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The Jedi Church should provide a place to discuss Jedi ideals, it is not a place to preach ones interpretation?


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The Jedi Church should provide a place to discuss Jedi ideals, it is not a place to preach ones interpretation

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Reasons To Disagree

Everything is entitled to interpretation, including a doctrine to be written by whomever will have to invovle interpretation.

9 July 2008


18 July 2008

Everyone should have their own interpretation and share it with other members to improve the church.

19 July 2008

one man's trash is another man's treasure, one man's pain is another man's pleasure. i think the more room we have for interpetation, the more room we allow for other's to follow our faith. one man does not say this is this and that is that, that would be a breeding ground for ignorance...such is the way of the dark side

24 July 2008

I believe as taught in modern philosophy, that beliefs and ideals can be shared and explained to better one's point of view. Surely conflicts can arise sometimes, when people are not trying to better themselves, but rather try to convince at any price. That's not a good attitude. I believe that we should provide a place that can teach the basics of a good debate.

25 August 2008

This again is something that must be balanced. The church should be a place of learning and a place to debate and share your own views. But one must be able to except that not everyone will share your views and one must be open to views of other and all debates must be done with respect to each Jedi and mediated by a higher ranked Jedi

26 August 2008

its best to share idea's, so others jedis can learn and improve or even help out on that discussion.

31 August 2008

This religion is under construction and we have to discuss all the ideas.

8 September 2008

By voting im giving my iterpritation, and so are all of you who vated with this statement weather you want to admit it or not. I belive there will always be young and inexperienced to seek guidence, and there should be wise elders to help them, if you want to call that preaching, be my guest.

18 September 2008


21 November 2008

As a religion Jedi Church will focus on teach the "Bright side" of the Force, never the "Dark side". It's a way of preaching, indeed.

28 January 2009

all pertinent discussion is useful

7 March 2009

the jedi do not deal in absolutes. opinions are a cherished freedom

31 March 2009

All of life and doctrine is open to interpretation and you should not close yourself to the possibility that you could be wrong. That is one of the many paths to the dark side - arrogance!

20 April 2009

This statement contradicts our entire system; we say our interpretation all the time, like now we are saying our interpretation of what's right/best for the church according to the statement. So yes this place should be provided, it should also allow preaching of our interpretation though.

11 June 2009

Everyone has their own views on the force, and the Jedi church should be a place where opinions can be discussed without errupting into arguments.

31 July 2009

the personal beleifs of the many are the way of the one. its like the many cells in your body working as one. there is no problem unless you create one in short.

26 December 2009

Then what exactly are the official Jedi ideals? And how can the "selling of ordination" even be considered? Moral debate is essential for founding a spiritual community. Is there a consistant elected board testing "Moral Conduct and Jedi Principles"? I have seen vicious racism and homophobia allowed in these vote comments. Are these the "jedi ideals" of which you speak?

2 January 2010

jedi ideals that there is a light and dark side. that each knows right and wrong,interpreation of this will be differant from contury to contury and planet to planet

25 January 2010

The Jedi Church should provide a place to discuss Jedi ideals, AND discuss our interpretations with our fellow Jedi.

29 March 2010

we should be free to speak our interpretations "Only a sith deals in absolutes"

2 April 2010

What interpretation ? the Code of the Jedi is pretty clear preaching i dont know we can try to show people a way

20 August 2010

we should be able to talk but not to sow the seeds of a split in our church

22 September 2010

All posses a piece of truth, but none posses all of the truth. To prevent the possibility for dialogue, we prevent the possibility for democracy. Without freedom darkness comes. May I recommend a special chat area for specific topics.

29 November 2010

It should be a place to discuss ones interpretation though there should be some ideals that all Jedi follow. Just like a martial art, each person has their own physical and mental advantages and disadvantages. All jedi strive to help all others seeking the Jedi ways to improve. We cannot know the absolute and therefore change and progress into the future and new and exciting things are discovered or improved upon.

7 January 2011

If a place is used to just discuss existing ideals, they grow old and stale. If no one were to give their own insight then there would be no new ideals, no progress or movement.

15 March 2011

The Jedi Church should provide a place to discuss Jedi ideals, AND discuss our interpretations with our fellow Jedi.

17 April 2012

Interpretation of ideals is what is sometimes needed to better understand the ideals... discussing ideals without discussing interpretation of those ideals may lose the true message of the ideal with misunderstanding, interpretation is a good companion in my opinion.

8 November 2012

everything is open to discussion, Jedi quest for knowledge and if someone makes an interesting point they should be heard.

3 July 2013

Open discussions and free speech must get preserved as part of the Jedi Faith.

13 November 2013

interpretation is everything about a religion

18 November 2013

Just use the force.

1 January 2014

Determining the Will of the Force can be subject to misinterpretation. Dogmatism is not the Jedi Way. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

6 December 2014

The basic tenants of the Jedi path cannot be altered. They are set in stone and ink. However, the best way to understand our faith is through our interpretation of the Force and by acknowledging the interpretations of our fellow Jedi.

1 January 2016

There is no one ideal. There is ONLY personal interpretation.

2 August 2016

All ideals should be heard but maybe they should not be left for interpretation.

8 October 2016

Well I believe that Jediism was created in order to accept those who were shunned out of society for being such star wars fanatics therefore the church of Jedi should be a safe space for retards of all walks of life.

25 August 2017


Reasons To Agree

Always good is improvement

12 July 2008

I Believe that how we interpret the force is up to us, And we are able to make that choice, But the Jedi Church should discuss Jedi Matters.

31 August 2008

The difference between discussion and preaching is subjective. It is one of those intransitive verbs: I discuss, you preach, he rants and raves

9 September 2008

although guidance is needed if one is too keep the dark side out of jedi principles

10 September 2008

Having a open forum of ideas can help us greatly

14 September 2008

Preeching often or not can create 'pompus men' images

29 September 2008

there is no room for ego. This is Sith. We must speak when prompted by the Force and truth will be apparent to all Jedi.

6 October 2008

Without the interpretation of ones belief, one can not teach.

15 October 2008

Yes a council room yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!

8 November 2008

while there are aspects of the code that are open only to the interpretation of the council, this is more a function of ensuring permanence and stability that a "right and wrong" interpretation of the code.

1 December 2008

If I wanted someone banging on about their frigging interpretation of something I'd go to a Christian, Muslim, Jew etc.

2 December 2008

True Jedi teachings flow from the force In this realm the darkside misinterprets the truth of the force. we must persue the purity of the teachings when the teachings are corrupted

9 December 2008

but we have to defend the inicial ideals, and then discuss dif concepts

10 December 2008

"I believe we Jedi should work together, it should have both a place for interpretation and a discussion of Jedi ideals."

25 December 2008

Interpretation can lead to diseption in one self and can misguide one to the dark side.

10 January 2009

To find peace and balance but to improve one is always good.

4 February 2009


5 March 2009

A true Master can only open the door and show you the way. But you for yourself must make the first step through the door. And only youself are able to go your own way.

20 March 2009

Leave preaching to the Christians.

25 March 2009

Only those practice good in daily lives should be allowed to preach. Preaching without practice is useless.

18 April 2009

we are all from the same cosmos therefore we should be able to voice our opinions

30 April 2009

We need a place to meet.

20 May 2009

I think its a grand idea.

25 May 2009

Discussion of ideals leads eventually to understanding of aforementioned ideals. Preaching is one individual who attempts to force a single perspective upon all others. However, due to the fact that we are individuals and each have a singularly unique perception of the universe around us, we should share our perception with others and attempt to learn from the ones that are different to our own.

9 July 2009

yes, hereticy has no place in jediism

23 July 2009

I think we need a place to discuss Jedi ideals, where else are you going to get advice when you need it.

24 August 2009

absolutly every1 will have a differant oppinion of what this religion should be but its what we need to be doing that we need to discuss.

13 September 2009

There is a fine line between discussion and preaching. Discussion implies an exchange where preaching is a speech without input. A board where Jedi could discuss by its definition could never be considered preaching regardless of what was posted in such a forum. Even if a post is being judgemental towards another contributor, so long as a contributor has the means to respond it cannot be considered preaching. As such this question as presented is nonsensical, however the spirit of the question is not lost. Yes, there should be an open forum to exchange ideas and yes, even at times point fingers.

19 September 2009

Yes, there should always be room for discussion, but remember the fault in that logic that from the Mandalorian Wars that led to the Jedi Civil war. Let us learn from the past; debate is necessary but in excess it leads to stagnation and stagnation leads to death.

28 September 2009

we need a churchy building, did u go to churchy today?, where i preach, u discuss and he rants.

29 September 2009

There's a time and place for everything.

8 October 2009

All matters should be thought through from a rational standpoint.

28 October 2009

yoda i am...preach the force we may, but interpretation lead to the dark side it will

8 November 2009

Instead of funding other charities we should fund centers of spiritual force development. Let's be able to allow others to provide their skills and learning and help one another to synergize and begin to do works that help them out to learn how to influence their surroundings in a positive and progressive manner. The Force is about fusion of the real with the ethereal.

21 November 2009

There is nothing worse than having someone preach to you about something which you may have very little interest in. If people wish to gather at a place for discussion, they will. If not, they wont. It's THAT simple.

28 November 2009

The teachings is to become strong to help people in the force

8 December 2009

People have the right to interpret things as they see fit.

11 January 2010

Learning is the road to enlightenment and ideals are the basis of doctrine. To grow and expand in a positive way, surely we must first follow a common doctrine and then expand that doctrine through time and learning based on valued and well argued opinions and interpretation if you will. That is the only way we can grow.

20 January 2010

need a online discusion talk, like a group on msn

21 January 2010

Yes, there should always be room for discussion, debate is necessary but in excess it leads to Stagnation.

21 January 2010

True discussion brings enlightenment to those involved, preaching can bring hate and fear and suffering just look at the dogmas and preaching of the major religions of the world and some of those that follow them

27 January 2010

yes a council room would be good

29 January 2010

This is why we have masters and,students.

28 February 2010

I joined the Jedi church to gain and share ideals, not be preached to.

12 March 2010

I joined the Jedi church to gain and share ideals, not be preached to.

17 March 2010

I think we need a place to discuss Jedi ideals, where else are you going to get advice when you need it.

28 March 2010

Preaching is fine, as long as it is the point of view of the whole church. If everyone were to give in their opinion, the preacher could preach about the whole view, not just his own.

1 April 2010

Wisdom comes in many forms, we should begin to write down what we believe as a church so others understand.

5 April 2010

The Jedi faith should be allowed to evolve as human knowledge amd understanding evolves.

1 May 2010

we should write down what we believe to show others the right path

10 June 2010

To practice light sabre skills !!

20 July 2010

Peaceful places for discussions, maybe many different groups with people that are bind togeter deep with the force.

25 July 2010

We need to teach what the Doctrine says. If you do not agree with the Doctrine, then the Jedi religion obviously isn't for you.

13 October 2010

If we are to share a consciousness and to help each other when we sense darkness we need to be able to communicate. A meeting place is wise. Shared wisdom is wise but preaching is totally unnecessary.

14 October 2010

Agree. I do believe we should be able to discuss our interpretations, however. Preaching is power, and power tends to corrupt, but interpretation and discussion are necessary to construct a personal code of conduct. Mind that I say a personal code of conduct -- we all must make such decisions for ourselves.

4 November 2010

Yes it is named jedichurch for a reason right? if they wanted to they could go to a differnt site

4 November 2010

Preaching ones ideas is what happend to christianity, the religion would end up deviding into many different sects and we need unity

28 November 2010

Open discussions among the Jedi is essential to enable growth at the full potential that the Jedi has to offer.

8 December 2010

this is the basics of guidance - having a place to find what Jedi fellows belive makes The Force more consistant

3 January 2011

We should discuss ideas and the right ones will succeeded.

13 January 2011

Yes,these places,temples or other, would be much appreciated. They would give us backbone and improved status as a religion.While also allowing us to convey ideas that may further our goals.

28 February 2011

This is true

5 March 2011

all should be able to give there interpretation of the force for the force teaches us to be truthfule and not hid our feeling.

3 April 2011

We all know what the dark and the light is. We do not need to be preached to. But ideas and discussion is a good way of learning and teaching the ways of the jedi.

26 April 2011

i think that if one was to preach interpretation it should be open to everyones interpretation just because they might have something epic that someone else has yet to say but the bottom line should be focused on ideals

28 December 2011

It's an excellent idea but we musn't forget taht we need too a good virtual place for being closed.

1 February 2012

we can help each other out

18 February 2012

This should be a safe haven for jedis

4 March 2012

teaching is knowledge always more room for greatness

2 April 2012

The force will guide individuals to the path that they're supposed to be on, it's not for others to make them deviate from that path by forcing their own interpretation of the force on to them.

5 November 2012

we should have a jedi temple someplace cool to visit from time to time

13 December 2012

I join to have my ideas respected, and to find a people to help my own views of the world grow, not to be told I had to follow certain things. I think there should be such a place for those of us who would like a more solid place to express beliefs.

7 January 2013

I feel it is needed for a place whether it is even a virtual temple online as a forum or even in such a place like SecondLife where one can build a virtual temple and connect Jedi across the globe in real time in a virtual environment. Whatever ones methods I feel direct communication and connection are essential for development and connection with the oneness that is the force.

29 April 2013

Some matters of faith should be kept private.

22 August 2013

The Order must Build a temple for this. Individual ideas should be fostered outside the temple until the time when such situations arise that those ideas are needed. Section.

2 October 2013

It would be good to have such locations but I have found the doctrinal laws and regulations to be vague. Improving ones self and the fellow Jedi is a worthy goal.

3 January 2014

Ultimately, one must choose their path in the force. All exists in balance.

10 March 2014

free force only

21 April 2014

yes a council room whuld be great and we have aur students (padawans) to lern - Padawan npw

5 May 2014

it does not have to be a "place" there is the internet after all

21 November 2014

Yes there should be a temple where the council and other Jedi could meet but there should not be "sermons" held there.

24 January 2015

We should not be preached at but discuss our opinions about our faith

13 February 2015

I yearn for an inclusive and tolerant religion that makes sense of the universe using what we know of it. A religion that can evolve through open debate, which is not frozen by dogma. A religion firmly rooted in science, something in constant evolution.

23 February 2015

We should discuss Jedi matters so that are ideas are heard by others and we should become stronger in the long run

24 February 2015

I am here to learn but not to be preached at... I wouldn't do that to anyone either.

26 October 2015

There is no need for people to go on rants about there ideas. Only to express them selves and show what they mean and why.

3 February 2016

I agree the jedi do not preach but discuss and vote

14 February 2016


18 April 2016

this is definitely something we need just a space to vote and debate in peace with no trolls or people judging us for our beliefs

24 April 2016

Preaching is fine as long as everybody gets to preach in equal amounts. ie discussion.

2 August 2016

If you build a container you can put water or dirt in it, if you spend to long aurguing what kind of dirt or what kind of drink will go in it, then you will never get the container built. I believe that this question only invites argument not communication, Jedi who are boastful will be seen as boastful so let us be more concerned with dicsussing the structure not what goes in it. Sir Liam

31 August 2016

I feel that this is important.for to meany reasons to list.Like brotherhood,support,enlightenment A physical door if you will for our self's and others

11 November 2017

We are all just force sensitive souls that loosely share the same ideals. With a place to discuss, our unity will be stronger.

3 January 2018

Debe ser un foro abierto, aunque sería interesante tener un código ético que reflejen los valores de un Jedi.

11 May 2018

one jedi alone cannot interpret the will of something as obscure as the force. we must also be able to weed out possible sith spies.

2 June 2018

Only if discussion is open and ego is absent entirely.

14 June 2019

Makes sense and sets us apart from the sheep

10 March 2020

The are many interpretations to the force, Revan, Kriea, Yoda, Luke. All had differing opinions and we should share that.

29 August 2021

I think giving input and listening to members is important however this shouldn't interfere with the regular goings on of the jedi church.

6 December 2023

Ideas should be discussed

26 January 2024

An annual convention should be set forth for such a practice of "discussion" and not for politicalness. One of true spiritual conscious endeavors.

17 February 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

The thoughts of others and their beliefs is part of growth and anything that other people do. After all if you dont have an opinion then why do you join. And how can you interpret others?

4 August 2008

Both, as its the place to discuss ideas and to past wisdom

13 August 2008

I would remain neutral on this issue only because I don't believe either answer is right. If the jedi church is truly to support Jedi ideals then they should be training jedis to control the force within, and use it for good.

3 September 2008

I believe we Jedi should work together, it should have both a place for intepretation and a disscusion of jedi ideals.

17 September 2008

If we do not share our interpretations with one another, how do we ever hope to grow into one congealed unit, bringing into affect one united view of the Jedi Way?

22 September 2008

We need to make sure that some interpretation is allowed, but that the interpretations have to be discussed by all Jedi. A balance between the two is best.

6 October 2008

If all of us are jedi why to discuss our ideals?

6 October 2008

I will remain neutral, because I think both are needed in some way - without forcing jedis to go to either - I would think Jedi academies, with discussion / lecture /training (could be the same room until the church needs... bigger rooms) - and then one where people can just preach their ideas or experiences.

25 October 2008

I do agree on this; "I believe we Jedi should work together, it should have both a place for intepretation and a disscusion of jedi ideals."

27 October 2008

There is no differance between the two in this setting

8 December 2008

We can all read the same book and each draw different conclusions or different ideas from the same book, but at the end of the day, it IS the same book.

17 December 2008

Those are both the same thing. discussion and preaching are synonyms in this account.

3 January 2009

As there never HAS been one divine author or one revelation of the Jedi ideals, it is ALL open to interpretation. The code is what it is agreed to be.

9 January 2009

Both, as ones interpretation can bring new light on Jedi ideals-so therefore both are needed for the order.

21 March 2009

YEs and no. In order to really get the force you have to be able to understand and experience all aspects of the force to be totally balanced.

2 April 2009

I agree in principle, however some individuals are unable to discuss without preaching (or at least sounding like they are preaching) and some individuals believe any discussion point they don't agree with is preaching. This will be a little difficult to moderate - but good moderators will become available and The Force will be with them.

18 April 2009

Why is that people can not preach the world has ideas and yet we cant say or hear one a other if we have a out standing speaker then why replace him with a group of weak speakers ? i don't think we need a preacher but we do need a good voice if we are willing to get some where

30 May 2009

First can we get a grammar check on the forum. Sentences run on, commas are not used, and punctuation is needed. Interpretationis part of life, we use it to describe. Ideals and discussions are important as well. We should have a plce to meet, but also always continue on the forums. How do we decide where to meet, there would have to be mutiple places or maybe a video conferance chat?

2 June 2009

Isn't discussing Jedi ideals a bit preaching one's interpretation?

23 August 2009

The church should allow for both intepretation and a disscusion of Jedi ideals in order to come to an enlightened conclusion.

21 September 2009

im neutral for this

1 October 2009

Talk is cheap, wisdom is learned through study and experance. Degrees are needed....

7 October 2009

It's a fine line. One can argue there is no difference.

13 October 2009

Healthy debate on interpretation will happen regardless. Everyone will have an their own opinion...

16 October 2009

People have their own right to express what they feel. It is only fair that they are allowed to have their say and others should respect this. Acting on it only if it causes problems.

25 October 2009

Aren't the Jedi ideals all interpretation anyway? I really do not understand what the difference is. This is a really poorly worded question.

19 March 2010

preaching is fine as long as it's not recognized as truth, by both the speaker and the listener. There is as much responsibility in both, perhaps even more in listening.....

20 March 2010

This is semantics. One person feels they are 'discussing'. The other person feels they are being preached to. To communicate properly, people must learn to focus on the points they agree on, rather than be offended at others for having another view. But THAT applies to ALL websites, ALL organizations, etc. The quality of discussion will be based on the maturity of the members and the ability for people to realize that text communication doesn't always show sarcasm, tone, etc and things ALWAYS get taken out of context. Not a Jedi issue.

8 April 2010

A place to discuss each persons own interpretation is a good idea, but to have rules set in stone is not.

30 April 2010

They are one and the same.

2 May 2010

It is a matter of interpretation - ones Jedi preacher is another Jedis teacher. Discussion is healthy but all must feel able to bring their ideas to the forum without feeling they may be accused of being overbearing or preaching.

20 August 2010

The church should allow restricted interpretation. If we let just anybody walk up and say their interpretation of the church, we'll end up with some average Christian crazy running up and starting conflicts. Only those that have been members for a while should be allowed, or those that have said their interpretations to the higher-ups and it is acceptable.

7 September 2010

The ONLY difference between the Jedi and the Sith are their INTERPRETATIONS of the Force.

24 December 2010

The Jedi faith is all about interpretation, without it how can one interpret prophecies from the past wisdom of others.

16 January 2011

follow good and allow the force to gide us and show proven paths to follow do not preach but guide when you can it is definetly a place to discuss jedi ways and ways of life

17 March 2011

Jedi do need to meet and discuss and it is good to have different interpretations but there should not be just one person's interpretation being forced into others.

31 March 2011

A place to discuss the force is needed, for how will we teach each other? However, our teachers must encourage us to learn through the force and let us find our way with guidance, not ideas being forced upon us.

11 June 2011

Neutral. No person should have any type of limit on their freedom of speech. But sharing personal interpretation to those who are interested can help them benefit from a difference in perspective. Though, based on what most people would tend to think of when they hear the word "preaching", it's probably best not to act that way at all as a Jedi. We do not push our religion or points of view on anyone.

30 January 2012

I disagree with preaching pompously, but sharing your interpretation and ideals with others allows us to consider other opinions and possibly reach a concensus on some matters.

13 February 2012

If interested, Jedi should be able to discuss various points with other Jedi, and compare theories. If they want to, this can help them formulate their ideas about the Force, the Jedi Church, etc, and can help expand their view of such things.

21 February 2012

If the council members are aware that discussion is different from preaching. As soon as the Jedi church forms into a body such as other religions on this planet then I am off. I wish to allow the expression of my faith but not oppress considered thought and individual interpretation.

22 February 2012

I believe we should pass our ideas around, but I also believe we must have someone to hold records of the church, have someone speak about the force, the morals, and our religious views to a body.

7 July 2012

Discussion is needed, but dictation is not

28 November 2012

Cannot we do both?

16 October 2013

"Cannot we do both?" - i think i can agree with that

26 November 2013

I concur

28 April 2014

allow the force to speak, first discern what vehicle it speaks through

21 June 2015

This is a place to speak of the force and jedi doctrine. However one should be allowed to teach Their interpritation or bring it up in disscusion. Learn how others connect and are guided by the force. In short Teach dont preach

15 January 2016

Unify. And Align.

17 September 2016

Both. Both! Both is Good

27 October 2016

I believe it should be both, the force is multifaceted, we come from many different walks of life and have different experiences, surely we should be able to discuss them or even tell others about our interpretation but it also should align with the foundation of the Jedi precepts

27 February 2018

Just FORCE anyone out who causes problems, let's keep it peaceful

11 June 2018

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