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The Jedi administrative board shall have no more than 12 members?


On average, everyone agrees with significant nonconsensus between 820 voters.


Please read the comments from other voters below, then scroll down make your decision. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

The Jedi administrative board shall have no more than 12 members

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Reasons To Disagree

The International council should have 13 members

9 July 2008


18 July 2008

No more then 8 if you ask me, the more people IN power, the more people WANT power.

19 July 2008

13 i think is a better number

27 July 2008

Council should be an odd number. Therefore, when a vote is taken there will be no ties

28 July 2008

Council of the 12 is a long standing tradition. However in matters where a tie is given need to be addressed. Therefore a position of Grand Master should be created. This would be the chair of the council and would only vote in matters of a tie being reached. This individual should be appointed by the council of twelve. Then the vacant spot filled by another member!

30 July 2008

why 12 ?

6 August 2008

13 is a better number, and administrative board should have members from all over the world not just one area... such as 1-3 per region depending on number of members. i.e. US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

22 August 2008

From experience in dealing with large memberships and administrative boards, I believe the number of administrators should be in direct response to the number of members.

25 August 2008


28 August 2008

were am i? whats a je-di?

2 September 2008

seven is better chose more member can be more dicutable ont the table seven = no tie not much and not poor group

6 September 2008

I think the number should be related somwhow to the overall population of jedi

18 September 2008

The number is close, but I am more along the lines of an odd number. That way, no "hung jury" type of situations.

22 September 2008

The council should be as large as it needs to be.

30 October 2008

I think 9 is a better number. There should not be too many nor too few.

2 December 2008

There should be an odd number to balance a vote in needed

5 December 2008

odd numbers are good.

13 December 2008

It should have as many members as necessary to facilitate the running of the order.

25 December 2008

We need to have a large board, to compensate for the weak of heart inside the board, that turn to the dark side. we cannot hinge this church on the purity of a few.

3 January 2009

how would they be chosen?? elections? but how would the word of who is who get out and be known. Why not an odd number as to ballance a potential tied vote on important matters

10 January 2009

The council should have as many people as it is need to accomplish the business at hand. There should be a minimum quorum or 5 members for meetings. But it shouldn't be limited.

10 January 2009

The number seems entirely random and arbitrary. Remember the movies gave us common verbage and a place to communicate not a way to emulate or copy.

22 February 2009

12 is too even. need the odd count of 13

31 March 2009

There should be a representitive from ever race and species involved, be they a dog or a voreln, whatever those might be.

2 April 2009

By administrative board, I assume you mean the council. The council must be an odd number to avoid ties on any issues. The number of council members should be determined by the council. As the work load dictates, they can add or remove members - following the odd number total rule.

18 April 2009

Any council should have a odd number to break any tie and disagreement. 12 is therefor a bad choice, 13 would be better.

19 April 2009

13 would seem to be a good number, so as to avoid many stalemates on issues. However the number is not the important factor, simply that the correct consensus is being represented is.

20 April 2009

Twelve people is a relatively small number to manage such a large organization. The smaller the number the higher the chances that one or more people could gain too much power.

25 April 2009

the number should be based on numbers and regions

29 April 2009

12 is a good round number that can voice enough opinions with out breaking into violence.

20 May 2009

12? are u kidding me first get like a odd number so it doesn't come down to a issue that keeps repeating and then why so many must have so many people answer issues that we cant not with 7 or 9 or 5 ? maybe even 13 but there is no reason for such a high number people will strongly disagree

30 May 2009

21 would allow a non-tie system and a wide number of opinions to make sure no matter is ever taken lightly.

4 June 2009

Scrap the board decisions should be made like this

11 June 2009

13 is a better number. 13 council members, plus one who acts as a tiebreaker should a vote ever be tied. The thirteenth acts as a basic chairman and mediator should ever disagreement sully the councils table. Only when a vote is tied should that thirteenth member be required to cast a vote.

9 July 2009

there should be experiments, to see how the community will react in amounts of numbers

23 July 2009

This is Not even enough for one minister per country.. I think there should be a hierarchy within each church, and an over all administrative board consisting of a minister from each church globally. :)

31 July 2009


20 August 2009

their shouldnt be a board we are all born equall and we will all die equall or every member who takes this serious should be a mamber.

13 September 2009

As many as are required to continue the growth of the Church should be allowed.

21 September 2009

i agree with the 13 people, it has to be an odd number!!!!! indeed it should be a prime number.

29 September 2009

i think more than 12

1 October 2009

13 or 11.

7 October 2009

it should be an odd number, so that decisions will always have a clear win when voted for by the high council

8 November 2009

There should only be 3 members, me, Ashlee and Sam

11 November 2009

I believe there should be an odd number of council members, so that in the event that there is a tie, there won't be one.

15 December 2009

Geography and population should be taken into account. Regional councils possibly?

2 January 2010

I think the number will need to grow as the church grows. I also feel that an odd number is necessary to ensure that a tie is impossible.

11 January 2010

there is too many of us to have 12 maxiumum leaders

21 January 2010

7 son

24 January 2010

7members there can be no ties. and discussion topics need to be given to all members for in put before a vote.

25 January 2010

It would make logical sense that the council members should have an odd number so that a final vote by the Grand Master be cast on occasion when stalemate is reached on any particular issue. As such I would vote for 13 members to include the Grand Jedi master.

28 January 2010

i dont think 12 would be good..but i have a idea. y not have 1 or 2(depending on the size of the country) admimistrative from each country.

29 January 2010

Let it be anumber of unevenness to bring BLANCE.

28 February 2010

i would say 13 to be best

17 March 2010

13 should be they way of the force, to off set any ties

20 March 2010

An odd number will be needed to counter-act any ties that may take place. And it must be a big enough number to properly representate all Jedis.

29 March 2010

I have seen a Council, 4 seers, and 12 masters. 16 to lead,love and enlighten.

5 April 2010

That number is a purely arbitrary cut-off. It's absurd. Also, ANY good organization should have an odd number of people on the board. There are many issues where the entire board should have an equal vote on. You NEED an odd number to break the ties on tough issues where the opinions are split.

8 April 2010

there should be different sectors of administatives to deal with differnt issus and a leader from each sector should meet with other administrative leaders to finalise decisions

14 April 2010

I believe that there should be a i representative from each country.

16 April 2010

11 or 13

22 April 2010

An odd number is needed so there can be a definite result in disputes, It does not matter what that number is as long as it is odd.

30 April 2010

13 is a beter number in order to avoid stalemate on contentious issues

1 May 2010

The rule of 2 should apply.

2 May 2010

12 Masters 1 Grand Master, who shall vote impartially in the event of a tie break, but who's role is primarily to provide wise insight into The Force to help The Council of Twelve to decide peacefully, so as to prevent the creation of a Schism among The Order.

28 May 2010

the council should have 13 members to break any ties or disagreements

10 June 2010

31 is the way.

25 July 2010

In a working order 12 should be suffice since the Council will certainly come to a conclusion,the council has the interest for the good of all at heart and Anger and Conflict are ways to the Darkside . Also should it not be more than one person from a country should this be possible there is no need for any kind of "political" power in the Jedi Order or the council

20 August 2010

13. So far, it has led to good luck around me and there should be no reason it will give bad luck to the board. there can be 6 on each side, than 1 that will announce the decision to everyone else.

7 September 2010

It should have one from every country and should have a forum for every country to vote and then it goes to ther board

22 September 2010

13 so no votes are ties

24 September 2010

No more than 15.

13 October 2010

I think twelve is an awfully small number. While fewer people is more efficient, twelve people in all the world to make important church decisions seems a bit off to me.

4 November 2010


4 November 2010

Any prime number will do. 13 is good.

1 December 2010

13, because its uneven and doesn't allow tie votes

13 January 2011

They need an uneven number so there is always a majority, 13 is a decent number, it depends on how big the religion grows

18 February 2011

The number should be odd as to avoid ties.

28 February 2011

12 members for an entire planet? Not going to work.

22 March 2011


16 May 2011

When having 12 people, there are always chances of a tie when it comes to a vote. With a different number such as 11 or 13, there will be a definite answer. As well as this, having 11 or 13 people means that there can be a small handful of people from different regions within this catagory.

21 June 2011


13 August 2011

There should be 13; 12 council members and a "speaker." The speaker would keep discussion on topic and guide debate. In matters of a tie, a poll should be submitted to the body of the Jedi church to allow us to decide as a community.

13 February 2012

Need an odd number so limit to 11

22 February 2012

We should have 13 of 11 beacouse then we wont get ties.

2 April 2012

It needs thirteen, an odd number to make decisions.

17 April 2012

First of all, fuck you guys, i've been asking to get on the board of the jedi's for a long time now, i have what it takes, i know the force, both sides not just your communist views of the light side of the force, follow me and i'll show you the way. JEDI4LYF

23 July 2012

Should be an odd number with majority rules

26 July 2012


24 October 2012

i also agree there should be an odd number, but between 13 and 19

22 December 2012

13 is a good number. But 11 is to. Less people better Needs to be odd to break ties

11 January 2013

I believe that the number should be odd to avoid ties in voting.

10 September 2013

12 members are traditional due to God not setting on the council. However; Yoda and I agreed that I would start siting on the international council and Galactic council and the Universal Council as their thirteenth member. I want the national councils to have a 13th member in order to break tied votes. I agree to sit as my homeland?s 13th member.

13 November 2013

make it 13 for tie situations

18 November 2013

Make it 13. If 12 all agree on something, it is the responsibility of the 13th person to disagree on it and research WHY.

1 January 2014

I believe the order should have 12 main "Masters" of the board, with 5 board members to each region, a region being that of a state (ex: Texas, Florida) or a region (ex: New Zealand, France).

13 January 2014

13 to have no ties in votes

17 January 2014

Any number will do, as long as it is free to change.

10 March 2014


21 April 2014

An odd number would be better. Just for the event of a tie.

2 November 2014

There should be something around 12 but it should be an odd number so there cannot be a tie when voting.

13 February 2015

We should have 23 members to achieve greatness

24 February 2015

Should have 13 keeps from ever having a stalemate.

24 February 2015

13 would remove any ties that could appear

29 April 2015

I agree that an odd number would be best due to tiebrealing situations and I believe there may be times when the knowledge of others, both inside and outside our faith, should be taken into consideratiob.

1 January 2016

Why is there to be a limit?

8 January 2016

There needs to be at most 15 at minimum 13. First, the #2 rule should apply when disputing ideas.

3 February 2016

13 so there are no ties

24 April 2016

odd number would be better

8 August 2016

13!! Sounds better

17 September 2016

13 as to prevent ties and arguments which lead to anger and lead to the dark side.

8 October 2016

13 members would create a system with no chance of a vote going undecided. the system should hold representatives from across the world as it would allow different cultures to have a say on the outcome of matters. was the jedi council made up of all humans? or all wookies? or lord save us gungans?

1 November 2016

there should be 13 decorated masters, to prevent a tie

2 June 2018

Odd number to prevent tie in vote unless we can proceed with combat to decide

10 March 2020

there should be 11 or 13 members

28 August 2020

I think there should be a 13th member to avoid ties

26 January 2024


Reasons To Agree

12 is a good sized number, democracy can be negotiated should there be a tie, and 6 by 6 makes for good points of debate and reason.

24 July 2008

they should have only one so he can be reliquished by stronger leader

4 August 2008

according to traditions the council is made up of 12 Jedi and all decisions must be made unanimously. there can never be division in the council and those appointed have the responsibility to make the only choice that serves the greater good of members of the Jedi faith

26 August 2008

12 is a historical number for the jedi, and I think that if a tie occurs, discussions should happen to try and resolve it.

31 August 2008

there only needs to be 12, any more and then theres no point.. to many people. means if on person has an idea.. lots of people have to arguy there point on wearth its a good idea or not..

31 August 2008

we should follow the rules of the Jedi Council of old. The Council was made up of five lifetime members, four long-term members, and three limited-term members

10 September 2008

The force is the council we all keep

14 September 2008

perfect size

14 September 2008

12 is a nice round number, plus it's even. I think thsoe twelve should be open to teach and dedicate a lot of their time to other Jedi. If not then there should be more.

29 September 2008

I think that 12 is a good number. The idea of having an odd number is a fair idea, but as Jedi we must learn to compromise, and perhaps a Council of 12 will find a way to illustrate that and lead by example.

6 October 2008

The Force and magnitude of such concentration of the Force together shall produce a unanimous decision. No divisions allowed. The Force is Truthful and these 12 must be in one accord as proof that they are fit to sit on the council and are indeed flowing in wisdom that can only be provided by said connection to the light side of the Force.

6 October 2008

an odd number is better, to prevent ties. Also, there should be layers, so that those of a region may have the benefit of a council for advise and wisdom(though it may be smaller for regionals)

15 October 2008

As said in a previous vote - not everyone has time to dedicate themselves to "politics" and decisions - 12 dedicated member, is a much better choice than 200.000 undedicated members.

25 October 2008

We must have a council to lead us to greater peace

8 November 2008

12 members guided by the One true master ( The force)

9 December 2008

Totally agree

28 February 2009

this is a good number. it also provides a distribution of wider ideas.

7 March 2009

That is ok for me. There was once 12 youngsters...

20 March 2009

12 is the traditional number for the Jedi council. It is not too much nor too little for the council to make a good decision on various matters.

21 March 2009

unity and the force will guide the 12

30 April 2009

The Council is a governing body, big enough to represent the members, small enough to act decisively and with enough accumulated wisdom to make good decisions. If there is a greater workload others may always be co-opted in to perform tasks and other functions as needed.

2 May 2009

A system should be put in place for a chain of command.

25 May 2009

12 Masters should be appointed, Power is not an issue for a jedi. We do not lust for it or let it consume us.

10 June 2009

12 members has always how it has been.

24 August 2009

Let the members be the tie breaking vote.

19 September 2009

12 is a good number. i also believe that for every decision two people should be appointed, one for each side before the counsel is made aware of the question. that way all members should have an unbiased view of all sides, or at least strive for one.

28 September 2009

If a vote is decided because of ONE more vote, then perhaps it isn't such a great idea to agree on it. There must be a larger difference between the winning- and losing side of the argument.

8 October 2009

I agree, no more than 12, but that doesn't mean 12 is a good number!

16 October 2009

12 is a good number. It allows enough members for the oder to remain un-corrupted, yet there are few enough for it to not become a group of arguing debators.

20 October 2009

12 is a nice round number that will be useful for debates and decision making. more will unbalance it and less may make it bias.

25 October 2009

The Force decided upon 12 council members, and as Jedi, we follow the will of the Force.

27 November 2009

The order has been 12 in the films and have worked throughout that script. Though this is not a film but I believe 12 is a good number of Masters to have. It should only be given the rank of Master on the council to the ones that have become strong and well balanced with the force and that are not tempted to use the force to their own evil.

8 December 2009

There is nothing wrong with a high number of administraters. But our leaders should be strong in the force and know how to lead.

21 January 2010

Same as the number of apostles.

26 February 2010

12 Jedi Masters 2 Sith Agents In order to bring balance to the force, a Jedi Council is needed.

5 March 2010

to many chefs spoil the broth

22 March 2010

The Force decided upon 12 council members, and as Jedi, we follow the will of the Force.

25 March 2010

To large a board will end up causing administrative problems in the long run

10 April 2010

12 members, tradition remains.

6 May 2010


10 May 2010

12, so when there is something to discuss there arises the need to debate to achieve the needed number of votes on the council. This way there is a better chance of a proper decision.

26 June 2010

As long as i am one i dont care lol !!!

20 July 2010

Maybe 13

13 October 2010

12 Council members is tradition for Jedi. Even if you don't follow the "unanimous decision" code of the Old Council, you should normally have enough people on one side of the issue to achieve a majority.

2 December 2010

there should be 12 council members, each with knolage and wisdom, in different areas of expertise. this will enable an informed desicion on actions of the council

5 December 2010

A dozen is just right.

8 December 2010

You might as well start a Senate if you're going to have more than twelve. We should look to the Jedi Council on the first three movies for guidance.

5 March 2011

12 is good number its balanced.

3 April 2011

Its always been 12 members on the board. Why change it?

2 May 2011

that seems a bit high and i think it should be an odd number so there is no tie

28 December 2011

Ok. "12" is a powerful simbolic number.

1 February 2012

They should be carefully hand-picked and selected for their good qualities that make them good enough to be on the board. If too many people are selected it widens the scope for selection, thus rendering the board much weaker.

21 February 2012

12 is a great number it's large to group ideas, small enough to keep everything to a minimum. But if the Order Grows then I believe so should the administration.

7 July 2012

I agree with this

27 July 2012

Twelve members is a good number, same as a jury.

8 November 2012

There are legal issues with lifetime members, but it is also a church with a historic structure. You should set a high minimum age for consideration as a lifetime boardmember. Committee structures can fill the same need that additional voting boardmembers would.

23 April 2013

12 is an even sized Council, it is important that is free of ego and bias. This is hard but can be achieved.

3 July 2013

As long as they are just that, administrators, not money grubbers

22 August 2013

the Council shall have twelve members with an elected member as head of the council. Section.

2 October 2013

there shuld be council members from al over the world etc. i live in sweden and we need a council member on or cause, i say 12 or 14 so my answer is 12 ? Padawan npw

5 May 2014

The Jedi Counsel should have 12 Masters, but there should be a Grand Master to break ties in voting.

21 September 2014

6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 just keep it under twenty

21 November 2014

The Councils of old ended up being corupted over time and as such should be made up of five long-term members, four limited-term members, and three lifetime members

1 January 2015

There should be a 12 member council with a lesser board of 24 representatives that would bring important discussions to the council

24 January 2015

Corruption seeps into everything. Would it not be better to be safe than sorry

27 June 2015

the 13th will always be Darth

13 December 2015

I believe that there will be a vote on the who sits on the council and makes request to have the jedi community vote on 12 is the best for each country

14 February 2016

NO More than!

18 April 2016

There should be 12 but one of the 12 members is the Leader and should make the descions based on how his council guides him. The back up is if the council feels that the leader has gone to the darkside, then the council can remove him with an 8 or more vote. Leadership with accountabillity is the only way. Sir Liam

31 August 2016

Any more than 12 and things get bogged down. If there is a Grand master they should have a deciding vote if any decision is tied.

27 February 2018

It should be 11 or 13, less of a risk of a tie occurring on matters. But then again, they should listen to the body of the Jedi church as a whole regarding the direction we should go towards. These administrators should be thoroughly vetted to prove they are worthy of such a power.

14 June 2019

There should be many as it grows this number should increase

10 September 2019

I think 12 is a good number.

6 December 2023

Agreeable, but those 12 MUST be voted in by the whole body of the members, the church as a whole and never appointed aby a selective few. We must keep in mind the errors of the American mistakes and protect the church form all levels of corruption and/or ridicule.

17 February 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

I think it is important to see how it has worked or not worked in the past to make that decision

20 July 2008

I think the entire body of the Jedi should have a vote on the size of the administrative board. If we can get by with 12, fine; if we need more, we can vote a higher number. If we presume all of us to be of good faith, we will vote according to the best interests of the Living Universe and not according to any special interest.

22 July 2008

12 is a good number. However there should be a council advisor/speaker who is not part of the council and on the whole has no power other than the ability to Veto votes, except in the case of it being unanimouse. This position should have a term no longer than twelve months.

25 July 2008

12 is good but we should have different nationality's and then you can know what's happening around the world.

4 August 2008

i agree there should be 13 members on the council so there is never a tie

5 August 2008

i think 13 to, cant do with a tie

13 August 2008

If it really matters then tradition should have a role in the decision. I don't believe it does matter just yet. This church has not yet shown that it can bear fruit, and until it does, these issues are void of importance.

3 September 2008

This church does not yet have a real tradition and such things need to be pondered

10 September 2008


20 October 2008

There should be 13.

18 November 2008

a council should have an odd number of members to prevent deadlock. as to total number of council masters and the existence of multiple councils (like the one on dantooine) is one for further deliberation.

1 December 2008

13. ir 11

2 December 2008

agreed 13 is the better number. but what I really wonder is if the demographics will be represented

8 December 2008

we maybe have a representacion for each mount of people (example: 20000 for each council member)

10 December 2008

Something like this with an unknown potential for growth should not be set in stone.

17 December 2008

I think that there should be an odd number so there isn't a chance of a tie. 11 or 13 is a good number as it gives us many different points of view.

9 January 2009

If the need arises to grow past this, I see no reason why it should not. For that reason, I'm staying neutral on the matter.

13 January 2009

I don't care administrative topics

28 January 2009


5 March 2009

it depends how many people follow the ways of the jedi but 12 is a good start

6 June 2009

No answer comes to me.

4 August 2009

An administrative board that has the duty of managing the church's funds, distribution of funds, and maintaining legal compliance among different cultures need not be large so long as it consists of members and rotated by election with clear rules. The number of administrative members is subject to the size and scope of the duties relegated to the counsil. To determine this number an open forum should be held that shows the church's current obligations and needs and then decide the correct course of action to take.

19 September 2009

Its a good number.

13 October 2009

An administrative board that has the duty of managing the church's funds, distribution of funds, and maintaining legal compliance among different cultures need not be large so long as it consists of members and rotated by election with clear rules. The number of administrative members is subject to the size and scope of the duties relegated to the counsil. To determine this number an open forum should be held that shows the church's current obligations and needs and then decide the correct course of action to take.

13 October 2009

11 or 13, multi-national. Increases chance of differing views, but makes ties impossible.

28 October 2009

No matter how many members, the most important is having an odd number.

5 November 2009

Tradition states 12 council members (2 to deliberate each side...1 positive and 1 negative... while the other ten discuss and deliberate the best course of action. However with the rapid expanse of the Jedi following there might be need of increasing the size of the council to represent the multitude of followers. only time will tell what will need to be done and never forget that a council member may abstain from a vote or take a leave of absence if they do not agree with the general concencus.

24 November 2009

why is there 12? why can't it be a fluctuating number based on who earns the responsibility to be there?

20 March 2010

If the members are of equal rank then yes. And I believe they should be from different countries. (Just my thoughts)

21 May 2010

I initial agreed with those that said it must be an odd number for an executive decision to be reached. I have changed my mind no because if it is that close then I think the subject should be brought out into the wider audeince for further ideas to be heard. I don't think the number matters - but they should be representative of members.

20 August 2010

There should be one representative for every __ number of members. I am not sure what __ would be.

26 November 2010

when we become more world wide present, we should set 1 ambassador from each continent

3 January 2011

I cannot disagree or agree to this. It is hard to engage in what would and would not work. In the future as the Jedi Church grows, there will have to be alterations in the administrative board to have the best way to handle the population. In this, it should be worked upon until a nice number is found that works with the administrive board but at the same time can be changed when need be!

7 January 2011

The council has a very important role, to keep the order at a balance. If that balance is leaning a shift in ideals is what makes you light or dark!

16 January 2011

Limiting something like this, a seat of power in a way, leads to people yearning for it and eventually they will do anything to gain that power therfore leading to the Dark.

15 March 2011

I don't think it really matters on how many Jedi's are on the council. What we need to really worry about is, we must select the right Jedi for the council. Although 12 does sound good. Keep with the tradition.

26 April 2011

My thoughts on this are that we do need are more elaborate system then just ONE Council (or Admin's or Jedi Masters, whichever you prefer). My idea is that we need Six Sections: Jedi High Council: ? 13 Members max ? If Vacant Positions in the High Council, they may elect a member to join the High Council from The Jedi Masters within The Jedi Council. ? Make final decisions on any ideas relating to The Order that have been past up to them. ? If members of The Jedi High Council wish to submit their own ideas relating to The Order then before passing those ideas and making them official they must have a mass poll, which followers of any rank, other than initiates, may vote on. ? The Jedi High Council has the power to use any money that The Order has obtained to use as they wish, If the High Council does use it?s money it must release a Public notice to inform all followers what they have used it for and why they have used it. (This is to prevent exploitation of The Order?s followers money) ? The Jedi High Council members will be in charge of any events related to The Order but may get help from members of The Jedi Council, Eg: Charity Events, Get Together, Music Gigs. ? The Jedi High Council, will for all intensive purposes, be the face of The Jedi Order. Eg: Talking to groups outside the order such as The Press. ? The Jedi High Council, if necessary has the power to banish followers from The Order. Eg: if a follower has had constant complaints, if a follower has tried to scam or exploit other followers, ect. Jedi Council: ? 50 members max ? If Vacant Positions in The Jedi Council, the council may elect a Jedi Master to join The Jedi Council. ? Review ideas from The Jedi Masters that will be voted on within the Council, if The Jedi Council gives a majority vote to the idea they will send it to The Jedi High Council. ? May submit own ideas but must have a majority vote in The Jedi Council to be passed up to the Jedi High Council. ? The Jedi Council will have administrative powers in forums and ect. ? Members of The Jedi Council may help The Jedi High Council with event organizing and ect. Jedi Masters ? 300 Members max ? Jedi Masters are the main admins over forums. ? May Submit own ideas to The Jedi Council but must have a majority voting within The Jedi Masters before being sent. ? Review ideas sent from Jedi Knights to be sent to The Jedi Council after being passed by a majority vote/poll within The Jedi Masters. Jedi Knights: ? If a Jedi Knight can Get Support from 20 Jedi Masters that agree on that the specific Jedi Knight is good enough the that Jedi Knight will be promoted to a Jedi Master. ? Review ideas submitted by Padawans, if the idea gets enough votes then that idea will be passed along to The Jedi Masters. ? Jedi Knights may submit their own ideas if the can get 10 other Jedi Knights to ?Back the idea up?, the idea will then be submitted to The Jedi Knights. Padawans: ? May Submit an idea to The Jedi Knights if the Padawan can get another 10 Padawans to ?Back idea up? ? If a Padawan can get support from 10 Jedi Knights and has passed the Jedi Trials* then the Padawan may become a Jedi Knight Initiates: ? No Privileges ? May become a Padawan after a certain period of time and passing the Initiate Trials* *Trials are TBA at the moment but may be some form of Jedi knowledge test via a webcam (to stop people cheating) between the testee and either a Jedi Master, A Jedi Council Member or a Jedi High Council Member. May The Force be With You, Sincerely, Obi Sims

16 June 2011

The Jedi Administration board should be be restricted to only 12 members. The administration should evaluate the number needed and use that as the number of members.. Be it 3 or 300..

27 October 2011

Not interested Politics will ruin what you want to achieve. We need to work as one

6 May 2012

I believe the system should be more elaborate than simply possessing 12 board members. Basically, there should be different groups of people assigned different tasks within the board.

28 May 2012

I think there should be 5.

6 September 2012

Needs to be odd numbers so there is never a tie.

16 October 2013

8 or less

26 November 2013

I agree with Obi Sims

1 January 2014

As we have seen with many governments and other orders, there are always traitors within. if we allow more members within the board we would be allowing allegiances to form but to few and it would be one Jedi against another. stay as we always have but keep greater communication within the board.

3 January 2014

13 is better

16 March 2014

13 is the better option

28 April 2014

Pragmatism and relative circumstance must be the judge of these matters.

6 December 2014

Whatever it needs. We are a planetary force.

14 April 2015

Dependant on location

31 August 2015

13 sounds best tbh

19 April 2016

12 with one Grand Master

7 November 2017

If it has to be unanimous, then sure why not, if it's majority wins then yes odd number, but the council's relations with easier should be limited, like not one family running the show, split the power up amount the diversity in the group!

11 June 2018

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