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The Jedi administrative board shall be elected at an annual AGM to be conducted online?


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The Jedi administrative board shall be elected at an annual AGM to be conducted online

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Reasons To Disagree

The founders of the religious Orders in each counrty should be a member of International council, ex. New Zealand, Austrillia, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, plus 8 TBD

9 July 2008

I don't believe that this method would improve the process of choosing representatives for the council. I believe everyday actions would be the testament of one's dedication to the local order, and that votes should be cast locally (online or offline, to the leader's preference), as I believe the local members deal with the candidates way more and would have more grounds on which to base their decision.

25 August 2008

once elected that Jedi shall remain on the council until he/she resigns or is dismissed for committing some offense that violates the Jedi code

26 August 2008

I believe the term should not be yearly, but either 2 or 3 years, Because what chance has a leader got to make a difference in only one year?

31 August 2008

If we truly believe in the religion then we must embrace the belief that the force has an active role in the lives of it's members. Pick your members based on their academic and physical understanding and capabilites within that area of expertise.

3 September 2008

Two or three years is better i think.

8 September 2008

follow the Jedi Council of old. The Council was made up of five lifetime members, four long-term members, and three limited-term members

10 September 2008

I belive masters should choose their successors, but the people should have the right to call a masters choice

18 September 2008

since we are spread worldwide, and some can probably not meet - online is an option, but should only remain an option - if you are willing to vote, I believe you should try to be there physically for the election - I would prefer a physical vote (with an online option - as it is of course totally understandable some jedis can not come - be it for money matter, or physical, or time and all other kind of things that can happen- ) It would make sence to be able to physically vote at a real meeting, or vote thru your church.

25 October 2008

Yes only the best jedi should be voted!

8 November 2008

The Jedi administrative board should be real Jedi The Jedi high counsil should always be one with the force. we cannot give in to selfishness, for it is the cause of the unbalance in the force in this earth plane.

9 December 2008

The initial council could be established by an online meeting, if it does not yet exist. However, once established, the council should appoint members to fill vacancies or expand the council as the need is determined by the council. The council also should remove members as they determine appropriate.

18 April 2009

Council members should follow and be tested on Jedi faith. Rank and knoledge are grounds for council election anf prevent corruption in elections.

19 April 2009

It should be a face to face deal.

4 June 2009

"The founders of the religious Orders in each counrty should be a member of International council, ex. New Zealand, Austrillia, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, plus 8 TBD" this would seem logical.

4 June 2009

Scrap the board decisions should be made like this

11 June 2009

no ther should be no board we should have a community online were we are ALL free to discuss our questions and missions.

13 September 2009

One year is too short of a period to make any kind of improvement/change. A longer term, 2-3 will allow for greater impacts upon the Church.

21 September 2009

one year is stupid, it has to be 2 or 3 years on the council, but the voting should be staggered every year; if 9 council members, then 3 are voted in every year for 3 years !!!!

29 September 2009

The founder of the org should appoint whoever he/she wants as administrator. It's their business, they should maintain control rather than give control of important issues to internet strangers!

16 October 2009

we must select a council who will stay for 1 year, but we must have representatives from all countries I volunteer myself to be the representative of my proud country of Wales

8 November 2009

Vegas in person.

26 February 2010

Members of the council should be decided apon and adopted by the council itself

22 March 2010

not online we need a capital

2 April 2010

The council Must be chosen to lead us to enlightenment. not by democracy.

5 April 2010

Annually is too soon, every couple of years would be better.

16 April 2010

Leadership positions should be decided by duels, not a vote of the weak.

6 May 2010

Biannual or triannual is good

1 December 2010

They should be chosen as the best for the job and online non-jedi's could vote messing it up

18 February 2011

The online election way, could become in a popularity contest, and Jedis have not vanity or any kind of greed.

27 February 2011

2 years

16 May 2011

Founders in each country should take over, unless of course they turn to the dark side, in which case it should defer to those in other countries.

18 December 2011

I prefer "every two years"... one only year is not time enough for developping a project...

1 February 2012

Do it in person

25 February 2012

Each council member should have a term of three or four years

23 December 2012

no it should be conducted by all members to avoid favouritism.

3 July 2013

More options, I need.

10 March 2014

Must Regionally Congregate in person. Each congregation, should Telecommunicate with one another. I would personally travel to my closest organization location to be apart of Jedi coming together, Granted seriously filter out the Lucas Freaks.

11 March 2015


Reasons To Agree

It should be online so that EVERYONE can perticipate.

19 July 2008

An online forum is best for now. In the future a system of representatives may be better to allow for face to face communication. Though I feel that any representative system needs to be fully transparent in an online form.

19 July 2008

If we make it a mere year between elections, we might dissolve the continuity we need for a stable organization. If we go longer than four, though, we allow intrenched interests to form. I lean toward 1/4 of the board being elected each year.

22 July 2008

i Completely agree.

13 August 2008

I agree... however as well as being online, I think this should take place in the physical sense. Committment of those nominated to attend will ensure a strong board.

19 August 2008

it would be good if it was for everyone..

31 August 2008

I think you mean "an annual General Meeting"

9 September 2008

If we make it a mere year between elections, we might dissolve the continuity we need for a stable organization. If we go longer than four, though, we allow intrenched interests to form. I lean toward 1/4 of the board being elected each year.

15 October 2008

agree to agm and online voting. term of office needs to be variable depending on the responsibilities of the elected member. maybe between 2-3 years. have it similar to usa president. cannot serve more than 2 terms consecutively. keeps ideas fresh and admin board constantly moving forward and evolving in this ever changing world

27 October 2008

Every Jedi should have his/her say in this great decision.

1 November 2008

a portion of the council elected per year sounds like a good idea to keep the confusion down and remain democratic

8 December 2008

A true jedi council would equally respect the thoughts of all the force conscious. We cannot allow a few to decide for the masses, it is against the jedi order

3 January 2009

1/4 per year, to maintain continuity. Online voting. Great ideas.

9 January 2009

This would keep it fair as to not set up a monarchy as it were

10 January 2009

The council will need to have equal men and woman, as per the original 12

28 February 2009

a sound idea

7 March 2009

Yes, I think so. And send a mail to all members 14 days before it is holden at least.

20 March 2009

Yes. Having a bigger range increases the amount/type of good decisions made so online where everyone can participate means a bigger range of ideas so therefore better for the order.

21 March 2009

yes, constantly rotating

31 March 2009


18 April 2009

That seems like a functional and logical approach. Existing members can always be re-voted onto the board.

20 April 2009

It should be based off the most leading members of the church.

25 May 2009

The vote should be by popular vote, also we must consider when it is time to retire a master.

10 June 2009

Perhaps online can work excluding ths fact of hackers or unhappy members attempting to fudge the vote

17 June 2009

1/4 per year, to maintain continuity. Online voting. Great idea!

9 July 2009

online voting is a great idea

1 October 2009

-but if it's possible, then it should be both. A physical meeting but also an online event.

8 October 2009


13 October 2009

allowing others to vote for what they want is the best way.

25 October 2009

Continuity would be an issue, but i agree that some sort of voting system should be available so as to allow freedom of choice. The idea of a rotated council strikes me as a good one.

27 November 2009

Yes and it should have the Jedi Code and Teaching so the whole universe can benefit

8 December 2009

yes i think this is good, like the pope lol

21 January 2010

We should have a place to meet in person and hold our elections together and get to know one another better.

21 January 2010

i agree but a time should be set and to give members time to check e-mail and respond

25 January 2010

i agree so every 1 can particapate

29 January 2010

ALL must be heard.

28 February 2010

I believe we should hold our annual BBQ at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Teach yourself to let go of all things you fear to lose. Do not mourn for those hotdogs that you consume, transform into the force they do.

5 March 2010

The entire church should be able to participate in the election and ordinary church members who have shown great dedication to the church should be allowed to become an administrator if nominated but thats an opinion for another vote

13 March 2010

i agree

17 March 2010

It is more reliable than the postal service, online voting is the only way for a mass number of Jedi to be involved

30 April 2010

It should be online so that EVERYONE can perticipate

1 May 2010

so that everyone can participate

10 June 2010

Sexy time i like you my name a borat

20 July 2010

We have no need for other representatives than the council every brother and sister shall have an equal voice

20 August 2010

Agreed. If we were to only have live interaction elections, many, MANY people will be left out if they don't have the resources to make it to said meeting

7 September 2010

Yes yes this means democracy

22 September 2010

Allows full participation for all members. Sounds good to me.

4 November 2010

all jedi must have the right vote and have a say in the path of the order

14 November 2010

there should be no administrative board, it should be handled by the council and they should have 12 members 6 on a four year "contract" that can be renewed if the council feels so and 6 members that are voted on every year, these terms can also be renewed

5 December 2010

Everyone has a say, so yes.

8 December 2010

this is the base of a democrate consil

3 January 2011

This gives the entire Order a chance to vote and gives everyone a chance to make themselves eligible.

22 January 2011

Indeed.Election campaigns should be held,and candidates elected into power.

28 February 2011

I agree yet I wouldn't want the hands to change too many times during my lifetime. Why? Because of how my coutry is run. Whenever there is a change in power there is friction and friction causes turbulence. Economies begin to crumble and dissapproval soars high!

5 March 2011

we should have somewere to actualy be a jedi and follow a path a temple of sort where someone can trualy dedicate themself ,this place is somewere a person can trually be voted as representative and work for the order and can be visited by any jedi and guests,

17 March 2011

Yes everyone opinions matter.

2 May 2011

very good idea online everyone should have the oppertunity to elect

2 April 2012

That makes sense

17 April 2012

Online voting would be the easiest way.

8 November 2012


11 January 2013

So we can all be a part of it, even if we are on another part of the world.

16 October 2013


26 November 2013

Allowing Admins to serve long terms makes them to trust worthy allowing them to deceive us.

3 January 2014

one year is a bit short though

21 November 2014

Such a process may help keep power and authority in check.

6 December 2014

Everyone can then participate in the voting.

13 February 2015

I agee with the election of regional or national representatives every year, with the possibility of re-election.

23 February 2015

I want to have my say I want to be a major part of this organisation and religion with the right moves this could make us jedi's stronger then ever

24 February 2015

It is a wise choice but could lead to corruption throughout the Jedi

29 April 2015

the force should get to interact also

21 June 2015

I agree on the grounds that there should be regional councils to ensure we are all represented.

1 January 2016

it is a good idea but where will the vote happen?

24 April 2016

The high council should be part of achieving the rank of Master and not to be given out lightly. A vote by the whole community of atleast 70% approval should be required to obtain the position, once there, you are there untill you step down, are removed for going over to the darkside by the council, or death. Good leadership is hard to find and once you have it, you should keep it aslong as it benefits the group. Sir Liam

31 August 2016

I do agree.

8 October 2016


22 June 2019

democracy wins in the end

8 February 2020

All the members should have a say in how leads, it's only just.

6 December 2023

I love democracy

26 January 2024

With every registered member given the opportunity within a timely manner, to vote. Majority MUST rule the direction of all such matters.

17 February 2024

Reasons for Remain Neutral

The board like the coucil should be made up of twelve. To even out the electoral process, these twelve should be split up into groups of three. Each group shall be elected anually so that over the time period each group serves four years but the council on the whole is refreshed on a yearly basis. Online AGM's are vital for the survial of the Jedi order but the council should meet, in person, twice a year to solidify the organisation.

25 July 2008

I agree that the board should be made up of 12 and it is from International and it should be kept that way because each country would have individual views. But they should meet at least twice a year....

4 August 2008

would you allow all to vote? even our enemies?

10 September 2008

I believe of the twelve person council. and that they are not all from one country but international, that way we could learn of things happening in different places and think of places we could try to help.

17 September 2008

They should be voted but also work their way up.

29 September 2008

I like the idea of online voting, and an annual vote... But the point has been made that founders should have a constant voice. Perhaps some of the chairs on the Council should be reserved for the founders, while others are held to a vote. Also, suppose that perhaps there were several councils... I mean to say that there should be regional councils with one Council leader who is then a representative on the High Council. Just a thought, but this would allow best possible representation for all Jedi views.

6 October 2008

A High Council with 1 or 2 members per country will be enough

6 October 2008

I also agree on this: "A High Council with 1 or 2 members per country will be enough" to do the election could be fine

27 October 2008

the addition of new masters should be one subject to the review of the whole church, but the removal of established leaders should be less easy to accomplish without cause

1 December 2008

the election of admn peacefull must be, and the time of participation of the jedis can discesed in the future being.

10 December 2008

A 'High Council' for each country consisting of 3 members (in each country), the other 12 'normal' council rotated through a 3 year system, voting in 4 every year, each to serve a 3 year term. The High Council to be voted in every 3 years. The High Council members basically act as a 'backup' or 'expert' committee on issues directly concerning their own country.

17 December 2008

A church should not be managed as a bussiness

28 January 2009


5 March 2009

I think terms should be longer than a mere year, at the same time, rotation allows a greater exposure to more ideas.

2 April 2009

International representation is required from each 'recognised' region/country that has an active membership. This group should reflect that and not be restricted by a number limit.

2 May 2009

I feel that for the time being it should be held online, until it can be agreed apon in the future to be in the physical. With technology today it also can be both. If prearranged before hand a place can be pick with the capabilities for other members who can not make it physically to be included in the process.

16 May 2009

Sure it should work but people will think most likely that they want there vote to count so if u can get peoples count vote to count then i think it will work but if not people will dis agree and wont care

30 May 2009

The Jedi should have all details of Counsel Meetings disclosed. An AGM should have certain power. (Break Ties, etc.)) An AGM sounds like an excellent idea.

28 October 2009

I'm not entirely sure. Although having it online seems an obvious thing to do, with members of the Jedi Faith/Church being situated in many countries. :)

28 November 2009

I no not enough of this process and until I learn more I can not comment with conviction. However it would seen fair and reasonable that parity throughout all Jedi councils be a priority so everyone works off the same 'hymn sheet'.

28 January 2010

I can't say either way, though I feel a hazard coming in elections. Is there another way besides politics? What is the balance in this?

20 March 2010

This should not be done in normal manner. Different aproach. Lottery of some sort.

25 July 2010

i think that having it online will cuase issues

28 July 2010

How bout a general consensus between all regeistered members instead of elections?

24 December 2010

I believe the administrative board should be elected to longer terms.

7 January 2011

to communicate, not always present must you be. For the force allows you to commune with the fallen as well.

16 January 2011

A 2-4 year duration on the council should be more helpful as the Jedi have more time to act on what is needed for the Jedi order to flourish and if it is based on votes those that have done good on the council,in the eyes of their fellow Jedi, may be voted back on the council

14 March 2011

keep it small but not too small, less drama but dont forget about checks and balances

28 December 2011

A 2 year distance would be more appropriate, but if it is online everyone can participate.

21 February 2012

how can i get on the board

23 July 2012

1 person to represent each country is alright, but make it more than a year, about 2 or 3 would be better.

7 September 2012

Responsibility should be determined by the knights alone. We are not here for countries we are here for Jediism, this is not the UN. You can have a different position for country contacts (ambassador/bishop/primate, etc).

23 April 2013

All members should be allowed a chance to run

22 August 2013

A person can lie on the internet and no one would kn ow, but a face to face is harder to do as there are signs and instincts there for you. Section.

2 October 2013

I think of a hierarchy with "landings" (grades), new members of a landings are elected by the members of this landing for his quality. Not like we elect a president. NOT LIKE IN POLITIC.

23 April 2014

the councel should meet in person twice a year. there should be 3 life time members. apone voiting the 3 life time members each take 4 of the elected members (long and short turm) to come up with a standing, then the 3 life time members bring the idea to eachother

1 January 2015

I agree that 1/4 or 1/3 of the council should be elected each year instead of wiping the board each year.

24 January 2015

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