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a person that wants to join the order must be 18?


On average, everyone disagrees with significant nonconsensus between 772 voters.


Please read the comments from other voters below, then scroll down make your decision. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

a person that wants to join the order must be 18

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Reasons To Disagree

The status of "adult" is different depending on one's location. Therefore, 16 would seem to be a more effective minimum.

6 May 2009

All ages should be allowed. If you have the youth under your control you have the world, plus you know those commercials with the poor little philippino kids and the old guy, Imagine if we had one of those! We would get so much support.

25 May 2009

Why 18 i am sure there are people smarter than 18 year old people plus people don't put there real age unless there slow in the head plus i know people that are 13 to 15 that are way smarter than 18 years old and even a 12 year old so dont limit the age i mean don't have 8 year old people but still dont limit it

30 May 2009

I am 13 years old, and I want to be in it.

31 May 2009

The young are a vital resource. They are pure minded and kind. They should be allowed to join.

4 June 2009

why does it matter?

6 June 2009

I'm just 14, and have been studying the Jedi ways of the Force, and I want to know more, so I say no...

9 June 2009

Some people know what they want and will stick by it till their old and withered, some of them will want to join, these people can be any age .

11 June 2009

as long as the parents are ok with it, I see no issues with youngsters joining :)

16 June 2009

age should not be a problem, would you allow a retard to come in???? wouod u allow a 8 year old with an IQ of over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!?

23 July 2009

Age does not represent maturity or wisdom. It is not a clear indicative factor.

31 July 2009

No. When do the Jedi normally pick their Force sensitive pupils? When they are infants. So anyone, any age, should be able to join this church.

20 August 2009

as long as they show that they know some value of right and wrong i dont see y not every1 has differant thought who r we to disband others for being youthfull infact jedi should begin at the earlyist age possible.

13 September 2009

16 should be better

15 September 2009

The Jedi order should not discriminate based on age. Where a person wants to join the order that is not of age and the wishes of that person is against those of their parents or culture then the order should respect the wishes of the latter. A underage person can continue to live bye the tennants of the Jedi order and seek understanding of the Force without the order. Where the wishes of the youngling are not in conflict of their charges the order should gladly accept them and teach them.

19 September 2009

"Adulthood" should be determined by the age of majority of the home country of the applicant.

21 September 2009

All ages should be able to learn. It should be up to the individual and no one else. Choice of religion is a gift that should not be bound by age, race, or anything else.

29 September 2009

i suggest 17 yrs old, but will agree to 16 or even 15; it is 15 in Bahaism. and how young is it in judaism?

29 September 2009

surely one of any age can be admitted into the order. afterell in all other religions, many people are born into religion. Ii is their choice if they want to quit in later life.

2 October 2009

I think that a person should be able to join the Jedi Order at any age if they have the proper discipline and respect and a willingness to learn as well as other qualities that make a Jedi. But this person, if they choose to join the Order before 18 will not be rewarded the rank of "Jedi" until they have proven themselves after turning 18. Members under 18 should be referred to as Padawans or Younglings. But also the person as all people who want to be in the Order, should be approved by a high ranking member.

3 October 2009

a wise young allows himelf to be guided by a wiser adult..

7 October 2009

Do you have to be 18 to believe? I know that the age of eighteen is not random for driver's license and all that -but religion should be for everyone.

8 October 2009

And what of the children of Jedi parents? They have to wait until a certain age to be accepted into their family religion?

13 October 2009

Anyone of any age should be allowed to join, age differences bring different ideas and experiences with them. A youth may note something that an older person misses. Also younger generations tend to be easier to train.

25 October 2009

Jedi are of all ages. A minimum level of thought and intellect in one's statements here should be required.

28 October 2009

it dose not matter if you are older or younger in the end it all comes down to wisdome.

31 October 2009

maybe 16/17

8 November 2009

No, anyone should be able to join. Even my dog is part of the Jedi church.

11 November 2009

I cannot say i agree with this, because as we should all be aware, age is no measure of wisdom. Or maturity. In spite of this, i do agree some sort of structure is needed, to ensure positive development for all.

27 November 2009

I believe there should be no age restrictions. For someone like me, who is 17, and has just spent the best part of three hours reading into the Jedi Faith, and being drawn in rapidly and wanting to know more, it is very disheartening that you would consider putting an age limit of 18.

28 November 2009

Responsibility and the maturity to make the right choices

8 December 2009

You should first be strong and good in the force. not weak and tempted to the dark side

8 December 2009

wisdom knows no age.

26 December 2009

any age should be able to be accsoiated with the religon however people should be indocterated when they fully understand what the religon entails

30 December 2009

We are not the Order of the Phoenix. We are our own order, and we know our own minds. Together we stand united, refusing to be brainwashed. If a child wants to be part of the Order of the Jedi, then so be it. There is strength in numbers.

5 January 2010

There is no reason to deny a person entrance into a religion before a certain age.

11 January 2010

age doesnt affect religion

17 January 2010

I disagree, many 16 year olds are capable of making intelligent and reasoned descions why prevent them from joining the Order?

20 January 2010

im 14 (atm) and i wanna join

21 January 2010

the younglings need to be taught the ways of the force if parents are jedi the kids can be padawans. but the age should very from where they orangate from wich they become adult

25 January 2010

If a person wants or feels that this council can guide the on a path they wish to take they should be alowed to join. and as far as the "my dog is in the church" comment. please don't make a mockery of what some of us take seriously

26 January 2010

Other religions indoctranate children from their first breath on without the child's consent, if a youngling finds the Jedi and wishes to learn and join they should be aloud to

27 January 2010

nonono! no other religion has a age req y would we? and the jedi from the movies had younglings they werent 18 they learned n were trained to fight. yes we dont need to train n fight but still the point is a age shouldnt be req

29 January 2010

Religion should not have an age limit. Do other religions?

3 February 2010

16 should be the age!, Is like the perfect age to be complety razonable to choose your side

16 February 2010

I think it should be 15 that is when you start getting mature.

17 February 2010

Why does age matter in any aspect whatsoever? why does this affect your mind, knowledge, respect, appreciation or anything else?

22 February 2010

Sixteen should be the age able to join, If the person truly believes in the Jedi ideals. Let them.

16 March 2010

The age limit should be lower than 18. I believe 15 or 16 is a reasonable limit, at these ages there is a more state of maturity.

18 March 2010

Age is a human understanding. I've met 13 year olds with higher understanding than 60 year olds. It should be a maturity based criteria to distinguish the level of participation in any endeavor.

20 March 2010

Every one decide their live. The age have no importance

20 March 2010

Most innate force based religion start training at seven and are wary of the clouding age causes. The force is ageless in itself

22 March 2010

The Force is not biased to age, gender, and race- so why should you be required to be a certain age?

29 March 2010

age is descrimenating against young jedi'. those with natural ability of what ever age will be selected for any task within the jedi religion.

30 March 2010

At 13, one should be able to join as a Young Jedi. At 18, one should be able to join as a JEDI. The only reason to distinguish the two is because at 18 (in most countries, one becomes a legal adult, and that can effect several legal issues in terms of what can and can't be traded on the internet, and of course, any financial transactions as well.

8 April 2010

you should be able to choose when you join not be controlled in this mater

14 April 2010

The Force does not discriminate against age, neither should we.

16 April 2010

you should be able to choose when you join not be controlled in this mater

1 May 2010

The jedi respect life in all its forms.

2 May 2010

anakin skywalker was but a child himself when he began training in the ways of the force

5 May 2010

someones can be intructed by an adult wise

6 May 2010

The Force may be strong in a youngling and weak in a Knight, why let age dictate the fate of the order?

6 May 2010

age matters not

10 May 2010

their were hella little padawans.

15 May 2010

as in any religion right of passage is from birth, but the status of Jedi should be reserved for those that complete the necessary requirements. 18 to vote.

19 May 2010

Anyone who wants to join should be able to, but maybe not deemed 'Jedi' until a master deems them ready.

21 May 2010

In many religions people become members before the age of 18, so there's no legal problem. Maturity is not necessarily dictated by age. Padaswans should be allowed to join the order that they may freely learn, as may we all. The young are pure and we too may learn from them.

22 May 2010

everyone is equal and we should accept young member because we can give them our teaching earlier then they could learn to understand our beliefs

10 June 2010

There are no age limits for most other religions. Children as young as 3 or 4 are often members of churches. As such, I see no reason to exclude them from our membership. A Jedi does not discriminate for any reason other than ability. The minimum age for becoming a Padawan is the age they become capable of Reason.

11 July 2010

Children should be allowed to be brought up in the order by their parents. Their should however be a slightly lower age limit for people who are truly beginning their training in the path of the Jedi, rather than being taught about it.

25 July 2010

A younger person will learn much faster than someone who is older

27 July 2010

the ways of the force is not only for adults meny of us have had the force before we were born, i being one of them and to say one must be 18 to join the order is to deniy them from lanring about it at a erly age.

28 July 2010

NOOOOOOOOO age matters not

2 August 2010

im 15 and i have no less faith than an 18 year old

3 August 2010

Children won't take it seriously, when 1,000 minors join, by the time they reach 16 years old they move onto teenage things and we lose 800 or so of them. This is my concern.

8 August 2010

People do not change overnight on the anniversary of their birth. Age does not matter - it is the force within the individual that counts.

20 August 2010

A youngling maybe a Padawan joining might be possible before the age of 18 but the honorable Duties of a Jedi before coming age is highly unlikely i think.

20 August 2010

Perhaps disallowing children isn't the answer. The teachings of the Jedi should be available to all, especially to the minds of children. However, perhaps the trials should not be made available to anyone under the age of 18, and teachings should continue up until that age.

17 September 2010

we should have children since we are the future and we will be the main people because of star wars

22 September 2010

If anything, children should be the first people to become jedis. Training at a young age will ensure proper development and control over the force.

12 October 2010

There is no binding oath or decision in joining, so why an age limit? There is no age below which one is incapable of having faith or seeking to improve themselves and the world around them.

4 November 2010

Me and my 2 other apprentcies should be able to join whenever we want we are a very valuble resorce

4 November 2010

any one should be able to join the order

23 November 2010

No. Jedi principles should be taught from birth. However, a voting voice should be granted when a particular person has attained the rank of Jedi at whatever age. Alexander the Great was king at 8, General at 14, and had conquered the western world by his 20s. What does 18 have to do with anything...other than lawyers.

26 November 2010

There can be no age restriction on religion

28 November 2010

I was raised with star wars. I've lived my life with the Jedi Code. Between my dad and I, we've seen all 7 movies in theaters. Even when I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a Jedi. I plan to raise my kids knowing Star Wars too. My point is, a child is more certain of what he/che wants than an adult. They dont have so many distractions to change their life goals. I STILL want to be a Jedi, though now I know that will never happen.

2 December 2010

this is discrimination as age is but a number, wisdom is what is accounted for. if you are willing to join the order than you should be accepted no matter about age

5 December 2010

everybody has The Force and may be able to develop abilities, as sooner as better

3 January 2011

I disagree. As with the findings of all other religions, the teaching of a child is integral in the growth. The younger a person is when they join, the more freedom the mind has to grow. I totally say that you should be able to join at any age.

7 January 2011

As I have commented before, The Force has no discrimination. Apprentices can be valuable.

9 January 2011

It seems logical that it if the individual can decide for themselves they should be allowed choose

10 January 2011

I am fourteen and I have found the path and religion I can actually put my faith into, and not because of the fictional star wars movies. However if the child's mother or father were not aware of being a jedi, then another issue is brought up. In all i disagree with the question however i think it would be wise that there is parental permission.

12 January 2011

The force flows through all living things young and old.

13 January 2011

Age is not a measure of wisdom. Children shall be allowed to join.

20 January 2011

The option to join should depend on the definition of adulthood in the homeland of said jedi. We must remain culturally sensitive.

9 February 2011

Did anyone who agreed even watch the Phantom menace? Children picked young to train. Besides it is harmless to become a Jedi, i dare say benificial.

28 February 2011

The age should not resist any belief...

4 March 2011

I will have to look towards the wisdom of the Star Wars movies. Children were never masters. They had to be taught and groomed. Nut don't keep them in this state for life as that is the path towards the Dark Side.

5 March 2011

The younger someone starts to learn the ways of a Jedi, the more responsible they are with the power in adulthood.

15 March 2011

I believe the age should be 16. I am of 17 years of age, however I am constantly told that I'm wise beyond my years. The Jedi faith knows no age, just as long as the believer is 16, therefor generally wise enough in life and faith to make rational decisions.

15 March 2011

A child can make up their mind up as easily as an adult. Also it's less time for them to turn to the dark side.

31 March 2011

I thank that our doors should be open to any and all ages but any one that would use a child to get more support should not call them self a jedi if it'ssupport we need then have trust in the force and it will work out.

3 April 2011

While I agree that choosing a religion is a big step and one must be old enough to know that one is making the right decision, I think the age should be 16:

25 April 2011

Age is but a number. Our minds and souls are as old as the force.

21 May 2011

it is easier to intil the the values at our core in the young when the mind is unspoiled

28 May 2011

No. One should be able to follow the Jedi way however old they are. Children and teens are young and impressionable. That is the time to teach them not to become attached and to follow the Jedi ways as best as they possibly can.

11 June 2011

The Force need training, and initiates and Padawans are usually trained at a very early age. We can not discriminate between ages as long as that person is a true follower of The Order. If i may i would like to quote Yoda, "Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is" May The Force Be With You, Obi Sims.

16 June 2011

I think that kids under the age of 18 should be ammitted as apprentices, and once the come of age they will be able to becom jedi

13 August 2011

Youth is not a problem, in fact is an advantage. One must train in the ways of the Force since the start, learn everything from the lowest form.

17 December 2011

you should be able to join without pressure as long as this is something you believe in

28 December 2011

Why should our right to choose our religion be based on age? Just because they are young does not mean they cannot choose for themselves. Youths should be free to become initiates as they so choose. After all, if they choose to leave when they are older, the Jedi Church does not mind if its members leave.

5 February 2012

if this is a religion people of all ages should join

18 February 2012

Maybe, the young ones (below 18) should be accepted separately as they are in training.

22 February 2012

Any age should be allowed! perhaps not full membership, maybe more like a "youngling" rank until the individual is old enough to make a decision for them selves

24 February 2012

Age shouldnt matter, were all equal

1 April 2012

all ages welcome

2 April 2012

I'm 12 and I am a jedi and I will be always so we should get to belive what we want.

2 April 2012

The force can manifest itself in a person of any age.

17 April 2012

I am 13 but i still feel very strongly about the force and the jedi

20 April 2012

Anyone should be able to join. No matter what age, race or gender.

26 April 2012

you can believe something at any age, as long as you have strong ties with it any age should be able to join

5 May 2012

There are very wise under 18s don't make the mistake of rejection on age

6 May 2012

Why is this even a question? The jedi have always trained younglings.

3 July 2012

We should welcome all life forms; gender, age, and race accepted, should be.

7 July 2012

The minds of younglings can be gently guided and molded into acceptance of the Force, to bring the next generation up upon the values of the Jedi Church.

11 July 2012

Skywalker joined the jedi when he was 12 years old.... nuf said

23 July 2012

to begin training a Jedi must start young. master Aniken began his training much too late, and despite his calling to restore order to the force, turned against us and went to the dark side. He began at 5, 18 is much to old

23 July 2012

I do strongly disagree with this. Age should not play a significance in becoming one of the Jedi Church, its the same as equality with gender.

27 July 2012

i am 15 and i can make choices that a wise and not lead us to the dark side

15 August 2012

I'd rather be a padawan rather than nothing at all.

7 September 2012

tests should determine rank but then who determines tests?

27 September 2012

I don't think an age limit should be placed on a decision like this, you can have very mature 14-15 yr olds who know their own mind and are more than capable of making a life choice, and on the other hand you can have some incredibly immature 20-21 yr olds who can barely look after themselves...

5 November 2012

Teaching of The Force should begin at an early age, other religions do not wait until a potential member is 18 for them to join the church, Jediism should be just as any other religion.

8 November 2012

Anyone should be able to join no matter what their age

28 November 2012

The force is ageless, and binds all equally regardless of age, gender, race, or sexuality. Why should we dispute that?

7 January 2013

No no no. Padawans start at young ages. Must train these younglings. 16

11 January 2013

Do christians need to be 18 to join christianity? No. They get little children from a young age and practically drown them in church in front of their family. So why should joining the order be any different?

5 June 2013

If you are old enough to choose, you should not be denied

22 August 2013

The Force does not discriminate against the age of any one person. Section.

2 October 2013

No, 16 seems a better age.

16 October 2013

I built a light saber at 2 years old.

13 November 2013

The Jedi train children from a young age. should we not do the same?

3 January 2014

What about the younglings and padawans?! I want to join and the force is with us all. May the force be with you...

8 January 2014

Any age should be sufficient, it should not be limited. It needs to be open to all. Just like the force

27 January 2014

Individuals should be allowed to join based on their beliefs and spirit not based on their age. For the protection of padre and they should be cared for by an adult jedi until their coming of age.

5 February 2014

Taught at a young age, they must be. To repel the dark side they must.

9 March 2014

Age is no true gate of maturity.

10 March 2014

The minors are padawans.

23 April 2014

no absolutly not this is what we stand for, the force don't care if you are 4 or 40 if you are younger you shulld just be trainded in a certain way as a padawan. ? Padawan npw

5 May 2014

We should not restrict our faith. I believe there should be levels based on both age, experience and understanding but we should never turn anyone away.

11 May 2014

No one is too young to learn the ways of the Force. It is beneficial to all people. Movement from padawan to knight to master is also not based on age, but on knowledge and understanding.

3 September 2014

Age is only a physical aspect of the force, the real age is what we are inside.

8 September 2014

Anyone should be able to join, but I agree that until a member reaches the age of majority in their country that they shouldn't be full members.

21 September 2014

I disagree... The Force is in all of us, we must not turn away anybody who has seen it early.

5 October 2014

The jedi never discriminated anyone from their order and if you start with age you move to ither regions like sex or nationality

17 November 2014

anyone should be able to join regardless of age

21 November 2014

The Force does not separate or regard age, race, sex, or class. Young Padawans are the future of our Order and making the Galaxy a better place. Welcome them with compassion, patience, and wisdom.

6 December 2014

Im am 13 and have been lead into the Jedi religion from my father, he has brought me to this majestic ways and he has taught me the way of jedi and the force is strong with this one. Lucas Woolmore Garcia young Jedi -,-

18 December 2014

I think the age of reason should be about 16

13 February 2015

Better have young people join the Jedi and teach them reasonable moral values, open debate and tolerance than join IS and go commit atrocities in Syria. A young one should join as a Padawan.

23 February 2015

We must have a older look on things

24 February 2015

18 to become a knight or a master, 13 for a padawan, and pre-k for youngling.

24 February 2015

anyone should be able to believe in the force

6 March 2015

16 would be a better bar

29 April 2015


6 May 2015

Children learn faster than any other people

27 June 2015

They need to leard early to make an informed choice

31 August 2015

i am a jedi like my father before me and I am 15

22 October 2015

As Jedi Parents we should provide a comfortable atmosphere for our young-lings to absorb all the truths that we understand and til the soil of their minds to make the right decisions for them selves

13 December 2015

If one is to old then they cannot be properly trained in the ways of the force.

22 December 2015

Religions shouldnt have age restrictions.

23 December 2015

i think that there should be no age barrier if wants to follow the order...there is no age barrier for is the order..order is also a knowledge..

7 January 2016

Any age, pending maturity and attitude toward life in general.

8 January 2016

This question needs to be more specified. Meaning it is not able to become a Jedi until 18. Or even begin traignign at 18. I think there is no age in the force, it all depends on your intelligence and what you know in order to become a Jedi. To enter the Jedi Chruch at 18 is like saying Islamic people may not begin praying at Mosques until 18, or saying Christians may not attend Chruch until 18 years of age. It makes no sense to have an age restriction.

3 February 2016

There should be no age requirement to join, but if possible a way to confirm it is a true choice and not a joke could be put in place.

6 March 2016

The force does not refuse kids younger than eighteen to become a council. It was a rule that the student must me younger than 8 although Anakin was an exception. He was less than eighteen when he became a teacher of Ahsoka Tano but he was in early 20's when he became council member.

29 March 2016


18 April 2016

we should accept people from all ages we can all feel the force so why not

24 April 2016

If the force is strong with someone they should be allowed to join, if the force becomes week they may leave again.

2 August 2016

I'm way past 18. Should I not join because I am too old? Luke was deemed "too old" to begin the training at the age of 19. Younglings are single digit children. If one hears the call, one hears the call--regardless their linear age.

2 August 2016

I do believe that a Jedi knight or clergy person should be 18 or older. However just to be a member of the church should not have any age requirements.

31 August 2016

At what age exatcly one is considered mature enough to make a good decisions?

9 September 2016

Sometimes the force is stronger with young unclouded beings. No Age should be denied. Low or High.

17 September 2016

There is no age, only the Force

27 October 2016

But then no one would join your religion because only a 10 year old would be retarded enough to join the Jedi religion.

25 August 2017

The Force is for people of all ages. Younglings in the actual Jedi Order were brought in before they were even a year old.

7 November 2017

Though young, a person should be able to join so the Jedi teaches will bring a positive influence towards his future. He/She can change their minds when it comes time.

3 January 2018

A parent with kids might want their kids to join.

16 January 2018

The force flows through all living things no matter the age, I train my children to trust the force from the time they can talk.

27 February 2018

Age does not matter, minors should be mentored and taught in the way of The Force.

5 April 2018

I agree under 18 should be mentored. Kids start exploring their identity around 14 or 15. They also start looking at their faith.

9 May 2018

a child should be able to join as a youngling and learn from a member through a online forum

2 June 2018

If they're parents are in then the kids should be allowed in as well, but kinda like "must be accompanied by an adult" Claus because this isn't Myspace, this is grown people business

11 June 2018

Padawans are important, and so are the younglings. If not taught youngs, we get Anakin

13 March 2019

If one can sense the force from a young age they should be guided to use it for good. I believe any age, no matter how young should be accepted. With that ring said, they must join on their own accord without coercion.

22 June 2019

We should have a fair chance for anyone to join

1 December 2019

I am 2 years old

11 January 2020

age requirements are stupid

8 February 2020

Next.... No girl over 8.....

10 March 2020

I say if you are old enough to choose what you want to be apart of the church but if you should be at least 18 to have any athority.

4 May 2020

I do not see why we cannot allow younger, with parental approval/consent. After all, the Jedi in the stories had Younglings training to become full on Jedi Knights, etc. We do have to abide by real world laws though and persons under 13 I believe it is, are required to have different rules with regards signing up to online forums and groups.

15 December 2020

There are people of all ages in every other religion, as long as it's not forced I think we should allow younger people in. Like Padawans from the movies.

6 December 2023

There shouldn’t be a minimum age everyone should be accepted

26 January 2024

A level of maturity is needed in guiding the church on its mission and success thereof. I say this as immaturity in its basic form of a reaction that is "uncontrolled". Emotions that generally are... yes, passionate -but more often than not, filled with anger, illogic, and fear. We must have mature, intellectual, and logical concerning the church, and what is to be voted upon, as it effects -all. In this, I suggest voting members must be 23 years of age at the very least. Any lower age is only mirroring what has already been tried and has failed within a government that is failing before our eyes now. Why then, repeat such an ill, especially when the current young generations are proving themselves incapable of making "sound" discissions?

17 February 2024

I believe that anyone any age should be able to join. We are all living beings and the force flows through us all.

19 April 2024


Reasons To Agree

I tend to agree as any decsion to follow a chosen path of life is an adult decision. Younglings should maybe be admitted as apprentices until they have reached a maturity to make such a decision. In saying that though there are no restrictions on joining or leaving the order at any time so it's not like they are trapped. It is probably more relevant in keeping the forum clear of youngling babble that it is important.

2 May 2009

I agree, you need to be a Adult to ensure that you can make any decsion to follow a chosen path of life, anyone who wish's to become a JEDI before this age can do so as an apprentice.

14 May 2009

It is important that the person joining is 18. It will help to create a religion with members who are adults. But it is an open religion and everyone is free to join of there own free will.

16 May 2009

It is probably wise to stick to this rule at the moment, if only to avoid legal complications in the future.

22 May 2009

Right about that, but what about our younglings?,apprentices, they should be able to join. But living in our world i suppose we must obey these customs

3 June 2009

I agree I believe that if someone is to join they should do so as an adult.

5 June 2009

legal issues with local laws must be watched, unless said minor submits a written letter from the parents or guardian

17 June 2009

I also lean towards the age of majority in regards to membership. As an adult, humans are responsible for themselves, whereas minors are the responsibility of the parent. There is also the question of legality, t'would be better during formation to avoid any issue what would cause non-members to question our validity and morality.

9 July 2009

To settle an age to fully join and adopt Jediism is not a bad idea. You can still agree with the precepts, but it takes time to understand the basics of a religion and before taking your final decision.

17 July 2009

Although the legal age to be an adult various state to state, at 18 you are an adult in all states. Jediism needs to be more establish before it takes risks of any kind. Protection is of Jedi faith is priority. These are things that can be addressed again as the church evolves. At all cost, the legitimacy of Jediism must be protected. One incident mirroring that of the Catholic Church, would mark Jediism as a cult of obsessed Star Wars fans who brain wash and molest children. Even if that extreme scenario did not occur, Jedi would be accused of brainwashing children by the media. It is a given. Apprentice your own children until the Jedi are strong enough to defend it's beliefs against the media and the general public.

21 September 2009

No minors. A wise being is rarely one who has hardly had time to experience life.

25 September 2009

For legal reasons this is always best.

13 October 2009

This is not an easy descision, but faith should be an individual choise, not something you are trained to think.

16 December 2009

It should be the age of adulthood depending on the country. Until the Jedi gain public respect and understanding (and yes, I'm sure it will take some time) it could be said that the group is a "cult" that's brainwashing children. If a member is legally an adult, it's his/her own choice and the governments will stop caring. It would be ideal if there were some way of giving underage potentials a way to join via parental consent.

16 December 2009

he or she most be 21 or older.

6 January 2010

It seems reasonable and logical, but we shouldnt be too quick to turn our backs on the youth. The minimum age should be 16. To go any lower than that would be risking it, and would invite bad decision making and child-like behavior. To believe in the Force doesnt require you to be 16, but to make decisions that make or break the beliefs of the Church and what it stands for; this is something that should be left to the more knowledgeable among us.

27 January 2010

I feel that 18 is a reasonable age at which to make a rounded decision about ones faith and path. Young people are maturer earlier these days however such devotion to embrace the force should not be taken lightly. For many followers, including myself, have had beliefs and faiths that have eventually led to the culmination of the Jedi way. This comes with experience for many but that should not detract from an underlings determination if their way is forged. There is nothing wrong with persons under 18 having a seniors approval and guidance.

28 January 2010

Age is relative. I was much wiser in many ways at 14 than i am now.

28 January 2010

The younger may be ready, but at 18 they can truly make their own decisions and be commited to Jedi teachings.

9 March 2010

Younger jedi are easier to teach and will cling to bad habits less feverently than more mature jedi though they need to be taught by a senior jedi lest theyre minds stray to the dark side

13 March 2010

It seems reasonable and logical, but we shouldnt be too quick to turn our backs on the youth. The minimum age should be 16. To go any lower than that would be risking it, and would invite bad decision making and child-like behavior. To believe in the Force doesnt require you to be 16, but to make decisions that make or break the beliefs of the Church and what it stands for; this is something that should be left to the more knowledgeable among us. that was well said

17 March 2010

Old enough to sign a contract

20 March 2010

I am 13 and I belive that everyone should be able to choose what religeon they have

31 March 2010

The younger the persons the more supervision organisations will need to get involved, and could jeopardize the cause.

2 April 2010

jedi are not above the law, the only time this should not be the case is if the parents agree to allow thier child to study our ways.

5 April 2010

like this it must be! to young jedi - to young force.

7 April 2010

Only when some one has fully matured should they be allowed to join, until then maybe an associates position.

30 April 2010

I agree, you need to be a Adult to ensure that you can make any decsion to follow a chosen path of life, anyone who wish's to become a JEDI before this age can do so as an apprentice.

1 May 2010

Without a parent or guardian's approval? I agree. I believe it is wise for us to support parents.

21 May 2010

We are still under constitutional laws and 18 they are finally responcible for themselves until they turn 18 they still be a padawan, 18 is still to young to be a jedi master Anakin was not a master and he was older...

6 July 2010

Yeah i hate kids ha ha

20 July 2010

as luke at 20 +- 23

13 October 2010

I agree - 18 is a good starting age.

8 December 2010

It is soccialy dangerous for children to say they are Jedi

22 January 2011

To be a Padawon no, a Jedi on the high council, yes

2 May 2011

All right. It's the minimum age required by all the international legislations. However we should conceive a system for developing the spirit and values jedi among minors.

1 February 2012

A large part of being a jedi is getting totally shit faced while majestically waving your lightsaber around.

2 March 2012

I believe younglings have every right to learn and embrace the religion. But I do believe there needs to be at least 18 to join the council, or be involved in a way that makes/breaks decisions for the church.

29 September 2012

there should be learner ranks for the younger, such as padawan, adept, or apprentice. but to become a full jedi knight you should have to be a legal adult according to whatever standards are already in place by whatever government you live under.

22 December 2012

I see it fair that a person that wishes to join must be at least 18 years of age so that they can have a better understanding of what they are getting in to. Also, I'd rather not have a bunch of younger teenagers making the Jedi look bad.

25 December 2012

I think it is important that the members are adult.

3 July 2013

Agree, 18 is old enough to decide what religion they would like to join.

26 November 2013

This is prudent legally and morally correct. I was baptised as a 13 year old only to discover later in life that I did not believe in the basic tenants of that faith. If I had waited til large 18, I would have saved a lot of heartache. One should be an adult before making such a decision.

4 May 2014

Younglings should maybe be admitted as apprentices until they have reached a maturity to make such a decision.

1 January 2015

Members under 16 should be kept as apprentices until they prove thier conviction. Members under 16 are likely to leave after a short time.

24 January 2015

This organization needs a temple to study combat and self defense. To be Jedi one must not only have a strong connection between mind and soul, but the body as well.

11 March 2015

Religion should not be forced. Let them decide by themselves. All we can do is to show them what's right and wrong until they are ready.

14 April 2015

I would have to agree with this. Most of the younger generation are immature and uncontrollable. I believe it would be smart to teach the young but not allow them to be in our ranks until there maturity has been proven.

13 May 2015

were not pervs so lets not be catholic about it

21 June 2015

A Jedi is free to follow the path of the Force at any age, however due to the laws many countries have regarding consent, it will bring controversy to the Order if we allow underaged members whose parents may not agree with their decision.

1 January 2016

If those younger than eighteen are allowed to join as padawans/apprentices then, I believe that it is a good decision because it makes sure people are mature enough to make this kind of decision while not restricting anyone from learning the ways of the Force

25 January 2016

if they are minors then they need to have parental permission and should be a padawan/ apprentice and tough by a knight

14 February 2016

I agree but only because some might see us as a cult and yes there was padawans who were very young but people might find it disturbing if we have younglings with us.

8 October 2016

wisdom knows no age.. . . . . ... . ./. wel i ham fiv hand i wuld liek 2 join zhe farce ! So plz jst lt m danks ! <3 <3 <3

17 October 2016

I say you must be at lease 18 to join

30 October 2016

I agree , they should be of legal voting age

26 October 2020

Any willing to become one with the order should be allowed to become part of the order. The force does not discriminate by age, however, they should at least be mentally mature enough, like an adult. (Also isn't the order, typically only supposed to teach you, if you are above a certain age)

29 August 2021

Reasons for Remain Neutral

If you agree whit jedi think way, your age don't be problem to join, and follow rightly the jedi code. but the council must make test, and interviews to his/her tutors. to ilustrate what the order means (if necesary)

19 May 2009

It should be the choice of the chosen, which choice they make and the job of the Council to make sure it is the right choice they made.

4 August 2009

I think 18 is a good age, but at the same time, there are teenagers younger than 18 that are more mature and there are those 18 and older that aren't.

23 August 2009

18 good to become a knight or a master, 13 for a padawan, a pre-k for youngling.

26 September 2009

As I stated in my other posting that there should be rankings within the order. Age is just one of these rankings. If a person proves themselves worthy of a post or of a title who are we to deny them; but we must also make sure not to push a person to high or deny them what is there's, for that will lead to a corruption in their path. But i will say that people should be older so they are aware of the implications this brings.

28 September 2009

a religon is for any age

1 October 2009

To join the order, yes. But to be responsible for the business aspects of the church, no. Again, a member's responsibilities needs to be established by the Charter/Constitution.

16 October 2009

yes and no, i think that younglings should be allowed to join the order, but may only become desciples when older than 15. masters should be over 18

20 October 2009

A youngling and a padawan do not simply join the order but they are brought into it, a knight and master are those that know the truth of the order and "usually" not emotional like young teens, so to join....I would say at least 16, yet any age if they are to be brought in to the order.

24 November 2009

Let the FORCE lead in this matter.

28 February 2010

We should decide on our own, what age do we think a youngling should reach before being able to get the title of Jedi,what kind of resposability would a jedi have, could somebody that age handle such things, there is alot to think about on this subject.

13 March 2010

This all depends on "the order". If the order here is referring to the board of administrators, yes. Only adults should be allowed. However, if the order is referring to the Jedi church as a whole, then no. All should be allowed to join if their belief in the force is strong enough.

7 September 2010

A child should be sponsored by an adult. Even in standard organized religions minors are usually not unaccompanied.

29 November 2010

A young-ling must be aware of the force from a master in order to understand the life-force that surrounds us all. To make a sound decision one must separate thought from emotion. when this is mastered only then will you find what you seek.

16 January 2011

I'm on the fence here. Jedi can be any age, so we should welcome them into the Order. Perhaps we can have it set that if you are under 18, you are a Padowan, and if you are over 18, you are a Master.

22 January 2011

Younglings must be taught if they consent. In as much as letting them perform legal tasks they must wait for a legal age. Though philosophy lessons are not illegal.

14 October 2011

This is a bit tricky and depending on the jurisdiction of where a perspective members lives can lead to legality issues. I feel that the faith of a 15 year old can be the same as an 18 year old. However, the laws of various localities have restrictions about who can join what and when. It should be evaluated on a case by case basis.

27 October 2011

to become a student the age should not matter, but to be a teacher. They should be 18

25 January 2012

"Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is." ~Jedi Master Yoda. More often than not, children are much more spiritually attached than adults. Innocence is pure and good. The Jedi should embrace it, not condemn it. Although, immaturity should always be monitored, no matter how old.

30 January 2012

Instruction and guidance is important.

11 February 2012

In the United States a person can recieve a drivers license at the age of 16. I believe that 16 is old enough to decide what religion they would like to join.

9 April 2012

They will be padawons not jedi

26 July 2012

Age is how old you feel inside your soul.

1 January 2014

18 or the legal age in the country. In the US your legally an adult at 18. So in the US 18 but other countries have other laws. So legal age of becoming an adult.

16 March 2014

If someone could please explain what the order is that would be very nice. I think I have a small understanding but I would love a more in depth definition. On the other hand if it is what I think I can't really vote, being only 17, I have had my fair share of "your not old enough." I don't really mind, because then that's when I study and try my best to do what they have achieved or slightly better. I only wish to better myself and I think joining the order could give me a sence of responceability. Being so young with little experience may seem frightening. So long as a strong wise Jedi can lead me in the right direction. I know I can do good, but I guess that would be asking to stay an aprentice wouldn't it...I guess this is why I'm undecided. Thankyou for reading! May the force be with you!

29 November 2014

For legal reasons he or she should be 18 or older. But our souls have lived so many lives...

26 October 2015

Anyone can join however those under 18 (20 in my view) should be mentored before mentoring.

6 March 2018

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