to a charity is necessarly the best course of action. I would suggest to use that money, to get us to physically go and help (wells in africa for example, but any other good act would work of course - or even several smaller acts) - Money itself has no value - it is only put by governement to keep people "working" - creating a need for something virtual that has no value -

25 October 2008

If we get bigger we can expand and help more people

8 November 2008

If there are funds then it should be used to promote peace through the teachings of the Jedi order. However no funds are preferable because it ensures the purity of the purpose of the Order.

18 November 2008

we only should give them the means to start a better life.

13 December 2008

Should set up an ongoing (interest-self-renewing) fund immediately for the purpose of educating in the ways of Light. This fund should be independent of the Jedi Order, and all Order funds shall be designated to flow into this fund upon the unlikely dissolution of the Order.

9 January 2009

If it does so then who syncronized with our ideas should be given.

18 April 2009

The current organisation "Jedi Church" might be "wound up" at some point. But The Force is eternal. Upon the demise of Jedi Church, the assets must be placed in an interest bearing account. Those assets should become available again if a legitimate Jedi group is formed in the future. Legitimacy would have to be based on the group attracting some reasonable number of members, for instance 100,000 members? Or other possible requirements set forth by the council.

18 April 2009

Who does believe in taking a bunch of money and spreading money we arn't communist or are we? I think we should just give the person a little check and let them learn life as said before teach a man how to fish for a day and he can fish for life that is what i will go with! :D

3 June 2009

Do not give the money to charities, for that money will never be used for what it is meant for, and instead will go to line the pockets of the greedy. If Jedi wish to help others with excess funds, then Jedi GO to where the help is needed and provide to the needy which also gives an excellent point of outreach by example.

9 July 2009

this is rediculas the church shouldnt even have funds. we help provide poverty relief by doing something about it not throwing money at the situation. what ever happend to getting things done by the sweat on ur back.

13 September 2009

The funds should be redistributed to the members in order to allow them the opportunity to assist others in their own fashion.

21 September 2009

no one would help us, so why should we help them

1 October 2009

The church should never be wound up, the belief must just be passed forward...

7 October 2009

Poor people can go die in a hole, give it all to me!

11 November 2009

The Jedi Order must focus on strengthening internally and let it's members strengthen the Order externally. If we do not have faith in ourselves then how will the Order establish it's self in the community if it's members don't have training centers the help Padawans to become Jedi Knights. Members must have a purpose other than feed the mouths of others who would better learn to benefit from Jedi Knights personl involvement in their own self education and discovery of the force other than hand outs. What happens when a wild animal receives hand outs? A mind in a survival mode will fall prey to their emotions and will be suceptable to a non Jedi Knight mentality. Jedi should supervise over all Jedi contributions of good wellfare to the world community.

21 November 2009

Human nature to be wound up but Meditation heals that wounds in the force

8 December 2009

Most of the funds should be used to help us, the jedi order, whatever we have left can be used for charity.

15 December 2009

Despite the eagerness to help the poor and needy,comparatively small amounts of money often make little difference in the grand scale of things. If the Jedi church were to fold and there were monies left after all administration, then this money should be distributed to the remaining Jedi organisations in furthering the teachings of the force.

20 January 2010

If the Jedi church were to fold and there were monies left after all administration, then this money should be distributed to the remaining Jedi organizations in furthering the teachings of the force

17 March 2010

If there is a cause that should get help from the Jedi, any money the church is going to spend on helping should be used to equip Jedi to go and help. Giving others money to help is saying that money is the same as the Force.

19 March 2010

The church should take care of our own, until we can help others, we need to help eachother become enlightened within the force.

5 April 2010

The Jedi, are not charity.

6 April 2010

Poverty relief is the band-aid solution. Other groups all already approaching problems from that angle. The JEDI must donate funds to solving problems at THE ROOT CAUSES.

8 April 2010

The money should be used directly to help fight poverty than we can be sure its goes to the right people

10 April 2010

the funds should be split between members of the jedi church

10 June 2010

Spend it on light sabers !!!

20 July 2010

Money is not the keypoint in helping people. Actions, Thoughts, Love/Force is the way. Money should be spent on our own projects to help EARTH in general. We should devour our selfs to the actions that help people, not just throwing money at them.

25 July 2010

It is better to help people ourselves and help in one place plenty than in many places without effect

20 August 2010

The church should never be wound up. If something like that happens then we use the appropriated funds to build up this mighty religion again, and repeat the process until all other religions are ground beneath the boot like the insects that worship them.

7 September 2010

WE should use our money to try and carry on in some way or another and then bolssem again as a mighty religion

22 September 2010

Jedi don't use money to help. Jedi use knowledge and wisdom above all else. If we can teach and educate to help people, then there is no need to involve such a medium as money. Money has the power to corrupt and cause greed. Teachings are pure and effective. Especially in the long run.

13 October 2010

There is little benefit in handing out when we can teach and aid long term.

8 December 2010

Only half-heartedly should this be true. The Jedi should transfer money not to just one charity but to a variaty of charities that have the values that the Jedi church so forth had taught its followers to abide by in order to progress in knowledge.

7 January 2011

Help those who help themselves, bestow upon your fellows the money instead.

28 February 2011

We should strive to become a force be rekoned with and stamp out poverty and corruption.

25 February 2012

Money is the root of all evil people help people in need money makes it easier

2 April 2012

Donate them to another Jedi Church

17 April 2012

We should not give our money up. Instead become a secret to the world Then when they need our help we will earn our right to be a religion

11 January 2013

The Jedi Church is not founded on a mission of poverty relief. The Jedi Church is founded on philosophical/metaphysical inquiry. The Jedi are also an interfaith religious military order, similar to knights. The money should go to nonprofit interfaith groups that promote tolerance and peace, under the legal principle of "cy pres." Please wiki the term.

23 April 2013

The money cannot go to the poor, the poor will use it for personal gain

10 March 2014

Charity funds should be used as close to source as possible by the local chapter. Giving charity funds to another organization may be an option, however some "charities" use most of the money they receive for "administrative" costs and only a small percentage actually goes to those in need.

21 September 2014

We should focus on growing the order and providing for our members

24 January 2015

Keep the money because no one would help us.

13 February 2015

We must make sure we are safe before others no matter how long it takes we will greater are cause

24 February 2015

There is Fighting, Death, and Unspeakable Darkness in this world. Any funds received should go to Jedi that bleed and die. Having the gifts/curses we have, i believe we must become more than just citizens. Freelance journalist, missionary preachers that become village soldiers. these jedi know nothing of your organization, help them.

11 March 2015

Do not donate. We could built, buy, repair, etc for those in need. We could build houses ourselves. Do not give the money to a charity.

14 April 2015

we need all the funds we can get to expand

24 April 2016

Why poverty relief?

2 August 2016

While a church might die, ideas lives on. To pass on the Jedi Fund is a betrayal to a shared idea. We shall prevail in keeping our notion alive.

9 September 2016

Ex service personnel that are on the streets

10 March 2020

A small amount of money could be given

26 January 2024


Reasons To Agree

I agree, unless the money was wasted on wages and administration of these so called "charities" rather than reaching the people who really need it.

14 July 2008

I agree, partially, the funds shouldn't just be distributed to people in poverty but to other charities as well.

19 July 2008

For those who really need it, not to those who will use it for personal gain.

4 August 2008

Donations of money to charities is good poverty, education and relief funds. are all good things. but the giving to other groups is mute, why not take the money and make our own fund so that way we would be sure that real help is being given

26 August 2008

it is the Jedi belief to help others, that is our purpose in life and IF the church winds up, should we not end on a good act? helping others. that is the Jedi way

10 September 2008

Not all funds but some. As Jedi they should fuind a way out of their own mess but as Jedi we should help.

29 September 2008

I believe that as Jedi our job is to do something to help with the greater good. Simply providing money to assist with poverty isn't enough, though, and I believe that if the money were to go to a specific cause, such as a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, I would be in complete agreement.

6 October 2008

it should be given to charity, which charity recieves the boon should be a matter for the council at that time.

30 October 2008

again lets be a force for good. helping others is a noble goal

18 November 2008

if the sith (or whomever) are able to disband us, our dissolution should provide aid and at least mitigate the loss of an official jedi presence.

1 December 2008

Others should always benefit from the Jedi - we are bound to end suffering & oppression in our world

25 December 2008

all money donated to the church should go to more successful Charity groups. who we know will support the needy

3 January 2009

Helping people is the key to Jedi.

3 January 2009

Build your own charity instead trust in someone else.

28 January 2009

Yes, as long a s the money actually reaches the people in need and not the company staff. It would show that the Jedi order is good to the rest of society, and improve societys view on the Jedi.

4 March 2009

So should it be.

20 March 2009

Our purpose is to make this world better.

25 April 2009

Choosing to donate to a charity any leftover funds would uphold the honour of the Jedi, rather than see it misused by those wishing to embrace darker feelings.

1 May 2009

Absolutly, we should give back to others.

20 May 2009

As long as the majority of the money is going to do good and not to the administration of the charity.

24 August 2009

If funds were to be distributed to combat poverty then the organization recieving the funds should be scrutinized to see the method by which they use those funds to combat poverty. Does that organization simply use the funds to in a haphazard manner by giving away food, material objects, or the funds themselves with no expectation of that person bettering their position... or does the organization use the funds in such a way as to help the individual educate themselves, become self sufficient, or provide an immediate need where one is otherwise incapable of immediately becomming self sufficient. The latter would insure that any funds could be used to the greater effect.

19 September 2009

Should be clearly established within the Constitution

16 October 2009

anything to help others

25 October 2009


8 November 2009

There should be no need for money in the order. It easily corrupts, and drags us into the realm of politics, as it did the templars.all money should be for nessecities, anything more for charity.

2 January 2010

i think they should go to help the charity i heard of through my school is: street child africa theyre great

21 January 2010

If anything should happen to our order then we should surely leave our funds to the less fortunate.

21 January 2010

we are group of the light side and we should that we use money for nesecites,and the rest for charities

25 January 2010

Sounds reasonable. The Jedi are beyond such attachments anyway, and I think we'd all prefer it to go to those in need, rather than go to waste.

27 January 2010

If it is agreed by council

28 February 2010

I agree but only on the idea that we should in no way promote the church through the charitable donation. However I also state that a council should decide as well, based on our votes.

9 March 2010

It's a hard question that can only be truly answered in the specific instance. Though many of our hearts say it is the positive thing to do - does it fulfill balance? Unbalanced positive influence can easily turn into negative. Perhaps this suffering of poverty is in balance with something we re not seeing. Perhaps they are impoverished from irresponsibly managing their resources, and aiding them will only encourage the behavior. Look at the bail outs here in the U.S. Our focus is and shall be balance as it is found in the Force and in Nature around us. Wherever the money goes it should mirror our philosophy in a "final" ry for this balance.

19 March 2010

we require only room to think and resources to sustain our bodies in the intrest of the force

22 March 2010

Jedi's are here to help others, and as such, so long as our Church does not need it, we should strive to help anyone we can.

29 March 2010

I agree. The funds should be distributed to help poverty-struck children and family. The most vulnerable of us all are our Jedi younglings. We should treat them first because they will carry on out legacy. But everyone is equal and nobody will take more than any other person even if they are a Jedi

1 April 2010

of course if we wish to call ourselves jedi we must live up to the name and do everything we can to help others

2 April 2010

The force is a good thing and we should respect it

16 April 2010

Help those that need it, if we have no use for the money then give it to those who can put it to use.

30 April 2010

Yes but not just to 1 charity.

1 May 2010

We should do what we can to help those in need

27 July 2010

A jedi's job is to help.

12 October 2010

Would they do the same for us no but we are jedi we should help any life forms anywasy we can.

4 November 2010

I agree. IF, and only IF, the Jedi Church vanishes from the Universe, donate the funds to a worthy cause. Ex: Red Cross or Salvation Army.

24 December 2010

Help others living in the Force is positive.

13 January 2011


5 March 2011

If the Jedi were to be exterminated in this world, then someone should be allowed to prosper from the tragedy, as to add a 'silver lining' to a great loss.

15 March 2011

The force has little need of money and the need of others is great.

31 March 2011

I agree but we must be wise not to give it all to one charity. We would spread it among many.

26 April 2011

If agreed on by the majority vote at the time.

16 June 2011

That's a typical clause in the articles of association of any church or organitation.

1 February 2012

It should be shared with others, not kept for ourselves.

21 February 2012

If we are totaly done we sould do that but not if we are just having a bad time.

2 April 2012

jedis dont have personal property or do anything for gain

9 April 2012

I strongly agree with the matter at hand, as long as it actually reaches those in need

27 July 2012

Any money raised by us to help others should be used for just such a purpose whether we're still unified or we have been destroyed by the sith...

5 November 2012

Any funds should be forwarded to help others.

8 November 2012

religious wealth, hmmm.

22 August 2013

Yes, we should. We should make sure though that money goes to helping them how to learn to survive not just giving them it straight away.

16 October 2013

To God himself

13 November 2013

some members are in need of help

21 April 2014

only if the people will use it for good and if the bright side of the force is with them.

5 May 2014

yes but not to a religion

21 November 2014

All people and all charities are unified under the Force. Compassion knows know limitations.

6 December 2014

A jedi protects the weak

7 February 2015

Improving the quality of life for all is one of our most important missions.

23 February 2015

yes give

21 June 2015

Use the money to expand, teach others the ways of the force

27 June 2015

We just have to be sure that we can agree on a good charity where the money will be put to its best use.

1 January 2016

yes and to make the church have events

14 February 2016

I think the jedis should commit them self to helping others

3 March 2016

With a proper guiding body that is answerable to its members this should never be an Issue.

31 August 2016

Or something Worthy.

17 September 2016

As Jedi proving assistance to another charity would show how powerful the light side truly is and how greed does not corrupt us.

8 October 2016

A Jedi's Job is to keep the peace and serve others

27 October 2016

The force will not die with the church. that being said a last act of kindness would be the light thing to do.

11 November 2017

be selfless not selfish it the jedi way

20 February 2018

This church should never take money for it's own benefits

11 June 2018

The Jedi are not here to serve only themselves. As we believe, all things are connected. Helping your fellow person ultimately benefits society as a whole and brings peace.

14 June 2019

poverty is a terrible problem worldwide

8 February 2020

seeing as everybody is created equal then every member of the church is entitled to vote on how the funds would be distributed

27 July 2020

But only to the charity the whole of the body of members of the church votes in agreement for.

17 February 2024

We are the protectors of those who can not protect themselves.

1 June 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

give to those in need, money is nothing, lives are everything.

24 July 2008

Go to Afican and build some wells, dont donate nothing will be done. i would rather do it my self

13 August 2008

i dont believe in chairtys, because i think you should suport your own.. then think about others later..

31 August 2008

If a Jedi church is wound up, the church funds will be distributed as the Jedii in charge of that church at the time see necessary, given the then-current circumstances and mission.

9 September 2008

If a Jedi church is wound up, the church funds will be distributed as the Jedii in charge of that church at the time see necessary, given the then-current circumstances and mission. I believe who ever said this is correct. We would have to be in the position to choose and not choose now, but i also agree not to give the money to people who dont need it, I would say we go and give it to the peple of a poor country who need it most, for once there is world peace and everyone actually stops being immature in the world and vying for power i believe we will be anble to accomplish anything

17 September 2008

the masters should choose to distribute the funds according to the way of the force

8 October 2008

there should be a rule prohibiting the church and its members from hoarding money, because money leads to fear of losing money, that fear turns to anger, anger leads to hate, and we all know where hate leads to!

10 October 2008

Couldn't be better to save some money to build up our temples and then once we have a better infrastucture halp the people?

27 October 2008

I ( at this time) agree with the last statement

8 December 2008

The Force will guide us as to which direction to take In case of an extreme situation Helping and saving others should remain our focus always The Force will not steer us wrong

9 December 2008

Agreeing with the nuetral statements above.

17 December 2008

There is both good and bad that can come of this. Helping those that can't help themselves but then you have people that take advantage of other peoples' hard work and generosity. This is a touchy matter

10 January 2009

by giving we weaken those we give to, but by helping those we help we give them the chance to strengthen and that is why i am neutral

12 January 2009


5 March 2009

see? money complicates things.

7 March 2009

How can we cease to be? This would be the road to the Dark Side. The Sith would return.

18 April 2009

I think we should do both! Charity will show that we are giving, and will attract more people to are cause.

25 May 2009

what else could you use the money for

28 May 2009

the money should be spent as the coucil sees fit. we should be donating it to research only then would be putting money to knowledge.

30 May 2009

We should all donate money to charities like these anyway.

31 July 2009

Resources should be used to help people. That being said, very little of what goes into charity actually gets to the people. A different approach may be needed.

28 October 2009

People's opinions differ. I believe it's right (in this situation) to remain neutral and avoid taking sides, my conscience will only eat away at me.

28 November 2009

we cannot take sides

17 January 2010

This is a viable option, many choices such as this should be debated and decided by the council

26 January 2010

Perhaps, use these funds we should to purchase new lightsabers for the younglings of our church.

5 March 2010

Distrubute the funds to impoverished Jedi firstly.

12 March 2010

Jedi must be mindful of all our actions, and each decision must be made for both the proserity of the Jedi Order and human-(or alien)-kind itself, all decisions are relative to the situation, so it cannot be decided as of now for then, only in the now, and that is all.

28 May 2010

THe Jedi Church get wound up? That's wound me up because I've only just started to vote. It is a purely hypothetical question therefore deserves a hypothetical answer. If the Jedi Church was to wind up then the money should be placed under a mattress until the Jedi rose again. It could be hidden but the true Jedi would seek and find it.

20 August 2010

we r jedi we r strong already money does nothing but bring greed to all ppl this is somthin that needs to b considered more carefully and debated properly

12 September 2010

I agree that they should, but not solely so. There are other very important causes -- scholarships for education, grants for science and medicine, local relief, disaster relief -- the list goes on. We should be available, time and funds, wherever we are needed.

4 November 2010

Poverty will always be here so long as the earth walks in darkness. Invest in peace education, and the future will no longer be impoverished.

29 November 2010

direct or indirect donations are welcome

3 January 2011

A true Jedi takes only what he needs no more no less. It is a hard life, helping others in need is what we do.

16 January 2011

Money should be split equally, some should stay to expand the church whilst some should be used to help people outside the church

23 April 2011

If money is to be distributed, it must go to people who will not use it for personal gain.

23 April 2011

whatever funds are there should first go towards helping this religion out and then i think it should be the decision of that particular brank to do what they want there after

28 December 2011

We should do our best to establish a physical temple and use funds to assist the public. Youth centers and outreach programs can be effective if properly administered.

13 February 2012

The force of the Universe cannot be extinguished

6 May 2012

the force never dies, neither will we

23 July 2012

I keep on saying this. Stop thinking too big. Fix/build what we need to do for the jedi church first then think bigger

26 July 2012

Why would it get wound up? It's more popular than some forms of Christianity.

6 September 2012

It should be used to aid those not as fortunate as the jedi

28 November 2012

we cannot know the best solution for an unknown issue.

22 December 2012

Jedi Give selflessly and if it is for a good cause then aid should be given, but one should be mindful of people taking advantage. Jedi may be peaceful and giving but they need to be firm when negotiations fail.

3 July 2013

The Council is responsible for not only the Order but they are responsible for helping others as is every Jedi's duty. However the Oder must come first as a priority second only to the Force. Section.

2 October 2013

Both teaching and money is important but should we allow ourselves to be bound by money matters? A Jedi needs no reward for their service.

3 January 2014

If perfer funds to go to something like st judes. A charity fund to help sick kids. (Not specifying only st Jude's just that's an example

16 March 2014

buy a lottery ticket and donate it to the building of our own life star

13 December 2015

It would be voted on. Where the money or charity work is to go, should be deserving. Holding life in the highest regards.

8 January 2016

The council should be able to make the decision at the time, based on what the force leads them to do, not be constrained by a decision made at a time and in a place that could be vastly different

27 February 2018

La forza ci guiderà

15 January 2019

Money should reach the purpose of the project initially intended. As more close to base as possible. In order to accomplish that goal the church should be the one reaching out to the community in need and invest the resources to correct the situation instead of landing on banks that help no one. Skip the mediators.

3 May 2023

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