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The Star Wars movies do not in any way legitimise nor negate the legitimacy of the Jedi Church. They are merely a discussion point.?


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The Star Wars movies do not in any way legitimise nor negate the legitimacy of the Jedi Church. They are merely a discussion point.

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Reasons To Disagree

Jedi should refrain from defending themselves. Defending oneself only feeds what you do not want to become more powerful.

19 July 2008

without the movies there would be no religion.

20 July 2008

the book's and movies helped use relise that the force existed.

31 August 2008

Without George Lucas, we would even know about the Force.

8 October 2008

I would say the movies distract from the legitamy of the religion as a whole, because it makes it somewhat commercialised. In truth, the movies are superfluous to the underlying beliefs of the church, despite providing popularity and publicity.

3 January 2009

I think they are more than a discussion point, as if it weren't for the movies we wouldn't have all the knowledge we now do about the force. We would know it was there, but we wouldn't necessarily understand it.

9 January 2009

Star Wars movies is a graphical representation of the GOOD vs EVIL of the JEDI council and its people to attract people

18 April 2009

The movies were certainly a very potent way of jelling many people with similar philosophy but no organisation together. So in that way they had a profound impact on the creation of the Church of the Jedi and that should not be forgotten.

20 April 2009

No. The star wars Tell the whole story of The chosen one, who will bring balance to the force.

27 August 2009

The Star Wars movies, while providing a light to the path of the Jedi and gave it a name it can also be a distraction that makes the religion seem less that what it is. As a Jedi we seek understanding of the Force, protect life, and explore the universe the Force has provided. We must take care to not be defined by the media that presents the tennants of Jedi order solely based on a story meant to entertain. A Jedi should be vigilant in avoiding fanaticism so that the Jedi order can distinguish itself from the media depiction.

19 September 2009

The movies and books are essential to our belief.

8 October 2009

i loving star wars and the religon is based on the films jedi, so i think i slightly disagree

21 January 2010

They are the basis of our religion. The jedi code comes from them.

2 May 2010

thay are what made the church form but it would have under another name if not so as the face would have dune what it must

19 June 2010

Without it being made then how could you have known what to llok for?

5 March 2011

Honestly Jedi is only from the movies. The philosiphy behind the church could be of any name. But to use the movies as a main discussion point leads to pure fiction removing the main ideals from the conversation

5 April 2011

we are all the same way the movie are a bit the same but not all of it is real

10 August 2011

Star wars is like the bible man.

2 April 2012

george lucas is a prophet and the movies are his way of sharing his prophecies to the world.

28 September 2012

The movies fuel beliefs within this religion and are at the heart of most teachings

28 November 2012

Given that a great many people only ever heard of the Force THROUGH the SW movies, I think trying to distance itself from the movies is more like cutting off the nose to spite the face. Acknowledge the larger origin and find strength in that.

2 August 2016

Let's be honest here. This 'religon' wouldn't even exist with George Lucas's films

7 November 2017

The visual guides of the histories of a galaxy far far away. Let us not forget their sacrafices

10 March 2020

I think they make our religion more accessible and wide spread

26 January 2024


Reasons To Agree

Less than that lol

19 July 2008

They are just movies

9 September 2008

The movies, books and graphic novels are our parables that is all. The Jedi Church is here for all that believe there is a power to all life in the Universe and have not found the answer in any of the other religions. I do hesitate at calling it a religion though, it is more a philosophy on how one should live their life..a bit like Buddhism on that count.

1 December 2008

They just gave it a name

10 January 2009

It's science fiction. 'Jedi' is a popular and recognizable term meaning, for us, Force-adepts.

18 January 2009

Jedi is a free word. Lukas only have leaned it. In Slovenian language it means: food. (I'm Austrian, but I found in a Slovenian trains dinner-car the word Jedi for food. So Lukas has leaned it as many other words for his movies from a foreign language.)

20 March 2009

The Jedi Church is an attempt to organize and recruit Jedi. It doesn't really have anything to do with Star Wars or any other movies. Many different movies, books or other forms of story telling may express concepts and ideals of The Force.

18 April 2009

I guess you could call Star Wars the basis of our legends, the beginnings of our lessons in the faith. Just the same as the stories told in any other religous writings.

2 May 2009

You should also add the games, like knights of the old republic.

25 May 2009

They are less than that

11 June 2009

I learned of the Jedai/Djedi initially through researching ancient egyptian history - where do you think George Lucas first got his ideas from? However, for understanding the concept through a form of entertainment, I would recommend the books over the movies.

9 July 2009

they r fantasy movies and have very little to do with the jedi religion

13 September 2009

exactly just like fiddler on the roof is for the Jews

26 September 2009

The movies just gave the way of life we live a name that we all know and understand.

3 October 2009


8 November 2009

just a more foundation of topic

8 December 2009

The star wars mythos is the basis for the language we use to discuss and unite our spiritual beliefs. Like any myth, the charachters and story are used as metaphor for deeper understanding of concepts that may be difficult to put into words. Archetypes in the jungian sense of the word.

2 January 2010

People who went to see the passion of the christ didn't state that the film was proof of their beliefs and it should be no different in ours or any other religion.

5 February 2010

They are a recount of the stories from great Jedi Knights and the tragedy of Anakin Skywalker.

5 March 2010

They're merely a tool to help us form our faith.

9 March 2010

Science fiction based on the reality of the Force

17 March 2010

i agree

17 March 2010

The movie shouldn't be considered the "bible" of Jedi. It is Hollywood's interpretation of Jediism. Much like the OBAMAnation that happened during the election, some what missleading and full of "hollywood" facts.

18 March 2010

The quickest way to negate a belife is to wrie a work of fiction. I therefore deny starwars all but the premise of the force

22 March 2010

Exactly. It is merely an example of how the Force is recognized. In the Star Wars movies, it is a perfect example of how this Energy that connects everything, or more importantly IS everything, can be adopted in pop culture, transcending the intellectual or spiritual connotations that previously qualified It.

28 March 2010

Just because the Star Wars movies give a title to the Force, it does not mean that it only existed after these movies were shown.

29 March 2010

i pissed on my starwars dvd because i was so outraged by the way they potrayed us jedi and our ways. i felt sickened by the blatent, badly used references to my firm belief. xoxox

30 March 2010

There is more to everything, than people could know.

5 April 2010

While the films are the roots of the church they are merely a point of reference

10 April 2010

True Believers do not even have to discuss this point.

16 April 2010

The movies, books and graphic novels are our parables that is all. The Jedi Church is here for all that believe there is a power to all life in the Universe and have not found the answer in any of the other religions. I do hesitate at calling it a religion though, it is more a philosophy on how one should live their life..a bit like Buddhism on that count.

1 May 2010

They're movies that were made to make money. No one should take them seriously.

4 May 2010

they just popularize the belief. true followers have always known what they have felt. the movies have just proveided some mainstream to help people come togeather

3 July 2010


20 July 2010

the force exists in every one of us, this has been scientifically proven, although the "midichlorians" were given an alternative name. these give life and if you will power or even chi. so the films although fictional are just stories to help understand ways in which we can use our own minds to help less fortunate.

28 July 2010

The story of Adam & Eve is to Christianity as the story of Anakin & Obi-Wan is to the Jedi.

8 August 2010

those who try to negate us with the thing that made us are surely those need to be brought back to the path of the light side

20 August 2010

I agree that they do not negate the legitimacy of the Jedi Church.

7 September 2010

And what a discussion point they are.

4 November 2010

Movies are movies. SW just brought to light a religious belief system idea that is present in or absent in many of the world's belief systems. The movies give an example of how, in a different time and place, an existence of life forms could effectively implement this type of belief system as their spiritual pathway. Because we are in another time and place in the universe from them, does not mean we could not apply the same principles with success. Faith is very personal and should be inviolate. Light sabres and Xwings have nothing to do with it.

26 November 2010

its like christians say that the lion the witch and the wardrobe shows christianity

28 November 2010

The movies/books/etc are our constantly evolving Bible.

2 December 2010

The Force was around before the Star wars movies.

13 January 2011

It was a movie so, no.

28 February 2011

Yes. The movies just help us to describe what we believe in life.

11 June 2011

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. Whether its "the force" a "universally present energy", or an omnipresent being doesn't matter. Nor does it matter whether we are called monks, jedi, acolytes, or nutjobs. We share a unified feeling through a unified network of philosophy and faith in something we know is in all of us. So what if the only people open minded wise or intelligent enough are people like us who enjoy a good scifi....

13 October 2011

The Star Wars movies simply illustrate principles of religions far older than Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Scientology or other widely accepted teachings. Saying our religion is fake because there is a set of movies that reflects some of our beliefs is like saying Christianity is fake because of the Left Behind series.

11 February 2012

The movies are just that - movies. Jediism is not based on the movies, no matter how much the fans wish it to be so.

21 February 2012

It is belief that all this are one. To feel the energy around hou and use it for the greater good. Many have thought this WAY BEFORE the movies.

25 July 2012

Star Wars doesn't legitimize the Jedi Church. Mentioning that you are a Jedi brings Ideas of movie characters and role play. Star Wars doesn't negate the Jedi Church because Jedi Have been around for far longer than the movie. In my opinion The Force is God/Allah/Yahweh etc. People have viewed the story of God in different ways throughout history. It has manifested in the various religions of the world. To me the Jedi simply encompasses the best of these religions. We are also compelled by our belief to take action in our lives and be instruments of the Force, not passively letting it "work in mysterious ways."

30 March 2013

They show a point of view the force. They don't have all the points of views.

15 October 2013

Jediism is a belief, a philosophy that applies to us everyday. The movies are entertainment and a discussion point. The games could also be considered for discussion.

4 May 2014

sounds good to me

21 November 2014

The Films may act as a guide to understanding the origins of the Church, but they are moot when regarding our intent and message.

6 December 2014

They are movies not documentaries

27 June 2015

Could be like some story's in the bible. reference,heroes and villains.

11 November 2017

Good to use as examples for those who don't understand, but for those who do understand will seek the truth for themselves and free themselves from the limitations of the movies

11 June 2018

That depends on how you define the Jedi Church. As an entity such as this website, the Jedi Church (this website) has only been around for 17 years, since 2003. Plus however long people congregated outside of this current website as it is now. One would presume if this websites existence was the entirety of the Jedi Church and nothing came before it, that the Church was based upon the stories within the books and movies which came before it. If the Jedi Church has been around longer, then either it went by a different name or it's name was taken for use in these stories. Either way they are both related in some fashion and neither one legitimizes nor negates the legitimacy of the other.

15 December 2020

Holywood just jumped on the bandwagon

25 May 2022

Reasons for Remain Neutral

W deed without a word is random, and a word without a deed is meaningless; only when the two meet does purpose come about.

16 October 2008

the Star Wars movies are like an excerpt from the Bible. just a chapter explaining the force and its power.

28 December 2008

Even if Jediism has similies with Buddhism, I think the specific idea of a religion, THIS religion, started with the books and movies.

24 March 2009

Once again i pick middle the books could of brought us together and the movies helped a lot but there are some really crazy religions and stuff out there i am sure someone would of came up with this sooner or later :D

30 May 2009

Yes and no because not only did it bring the ideas of the Force to us, but it also centralized different belief systems-mostly Eastern faiths-into one idea.

23 August 2009

Those should be 2 separate questions.

16 October 2009

I belive it set many of the foundations stones for the religion. the movies were created the religion as a consequence gave many people the religion that they have been looking for.

25 October 2009

No, they're also examples and sets standards. Our philosophy bases on the books and movies. The fact that we are continuing on these ideas doesn't neccesarilly mean they are mereley discussion points.

15 December 2009

the force in the movies, is nothing more than a version of chi. and jedi are merely monks.

2 January 2010

The movies and books are just syfy versions of the ancient Monks and power gained by training the Chi within us all.

21 January 2010

the chineese knew about the force long before star wars. the taoist,bubist,Iching kunf-fu.

25 January 2010

I don't understand the question. ps yes i do.

28 January 2010

star wars is nearly as gay as all you

23 February 2010

to a degree. the movies are what people are going to refference anytime the word 'Jedi' is brought up.

21 May 2010

The star wars movie were just a way to show the world the ways of the force

16 July 2010

They are based on our religion, that is all.

8 December 2010

Jedi Church reflects the power inside the being - Good stories, brave heroes, love and life sagas are present in all religions - Star Wars are good future formats of the Bible

3 January 2011

I have felt a strong presence ever since I was young, Before I discovered Star Wars! With teachings and the ability to learn what it was I was feeling I have brought balance in my life. It is not perfect, but I am always learning something new with the force everyday.

16 January 2011


24 March 2011

The movies bring up ideals that have existed long beofore Star Wars was even created in that sense they are interesting pieces of Philosophy, merely reinforcing what already is. Obviously where it becomes far fetched is the force powers and light sabers etc. Lets face it the films will always over shadow the religion.

4 July 2013

It's a philosophy

23 April 2014

The films make more people look inside themselves to find the force.

5 October 2014

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