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Jedi Ministries

  • Facilitate, encourage, and promote the Jedi Order as a spiritual path through life. Our way is primarily based upon Buddhism and Hermetic Traditions & Principles. As the belief in Jesus defines Christians; How, we see the Force defines us as Jedi.
  • Jedi Order dedicated to the spiritual side of Jediism
  • The Brazilian Jedi Order official website
  • The history of the J/Gedi from 8500 bc, their ways and teachings as sought after by Goerge Lucas.
  • Walking the Jedi Path without the mysticism. The Jedi Path is not a religion, it is an applied philosophy, not a collection of beliefs but a collection of attitudes.
  • Peace to all JEDI, let the Force flow free and true.
  • The Force Home - The Force The "Force" Itself is the source and Creator of Life and it is Love (not sex) that makes it grow. The Force is a call to all Jedi's and real men to stand up and fight for Good.
  • is a portal for jediism (

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